Work Has Resumed on Chateau Sheree!


Right side and back of Chateau Sheree

I had an appointment this morning quite near Chateau Sheree so I thought as long as I was in the neighborhood I would swing by and see if there had been any progress since we checked in last November.  The answer is yes and no. The good news for Sheree is that there were actual workers there today. I counted five guys piddling around on the outside of the house. But I am getting ahead of myself. I parked on the street behind the house and walked around because once again the house is at the intersection of two very busy roads and there is no place to stop safely. The photo above is taken from that street looking at the back corner of the house. Well, this house doesn’t really have corners, but you get the drift. Then I walked around to the house and took some pictures from outside the fence. Then, because I look really cute today, I walked up to the workers inside the gate and asked the one who spoke the best English if he knew when the house would be finished. He said he didn’t and that he was relatively new to the crew. I asked if any of the other guys would know and he said no, but that the builder would be there around noon. You’ll never believe what happened next…

Front and right side of Chateau Sheree

Front and right side of Chateau Sheree

I asked if I could go inside and he said SURE! He cautioned me to be careful and went back to work. And that boys and girls is how I found myself wandering all over the inside of Chateau Sheree!  When I got in, I realized that the camera I brought with me only had memory for five pictures and I had already used them up. Rather than delete one, I opted to just tell you about it because the rooms are so big, the interior pictures would not show much. Here is what I saw.

Front Door to Chateau Sheree

Front Door to Chateau Sheree

When you walk in the huge doors above, there is a wide spiral staircase to take you up to the top floor. The house is three full stories. When you walk in you are on the second story. As you walk through the foyer, you walk into a large round room on the back of the house. The ceiling for that room goes all the way up through the third floor. It’s a very impressive room with lots of windows overlooking the backyard and a fireplace. There is a dome ceiling. I was really impressed. Also the backyard is a full story or  more below and the house is sort of on a hill, the back yard is very steep and after the drop-off there is a small wooded area.  Speaking of the back yard previous reports indicated that the back of the house was very close to neighbor’s property lines. It’s really just one side of the house that is close to the neighbors. The actual back of the house has a decent (but not large) distance to the property line. However, like I said, at least at present it is practically a cliff back there. there is no flat area for playing. There is enough area for a decent sized patio on the lowest floor.

Front of Chateau Sheree

Front of Chateau Sheree

Back to the main floor (2nd level). The house is all sheet rock and subflooring. It isn’t really easy to figure out what the many rooms are supposed to be. If you take the hallway to the right you walk right into a big bathtub perpendicular to the hallway. That room is roundish as well. The bathtub is dead center of the room with a wall behind it. So you can walk all the way around the tub. I had a hard time imagining where the vanities would go.  Off the bathtub room to the right was a weird choppy room that also had a center wall. It’s shaped sort of like a pentagon. You could walk all the way around this room as well with what I assume is going to be shelving in the middle. I assume it is a walk-in closet. It sort of had nooks and crannies and although this room is roundish as well there were some odd flatish walls.  At this point I walked back past the tub expecting the other side to be the master bedroom. If it is, it is quite small for a master. It’s hard to explain but the walk-in closet, really big bathroom and possible master bedroom take up the entire end of the very large house, but somehow the bedroom is small, perhaps even smaller than the huge bathroom. All three of those rooms are round but there is an oblong room between the master bedroom side and the bathroom. I sort of think the master bedroom might be two rooms sort of stuck together. I know I am not explaining this well but the house is so unfinished it is hard to tell what the plan is. The other end of the house on that floor is where I suppose the kitchen is, though it could just as easily be downstairs. I believe there is an area for a dining room on this level. There didn’t seem to be much else on that end of the house. Perhaps an office and a few closets.

ChateauSheree21813-4The downstairs was huge and seemed even larger than the second story. This floor is at ground level and there is a garage with an entryway there. There were several rooms and this may be where the lieberry or the skating rink is. :) It seemed even less finished than the main floor. This could be where the kitchen is as well.

