Adrienne Maloof Denies Lawsuit and Any Legal Action Against Brandi Glanville

RHOBHBrandiAdrienneTeaFor the past several weeks Adrienne has been silent on her Bravo blog about the legal action she took towards Brandi. Despite being seen on camera promising Brandi a “big fat lawsuit”  Adrienne now claims she has not taken any action at all against Brandi. Meanwhile, Brandi is in NYC and doesn’t have a blog up so far this week. Here is what Adrienne said:

“This week’s episode contained numerous references by Brandi and the other women to a lawsuit that I allegedly filed against Brandi.  Further, Brandi claims that my lawyer sent her a cease and desist letter and asked her to sign something giving up her right to speak. 

I want to be 100 percent clear that there is no lawsuit, a fact which can be confirmed by a simple search of court records.  Further, neither I, nor my lawyer, have ever sent a letter to Brandi.  Earlier this year, my lawyer did send a letter to a former business associate of mine whom I believed was disclosing confidential information about me and my family to third parties, including Brandi.  This is the only thing I can think of that might have prompted this week’s discussion.  I am disappointed that not only have my family and my children been put through everything that this season has brought, but also that I am now being painted as a liar.  There was no letter to Brandi and, most importantly, there is no lawsuit, as she keeps claiming.”

So what is the point of that? Under the title of Adrienne’s blog is a little synopsis written by Bravo. In the synopsis it says Adrienne explains why Yolanda has so much to say about her. However, in the blog itself all Adrienne says is, “Yolanda doesn’t know me.”  Was something said and then taken down? Did anyone read the blog yesterday evening?


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51 responses to “Adrienne Maloof Denies Lawsuit and Any Legal Action Against Brandi Glanville

  1. Nicole

    I tends to believe Brandi. May be what Adrienne saying is some “technical” wording, Also, I think it’s weird that Faye came to a tea party that she wasn’t invited. She looks like a horse.

  2. newjerzeyboy

    I tend to believe Adrienne. You just know if there was a letter you know that Brandi would have shown it to one of the other ladies. That would settle the whole matter. I think Brandi is just using this as an excuse to keep her spot on the show. Adrienne is too smart to deny sending a letter if a letter really existed. It just does not make sense.

    • Nah!! I tend to believe..None of them! There was obviously some kind of legal correspondence sent to Brandi from the Mahoof camp. otherwise, why bring it up, or better still, spend money on an attorney!? Who knows? Antyhoo, there’s something stinky about this and it has the stench of Bernie, the Mahoof Mouthpiece, written all over it! Wouldn’t That, be something? If instead of the letter coming from Adrienne, Barnie, was the sender?

    • jakiesmom

      Why would she bring the letter to Lisa’s house when this was suppose to be a cordial gathering? It would only make sense if she planned on starting something but out of respect for Lisa she wasn’t going to. Besides, as we all know next week Adrienne admits to bringing her lawyer into it and based on all that has gone down since with the allegations against Paul by Adrienne’s camp and his apologies to Brandi, along with the all the other things we heard she has done behind the scenes it seems that Adrienne has a history and pattern of trying to manipulate albeit she doesn’t do it very well. She isn’t used to being called on her actions.

    • Lisa said she did see the letter though.

  3. Vp

    Perhaps Adrienne didn’t file anything with the court at that time but she certainly initiated litigation. She’s bouncing back from splitting hairs to out right lying.

    • JeanInNYC

      She must have sent something to Bravo for them to have cut out Brandi’s comments. They didn’t cut out Adrienne’s comments about Brandi. Those comments were defamatory!

  4. pfffft

    All her blogs are very short. She is the only BH housewife that has not been on WWHL… this is obviously her last season.

    • Moshi

      I truly, truly hope this is her last season! She’s such a bad liar… it’s pathetic. Bye bye Adrienne!

