Shahs Reunion Recap: Bang Away on MJ, Bang Away All Day, Who They Gonna Bang on When MJ Goes Away?

The left side...

The left side…

It’s time for the first Shah’s of Sunset reunion. I am going to this already disappointed with Reza and I imagine it will get worse. Andy asks GG why she referred to herself as “the Rosa Parks of reality TV.” GG once again claims she was misunderstood and was talking about the backlash that they got from the Persian community last season. The questions are just too stupid to recap so far.

We are going to start with Lilly. Seven minutes in and I am bored. Has Asa even been on camera yet? Lilly says she doesn’t gloat or brag. Lightning did not strike. Lilly uses her ex’s black Amex but she doesn’t need a man to take care of her because she owns her own businesses. Did that make sense to y’all? Also, how does some lawyer from Texas have a black Amex to begin with? I doubt his practice pulls in that kind of money. Lily seems to think that MJ is saying that Ali supports her so she has brought in documents to prove that she is rich. Her business made $72k in January. Um, okay. So after expenses…what is left? Oh Lord, now she is showing Andy her bills of sale for the cars she drove on the show. Andy points out that they are in Ali’s name. Essentially, Lilly came convince us that she has money, while at the same time being the first to take a swing at the MJ pinata. That’s classy. Andy says the Rolls Royce was $280K and Lilly says that she doesn’t need to brag about that. Andy rolls his eyes and says, “You brought the bill of sale!”

Shahs of Sunset: Don't Get it Twisted, It's ALL about MJA viewer question for MJ: She seems to be medicated with slurred speech a lot of the time does MJ have a problem? MJ says she doesn’t have a problem, she doesn’t pop pills and the only time we see her drinking is when they are partying and socializing. Andy asks Asa about MJ’s drinking and Asa says that she apologized for bringing up MJ’s issues so publicly but that it is difficult to watch MJ being sedated all the time. That’s actually the THIRD bash of MJ because prior to this conversation Reza had to point out that MJ gets drunk and hits on Mike. sigh.  Side note: Asa looks great tonight but not exactly like herself. Meanwhile, everyone except GG attacks MJ telling her she has a drinking problem. If she does, they could not have designed a worse plan for addressing it if they tried. Mike tries to come to the rescue by saying he has never seen her take pills but that she does drink a lot. I mean, Mike should know, didn’t he get so drunk in Cabo that he missed filming scenes? But then Reza comes in for bash number four to say, “I’ve known her for twenty years and the pills have always been there.”  GG steps up to defend MJ saying that she (GG) takes Xanax and Klonopin and that is her business and everyone should stay out of MJ’s business.  Frankly, if MJ went to any shrink in the world they would put her on anti-anxiety meds. Maybe she just doesn’t want to share her emotional health issues with the world. What is wrong with these people? Reza screams, “We care about her and we want her to get help!” Oh, bullshit, Reza. You have done nothing but demean and defame MJ all season. How is that helping someone who has emotional or drinking problems?

Reza’s mother is upset with Reza because of his sexual behavior on the show. If she understood English she would be upset with him for way more than that. Lilly didn’t tell her parents she was on the show until a week before it aired. He Dad is very upset about it.

Mike was supportive of MJ versus Lilly in their little tête-à-tête,  It seems like Mike is supporting MJ and GG and taking their side to a degree while the other side (literally and figuratively have said absolutely nothing thus far except to attack MJ). Oh Lord, Lilly is such a little twat! I just can’t imagine anyone wanting to be around her.

After FIFTY SOLID MINUTES of MJ bashing, it’s time for Asa versus GG. GG is backtracking and throwing her sister under the bus. GG just referred to Asa as “that thing!” Asa is going with the whole nose insult was a compliment tactic still. This fight isn’t even interesting. Same old same old.

Next week, it looks like MORE Reza bashing MJ! Surprise, surprise, surprise.

Lilly versus MJ.


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54 responses to “Shahs Reunion Recap: Bang Away on MJ, Bang Away All Day, Who They Gonna Bang on When MJ Goes Away?

  1. natalie k

    Good god that was horrific to witness!

    • Buck Henry

      I’ve been trying to find out about the bank robbery thing that Reza yelled at MJ about. He said she was or almost was a felon do anybody know anything about that.

