Well, You Know You’ve Made It When You Are Mentioned in a Manifesto!

suspect-photo-3_4_rx340UPDATE: I finally read his manifesto. His name is Chris Dorner. I am starting to believe the TMZ shoutouts to celebs are fake. Either way, I think this guy may actually be frustrated over a corrupt police department. While this does not excuse him killing anyone, we have trained him to fight for our country and “justice.”  He seems articulate. It all makes me sad. ALSO THERE IS NO PROOF THAT HE KILLED ANYONE AND THERE IS NO MENTION OF THE COP THAT WAS SHOT!

Okay for those of you not familiar with the news, there is a killer(allegedly) on the loose in southern California. Well, okay there are a lot of killers on the loose in southern California probably, but this one is getting a lot of media attention. That’s the dude on the left so if you are in the LA area keep your eyes peeled. Apparently, he was a former LAPD officer who got fired and went on some sort of murderous spree. But that is not the interesting part. He also wrote a whole bunch of manifestos about why he is so upset that he is killing people and also, at least according to TMZ left goodbye messages to many celebrities telling them how cool they are. I know these celebs must be so appreciative of his kind words. At least this means they are not on his hit list right?

So guess which housewife got a shout out? Go on, GUESS!

“Jennifer Beals, Serena Williams, Grae Drake, Lisa Nicole-Carson, Diana  Taurasi, N’bushe Wright, Brenda Villa, Kate Winslet, Ashley Graham, Erika  Christensen, Gabrielle Union, Isabella Soprano, Zain Verjee, Tamron Hall, Gina  Carano, America Ferrara, Giana Michaels, Nene, Natalie Portman, Queen Latifah,  Michelle Rodriguez, Anjelah Johnson, Kelly Clarkson, Nora Jones, Laura Prepon,  Margaret Cho, and Rutina Wesley, you are THE MOST beautiful women on this  planet, period. Never settle, professionally or personally.”

Not JUST a shoutout either. She’s the only one who doesn’t even need a last name. Nene, you have indeed arrived.


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73 responses to “Well, You Know You’ve Made It When You Are Mentioned in a Manifesto!

  1. Dawn Raine

    I was guessing Taylor would be his type. She is probably too skinney. He looks like a guy that won American Idol a few years back.

  2. Nicole

    LOL! This country needs mental help.

  3. Karen Merrihew

    I can only imagine her reaction to this news.

    • You know Kendra Moore is FURIOUS. lol.

      • KWM

        Wait what, no I am not. 😉

        Everytime I read Kendra on here it takes a minute to realize that you are not talking about me. I never heard my name growing up, in the last 10 years seems to be everywhere.

        But I am guessing you meant to type KENYA, not Kendra

  4. No, I meant you! lol okay, just kidding. I meant Kenya.

  5. therealdeb

    this guy has been spotted in san diego with in blocks of my nephews school, they are all in lockdown. this crazy man needs to be caught,

  6. DButts

    I do not read your blog, but I was informed of this disrespectful post by a friend. How low can you be to make light of this tragic situation. Do you understand how many families are being affected RIGH NOW! This DUDE as you call him has a name! This dude has a family that has been affected by this situation from day one. Show some respect Tamara, nothing about this is funny or light hearted!

  7. Wait is he serious… Words of encouragement after he killed a bunch of ppl… I could not help but laugh when I saw nene name on the manifesto I was too tickled. Like he did think much of the lives of the ppl he killed..Just sick!!!

  8. For the record, I don’t think this is a laughing matter in the broad sense. I did find it amusing that Nene was on his list of favorites.

    On a serious note, his manifesto is very interesting and can be read here http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/feature?section=news/local/orange_county&id=8983607 among other places. He seems like someone who served our country well in the Navy and was dedicated to his country and service. Something happened while he was working for the LAPD. It seems to a be a situation where he felt that people were discriminating based on that word we can’t say here anymore.

    I’m not saying any of this makes sense, I am saying we train warriors in the military. We teach them to kill and fight to the death. He has a history of service to his country. He seems to have lost his way. It’s a sad situation all the way around. I really don’t mean to make light of it.

    But…um…NENE? I’m just saying…

    • Deann

      I feel the same, he gave most his life to our country. He turned in bad cops and lost his job, he fought the highest court and lost. LAPD, covered up the abuse. It’s a sad situation all the way around.

    • Mango

      Thank you for your perspective TT, it’s one I agree with.


      WELL SAID…I totally agree. I don’t agree with his actions but I too have read his manifesto and blood is not only on his hands but the LAPD as well!!!

  9. It’s kind of sad. When we are in the military we are taught to be honest and that integrity is above all else. We are also taught to look out for each other, and that it is a good thing to right an injustice. Unfortunately, transitioning to civilian life can be and is very difficult for many former military as everyone is out for themselves, politics in the work place are more important then how well a job in done, and we ware expected to like people, even when they are unlikable, or face retaliation. I am in no means excusing this man’s behavior, but having read his manifesto, I get where he is coming from. However, I don’t think the way to prove his point was to kill two innocent civilian’s, and to shoot fellow officer’s.

    • I have a VERY big place in my heart for someone who was in the Navy…and still serving in some form of military last I heard. That could have been written by him. It’s a lose lose situation at this point. I’m sending love and light to all.

