Tidbits From Brandi Glanville’s Book Tour

BrandidrinkingandtweetingBrandi Glanville has been on a whirlwind book tour in NYC this week promoting Drinking and Tweeting. It seems that Brandi was expecting her book to be flying off the shelves; however, according to her recent tweets the book was not picked up for distribution in brick and mortar stores.  Brandi was clearly disappointed by the news and asked everyone to be sure to order their book at Amazon. She’s currently number 9 on the Amazon best seller list right behind 50 shades of gray!.  Brandi was a Co-host on Anderson Cooper today, but I wasn’t able to catch it. That’s a pretty big deal, I am not sure Nene has been a co-host, though she might have. On the show she talked about the letter that Camille sent her, proving once again that Adrienne did threaten legal action.  I still have a hard time seeing how this cost $10,000 though. I would have just let her sue me and gone after her pro se for legal costs when she lost.

On Wednesday, Brandi interviewed with FOXNY (it was a 7 minute interview which is long) and discussed the book and of course the lawsuit. There she admitted the real reason she dropped the surrogacy secret on the show.

Brandi told FOXNY, “After the first season, Adrienne tried her hardest to get me fired from the show and I took that very personally. We started a little war and she put negative stories about me as a mother in the press and she said negative things about my children and how I mother them and so I took that very personally. But when you come back to the next season, I can’t say that you were trying to get me fired from the show, because there’s no show, it’s that third wall or fourth wall or whatever it is so I just wanted to show that she was a liar about everything so I was trying to find another way to discredit her without saying she tried to get me fired from the show and that I was a bad mother.”

RHOBHAdrienneBrandi As we have discussed, Adrienne was very angry with Brandi for taking Lisa’s side at the last reunion. This is the first time I have ever heard Brandi say that she went after  Adrienne’s lies because she could not say on camera that Adrienne was trying to get her fired from RHOBH.  Adrienne also said that she was flying back to LA on Valentines day because one of her boys was running a fever.  However, on Tuesday, Brandi will be co-hosting The View for their reality week. (Nene is Monday, Abby Lee Miller is Wednesday) so I guess she will be flying back out again in a couple days unless The View is not live next week. Brandi also gave an interview to Star where she says that Adrienne is meaner than Leann Rimes

Brandi has looked really cute in her interviews and hawking her Brand B dresses on Amazon. However if you go to the link the dresses are pretty hideous. Not one but TWO off the shoulder dresses.  Just goes to show that Brandi looks great in anything. So who has read the book? Any good stuff we haven’t already heard?


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