I walked up the spiral staircase and reached a hallway with no walls. There will eventually be railing of some sort on both sides so  that you can look down on one side into the foyer and from the other you will see my favorite room, the huge round room with the really nice fireplace. If you have vertigo, you would  not like the top floor it is very open. There are bedrooms on both ends. Again the ones to the right are all round the ones to the left are a mix of round and…let’s say “other shapes.”  I was trying to hurry up and get out of there before the builder showed up so I headed back to the spiral staircase and it was then I realized how steep it was! There are no handrails at all and I have weak ankles that can go at any moment. I slowly made my way down and high-tailed it out of there without incident. I can see the headlines now “Blogger Falls to Her Death While Snooping Through Chateau Sheree” fllm at eleven.

Overall, the plumbing is not in. I saw two bathtubs and no sinks or toilets. There is no cabinetry in the kitchen, no islands, no appliances, nothing to indicate for sure where the kitchen will even be. The sheetrock was up pretty much everywhere and obviously the subfloor was down. I didn’t see any light switches but there were electrical cords running out the door to power the outdoor tools. Overall, I would say it will be at least six months before the house is finished and then there is a TON of landscaping to do.

So that’s my story about my visit to Chateau Sheree! Do you think it will ever be completed?


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104 responses to “Work Has Resumed on Chateau Sheree!

  1. Lolol you are about to have someone in the unemployment line going into folks houses LMAO!!!!! You are allowed to go into people’s houses like that?? Anyways it sounds nice I guess… Maybe Sheree got her EITC credits to restart building lol

  2. yup

    I love your blog, Tamara, but this feels wrong. That construction worker didn’t have the right to tell you that you could come inside, and he’ll probably be in big trouble once Sheree finds out. Even though you were complimentary about the house, I think this crosses a line.

    • AmberKnows

      While the builder probably would’ve protested because of liability, lack of hardhat, contact info, contract or interest in the home, construction workers don’t care. They are notorious for allowing Looky Lou’s access into unfinished homes. They don’t respect the sanctity or reverence the new homeowner has for the property. They’ll let you roam as long as you don’t steal but if you get hurt… oh well then it was you who trespassed without permission. I too entered many a home under construction while waiting to purchase my current home and i’m sure my home had a few visitors as well. C’est La Vie.

      • I have entered homes being built no problem, but if you are that particular put signs up no trespassing on property unless you are workers. Sheree needs to do that, hey Ms Sheree sorry and take a chill pill, so it won’t happen again. Sheree does not want her business all over the world and everybody knows this is dangerous times with crazy people. Tamara is a website columnist, what do you expect, hope you okay Lady, I like your blogs. Hope for the best out come. Sheree seems very bitter about everything right now, so bless her and move on.

    • Joan

      Yup – this is a blog about Tamara’s forays into Reality World. I go into homes under construction all the time – it’s a given in the south – especially if you’re buying a home, or thinking of it. The worker won’t get in trouble – seriously.

    • BH Wannabe

      Get over it.

  3. RealitySux

    O.O … you got really close!! What would you have done if the owners were in there?!! LMAO And good for you. for watermarking the hell out of your photos!!

  4. Dawn Raine

    Loved this report on Sheree’s mansion. You’ve got guts girl. I hated it when I knew snoopers were going through a house I was having built. I know it is a natural interest of neighbors to be curious, and I was not a public figure. Oddly, I even feel funny about open houses, just a quirk of mine.

    I wonder where she gets her income, this stop and restart of work sounds like she may be paying cash. I assume she has no credit left. I looked at her jewelry, absolutely nothing interesting at any price. I don’t begrudge her having a nice home and prefer her over some other people on the show that are bigger phonies.

  5. Ocbella

    Wow! I’m surprised the worker let you wander around the inside of the chateau like that…not knowing who you were…I’m assuming. When Sheree finds out…and I’m sure she will…some heads are gonna roll…and the crew will find themselves in the unemployment line.

  6. You guys worry too much. It’s a construction site, not someone’s private bedroom. Plenty of people traipsing in and out all day long

    • Thanks so much, TT, for taking the risks you did for us, especially with the stairs (& the possibility of the builder arriving before you could get the heck outta there! LOL). You did a great job describing it because I could see it all in my head. While reading about the possible kitchen area(s), I was thinking it would be more practical to have it on the middle level (2nd) floor. In my mind, that would probably, (maybe?) be the floor most used by the family. JMO, though. Thanks, again, for getting up close for us & letting us know what you saw. : )

    • yevon

      whose house is this sheree or her mother . dont u think you were trespasing on private property

  7. AmberKnows

    LOL Forgot to mention but Dayum Tamara. You go above and beyond to get the Tea and throw the Shade! Up the Stairs, Around We Go Up Inside Sheree’s Chateu!
    I was never a fan since S1 E1 where she turned NeNe away but I hope she and her children are able to move in and enjoy the home. She deserves a little sunshine after coming out of the monsoon.