    • I read somewhere that since Adrienne got her lawyers involved with Bravo to keep Bravo from airing what Brandi said, that Adrienne is automatically out for next season. I hope it’s true because it suits me just fine. Bye bye Adrienne. About Adrienne denying she was suing Brandi: if she wasn’t suing Brandi, why did she say she was suing Brandi on the cover of a ragmag? Frankly, I don’t think that woman knows if she’s coming or going.

  5. KWM

    Clearly she forgets that we all know she is a liar. She accused her ex of abusing the children and the allegations were found to be false. If you will lie about your children being abused, you will lie about having your lawyer send a letter.

  6. CoCo

    I’m team Brandi all the way! I rarely, if ever, read Adrienne’s blogs because all she’s doing lately is hocking her products for sale. Most of the housewives have a some kind of hussle going on, which is so annoying, but to start your blog with advertising your products is a turn-off. Adrienne needs to take a couple of seasons off and get her life together. When she’s on the screen, I change the channel.

  7. Serena Dynasty The Retarded

    People, u will not find Adrienne name as a plantiff on court docs…because its poasibly PAUL who brought forth the lawsuit on behalf of his family as ADRIENNE is an entity in regards to the MALOOF brand…..

  8. Kash511

    I say this all the time about Adrienne, you can’t trust a woman who walked around with tinsle in her hair. I’m not even trying to be funny to even think that that is cute or may even “catch on” to viewers is a big sign of delusion.

  9. Susie

    I believe Brandi! I thought that when Taylor opened the subject, the table got catty and snotty towards Brandi. Contrary to what newjerseyboy said, I don’t believe Brandi would carry that letter in her purse to what was suppose to be a “party”. Go Brandi!

  10. RealChicagoHousewife

    If Adrienne hasn’t threatened any legal action why was Bravo forced to edit out “the secret”? You know they were salivating to air it. That’s reality tv gold.

  11. Ms1dimple

    Team Brandi all the way!! Mandrienne is a liar and her side kick Bernie too!! We all know about the “fake” abuse pics she had him put up, not to mention her accusing Paul of abuse but then he gets 50/50 visitation with the children… LIE, LIE, LIE.. Also Paul has came out and apologized to Brandi for all this. Again, can’t stand fake Vyle and Lisa is done with her.. Why would you bring orange Faye to a party that she wasn’t invited too.. I CAN’T STAND HER FAKE A$$!

  12. karen

    The Bravo site has a clip up of next weeks episode that Adrienne says to Brandi – I didn’t know my lawyer sent you a letter. BRANDI is telling the truth.

    • Yup and there’s no way in hell I will believe that Adrienne didn’t direct her lawyer to take that action. I mean really, how else is the lawyer going to know who to send the letter to and the reasons if she didn’t direct him to?!

    • Ms1dimple

      Bamm!! Thank you Karen!! That should be proof enough of Liar Liar Face look like fire Mandrienne.. Now, why would your lawyer send a letter to someone and not tell you… PLEASE STOP HEFFA!!

    • jakiesmom

      That is not what anyreputable lawyer would do. Someone, Adrienne or Paul, had to authorize it so once again she is lying which seems to be a pattern. A lawyer can get in trouble with the bar for doing something like that.

      Ironic that she accuses Paul of abuse yet hires Chris Brown to be the face of her vodka line.

  13. I saw the blogs yesterday right after they were posted and Adrienne’s never went into explaining why Yolanda doesn’t like her. I also don’t think it’s so much that Yolanda doesn’t like her specifically, it’s that Yolanda doesn’t like her actions i.e. the financial intimidation that Yolanda mentions in her blog.

  14. Rosie

    Keep trying Adrienne, still don’t believe you, just don’t.