      • Yeah, I do. It was leaked to me around the end of December. I opted not to post about it because MJ was barely 18 when it happened. She had a new job at a bank. It was her first job. Some men forced her to withdraw money from accounts on their behalf. They threatened her family. She was a scared kid. She did not personally benefit at all. She was however convicted of fraud. She did a little time, i forget a month or two and paid a huge fine, 10K if I recall (i have this all on the laptop but don’t see the point in looking for it atm) and had probation.

        Maybe I will do a post about it tomorrow since REZA’S VERSION is going to be on the show next week. But tonight I already have ten tons of things to do including blogging RHOBH and Vanderpump Rules. :)

        Basically she was a dumb kid who got duped by some older men.

      • Buck Henry

        Thank your Tamara for helping understand about that situation. The cops must have been morons not to figure out that this young 17 almost 18 year old girl was being threatened with the life of her family, I may have done the same thing.

      • jakiesmom

        I don’t know where it is now but there is an interview that MJ gave where she explains everything. Just as Tamara stated above. Her family was threatened, she paid her dues and has stayed out of trouble since.

        At this point the only thing this deserves is a passing thought but Reza seems to want to use it as another weapon in his arsenal to humiliate MJ.

  2. Pinky

    What a waste. So mean. And what is up with Andy’s funky teeth on profile shots as he faced GG’s side of the room? Need some teeth bleach and the receeding gum looked kinda unhealthy. Andy doesn’t look well to me in this reunion.

  3. Che

    andy looked sickly !!!!!!!.

    I cringed the whole time while they attacked MJ. I do like the fact that mike complimented MJ and said she looked sexy. the reunion isn’t worth 2 or even one. asa knows she was being a bitch all evening and then she made that comment about omid’s nose.

  4. I’ve never heard of your Blog before. My bad! I must have been trying to get to the END of the Internet again. I totally feel you on what’s going on with the Shahs. They have no loyalty it appears to me. Poor, MJ. If she didn’t drink or wasn’t depressed before, she will now. Then they have to go and announce she is a felon. That was it for me. She was a young stupid kid when that happened. They’ve known it all of this time. And suddenly it’s a problem? That is so wrong. Reza is star stuck & stupid! Lily, words can’t describe what I’d truly like to say at this moment about that whinny mouse with all of her fake-ness- Trying to look real. The Shah’s have hit an all time low and OFF my Sunday watch list. All of them have shown their true colors & Mike, MJ & Sammy are the only 3 I see who are loyal.

  5. And when I said, Reza was star stuck that wasn’t a typo. He has a star stuck up his as*

  6. yup

    oh lord, I just watched previews clips on the bravo site for part 2. I’m so disgusted with Reza that I have no words…On every blog I read about Shahs, the commenters generally hate Reza and Asa (after loving them Season 1) and love MJ. I hope Reza reads all those comments and realizes that he is absolutely a HORRIBLE friend and a TERRIBLE human being. I don’t care how many clever little one liners he spouts–we all see his true colors and no one likes him anymore.

  7. tammy

    Lily is a bitch, if she joined my group of long time friends and tried to act like that toward me we would have a big problem. Shame on reza and asa too but at least they know mj well enough. I wish mj would do a better job of defending herself… I didn’t like Sammy last season but at least he isn’t cruel like reza asa and lily. I could go on an on about how lame and pathetic lily is but I am going to rewind and see if andy looks sickly instead because I didn’t notice

    • vivaladiva831

      i didn’t notice it either and i am watching again now. i think maybe he just looks pale and maybe faded next to them being so tan and sparkly! lol

    • Moshi

      You made a great point….I too think that if some outsider was coming in bashing my longtime friend, no matter how I felt about the friend at the time, I wouldn’t stand for it! Reza and Asa are horrible friends!!!

  8. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    “Maybe she just doesn’t want to share her emotional health issues with the world.”

    Um, then maybe she shouldn’t be on a reality show, since it is supposed to be about “reality”, right?

    Personally, I can’t stand MJ. She acts all high and mighty and was very mean to Lilly. Lilly may be on the Porsha Stewart train when it comes to how fast she is, but overall, I think she is a nice girl. MJ totally judged her and was wrong for that.

    • Well, the reality is, Reza is a douchebag that goes through MJ’s purse on national TV and now claims to be trying to save her from herself after putting her down mercilessly on every episode this season. He is accusing her of taking anxiety meds. Between her mother and her “friends” she needs to be on xanax.

      • yup

        I need a xanax just watching this!

      • rihfoundloveinahopelessplace

        And Reza was absolutely wrong for going through her purse. That deserved a bitch slap from Asa if you ask me. Going through my purse is like going through my mail.

