Big Rich Atlanta: Khadijiha Proves She’s No Cupcake

I’m back in for another episode of Big Rich Atlanta. Mostly because it seems this episode Ashlee gets a beat down from Khadijiha. Allegedly, I imagine it is all hype. But we start with Meagan and her mother.  This is a particularly shady family and it appears we are going to meet her father on this episode. He has quite the colorful past both with the medical board and for punching some woman in the face in a moment of road rage. There are websites dedicated to nothing but having the guy’s medical license revoked. Mostly it seems because he is an OB/GYN accused by some of providing late term abortions. I used to think that these shows just slacked on the background investigations; but now, I think they must actually seek out people with questionable backgrounds. Anyway, Meagan and her mom want to have a food truck for clothes. Or something. This of course involves buying a brand new truck. Allegedly. For the cameras. One would think they would rent something first and see if…. oh nevermind.

BigrichAtlantaharvinmeyerHarvin and Meyer. I just don’t see these two as actual people. They seem like aliens. Totally. I just can’t figure out the hair either. This episode they had a morning scene where of course everyone comes down to the kitchen in three inches of makeup. They know they are on camera of course so that is to be expected, but they always seem to have some sort of identical weirdness in their hair. Last week it was black spray paint designs on the side of their heads, this time it is rhinestone headbands. So the storyline is they are fighting but clearly they got dressed side by side and decided on the same weird accessories. It’s not that I don’t kinda like the rhinestone headbands, it’s the fact that they are wearing them to breakfast. I dunno.

Meagan finds a truck for $4,300 rather than the $46,000 the new models cost. What could go wrong with a ditzy blonde driving giant trucks full of clothes around Atlanta? Oh wait! Daddy won’t buy her the truck! Clearly he doesn’t love her!

So Ashlee calls Khadijiha fat AND reaches over twice to grab her “jelly belly” then grabs her drink and THEN Khadijiha finally goes after her? Somehow in Ashlee’s peroxide soaked brain this is her getting assaulted? She needs the police and an ambulance? I hope she had to pay for that ambulance to come for no reason. I also hope Khadijiha takes a copy of this episode to court. Meanwhile, Ashlee is all over her Facebook talking about how she was assaulted and she is the new voice for people standing up to bullies.

That said, I am sort of getting hooked on this trainwreck.


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15 responses to “Big Rich Atlanta: Khadijiha Proves She’s No Cupcake

  1. Heartland

    Thanks for the recap T, I love a good trainwreck as well! Have a nice weekend!

  2. Barbara

    I happened to catch the fight episode and totally feel that Ashley was in the wrong. She started it so she deserved what she got .I dont get why Khadija went when she cant stand Ashley but its a TV show.I have no interest in watching the show again and hope to God these people aren’t really like this in their real life even though it is a Reality show. I mean these women are what in their late twenties maybe thirties and still are living at home, acting like they have no brains expecting mommy and daddy to finance their hairbrained ideas. with thee exception of Khadija she does look younger. But her mouth is just as bad .Tamara your a saint if you keep recapping and thanks in advance I will read them just for laughs.

    • Thanks. I am weirdly obsessed with Harvin and Meyer. I sort of actually like Meyer. maybe. In that I’m Drew Barrymore and she is ET sort of way.

      • Buck Henry

        Yea Ashlee was the one at fault, K all she has to do is show this episode in court and Ashlee may be the one getting in trouble. Also I agree wtih you the Meyer’s are a weird bunch. When the daughters went to the strip club to see Ashlee I was thinking that the people in the club would have thought these girls where coming in to dance. Also could you tell me if you know what happened to the mother of the Meyers who in the first episode they explained that she was “kidnapped” by some young guy who was her date?

      • mat levy

        one hopes: but us justice? hmm, not liking kad’s chances against that cheap barbie replicant

  3. sweetning

    Yes, it’s a train wreck, in a 3 ring circus kind of way. Because there are so many ‘characters’, just can’t seem to look away. I’m not even sure if I LIKE any of them, but I keep watching. I don’t know why……

  4. Ms Urethra Franklin

    I like Khadijiha, but she & the clothing truck chick were immature to mess up the cupcake display. That being said, Ashlee was wrong in her over the top hair trigger reaction to scream that a fat black girl was ruining her party and double wrong to poke at her. She touched Khadijiha first, so all bets are off and Ashlee got her ass whooped for the first time in her sheltered privileged life….

    I suspect Ashlee has been an elitist stuck up bully her whole life, and never had her ass (or fake hair) handed to her before. I believe she was genuinely traumatized by the physicality of the incident. Though I am no fan of Ashlee, I have read her twitter and she is horrified & embarrassed that she was in a fight on national tv… She said she left the show after this incident for a “medical leave” (or waiting for her hair to grow back. LOL)…But seriously I really think this fight really traumatized her, and she called it a medical leave to avert further scandal…. I am curious to see her demeanor when she does reappear later in the season.

    I hope the charges against Khadijiha are dismissed.

    Those blonde sisters are a dysfunctional codependent mess.

    The preacher lady is unintentionally hysterical.

    • 1) Have I told you lately that I love you?

      2) It’s not like it was THE CUPCAKE display. There was one on every table (without chairs..girls hate standing). They were eating them and then fucking with the display like drunk chicks are prone to do. No biggie. Shouldn’t Ashlee have been off with her stunt boyfriend? Could they not afford to hire a stunt mother to attend her birthday party? Chile please.

    • mat levy

      preacher lady in the intros is just too muc: it be paining me

  5. Ms Urethra Franklin

    I need the validation. I have issues. Smooches…

  6. eg

    I’ve watched this one (half heartedly) it seems to be a “sleeper” (to me) compared to the other reality shows on.All of them seem to have the required bad girl, over the top bully selfish whiney spoiled, out and out bat sh-t crazy women in them. The scenarios are pretty predictable, I just seem to like some of the other ones better than I do this one. Oh well, anything for a paycheck right? And there seems to be enough to go around. I wonder am I jealous…….nahhh!

  7. eg

    Oh yeah I meant to ask have you ever watched “Sisterhood” TT? Now that one is really good to me. I don’t know of any “first ladies” of the church that act like some of these ladies, but I find it facinating. Have read some of the blogs on their website (tlc I think, not sure cause I just
    set it to auto-dvr so I don’t pay attention) quite a few “church” people who comment are not happy with how they portray themselves, but I like it!

  8. AmberKnows

    This show is another level of crazy. First we have the alien twins who act a fool towards each other until the Mom threatens to cut the purse strings. Then Megan and her hairbrained “fashion truck” idea is more far-fetched and less profitable than RHOMs Havana Elsa’s coffee truck. The dancing preacher lady… what?! Finally, the irritating Khadija and Ashlee. Both of these girls are horrible. While Khadija and crew showed poor form in mutilating the cupcake tower, Ashlee was out of line with the insults and poking. I noticed that it was Khadija that double fisted the drinks and made TOO long a speech thereby thwarting her chance to throw them in Ashlee’s face. Ashlee was able to push them away which infuriated Khadija and IT WAS ON!! LOL What I don’t understand is why Khadija remained in jail for 3 days over 5 thousand dollars in bail. Did her parents leave her there to teach her a lesson or is money tight for the 112 family?

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