  8. Wait. You have a camera that only holds 5 photos????

    • Yes, five of them. Well I used to have five of them, I gave two away. They were for a project and someone took out the memory thingy to put a better one in. When I took them back they took out the memory. :( I have a better camera but I dunno where the cord thingy is for it. It’s complicated.

  9. Kash511

    YOU DID NOT GO IN!! NOOOOOO! Girl you’re crazy!

  10. gcgb53191

    Damn, you’d think after all this time at least some of the inside would be built. Sure not completely finished but something!

  11. Love this blog. Love your commitment to fact finding and only reporting truth, but…

    Tamara girl, you rollin’ TOO deep. That’s someone’s property you were traipsing through…in the big scheme of things I can’t see how or why taking that kind of chance was worth it, not to mention..just being all up in someone’s property without permission and that level of intrusion on their privacy…Lord h’ammercy…

  12. SweeetBea

    Omg!! You are a serious trip!! Kudos to you, Tam!

  13. Look at you, Tamara! Guerrilla reporting! Good for you haha! That’s why I read your blog, you go straight to the source for your tea!

  14. SaraK

    Long time reader, first time poster…..I think this just shows why WE are readers and Tamara is the blogging Godess. The question, “who gonna check Tamara boo when she is going for a story?” No damn body! You are my hero girl.

  15. Juss Chillinn

    I don’t understand why she needs that big of a house.

    • It is REALLY big. I’d say 4-5K dqft per floor (the lower floor is even bigger) the top floor loses a lot of footage because of the catwalk sort of thingy acrosss the whole foyer area and no room above the pretty round room below. Probably 12K-15K sqft total.

      • Katrina

        Sheree has to have a place to hang her self portrait. The one she had made for her divorce or Independence party.

  16. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Imagine if Sheree herself showed up.
    Oh my God the story that could have been.
    It would be like an I Love Lucy episode with you borrowing some work cloths to blend in with the workers as not to be caught….. Hilarious….

    • I was trying to figure out my plan for that. I was going to fan girl our and tell her how pretty she is in person. It would have been fine. :)

    • Carolina

      That is delicious thinking. You “I-Love-Lucy-brain”, you!! ‘Have to tuck that hair under a plasterer’s or painter’s cap and stick Tamera’s lipsticked face down into the neck of the white painter’s overalls…and start speaking…”no understand English” as her red stiletto pumps peep out from the ankles of the overalls, then, as Tamera reaches the edge of the property, she flies across the street toward her car, the white painter’s cap falling off, and one of her stilettos gets stuck in the grating over a sewer, so she leaves it there!LOL

    • Well you know she has a temper, so They would have had big argument about her being in the house

  17. becky white

    I have from time to time come across a home being built that I liked and asked permission to go inside – TT asked and was given permission!!!! My husband is a builder and his crews are asked all the time – depending on what is finished and how safe the site is – his crews let the people in too – it is not a big deal.

    He has had to deal with some difficult clients who have said that they do not want any people looking inside their home – mind you these clients ALWAYS have tons of other strange requests – my hubby usually tells them he will do what he can but will not promise that – if they get too agressive he will tell them that until they close on the home – it is not officially theirs. I have seen my hubby walk away from clients and refuse to sell them ‘their’ house if they drive him nuts.

    Buyers always think they can abuse the builders but everyone has limits. Yes hubby can be difficult and stubborn too and I have seen it go to court even! I guess sometimes you just reach your limit. I usually deal with the more wacko clients as after all these years in the business he is happier doing the building/busines end.

    TT did nothing wrong.

  18. newjerzeyboy

    Those 5 workers you ran into probably were not workers at all, but a bunch of bums who were there to strip the house of all the plumbing etc. so they can take it and sell it at the scrap yard.