        And what is Xanax? I’m not hip to the new drugs of society lol

      • yup

        It’s a pill for anxiety, but it’s pronounced “zan-ex”.

      • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

        @Yup thanks

      • Moshi

        NOOOO MJ doesn’t need to be on Xanax… an antidepressant, maybe, but not Xanax.

      • AmberKnows

        She doesn’t need more Xanax as she is probably on it already. She does need something for anxiety because she’s been thru the ringer for her entire life. Horrible mother, horrible best friend and frenemies. The only light in her life is her Dad and her dogs and her Dad, his health and future are causing her concern. I feel for her. Reza, Asa and Lilly are disgusting, abusive POS.

  9. rihfoundloveinahopelessplace

    And somebody please give GG a mirror…for her soul. Because that’s where she’s truly ugly at.

  10. jakiesmom

    Another display of how one does not behave as a friend and how to look obnoxious on TV. Reza has perfected it. And Lilly, what is there to say with her ‘she’s looking down nonsense” for a woman to say “she alludes sex appeal” and yatch instead of yacht she needs to shut her mouth, There continues to be nothing intersting about her unless you like gnats because every time I hear her voice I want to get the insect swatter out.

    MJ came off comparitively well considering and she held her own while trying to apologize to Lilly who continues to try to make herself relevant, yet only continues look vapid.

    No doubt that Reza leaked the story about MJ and her problem with the bank etc. and it seems he is proudly doing it again on national tv, as all good friends do (not).

    • I was mysteriously leaked the bank robbery situation during all of this drama. Interesting it didn’t come up last season isn’t it? I chose not to run it here because MJ was barely 18 at the time and was intimidated and coherced into the situation by the actual robbers who threatened her family. MJ did not take a dime from the bank. The robbers forced her to use her account to transfer money.

      • jakiesmom

        To hear him continue to claim he loves MJ makes my skin crawl. This says alot about his character and I would be hesitant to do business with someone like this. Mike, Lilly and Asa all better keep one eye open and not upset him because if he can do this to his closest friend he can do it to anyone. Why he wants to humiliate her on TV is beyond me. .

        Yes, very interesting that he didn’t spill it last season but now all of a sudden it gets into the rags and he has been spewing it on twitter aIong with how Drizzy is only using her. MJ to her credit was very honest and she did an interview about what happened. It was a long time ago and she has paid her dues and moved on..

        Reza is vile.

      • Mango

        Totally agree with you re Reza, and if MJ was healthier emotionally to begin with, I doubt she would have chosen him as a “best” friend. Here’s hoping for a happy, healthy MJ going forward.

        I *did* suspect the leak about the bank issue came from MJ – that she got wind it was going to talked about on national tv and she was savvy enough to front run it. Because now that it’s coming up on the reunion, Reza really looks like a raging a**hole

      • AmberKnows

        Reza has used and abused MJ insisting he is her best friend / ‘family’ who cares for her and is concerned. Meanwhile he’s been slandering her on national TV, Twitter and Blogs! MJ is so damaged by her Mom that the games that Reza has played on her are forgiven when he plays nice. He’ll gossip about her, humiliate her, throw her under the bus, withhold affection then tell her she’s family. His abhorrent behaviour towards MJ should be a wake up call for Asa’s amnesia of S1 Reza. He’s going to go back to MJ after this season’s backlash and Asa will be up Shites Creek without a paddle and blood diamond water. Funny that the only one who had MJ’s back all season is GG and MJ was quick to dump her in order to play with the cool kids.

      • jakiesmom

        I don’t think the leak came from MJ, I absolutely believe it came from Reza with the sole purpose of hurting her, her business and humiliating her before the reunion which forcedher to address it.

        Going after someones livlihood is disgusting especially coming from one who claims to be their friend. Reza wouldn’t know what a friend is if he fell over it. Look at how he spoke about Asa just last year.

  11. I don’t understand how Reza has known MJ for 25 years and drops her like a bad habit for Lily. If she is is his so called best friend shouldn’t he hav known she would have been protective over him and act the way she did towards lily? Why didn’t he tell MJ about Lily beofre hand like hey bestie you’ll reeally like this chick if you give her chance? Makes no sense. Why do I watch this show again? Ohh thats right I always love watching a good train wreck. . .