    They are all crazy, I use to think they were the classy bunch when you compare to New Jersey and New York (when Jill was on there). Now they are just as bad…

    You have Triflin Taylor who badly needs a storyline along with an AA class. And then Big mouth Brandi with toooo much of a storyline to go along with trashy mouth and ways. Adrienne who can seem to keep her stories straight from one episode to another and wonders why everyone hates her. Lisa and Yolanda who have fabulous homes, lives, and husbands, but their attitude suck so the first 3 doesn’t matter. Kyle the long hair hippy who thinks she is the world and will throw everyone under the bus…And if Marissa keeps talking about her husband so bad, I am going to file the divorce papers on his behalf, you don’t tell the world you are sick of having sex with your husband… I will give Camille a pass just because I am tired of typing and I can’t say anything Kim because my mother taught me to never speak ill of the dead (in this case a dead storyline)…

  16. Eve

    I think 99.99% of what Adrienne says is lies. I think she is used to getting her way and probably never grew emotionally past 2 years old.
    Lets face it, Beverly Hills was built and runs on fake. Its a fantasy land for people who thrive on phoney.
    I spent an afternoon there and the more people i saw, the more i laughed.

  17. newjerzeyboy

    Adrienne may have had her attorney send a Cease & Desist letter, but that is not a law suit. If there was a legitimate law suit it would show up in the county records. Until Brandi produces a copy of said document we will never know.

    • jakiesmom

      We do know. Lisa claims to have seen the letter too.

      Brandi agrees that she never got served for a lawsuit, just a letter and has repeated this. She has said that Adrienne is suing her as well but that might be just semantics because many times she has stated that the letter threatened a lawsuit unless she agreed to sign a paper and not speak about Adrienne. She was fearful since she thought Adrienne would follow through with her threat since she didn’t sign so she may have assumed since she didn’t sign that Adrienne was going to take the next step.

      Adrienne repeatedly stated “there is no letter”, over and over again (at the tea party) when in fact, there is one. There was no defamation as Adrienne accused her since what Brandi said was true.

      Nothing changes the fact that Adrienne tried to intimidate Brandi.

  18. tleighb

    Anyone else notice how well written Yolanda’s blogs are? Her command of the language and writing style are so impressive. I originally wasn’t much of a fan but her genuineness comes through in her writing and she is winning me over.

    • lori

      Me too. I thought she was boring and wasn’t going to add anything to the show, but I LOVE her now! She is the voice of reason, and she tells it like it is. With the exception of the whole sob story about only being able to afford one horse for her daughter.

  19. Aretha

    At this point is anyone besides me sick of this storyline? All of them are getting on my nerves.

  20. I’m team ” You’re all fucking stupid”. TEAM? Really ? It’s truly pathetic to believe that you have any connection with these psychotic wannabe stars. You don’t. You are not on their “team”. You sound like 8 year old girls who read Tiger Beat. Is that even still a thing?

    Anyway, they all lie. But brandi is particularly dishonest. You will all see this. Once Adrienne is gone, she will seek and find another “enemy” or go back to battling Kim and Kyle. The only way she has to make herself interesting is to be part of a conflict or shove her twat in your faces. She will continue to do both.

  21. pffffft

    Do you all remember the VERY FIRST episode of the BH Housewives? They showed Adrienne doing some martial arts/self defense classes and she took Paul by the arm and slammed him down on the matt.

    There is no way Paul was abusing her, because it looked like Adrienne was very strong and capable of beating the shit out of a man if they messed with her.

    Adrienne is so full of shit, and it looks like in the reunion she is going to have the tables turned on her. She lead the pack in ganging up on Lisa, well it looks like Brandi, Lisa, Taylor, and Yolanda are going to have a go at her this reunion. I can’t wait for her to get her ass handed to her.

    • Housewivesfan

      Yep! I find it hard to believe that Paul was abusive as well. We saw first hand she could defend herself, i dont think Paul is that stupid and if it were true she wouldnt have let him have 50/50 custody. Adrienne has been tangling herself up in all these lies and its about to come back to bite her on the ass and i cant wait! I dont believe anything she says and her vioce grates on my nerves.

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