Shahs of Sunset Season Finale

ShahsAsabeadnecklaceFINALLY, I have some time to watch last weeks Shahs. I am dying to see Asa’s performance! I just needed the time to fully enjoy the episode, so here goes! We are back at Reza’s “peace summit.” GG apologizes to Asa for the way she reacted to her anger. Asa rejects the apology and off GG goes to GGland. Asa says the word ‘wack’ eleventy billion times and leaves the house. GG is still very defensive and Mike and Reza try to teach her how to apologize.

MJ and her mother go shopping as per her therapist instructions so that her mom can practice not being critical. She literally doesn’t make it past the point where MJ parks the car. MJ’s mom suggests wearing clothes that are not so tight. I finally agree with her about something. Although she lost me when she suggested chiffon.

Shahs of Sunset Episode Three and a Halftime Report

Young Asa in Berlin

Asa’s rehearsal is having some problems. She’s very nervous. All I really focused on was her bangles. Meanwhile, Mike goes to his parents to get their blessing on Jessica. Reza has a date with Adam and manages to make comments about white people. Again. Adam is talking marriage and Reza is not that into Adam. Perhaps it’s yet another stunt casting. Zipping through yet ANOTHER Lilly scene that is her getting hair and makeup.

Love MJ and Drizzy. So hope this is a real relationship and she is happy. I am so glad that Asa is getting so much screen time. She has gotten the main storyline in the finale on both seasons.

OMG! It’s Anita! Who is now listed as “GG’s friend!” No explanation of why she is not “Reza’s friend” anymore and is now BFF’s with her sworn enemy from last season. Oh, reality TV. But whatevs. I love Anita! Oh here comes the acknowledgement that last year they hated each other. GG says in her talking head that she feels isolated and hopes things will improve with the others. There is still a bit of her defensiveness and failure to see her role in the situation, but I think she is trying.

Asa does great at Persian Palooza! I really wish I would have gone to see her performance in person. And they lived happily ever after….

Okay, NOW I am going to prepare for the reunion. I can’t say I am looking forward to tonight. I expect it to be an hour of Reza hurling insults at MJ.


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14 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Season Finale

  1. yup

    I watched some reunion video clips on the Bravo site. Poor MJ–Reza is going after her big time. And Lilly bragging about her boyfriend’s (ex-boyfriend’s?) cars…I didn’t think it was possible to dislike her more than I already do.

  2. Tessa

    I loved the first season, but I found this season totally unwatchable.

    Reza, Asa and GG disgusted me with their behavior. Asa takes herself WAY too seriously and needs to get over herself. Mike and MJ were likeable, but not enough to allow me to get through a single episode. And Lilly is shallow, vapid and totally useless to this show.

    I was totally disappointed in this season and probably won’t ever watch it again.

  3. suziezee

    Never noticed that you’re an A$$A fan

  4. I absolutely loved Asa’s performance! can’t wait to try her water.

  5. Lori

    The only person i am left liking after this season is MJ. I used to like Asa, but she is just way too self righteous this season, imo. And her and Reza together… well they seem to think that they are the cats meow or something. I am trying to remember, were Asa and Reza this close last season, because I dont remember them being the tag team they seem to be this season. I just think that they seem to support eachothers less than attractive behaviors. On another note, I really love that picture you have posted of Asa. It would make a great album cover. As for tonight, I hope MJ manages to put some of them in their places. If not, its going to be hard to watch.

  6. Ms Urethra Franklin

    I expect some cringe worthy low blow comments from the Queen of all Persians, Reza.

    I am not looking forward to this but I will watch, and I will be drinking. My haterade might spill over later for Reza, Lilly, & Assa.

    • I’m with you, Ms Urethra. Ever since TT told us a bit about what the reunion was gonna be like I’ve been cringing. I’m gonna watch it, but don’t know if I’ll be able to refrain from yelling at the tv &/or throwing things at it. I’ve been really disappointed in several of them this season & don’t know that my opinion is gonna change much on them, other than to maybe get worse. Oh well, here we go.

  7. Moshi

    Asa looked totally ridic at PersiaPalooza. It was hilarious.

  8. Mania

    Shht, it’s still Hamburg, not Hambsburg and certainly not Berlin 😉 In fact it’s the Hamburg Town Hall in the background #smartass

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