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cissyhoustonbookLess than three months after Whitney Houston died last year on February 11th, her brother, mother, daughter and sister-in-law were filming a reality TV show and interviewing with Oprah Winfrey.  I remember being surprised that Cissy Houston would agree to do a reality show before the official autopsy results had even come back. But now here we are a week later and despite protests from Krissi, Cissy has written a tell all book about her deceased daughter and is on a book tour one year to the day after her death. It sure doesn’t take people long to start picking at the corpse does it?

Cissy says she is getting through her grief by writing a book  because it is God’s will and there is nothing else she can do. It seems to have been decided that Sheri and Whoopi take this interview, and let’s just say Sheri is in a bit over her head. Whoopi finally asks, “What made you write the book?”  Cissy says that everyone was writing a book so that was what made her want to do it. Wait everyone was writing a book within weeks of her death? Maybe so,  but they weren’t her grieving mother, Miss Cissy. She wanted everyone to know that Whitney was nothing like people thought she was, she was a great person. She had a few little faults like everyone else.

Whitney Houston and Ray J Together Until She Died?Sheri asks how she felt about Bobbi Brown. Cissy says Whitney tried to change Bobbi Brown. But that Bobbi didn’t make Whitney who she was. She was who she was. Whoopi asks why Whitney wanted to walk away from her career at times. Cissy said all Whitney wanted to do was sing, she didn’t want all the public scrutiny involved with fame. Whitney didn’t take negative comments well. Whitney was a very civil wonderful person. When asked about all three of her kids being on drugs during their life, Cissy says that she raised three kids Gary became a pro basketball player and was three credits short of a college degree, “the other one” Michael was great and wrote music and had 12 credits left and didn’t get a degree either, and Whitney was the most wonderful singer in the world. Cissy says, “I did my job.” (audience applause).

With regard to Krissi saying she finds the book disrespectful, Sheri asks if Cissy has anything to say about that. Cissy gets a look on her face and says to Sheri, “Do you?” Cissy says what would make anyone think I would write anything disrespect about my daughter who I loved. I loved Krissi too, and she is mourning and she needs to go to therapy. Whoopi says she also needs to remember that you knew Whitney a lot longer. Cissy says that you! Would you say that again? And Whoopi does.

I am I the only one that agrees with Krissi that writing a tell all book before the body is even cold is indeed disrespectful?




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34 responses to “Cissy Houston on The View

  1. KWM

    I don’t know, I think she is in such denial about how deeply into drugs Whitney really was that her writing the story was her way of setting the record straight or at least what she thinks the record is. And I would much rather a book a year later than the reality show a few months later.

  2. karen

    Tamara I agree with you one thousand percent. Cissy is out to make as much money as she can off of Whitney. As a mother I fine Cissy disgusting.

  3. Moshi

    I watched the interview. I was disgusted by Cissy’s comments about BK. Really, the whole thing was pretty gross, Cissy should be ashamed.

  4. Ms Urethra Franklin

    The first thing Sheri does is say that Whitney died of accidental drowning…Ahem..Really???.. Talk about sanitizing the facts of Whitney’s death to Cissy on national tv. Very confusing/misleading since she died of some sort of heart attack related to drug abuse while in the bathroom falling into a bath tub. If that bath tub was not there, would they say Whitney died of an accidental fall?

    Sheri essentially tells Cissy that all her kids where crackheads….I will give Cissy credit for deflecting by pointing out the positive things her drug addicted children accomplished like most mothers would…. In my opinion Cissy is an old school Mama and she kinda scares me. She is the not the one to be all warm and fuzzy under that Jesus loving exterior.

  5. Yeah, the accidental drowning start was what first alerted me that Sheri was going to suck at this interview. Joy Behar should have done it with Whoopi.

    • Patticakes

      Sherri mostly sucks at any interview & I find it annoying how she’s always licking her teeth! She needs a clue or two, seriously.

      I’m not sure how I feel about the book or any of their actions post Whitney’s death. I wish to show more sympathy for Cissy & Bobbi Kris as opposed to Gary/Pat who definitely seem like buteos. It’s all quite sad.

  6. Vp

    As long as she’s respectful. People grieve in strange ways sometimes, I try not to judge. I think it’s wrong that she doesn’t respect Whitney’s daughter, but they don’t seem close. I’m scared for BK. there’s not a lot of people around her that truly care for her, unselfishly.

  7. I am surprised by her statement about BB considering her slamming him in a previous interview.

    I am never into books like this especially when it’s in the first year as that just screams money grabbing to me.