  19. Juss Chillinn

    I’m actually glad you didn’t take pics of the inside-inside because it would just disgust people.
    Who in their right mind builds a house that big on a the property (land) that size. smh. when she opens her front door she can almost jump in to the street.
    I am somewhat fascinated by it all; it is more like a train wreck that I keep watching but keep covering my eyes.
    Then you said another building crew?
    lol. good grief. when my sister and her husband built their home, they had an architect, builder and a contractor who stayed to the end. Beautiful house. They used .. what is the proper term for second hand supplies for building? You know I mean, I’m sure. 😉 Not all of itx but were they were smart about it. Her husband did allot of the cosmetic work, but they didn’t spend no more than $120k value is triple. Very proud of them. They saved up for years, lived in a smaller home for a long time before that. Oh and one small factor- They both have jobs!! Does Sheree even have a job?

    • Gurrrlllll! You need to stop! Oh course Sheree has a job. She sells trinkets on the Internets! :) Also, in all honesty it’s not as close to the street as it looks in some of the earlier pics. I mean it’s still very large but the lot seems bigger when you walk around on it. Allegedly. :)

      • You are hilarious! I have a visual of you (and I don’t even know what you look like but I have a great imagination!) traipsing around throughout the house in five inch heels on the stairs with a cute little skirt on! Yoiur hair is in a pony tail and you are carrying a really big purse/hobo bag style! You look really cute! LOL!! You are a trip woman! LMAO!

    • Joan

      It’s not uncommon (uh oh – do I go there?) for a big house to be built on a small in Atlanta, or any other big southern city. Rich folks who want to live in the city, but can’t find a new/big house with all the amenities they want so they buy a small house on a big lot and level the house. The the McMansion goes up. It’s going on all over Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, Memphis……etc.

      • Exactly right, Joan. In Sheree’s defense, she really wants to be in that small school district for her children. It’s a great district and a great neighborhood. She also wants a skating rink and a lieberry and a ballroom and….she wasn’t going to find that already built.

  20. Tracie

    Once the house is completed, would she be able to afford to keep the lights on, water running, lawn manicured, kids expenses, etc? Does anyone know how much it would cost per month to keep everything running in the house?

    Also, Tamara, good job. My friend and I go look at houses under construction all the time. She is building and we have arrived to see people leaving who stopped by to take a peak. Hee hee … she was okay with that. She’s building but she hasn’t closed yet. :)

  21. stephey

    Oh Miss Tamara! I love it, fine work!! Good thing you didn’t post pics of the inside, Sheree would be mad! I hope she’s back on the show by the time they finish this place in 2 years or so….. No idea where she gets her $ but who cares and I hope someday we get to see the roller skating rink, lieberry, ballroom and bowling alley! Who Gonna Check ME Boo! (Sorry but NeNe/Kim/Sheree used to be hysterical and I miss that!)

  22. tyronie m.

    thanks fot the are the only 1 that got so close to the house

  23. vivaladiva831

    i hope you go back sometime and get pics of the inside! :)

  24. Jarenov

    Great report but, my God, that house is a hideous monstrosity! I’m glad you got to do a hardhat tour sans hardhat! LOL

  25. Abby

    Are you kidding me? As long as that house has been sitting there, I am sure 1/2 of Sandy Springs has been inside. Tamara was just the only one brave enough to blog about it. And sorry Tamara, I still think for a house that size… it is way to close to the road. xo

  26. Katrina

    Thanks for the tea! So you could see that the plumbing wasn’t completed, couldn’t tell about the wiring, but there is sheetrock up. I thought you were suppose to have the plummbing and wiring completed before you started puting sheetrock in.
    It seems the outside is more complete than the inside. At this rate, Sheree’s children will grown before it is complete. I hope she gets to live in it someday.

    • KWM

      You do, the inspectors have to sign off on the permit before you can close up any walls. When the plumber was finished we had to wait for the plumbing inspector to come over and sign off on it before the guys could close up the walls. Same with the electrical. Then when it was all completed the building inspector had to sign off on everything. I imagine it would be the same in other states.

      So you should still be able to see where everything would be going.

  27. Betsy

    THIS IS AWESOME!!! Way to go above and beyond for your readers! :) You rock!