    • Mango

      Reza seems like one of those “flavor of the month” type guys, he’s all about whoever is his new bff until the next one comes along. Yeah, *that* guy

  12. yup

    I don’t want to have hate in my heart for anyone, so Lily needs to disappear off my tv and out of my life because I fucking hate that bitch.

  13. Moshi

    That really was one of the most awful things I have ever seen. And sad. Reza is absolutely disgusting and should really be ashamed of himself for going after MJ and allowing Lilly (the friggen NEW GIRL he has known for all of 10 minutes) to join in the fight. Frankly everyone on the left side of the screen displayed some of the grossest behavior I have ever seen from ANYONE on Bravo, not just last night, but the entire season. The whole thing actually made me sad. :\

  14. karen

    I don’t think that Reza, Mike nor Asa have room to talk about being under the influence. It seems their big beef with MJ and proof that she’s a pill popper is that she is constantly late and sometimes has a driver take her to interviews. Huh? These people do not care about MJ or they would not be so mean spirited about it. I’m not saying MJ doesn’t have a problem because I do not know that. She seems to like to drink and have fun and her fake friends seem to mostly love that about her until they get the chance to bash her behind her back. It’s all too ridiculous.

  15. AmberKnows

    While this first part of the reunion was gross, it seems Part 2 will be worse. The gang bang continues and now Reza is going for the jugular. Did he get pointers from Jill Zarin on how to ‘ice out’ castmates prohibiting them from filming and destroying their professional reputations so they can get fired or lose business? He’s going after MJ’s livelihood with Lilly in tow, but if Asa co-signs to that BS knowing how hard her Mother works… She’s filth and Karma will get her.

  16. P(atricia)

    Reza, ha! The way he speaks about the incident, you’d think she actually robbed a damn bank. Sad part about it all is the fact that come next season, MJ will be up Reza’s ass as if nothing ever happened.

  17. Co-sign on most of the comments. MJ should be crowned saint MJ after watching this season and the reunion show. She is a much better person than me. Asa and Reza are not her friends and the sooner she releases them from her life the better for her. I loved Reza the first season but I do not know if the “fame” has gotten to his head or if this is the true him, but I am 100% over him. He is not a friend to anyone. The hypocrisy of all of them, they all drink, as someone pointed earlier no one is mentioning Mike blacked out drunk. Lilly…not even worth my time writing about her….

  18. Jasmine

    Reza has gotten on my last nerve. He should sit himself down and reflect on his life. His behavior was totally out-of-line and he represented an ugly individual. I wish I could have been in the audience, because I would have stoop and suggested he shut up.

    Reza is not all that neither is Asa. Boy! She’s on a high horse. Both of them need to be knocked down a peg or two. Lilly is just plain annoying. GG needs help and Mike is adorable.

    Andy get Reza in check. Dismiss Lilly and bring Sammy back.

  19. Tangerine

    People kill themselves to make it in the industry. The only reason Asa is where she is is because she’s banging a Jackson. I don’t find her ethereal, or intergalactic or whatever. She is a hypocrite and all about what’s good for Asa. In my opinion she’s also not attractive at all. GG is right – she is transvestite looking. Her features are very manly. Let me not get started on her fashion sense, because she has none, but tries to make it look like her 80’s look is effortless. In her own words – Asa is the ugly inside and out for sure. You suck for ganging up on MJ. What did she ever do to you?

  20. newjerzeyboy

    These morons know what they are signing up for when they go on a reality show. If they can’t take it, then get the hell off. All is fair on reality tv.

  21. no name maddox

    i’m so disappointed in reza. what an imperious douchebag he has become. asa makes me want to strangle her with her own hair, so i totally get gg’s anger with her. lily? who cares. mike seems like a decent enough bloke, but i wonder how he’ll overlook all the truly humiliating allegations thrown at mj during part two of the reunion. wtf happened to some of these people?

  22. lisa lisa

    I was linked to your site by realitytea. Why do you even bother to do recaps? It seems like you are miserable while doing so. You don’t do a good job, it seems like a pain in the butt for you, it comes across in your writing.

    • yup

      jeez, then why bother coming here to read them if you feel that way?

      • lisa lisa

        Like I said, I was linked here by another site. Most of her recaps are rushed and constantly says, oh I won’t bother retelling that. So, yeah won’t bother coming here, when does such a better job.

      • Why are you back here again today? I love Reality Tea, they are awesome. I would hate to steal you away from them, so why not just stay there where you are happy? Are you some sort of masochist that likes to be miserable? Is that why you keep coming back?

