Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: White Lies at the White Party

rhobhkimnosejobHere we go! I am kind of excited about this episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! The White Party is always full of drama. Plus there is Kim’s Nose Party and Brandi’s drunken escapades!  First up, the Nose party. Kyle walks in with Portia and Kennedy, Taylor is supposed to join the party later. Oh wait! Taylor calls drunk off her ass to tell Kim that she is not coming to the party.  She seems not to know that Kennedy is not with her so Kyle is just going to keep Kennedy overnight. So Kim and Kyle dash off to tell everyone! Adrienne suggests that since they have not seen Taylor with a man, maybe she is with a woman. Funny how her mind went there, no? Kyle is being supportive of her sister! Will wonders never cease? Adrienne has said “my husband is a great surgeon” in about 15 different ways in the last minute and a half.

Fire at Lisa Vanderpumps Old House Interrupts RHOBH FilmingOh it’s the much discussed fire at Lisa Vanderpump’s old house. Now we know why they were filming at Adrienne’s when the rest of the cast was elsewhere (I want to say a Brandi and Taylor were at Villa Blanca that night).  Adrienne takes off with the kids and tries to drive through the blockades and the numerous fire trucks blocking the street. That was a ridiculously bad idea and could have hampered the firemen from putting out the fire!

And it’s the day of the White Party! I love the party planning scenes. Adrienne was very worried that the fire was going to jump half a mile over to her house. But she and Paul are off to the White Party the next day. Why yes, Adrienne, Karma is a bitch and your behavior from the last reunion is coming full circle to bite you in the ass for this reunion, which is filming this weekend, no?  Oh look it’s Faye Resnick. BLECH.

RHOBHwhitepartyadrienneOOh Maybe Brandi does have sex in the bathroom with Jonathan the Realtor. If so, I say go for it, he’s hot!  Whut? Is that bad? *innocent look* Adrienne doesn’t seem to understand you have to let self-tanner absorb before rubbing all up on white furniture. Kim looks fantastic! Brandi is very nervous about being confronted by Paul and Adrienne.  Brandi wants to talk to Adrienne alone but Paul ain’t havin’ none of that and he goes along with her to the pow-wow.  Brandi tries to extend an olive branch. Suddenly, Adrienne remembers that she sent a letter. But wait! In all fairness to Adrienne she said ” a letter is different than a lawsuit” but it was a frankenbite. They edited it into the shot while showing the back of her head. She said it, but somewhere else entirely. Clearly Bravo REALLY hates Adrienne. We all know they are not allowing her back this season, however, today Adrienne took a page out of Sheree Whitfield’s book and started calling TMZ with the old, “you can’t fire me I quit!”  strum and drang.

At one point Brandi whips out copies of all the crap Bernie was saying about Brandi online. Pages and pages of stuff. I remember it and he called her a whore and said she wasn’t worthy of hanging out with the real housewives of Beverly Hills and she was a nobody and…all sorts of nonsense.  Meanwhile in Adrienne’s talking head she says she has not taken legal action against Brandi. Then, after a pause she says, “What’s legal action? Talking to your lawyer? Everyone talks to their lawyer!”  In Paul’s talking head he says, “Was she warned? YES!” he seems agitated in his interview that took place much later.

And the gang all finds the drama. Ken rides in on his white party horse to save Brandi, and even Taylor says that she wants Adrienne and Paul to admit that they are doing the exact same thing they got their nose out of joint about last year when Taylor sent a letter to Camille. Paul is being very defensive. And the entire thing manages to end somehow without anyone getting thrown out. I just hope Brandi went and had sex in the bathroom later.

Did anyone miss Yolanda and Camille this week? Next week, Kim tells Taylor she is an alcoholic and everyone goes to Paris! This show is beating the pants of RHOA!  Kim seems drunk in Paris. oopsy.


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46 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: White Lies at the White Party

  1. pffft

    You are so right. Shit pops off every episode, while RHOA is so fucking DULL. Brandi tells it like it is. And the last couple of episodes I’ve actually enjoyed Taylor. She has been assertive and outspoken and stirring up shit.

  2. myinfo

    adrienne and Paul were playing the no law suit game. Brandi mentioned its was a letter vs a formal law suit many times. I like when Ken told Paul to pay Brandi ‘s lawyers bill.

    • lwickedgirl

      I loved it when Ken told him that and then walked off like a pimp with Brandi on one arm and Lisa on the other. I have to say again I love drunk Taylor. She puts it all out there and does not aapologize afterward. Her “alleged” abusive ex-husband is dead and so maybe she is use to crap hitting the wall. Hey at least it is not her! She may be drunk but Kim is off the wagon too. I wonder if it is her contract to go to rehab at the end of every season? Maybe Taylor can be her room-mate?