  28. Love the “set” you obviously have. Thanks for the scoop!

  29. Coco Chanel

    Tamara, thanks for sacrificing your well being to bring us the good tea! Your description of the house sounds fabulous. Thank God you didn’t break an ankle or worse, get arrested for trespassing. I, too, have weak ankles and would have been hugging that wall all the way down the steps. Girl, you know if you ever go to jail, your readers will bail you out!! Great work!!!

    P.S. The one thing I do worry about is the “No Trespassing” signs.

  30. Awesome Tamara, in future always have a spare memory card in your camera or buy one so damn big you will never run out, lol. Had a funny visual of you walking down the steep spiral stairs with weak ankles and no handrails, yikes. I would have just sat on my butt and gone down that way for safety.

    Next time wait for the builder. You weren’t trespassing, you had permission from the worker. You could smooze the builder with some fawning and the pick him for good deets to add to your tea. See simple? :roll:

    What nice treat it must have been to be able to walk around, hopefully you can sneak back in when the house is more finished. A thought that comes to mind with the rounded walls is I would think it would require a lot of custom made furniture to fit. I had friends who build a house similar to that and furniture placement was really a challenge. Knowing Sheree I would imagine she would want Life & Style to do a full photo shoot of her crib and who knows maybe Kim Z. will set her up, lol.

  31. I’ll be in that area pretty regularly for awhile. I may run into the builder. :)

    I thought the same thing about sooooo many round or weird shaped rooms. The one really big pretty living room one is so big that furniture won’t be a problem, but the bedrooms will be difficult to furnish.

  32. Karen Merrihew

    You’re a total badass. Thanks for the update on Chateu Sheree/Thelma. I have to agree with the other poster who wondered if she would be able to keep the place going. She may get that liberry, but…anyone else recall a vehicle repo and an air mattress on the floor? Still.. awesome tea!!

  33. Lachris

    Maybe she plans on selling. How in the world can she even afford the upkeep of this house? I wonder where she is living now?

  34. suziezee

    Off topic, I know it’s against the rules, but did you seriously tweet a blogger and tell him/her to steer clear of blogging about Shahs? Well that’s a rhetorical question since I know the answer. That. Is. Ludicrous.

    • Are you talking to me? I have no idea what you are talking about. I am one of the Shahs biggest supporters and have been since before the first season aired. What are you talking about?

      • suziezee

        Yes, this comment is for you. I was told by a blogger that you actually tweeted said blogger to stay away from recapping Shahs. Hmmm

      • Really? Who is this mysterious blogge I tweet with? My tweets are public, btw. I guess you are mistaken about that just like you were mistaken about all your Sheree information. I can’t imagine why anyone would tweet someone not to blog about anything. My blog takes up enough time without worrying about someone else’s.

      • suziezee

        Notice how I corrected it as fast as humanly possible and conceded to the fact that I should’ve checked. It shouldn’t be a mystery to you who this blogger is, unless you tell them all blogging about Shahs is your gig exclusively. And it was a DM. Toodles, you’ve gotten mean.

      • Well since you believe everything you are told by a blog, consider it my gift to you to explain to you that you are a fool. Time for you to go back to wherever you came from.

      • Ms tamaratattles, you are doing great, there will always be someone to gossip negatively. So it is a gift to be bless in what you do. Sometimes people don’t know what they are talking about, your info comes with facts and truth, or you may ask ( what going on here?). Great work, keep up your good work.

  35. CrazyHousewives

    You should have never did this

  36. Tamara will be fine. She got permission from the people there. She blogs. She didn’t name it Chateau Sheree, I think it was commonly referred to as that on her season. As was her plans to have a liebury and skating rink. This won’t make it to court, but if for some reason it does, I want to watch live just to see people actually quote the show and news at the time. Sheree is scared of being stalked? Please. She’s looking for a way to pay for the damned house after all these years.

  37. lilkunta

    Tamara what kind of camera only takes 5 pics? You couldnt take pics on /with your phone ? Please get a more capacity camera! I dont follow your descriptions, pictures would have been WONDERFUL.