  8. Jasmine

    AS a mother MS. Cissy has the right to tell her story. Let’s get real She is and always will be Whitney’s mother. Bobbi Christina can disagree with her grandmother, but in a more respectful manner. If she is attempting to make money “off” of her daughter, why not? Ms. Cissy was a mother who was involved with her daughter; loved and supported her during the initial stages of her career. Whitney was her only daughter whom she loved dearly. Yes, she is more in a traditional vein, but so what! There aren’t any boundaries within the family structure any longer, which is placing a heavy burden on families. She may not appear “warm and fuzzy,” however think about her generation and what she may have gone through in life. Some situations warrants “warm & fuzzy” others require being stern. All she’s saying is, “I’m not your friend, respect me and don’t cross the line with me.”

    I haven’t walked in her shoes; however, accepting Jesus Christ as your Love and Savior does not come in a cookie cutter format. Being stern does not equate to not loving the Lord or being perfect.

  9. vivaladiva831

    I really think Cissy wants people to not remember Whitney as that singer who od’d and drowned in her own bathtub…I really think she wants people to know “in spite of”all of these things, Whitney was a talented person. I do not believe Cissy put up with of Whitney’s crap, didn’t she force her into rehab by threatening to take away custody of Bobbi Kristina? There is an old enquirer article where they interviewes Tina Brown and she talks about the day Cissy showed up with the police to get Whitney into rehab. But Whitney was an adult, she was too famous so young, and there wasn’t a whole lot you can tell a rich adult woman with so many people around doing her bidding. I think Cissy just wants everyone to know drugs were a flaw of Whitney but it was not what made Whitney. And while I never think Cissy wished her dead, I think she has peace of mind not having to worry about her. She knows she is in Heaven and happy.

  10. First of all her writing this book for money is not true and I would dare anybody to say that to that woman because I’m pretty sure she will tell you a thing or two. Like she has said multiple times, she wrote the book to tell the world about Nippy, the woman she raised. After reading the book I found out some interesting things about Whitney: she was very sensitive, didn’t like confrontation, always wanted people to like her even though they made it clear that they didn’t want to be her friend from the start and will literally give the shirt off her back to those less fortunate. So, for anybody including Bobbi Kris to say that the book is disrespectful please read it from beginning to end and you will see for yourself how this woman loved her daughter.

    • puravidacostarica

      When Cissy donates the proceeds from the sale of this book, then I’ll buy your BS.

    • Connie Phoenix

      I have to disagree with your statement. The Houstons’ need money. There was a big push to try to save Whitney’s reputation and to capitalize on what should have been an incredibly lucrative year immediately following her death. The last 15-years of Whitney’s life ruined her image, her reputation, and her voice. The last tour shredded whatever dignity she had left and wiped out her strongest fan base. Whitney surrounded herself by people who were not seasoned in the industry(her family) and had no idea of how to protect her image immediately upon death.The legend was destroyed in so many ways-the disgust of her laying on the floor of a hotel room while a party went on below. The horrific way she died and the release of the autopsy (that could have been delayed.)

      The family immediately signed for a “reality” show that only showed how disgusting and pathetic are the people who surrounded Whitney for most of her life. Her daughter was presented as a drug addicted, unattractive, alcoholic brat, Pat is greedy and Gary is amazingly stupid. It is my opinion that Cissy’s book was an attempt to salvage the marketability of Whitney’s lost career. The saddest of all the mess the Houston’s have attempted since their star died, in my opinion, is Cissy’s book. Page after page of her admitting she did not really know her own child. What was her point in writing the book…to say, “I don’t know?”Whitney did not trust her mother with her business, her saddness, her fears, heartbreak, or her problems. Cissy admits to that.

      Cissy worked with Elvis and most major performers of the sixties and she had THREE seriously drug addicted children in addition to losing her own neice, Dee Dee, to drugs, but Cissy swears she had no idea…she didn’t understand…she didn’t know anything about drugs. Didn’t Cissy admit to alcoholism in her first book? But she is not familiar with addiction, or addictive behaviors? Don’t be fooled, Cissy stated she would contribute the proceeds of the book. There are no proceeds. Cissy did not state she was giving up the large advance she received. Did Cissy have the right to write the book? Of course she did. A right and a purpose are two very different things. Miss Cissy had one, and seriously failed at the other. Sad.