  3. Pinky

    So over the copy cat PDiddy white party from 1997. Adrianne is too stupid to care she was BUSTED and too rich to worry. Bet Paul regrets he defended that plastic biotch. Ken/Lisa/Brandi and Jennifer the coolest peeps at this party. Adrianne used poor judgement during the fire way across the estate-moron-try not to panic with your kids and prevent firefighters from doing their job. She is so condesending to Paul it makes me sick. I am guessing Brandi’s book will outsell Adrianne leave your tan on everybodies white shit Maloof purses 50 to 1…..her shoes were a big flop…..make that 100 to 1. When Adiranne talks notice the skin (plastic) around her nostrils – it is like she is wearing a poorly fitted mask – ewww.

    • Haahahahhhaaa!! Now I will be looking at her nostrils this coming Monday!! Did you think Paul looked a little bit surprised when he was reading what Brandi handed him, Bernie’s comments? He did to me and Adrienne was looking down and around guilty like. I think he really was surprised. Ken, Lisa, Brandi and Jennifer were by FAR the best looking and collest peeps at the party! Gotta love that Ken! Poor Paul. Now that we all know what really was going on the divorce and all, I can’t help feeling sorry for him. I bet he is a decent guy. Just saying

  4. jakiesmom

    Ken was a rock star on this episode and my guess is Paul was squirming all day knowing this was going to be aired tonight. He looked like an asshole including in his talking heads. He must feel like such a fool about many things in hindsight,

    Frightening when Taylor makes sense and she has done so the last two episodes. I guess Bravo needed it so they gave her a good edit. She’s also funny in this weeks blog.

    • Dariana

      For once Taylor was making perfect sense. Camille gets an email from Russell telling her to cease & desist. Kyle, blubbering like someone died, asks Taylor & Russell to leave the party. Brandi gets a letter from a lawyer telling her to cease & desist but Kyle doesn’t get it? And wants nothing to do with anything? Shall we say big, fat hypocrite? Had I been there, I would’ve thrown two botlles of wine at Paul and the white octopus at Kyle. Paul was acting like a fool because he is a fool. And then, the Hoof accuses him of child abuse & physical abuse. What a loser. The photos I saw looked like the Hoof’s tanning spray was running down her back. The good news is that they won’t be back. Bravo fired the Hoof & then she quit. Don’t let the door hit your ball of cheese behind & your Quiasimodo hunchback on your way out. Ciao, Putana! Find someone else to torture.

      • ThunderMonk

        I have to disagree: while the consequences were the same (a cease and desist from an attorney), the situations that to them to that point are totally different. Camille snapped and spoke out about Taylor being abused, something Taylor had said to the women off camera several times, from what I understand. Whether she should have said it or not, Camille brought to the surface a situation that was dangerous for Taylor and Kennedy, in front of Taylor, other women, and a camera crew. Here, the more people that knew, the more chances there were to intervene, support, or protect Taylor. Brandi, on the other hand, divulged a personal detail that she knew would hurt Adrienne and Paul when neither of them were present. Divulging this detail was only to “hit back” – there was no greater purpose or goal to her saying what (we think) she said, and in fact, if could have been distressing for their family to have that information broadcast so widely. So if I were in this group of “friends”, I would be much more inclined to protect Camille (exposing an abuser) than I would be of Brandi (shot off her mouth out of anger).

    • susanna

      agree with you. Ken is my favorite rh husband.

  5. Eve

    I think Lisa and Ken are actually decent people, real authentic , well as much as you can in a place like Bev Hills.
    Has anyone else ever noticed that Paul’s mouth is exactly like a gorilla’s?

  6. Her husband is such a gr8 surgeon that OS why A never let him do work on her. She is so rude.

    • suziezee

      Love your avatar!!! I might have to mean tweet it and post it on Instagram, giving you full credit! Oh yea, and Adrienne looks like Jocelyn Wildenstein now. Meow, she is the tiger lady!

    • DJ

      “The American Medical Association’s Code of Medical Ethics: Opinion 8.19 states that “physicians generally should not treat themselves or members of their immediate families. The American College of Physicians Ethics Manual states that “physicians should avoid treating themselves, close friends, or members of their own family.”

  7. Lori

    Ken is so damn sexy!!!!! Yowza! Anyway, all I can say is thank you Bravo for not allowing Adrienne back next season. I swear I cant even look at her when she talks. She is so full of crap! And watching her and Paul together is painful. From the scene where he cant even walk down the stairs without her telling him hes doing it wrong (why are they holding hands coming down the stairs in the first place? Phony baloneys), to that cringe worthy scene of them in the back of the limo where they pay eachother compliments they dont mean and it looks almost painful when he calls her a pet name. That scripted convo they had about the letter and the lawyer was the worst! I cant wait until they are no longer part of this show. On another note, my heart is absolutely breaking for Taylor’s daughter. Shes been through so much, and from the sounds and look of tonights episode, shes still in a less than stellar situation.