  38. I guess the home of SHEREE is on its way, well good for her cuz she is doing it all by herself with no man at all so at the end of the day I say, SHEREE finally did it and I think the blog TAMRA did really well saying the house is pretty good I mean it has taking 3 years now or something like that I think ?? But anyways TAMRA the blog didn’t hurt nothing or do anything to the house so Sheree should be happy an give TAMRA some credit for what she had done don’t you all think, LOL ??????

  39. LMAO! This is amazing! Just because she has a restraining order on you doesn’t mean you can’t keep posting! Take pictures from a distance so we can see the lot in relation to the streets around it!

    I’m from Atlanta. I agree with buying a smaller house and leveling it to build a bigger one. I’m going to do that in the future.

    • Katrina

      I think it is a good idea to buy a small house and tear down. This house was about 300K. Surely you can find a nice size new home in Atlanta for that kind of money, in a nice school district? It just seems like a waste when you have so much outstanding debt.

  40. thecutestbabies

    Call me crazy but why in the heck do you not know how to spell library. That drives me crazy as all devices have spell check!

  41. jay

    She didnt blow thru all of her settlement and plud she gets 10,000$ a month from Bobs NFL pension directly from the NFL. Look at da divorce docs its all in there. I dont 4 her but you have to admit shes a hustler she stole 400,000$ worth of furniture and high end fixtures out of her and bobs house and put it in a buckhead storage. Lol and which house u think its going go be installed in

    • Katrina

      I though they gave her the settlement in a lump sum. That would be nice if she still had some money coming every month.

  42. thecutestbabies

    That explains it all. Public school system at its finest *sigh*

  43. Rox

    Before making a post, please conduct a spell check. “Lieberry” should be: “LIBRARY”. Focus more on your spelling/writing abilities than encroaching on someone’s private property.

  44. JOI

    library wth is lieberry? OMG! lol

  45. ChrissyC

    Seriously do you readers not watch the show? Sheree hasn’t been on for how long? And I still remember her talking about having a “lieberry.” Get a grip folks!

  46. TAL

    Given her financial state, I seriously doubt she is holding the construction loan on this house. Most likely the builder is. If he is, it is definitely not her house. If she does hold the construction loan, she hasn’t paid a penny of her own money into again, not her house. The bank would be the only one, or perhaps the builder, that could have anything to say about trespassing. And as someone said, it is common practice, at least in Atlanta, to stroll through any house under construction. I know the lot, it’s not a huge lot, but plenty big to hold this house. The pictures are somewhat deceiving (no offense Tamara), but the house is not as close to the white house behind it, nor to the street as it looks. A house that size is now, unfortunately de rigour in in-town Atlanta neighborhoods.

    • Katrina

      Her mother originally bought the house. She may have paid cash for it. I doubt that she has a construction loan. She is probably paying a constuction workers to work on it as she gets additional money. Unless Bob offers to help her out, Sheree will be working on that house another 3 years or so.

  47. Stephen

    No way in hell will this house ever be completed…at least not by Sheree. Sheree, or whomever is building this monstrosity, is evidently out of money. The bank should just foreclose now and put off the inevitable. A house, even one this big, does not take two and half years to build :)

    Put a fork in it…this house has been doomed from the beginning!

  48. Sammie Stones

    The author of the article called the library ” lieberry” SMH, LOL!

  49. Michael

    Tamara, , you call yourself a Journalist. You need to learn how to spell and pronounce Library……….

  50. BH Wannabe

    Dude, everyone needs to chill. When my bf was a construction worker he’d always take me to see the houses he was working on. He didn’t own them, the owner didn’t give him the okay. He’d take me to show me cool or stupid features, or he’d drop stuff off/pick things up at the site, and sometimes I’d just bombing him lunch and we’d eat on-site. His boss didn’t care, and just remember running into an owner once who luckily didn’t mind that I was “just bringing my bf lunch!”

    Knowing it was my bf who let me in makes it sound better, doesn’t it? But it’s the exact same thing Tamara did.

  51. Rose

    I laughed through this whole post. It was like a movie in my head from start to finish and so glad you got out in one piece and didn’t fall to your death. Of course we know Sheree will be posed about this. I was surprised the interior is mainly sheetrock as I imagined cabinetry and other particulars in place and thought things were further behind on the exterior. While I’m not a fan of the round areas of her home your inherit descriptions make it sound nicer than the exterior looks.

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