  23. For all of you saying MJ should not have gone on the show if she had something she didn’t want out. I’m sure she knows that. The fact of the matter is that REZA is the one putting the story out there. He has been on her ass since day one of filming for not believable reason. Even if the storyline was Reza goes after MJ…he didn’t have to reveal every piece of dirt he has from their 20 year friendship. He didn’t have to insult and degrade her in every episode. He didn’t have to breech their trust. He chose to do all that. So skeletons falling out of the closet over the course of filming is one thing. But having her “best friend” beat her to a bloody pulp with things he learned as her friend over the years on every single fucking episode and then relentlessly twitter insults to and about her while the show aired is despicable.

    • no name maddox

      i totally agree. what he has done to her is vicious and inexcusable. it blows my mind that he stooped that low, but to do it to his “friend” of 20+ years, is unforgivable and mind-boggling.

  24. Keren

    Reza is pure evil, just like his grandma it seems.. The Devil Wears Prada

  25. Lori

    I’m proud of MJ. She held her own. I’ll tell you right now… I don’t think I could sit there like that maintaining my cool with everyone bashing me! I will say this though… whether she does or doesn’t have a substance abuse issue, she needs to cut ties with these horrible people. Maybe even more so if she does have a problem and gets help. They will probably all act like they are so proud of her, etc. etc. and think that they were such great friends for being tough on her or something. NOT. They are abusive, fair weather friends. The exact opposite of what someone trying to be sober needs. And if she doesn’t have a pill problem, then they are liars on top of it. She needs real true friends in her life either way. She is way too good for them IMO.

  26. BravoCueen

    I LOVED Reza and Asa the first season. Reza’s storyline, being gay and completely disconnected from his father, and his journey to heal the past really spoke to me. This season, he’s just a self-entitled queen who thinks he’s better than everybody. He sells his LIFELONG (and if you watched them last season, they were good friends) friend MJ down the river because he felt Lily could get him more camera time.

    Asa. Ugh. I was into her last season because she was different and zen. This season she is an imperious bitch. Do women pushing 40 (I’m 45) really constantaly say “whack” and “hater”? I honestly have never said hater in my life but use whack when I’m kidding. I wouldn’t expect anyone to take me seriously.

    I like MJ. She is kind of a sloppy drunk but hopefully seeing her ass more than once in recaps, she’ll get it in check. And if she takes Xanax, she should lay off the alcohol. Hopefully she’ll get it together. I’m kind of tired of people constantly screaming alcoholic when someone over-indulges a few times. Maybe she has a problem, maybe not.

    GG. I actually like GG. I think she’s messed up and I can’t figure out what caused it, but she’s def got some kind of mental health issues going on. That coupled with her drinking and she’s a hot mess. But I don’t think she’s inherently mean. She’s got issues. If she cleaned up her act, she could add a lot to the show. I’d certainly rather see LIlly leave before GG.

    Mike. I love me some Mike. And I LOVED that he was trying to be fair to MJ and GG. I say fire the whole bunch and let’s have a show about Mike!!

    BTW, Tamara, I LOVE your recaps. I read all the sites and love all the different points of views. I think you do an excellent job!!

  27. Nibal

    Say what you want about GG, yes the girl is a bit of a nutter but she is no backstabber. She says what she has to say to your face and I love the fact that she stood by MJ. Come to think of it, the only person she’s gone crazy on, is Asa.. and in my book, she totally deserved it…she is a nasty piece of work! She hides behind this “persian priestess” BS then she talks rubbish behind MJ’s back. That girl needs to have a good look in the mirror cos she is the nasty one.

  28. Pinky

    Sorry but Asa lost my respect when she was purchasing a diamond for her FRAUD dimond water…..she felt the positive energy from the half million $ diamond until she heard the price…then magically feels that same positive energy from the cheap diamond. That was disgusting. And who the hell would buy this load of crap???? She is a piece of “insulting to every viewer” crap! I hope her would-be investors laugh in her face. Then the way she treats others, forgetting her positive, peaceful “mo” bullshit just reveals her TRUE FAKE self.

  29. theREALHONJ

    I know I’m late to this little party, but can someone explain to me how Asa can comment on Omids nose, claiming it to be a compliment, while at the same time be engaged to a Jackson, who, as we all know, belongs to a family famous for not one of them keeping their original nose?? Alittle hypocritical doncha think? Who live like this? You will soon with your new nose Ms. Future Jackson.

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