  8. Daphne

    Scary that Taylor didn’t know where her daughter was….her baby girl….

    • pffftt

      Taylor actually explained it on her blog. Kennedy was with the nanny they went to Kyle’s to get something that belonged to Kennedy that she left there. Kennedy asked to stay with Kyle and Porsha, and the nanny let her.

      The Nanny didn’t inform Taylor of that. That is why she didn’t know Kennedy was with Kyle.

      And I’m so tired of people saying someone needs rehab if they get drunk. Can someone get drunk without being considered an alcoholic?

      These women have drivers and are provided free alcohol at these parties. Shit, I’d be drunk as well.

      • lwickedgirl

        Two drinks and Taylor, Camille, and Kim should be wasted.They all look like they NEVER eat they are so pencil thin.

  9. line of the night was from ken – “the maloof hoof made your shoe!”

    • Lori

      That was the best!

    • Ms1dimple

      ITA Viva!! I just love Ken and Lisa!! Not to mention him telling the Maliars(stole that from a poster RT) to pay Brandi’s attorney fees Loved it!! Taylor is looking pretty good last two episodes getting her licks in, while Vyle Kyle is looking stupid continuting to protect the Maliars. Also when Brandi pulled that novel of proof out. Did you see Paul’s face? Lmaoooooooooo I enjoyed the show last night~

  10. MaryC

    Paul and Adrienne finally admitted there was a letter. However why didn’t she have a copy? Or did she and I missed it. .

    • puravidacostarica

      I’ll just say that sometimes cease and desist letters reiterate or restate all of the allegedly defamatory statements that were made. Brandi was probably advised by her lawyers not to publish the letter (via twitter, e-mail or on the show or show it to anyone other than those who heard her statements at Lisa’s restaurant) or risk facing an accusation of malice or additional defamation claims.

  11. lilmissdiva

    Wasn’t Taylor the original person accusing Lisa of selling stories to the tabloids before Adrienne did it at the reunion? If so why did she get a pass, and why is she trying so desperately to jump on the attack Adrienne bandwagon? She’s always trying to turn a issue around to her benefit and it’s so annoying.

    For someone who’s a college educated businesswoman, Adrienne seems to have a difficult time explaining herself. Hardly anything Adrienne said made sense, including when she was parroting Brandi during their confrontation. Dunno if she gets flustered easily but it’s pretty sad to watch. She should probably call Camille’s PR team for help, especially after being caught in so many lies.

    And they need to stop with the “friends don’t sue friends” mantra towards Adrienne. Brandi told Adrienne that they weren’t friends so it really doesn’t apply.

  12. RealChicagoHousewife

    I don’t think Paul knew the extent of Adrienne’s and Bernie’s alleged shenanigans. When Brandi handed over the paperwork that allegedly proves Bernie was selling stories the look on Adrienne’s face was that of someone getting caught. When Paul started reading the paperwork I saw a flash of anger cross his face. I’m just speculating here but I bet Paul and Adrienne had a big fight over Bernie at a later time . And Paul is now suing Bernie for doing pretty much the same thing to him that Bernie is alleged to have done to Brandi.

    • Dawn Raine

      RealChicagoHousewife-I think you are exactly right. I bet this is how she blames Brandi for demise of her marriage. Paul and Adrienne had a big fight over Bernie’s attacks on her and that lead to the end. I liked that Taylor pointed out this was just like Russell’s letter. I had forgotten Adrienne instigated the barring them from the previous party. I don’t like Taylor but the last few episodes she at least made sense, drunk or not. Brandi needs to find a cheaper lawyer, $10k is crazy to reply to the letter.

      • KWM

        I have never dealt with lawyers other than our will and house closings, No Adrienne we do not all talk to our lawyers. But my friend who went through a divorce said it doesn’t take long to hit 10 grand. About 14 hours worth of work and you are there, Since she said her lawyer was 700/hr.. Every piece of paper copied, every email and letter sent, every phone call made it is all billed.

        When you think about it, it is more like 1 co-worker threatening to sue another co-worker. So I am sure Bravo lawyers and/or the production company lawyers all had to chime in, since this would impact the show. So know you have up to 4 different lawyers who could be now discussing this C&D letter.

      • Lori

        I was thinking the same thing, but sorryeven Adrienne, even that isnt Brandi’s fault. If Adrienne would have just put on her big girl panties and went to talk with Brandi one on one, like Brandi wanted to, then Paul would have been none the wiser. Liars and schemers should really be more careful.

