Kyle Richards and Bethenny Frankel Take Their Daughters to Disneyland

Kyle and Bethenny at DisneylandBethenny Frankel and Kyle Richards have know each other for 20 years (see picture here before they were famous) from way back when Kyle got Bethenny a job driving Paris and Nicky Hilton to school everyday. It seems that Bethenny reached out to Kyle to join her and Bryn at Disneyland last Tuesday. Kyle tweeted this picture yesterday of her and Portia “chasing princesses” all day with Bethenny and Bryn. Notice who is wearing the mickey ears. What do y’all think of this friendship?


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14 responses to “Kyle Richards and Bethenny Frankel Take Their Daughters to Disneyland

  1. Vp

    This whole princess culture is weird.

    • Diana

      It probably is, nonetheless it is real as I can testify through the numerous receipts of princess items I have had to buy for my daughter, LOL

      She is only five and soon probably will grow out of this phase, but so far for her everything is about being a princess and having all items, books, etc.

      I wish she can stay this innocent forever but alas she will not :(

  2. Heartland

    I love Bethenny and she can do no wrong in my eyes!! I’m not a fan of Kyle at all but she looks cute here and not so “witchy” in the face like usual. Kim and Paris also have the “witchy face” I speak of, but I digress..

    • Diana

      Kyle is a lucky lady, whether you like her or not, she does have a great husband and a strong marriage, she is financially set and has gorgeous daughters. She is not always likeable on tv but I do appreciate the fact that she shows me her real personality as opposed as others who I feel are one way in front of the cameras and another behind them.

  3. Patricia

    Not a fan of either one of them, but those girls are cute. It’s also good to see some things can last – even in hollywierd….Also, anyone else notice just how much those kids look like their fathers?! Wow.

  4. Pam1234

    Bethanney is looking older everyday. I am not a fan of how she treats other people but I am worried about her. In my opinion, she needs to find a good shrink, a nutritionist and gift herself with a spa vacation to get away from everything so she can try and get a clear view of what she can do to make herself happy, her daughter happy and the rest of her life a celebration. Not much celebration or happy these days. She “has it all”. Now she is throwing all the valuable stuff away.

    • Diana

      Divorce can take a toll even on the strongest women. I see Bethenny different, yes, she is brass and she is outspoken, she is quick witten and her tongue can cut a biatch any day of the week but I see all that as a reflection of how she grew up, she had to fight for everything she wanted so she grew up in survivor mode. the one thing she wanted the most she never got the chance to get and that was her father’s approval.
      You will think that this kind of women would be completely insensitive and has no emotions but is actually the opposite, they do not let everybody see how they feel but when alone it all breaks lose. If anything I see her as oversensitive.
      Maybe if she was totally voided of emotion Jason’s jabs would not have hurt her that bad, but they did and now we are seing the results in the separation and divorce.

  5. LOL..Bryn looks exactly like Jason’s mother!

  6. I don’t care for either of these women. Cute kids though.

  7. sunny

    i dont care for kyle on rhobh! i like bethanny on rhony&her show! bethanny is a smart business woman! i wish she would eat more!

  8. susanna

    Over-exposed. That’s the one word that comes to mind. Not a Kyle fan and Bethenny is trying, at best. I’m sorry that she and Jason did not work it out, and stay together. Seems that puting a relationship on a “reality” tv show, is the kiss of death, except for the strongest of relationships. What kind of personality would go on a reality show? They do have darling children. Hope they survive all of this,


    Oh please! Both of these harpies are so alike it isn’t even funny! Yes, notice it is both supposed adults wearing the “ears” which should tell you all you need about how these two bitches view themselves. Both are classic users who go around leaving a path of destruction in their wake. Just look at them objectively for once and you will see what I am talking about.

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