  11. Lori

    I agree with the people who say that she has every right to write this book about her daughter. Like others have said, she is trying to show the side of Whitney as the sweet person who she raised and loved. The person BEHIND the drugs. The real Whitney. If anyone has the right to write a book about Whitney it is indeed her mother. Cissy has had to listen for years and years as everyone has said awful things about Whitney and mad joke after joke, as her daughter was consumed by her addiction. How sad for a mother. It is no surprise that she would now want to write about the more positive aspects of her daughter, not just the addict, and let people remember that Whitney was also a beautiful, sensitive person behind all of the drugs. That she was and will always be someones little girl.

    • puravidacostarica

      I totally agree — except for one thing: she does not have “the right” to make money off her dead daughter. If her motives were pure and she was not motivated by the money, she’d be donating it to a rehab center or other charity in Whitney’s name.

  12. sunny

    if this lady dont go sit her ass down somewhere!! she writin a book because “everybodys doin it” huh?! her ass needed a check! what else is their to tell about WH? its a reason BK dsnt associate w her!

    • puravidacostarica


    • Alana

      I don’t begrudge Cissy for having written the book. If anyone Should exploit the life and death of Whitney, I’ll give that to both Cissy and Robin Crawford while waiting with baited breathe for Bobbi Kris to weigh in at a later date. These folk had a unique relationship with her and I am interested in their insights. Allow Cissy to collect that check, as she has earned it. Besides, she has living expenses and 3 other dope heads/alcoholics to contend with. As far as the comment regarding a reason as to why Bobbi K avoids her Grandmother; its probably the same reason that Whitney hid from her: addicts/drug heads don’t cotton to folk who seek to disconnect them from their drug supplies. As an aside, I don’t care if Bobbi K never reads Cissy’s book but it is imperative that she pick up a book, or three..before she finds herself following in her Mom’s footsteps. That’s minus the the beauty, singing career or international stardom…lets be real.

  13. Kash511

    Cissy Houston seems to be a mean old woman but I do not agree with Bobbi Kris. First Bobby Kris has been under the infuence of everything influencable so her head isn’t even on straight. I don’t see anything wrong with Cissy getting her side of the story out about her own daughter because everyone else has something to say about her. I also don’t blame the family for doing the reality show…I think they did it so they could keep an eye on Bobbi Kris.

  14. Eve

    Ita with the blog entry (100% on point) and many of the comments following.
    I think Whitney suffered not only from drug addiction but having a greedy and horrible family.
    Cissy? Its clear she isnt a nice person. I think she was away more than she was around to be a mother. I think she also resented and was extremely jealous of Whitney.
    She told Oprah that she would of never accepted Whitney as a lesbian, if that was the case.
    So, did they(family) do anything to help Whitney ? Hell no ! That would of meant the money train stops. Pat Houston couldnt be a pretend manager anymore.
    Whitney is doing handstands at the Beverly Hilton pool. Shhhh, its fine and oh by the way i need more money for that big house i cant afford says Gary.
    Did anyone else notice on that first Oprah interview that Pat was hawking her candle line by placing them all over the room? Oh, we are grief-stricken, but dont forget about buying my candles !!
    The reality show? There are no words. Horrible, greedy family that “will always love” Whitney dead as long as the money keeps coming in.
    Bobbi Kristina, you strike me as dumb and dumber……so take some advice and run as fast as you can from your money grubbing, candle pushing and phoney relatives.
    I saw Dave Moore (of Sam and Dave fame) interviewed recently. finally, A SINCERE REAL HUMAN BEING who cared about Whitney. He knew her since she was a child and saw how fucked up she was at the pre-grammy events. He tried to help her, he tried to talk to all her relatives. They ignored him, they grabbed Bobbi Kris and scurried her away from him. Dionne Warwick told him he was wrong and to mind his own business. Meanwhile Whitney “drowns” the next day.
    Dave Moore told it like it actually was, he talked about how horrible her family was, he talked the truth.
    As a recovering addict himself, he probably could of helped her if her family hadnt MADE SURE he couldnt get to her.
    I believe with a REAL family who loved her, she would be alive and still have her voice. Her voice was truly a gift.

    • Alana

      You’re on point regarding most of your comments. Thanks for mentioning those candles. Isn’t that the business that she ‘created’ with that international sleaze, Raffles van Excel (sp) who allegedly told Grammy party attendees that he discovered Whitney’s body, after utilizing HER tickets to gain admission? The same bottom feeder whom finagled a seat on the plane that transported her body from LA to NJ, (surely with some family permission), and is believed to be the scum who further exploited Whitney by taking and selling her death photo to the tabloids? My, my, Pat sure has interesting business partners…I wonder how much she profited from That score?