  13. KWM

    That was the most we have seen her kids on film in 3 seasons. Was this to show us what a loving doting mother she is? Or does the production company just not bother filming the kids since they have to blur their faces and that is time consuming and expensive.

    My friend said she would have done the same as Adrienne with the fire, I would have done the same as Paul, took out my camera and look for a better view. Yes I know I need help.

    I also felt really bad for Paul, while he looked like a jerk most of this season, you could see little flashes on his face where he realized just how much Adrienne has been either lying to him or not telling him. Especially when Brandi pulled out all the tweets, emails and facebook posts.

    So did Paul know about the letter? I still wasn’t completely clear on that.

    • I think it depends on the HW and what they want to an extent. We know Brandi’s boys can’t be shown and are never filmed. Porsha has been filmed a lot and never had her face blurred. Adrienne’s boys up until now have pretty much only been seen in the intro.

    • Then we both need help, KWM, because I’d be filming it, too! LMAO One Christmas, my older sister dropped a cake on our parents brand new beige carpet & it landed upside down. While everyone else was trying to get the bright red stains out of the carpet (except for Mama – she was having a shit fit!), I was taking pictures & laughing until I couldn’t’ t breathe. This was 25 years ago & you can still see, in red, where it says ‘Happy Birthday Jesus’ on the carpet. LOL

      As for RHOBH – I can’t believe that I’ve actually agreed with Taylor, of all people, for the last 2 epis. Hell has officially frozen over! LOL

  14. Nicole

    Funny! In the limo, I was thinking why is Adrienne legs so “gold” looking? That’s what self tanner look like, huh? She can afford to get a spray tan, why use self tanner and ruin other people furnitures. Lisa is a lady for not even asking Adrienne to pay for her getting her couch reupholster. That is expensive. I also love Ken for sticking up for Brandi.
    Also, Taylor has been seen “drunk” alot. But I have to say that I am glad to see her sticking up for Brandi. She could very well said that the Maloof was the cause of her husband committing suicide just like Paul is saying that Brandi was the cause of his and Adrienne’s divorce.
    Karma is a bitch and I truly believe that!

  15. susanna

    Adrienne, Adrienne, Adrienne. What a bunch of whooey. Does she think everyone is not paying attention? Is she a pathological liar or is this Alzheimers setting in? Adrienne’s surrogacy speculations date back to when her children appeared on the scene. If she were trying to protect her children, why go on a reality show, which they have also appeared on? That’s like throwing them to the wolves, if she’s trying to keep secrets from them. She could have thought this through and been a better parent, She just brought more attention to the subject and to herself. That is hardly a protector of her family: it’s more about trying to do image damage control, and doing it badly. There is nothing wrong with, nor is it a big deal, to have a surrogate. Apparently, she has a problem with it.

    I do hope the stories of her removal from the show are true. She can take HWF Faye with her. That would be a pair, wouldn’t it?

    She’s still sticking her tongue in the wine glass and licking her lips in a reptilian fashion. Too many procedures to move naturally? It’s a tad creepy looking.

  16. Haven’t gotten to watch but Bravo posted a snippet of Taylor’s blog on facebook so I went and read the rest. I am liking that Taylor. She’s in taking control, checking people etc. I still wont buy/read her book but I like the persona being shown lately, minus the drunk bits.

  17. myinfo

    I did not believe that Taylor’s daughter was missing in action. Something just seemed wrong about the telephone conversation. Both Kyle and Kim seemed to be overreacting.

    I do think it was wrong for Kim and Kyle to comment on camera that Taylor did not know where Kennedy was.

    Marisa should mind her business in regards to Kennedy hanging out with Porchi. Why does she care?

    Kim – please she should never comment on anyone doing anything wrong. She should sit quiet in a corner somewhere. Unfortunately Kim appears to be drunk the next episode.

    You would have to live under a rock not to know that Adrienne did hire a lawyer and sent Brandi the famous “cease and desist “letter.

    Paul and Adrienne stuttered, double talked and tried their best to not say they sent Brandi a letter.

    I actually felt bad for Paul. He just seemed lost.

    Karma is a b*tch and Adrienne is getting her Karma now. She is a liar with a bad tan.

  18. Did anyone else notice that the pool scene shown last night at Adrienne’s house appears to be the same one that was filmed the back in December (Paul swimming with his nephews in a sweater)? If this is the case, then it’s Bravo editing at their worst.

  19. good catch rhwf! maybe so. If anyone has the swimming in a sweater episode we can go back and compare clothing!

  20. Adrienne wasn’t the one to suggest that Taylor was with a woman. Just watched the scene and it’s Kim that says it.

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