Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Jet Off to Rio for Vacation

ANDYSINRIO2It’s no coincidence that Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper both have the week off this week. They jetted down to Rio last weekend for the tail end of the Carnival celebration.  On Saturday the pair (and possibly Anderson’s boyfriend Ben Maisani though some sources say he is not there just like last time) attended Sapucai (Culver City) 2013 a huge parade with spectacular floats and ginormous ornate carnival costumes.  There is a large grandstand for viewing and corporations reserve portions of prime seating for their invited guests who all wear their logos. The best seats are owned by Devassa, a local popular beer company. Humorously, the gay male posse was adorned in yellow t-shirts with a naked woman logo on the front.  But wait! There’s more…

theandersonbrazilIn another “huge coincidence” Kelly Ripa is also on vacation this week, which makes it seem likely to me that Kelly and her husband Mark are also traveling with the boys, just like they did last August when Tamaratattles exclusively broke the story that the group was in Croatia. So once again we are probably looking at an entertainment media triumvirate vacationing together!  MAYBE. I have no confirmation that Kelly is there. I find it interesting that Kelly who talks every morning about what her kids had for breakfast and where she went the night before never mentioned the Croatia trip on air and Andy did not mention it on WWHL. I guess they just like to travel together! The weird part is that this is sweeps month. Kelly’s show has a pre-recorded Disneyworld week airing, and Anderson’s daytime show is already cancelled, and Andy won’t cancel himself, so I guess they are all okay with that.

(Thanks Kelly for the tips!)


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15 responses to “Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Jet Off to Rio for Vacation

  1. Now that’s a group of friends I’d love to hang with.

  2. Kelly

    He is with Andy Cohen but Maisani is not with them. It is actually Pablo Riamondi..part owner in bedlam bar. Ben has not been seen in Rio.

    In fact a gossip site in Rio has said that Anderson met up with a dark skinned guy in Ipanema and had a fling with him. A guy who lives in Rio, definitely not Ben. They were seen walking the boardwalk together Saturday, I think it said. People told the gossip site it was a resident from there not someone who came with Anderson.

  3. Ericzku

    …for the tail end of the Carnival celebration…

    Indeed, Tamara! Nice word choice…

  4. KWM

    Anderson could not look more uncomfortable in that shirt.

    Andy brought the guns out to play, no idea those where under his nightly suits.

  5. I noticed Andy’s gun show myself. Surely we have seen his arms before. That has to be new. Maybe to get ready for Rio! Anderson obviously requested a very small shirt. He wears little black ones a lot. The other day on his show someone brought him black tees from Baby Gap as a joke.

  6. X

    The guy next to Andy looks A LOT like gay porn star Park Wiley. Not posting a link or anything, since they are all NSFW.

  7. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Andy has this shit grin like the American cat that swallowed the Brazillian canary. I suspect Andy is a closet ho and is gonna get his freak on in South America. You go boy….

  8. Tamar voice

    I so agree. I have a crush on Andy anyway…I love a well-dressed gay man from the STL…who knows how to ask good “put-you-on-the-spot” questions. But who knew he had those arms? My gawd!

  9. I wondered where he was all week! Now I know.

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