  15. Kash511

    Shoot Cissy probably wrote the book so soon because she’s getting up there! I see nothing wrong with Cissy making money off of the book, I mean I get that she could’ve giving it to charity but I’m sure Whitney wanted her mom to be taken care of.

    • puravidacostarica

      Unfortunately, there’s nothing good to say about Whitney — who purportedly made *millions* over the course of her career — if her mom has been taken care of by now. Unless, of course, Cissy WAS taken care of and she spent it all already on whatever her secret vice was.

      • puravidacostarica

        Sorry, that should read: “if her mom has NOT been taken care of by now.”

      • lori

        Nothing good to say about her? Just because she was a drug addict? Wow.

      • puravidacostarica

        Read the entire sentence before you go “wow”. I said that there is nothing good to say about Whitney IF, after earning millions of dollars, she blew it up her nose instead of making sure her mother was well taken care of. So, no, not *just because she was a drug addict*. But a wonderful singer with incredible talents who left her mother not well taken care of — if that is indeed the reason Cissy wrote the books and assuming she intends to collect the profits. Otherwise, yes, I agree with TT — it’s shameful her mother wrote the book even she isn’t going to donate the proceeds to charity. And it’s shameful that Whitney didn’t provide better for her mother.

      • puravidacostarica

        And, again, let me repeat — I do not buy into this idea that Cissy has the “right” to profit off of Whitney’s death regardless of whether she was or was not provided for by Whitney. I agree with Eve above that Whitney was used and abused by her family; not the other way around. If Cissy has no nest egg after all these years based on her own career and on Whitney’s (and as Cissy says, Whitney was incredibly generous), then either Whitney did not really provide for her as she should and could have, OR her family was a money-grubbing family who needs to make that money-train last as long as possible, with books, candles, reality shows, etc. My bet is on Whitney tried, despite her drug addiction, to do right by her family, but her family did not do right by her.

  16. RealChicagoHousewife

    She’s a mother who lost her child after trying to save her many times. The timing is a bit off but maybe she felt she needed to get her story out to get some closure. Bobbi Christina is the one being disrespectful.

  17. Timing is always of the essence for me. I can’t say how this lady is suppose to grieve for her child, but since she has chosen to do it in this forum she should be open to any criticism that comes her way about her and her child. I do believe that Mama Houston is/was in denial about what Whitney did as it pertained to drugs and maybe this is her way of coming to terms with ALL that has happened. Mom’s bear a lot of weight for the good and plenty of the bad that their children do. I don’t judge Mama Houston, but that daughter in law Pat and son Gary are nothing more than money hungry and trying to stay relevant on yet again the back of a famous family member dead or alive. Pat has done so to the point of neglect of her own child. Sad. I believe if they all just left Krissy alone ONE day or SOME day she will wake up and know that the world is not her oyster and she needs professional help and an education. I don’t see her being a singer. I have a low tolerance of children that act like her and the disrespect she seems to have towards Mama Houston. JMO.

    • Alana

      Yes, Cissy was in denial about all of her children’s vices and also in denial regarding Whitney’s sexuality. I concur with your statements relating to the forever disgusting Pat and Gary, who continue grabbing at Whitney’s grave; attending the opening of ‘every door’, including Clive Davis’ party after Cissy deemed to do so was obscene. As for Bobbi Kris, though I don’t condone violence, she should have been pimp slapped and dragged to rehab ages ago…she is in for a rude awakening. Bereft of beauty, education, business acumen and talent; once she blows through that money or od’s, her life is over.

  18. I'm the genius here

    I feel bad for Cissy. She is doing what she has to do to keep living. Whitney was her financial source, and I’m sure she never entertained the thought that she would be here on earth without her. Whitney owed the record label so much money, that even with all her royalties still rolling in, Bobbi Kris nor her future offspring will see any of that money in their lifetimes. It is a sad situation, Clive Davis had some blood on his hands as well, but he is too busy counting the money Whitney made him to notice. Cissy is being smart and making money where she can. And hell, everybody has a story to tell, let her tell hers. It is not anybody’s call how long she should grieve except her own.

    • Junior

      What do u mean Cissy depended on Whitney for her financial source. UHm Cissy is a very successful Background and also gospel singer..she sang backup for everyone from Aretha Franklin..David Bowie…Beyoncé “Dangerous In Love well as getting royalties from her grammy winning gospel ablums..contracts..u name she didn’t have to nor did she depend on Whitney stop trying to make it seem like every one in Houston family was using Whitney cause that’s not so. okay!

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