  10. Just saw his story on Inside Edition The manifesto is true but he is upset about his daughter being gunned down. So sad for all the victims and their families. WOW!!!

  11. newjerzeyboy

    I think anyone who enters a profession requiring them to handle firearms should be given a series of tests. We keep blaming the NRA when actually most murders are committed by ppl with illegal guns. It’s easy for Obama to attach the NRA, but he should be addressing the area of mental illness. If ppl want to kill they will whether they have a gun, knife, bomb etc.

    • Mango

      Dorner cracked up. Yet I have to admit LAPD *does* have some issues, as I read his writing, yes, some of it sounds plausible. One thing he wrote struck me: “I am the walking exigent circumstance you created.” Indeed.

      Doesn’t mean I endorse what he’s doing in any way. My heart goes out to the families of the dead.

  12. I don’t think he is mentally ill at all. I think he is trying to expose a corrupt police dept and the only way he could do it was to sacrifice himself and in the process try to gain attention for the cause. I see him as possibly a vigilante? I am not sure who he has killed other than one police officer and a couple that I am not sure how they relate to the situation.

    • DJ

      “Dorner is wanted in the killings of Monica Quan and her fiance, Keith Lawrence. They were found shot in their car at a parking structure Sunday night, authorities said. Quan’s father, a former LAPD captain who became a lawyer in retirement, represented Dorner in front of the Board of Rights, a tribunal that ruled against Dorner at the time of his dismissal, LAPD Capt. William Hayes told The Associated Press Wednesday night.”

      • sorry for the moderation DJ. I have some sort of moderation problem going on.I’m not trying to quiet other opinons. I don’t know what is going on but regular posters are being randomly moderated. It’s frustrating to me too.

  13. Apparently lots of things are being cut out of the manifesto., some deleted stuff here. http://www.buzzfeed.com/andrewkaczynski/lapd-spree-killers-full-manifesto-showing-support-for-gun-cot from his manifesto.

  14. Yeah. I disagree with giving this scumbag murderer a forum and publicizing his “manifesto”.

    • Vp

      How on earth can this crime and the current real threat be understood without the context of his manifesto?

    • Nope. Ain’t gonna. There is nothing he could write that excuses his killing random innocent people. If he shot his boss or something, maybe. But still probably not. You have a lot of choices that come before murder.

  15. um okay. Your opinion is welcome but I have mine. I’m not condoning his behavior just saying it was created by our government that he seems to love so much. Have you read much on this?

  16. KayT I disallowed your comment because of the female politician involved in the link, and also because the manifesto attached is the same one I have linked to which is the edited version. No offense I hope on either part.

  17. Look I REALLY TRY to keep things non political and serious here. I probably made a mistake pointing out that the guy listed Nene ALLEGEDLY SOMEHOW in the now very censored manifesto.

    But it’s here now. And it is something I am following, And I am not going to delete it. So let the fucking chips fall.

    I will say, I recently referred to a long email by a male I am involved with as a “manifesto” and he sort of lost a nut. It seems that the crazy unibomber dude has made that word come with negative connotations. The word, simply means sort of a declaration of what your intentions are. However it has been so connected to bad intentions…anyway. My point is.. If ALLEGEDLY the LAPD is corrupt, and this person is trying to fix it from the inside AND he gets fired… And he is militarily trained with no family … I can see him giving his life to call attention to the problem. We’ve heard about a 20+ page manifesto and now suddenly it is 10 and even in the 10 we can still see, he seems sane, rational, and sincere in his efforts to expose the LAPD. How is he going to do it? Exactly how we have trained out military to do. I’ve dated a Navy guy with high ranking this is exactly how they talk. It’s all Sys Ops. It’s a language they learn because our government teaches it to them. It’s not wise of LAPD to hire a Navy person with such training into their system if it is potentially, alledgedly corrupt. This is the way they sound over morning fucking coffee. They don’t play. They are soldiers not police officers.

    Just my opinion.

  18. newjerzeyboy

    You think this guys is not mentally ill, he gets fired and then goes out and kills ppl. Anyone with a manifesto is not normal.

  19. P

    This is all so tragic. Not a bible thumper myself but my there be mercy upon his soul and the soul(s) of his victim(s).

  20. Lizapalooza

    Just because you’re not normal doesn’t mean you’re mentally ill. He clearly has a personality disorder, but he’s not mentally ill. There is a difference. Obviously, he is making choices outside the norm but as an individual myself who works in mental health, law enforcement and lives in so cal, I’m quite convinced at least some of his accusations are true. What is inexcusable is that this is the only way he was able to get anyone to pay attention.

  21. Shellbelle

    Hasn’t it been rumored for years that LAPD is corrupt as hell? My heart goes out to all involved… My guess is this guy won’t get out alive. I’m sure there will be a coverup in that as well. He doesn’t sound crazy to me, he sounds pissed off and fed up. As much as I hate to say it, this may not be the last story of this kind we hear about.

  22. Linda

    TT, keep up the good reporting, if I owned a news outlet, u would be hired. Thanks for all the great work you do for us.

  23. AH

    i hope his actions expose the real terror happening within the LAPD…but it won’t because all of this is a misguided distraction. i hope that there are no more victims, i hope that he suffers for his crimes…but at the end of the day…pay attention to what was in his manifesto because its real.

  24. So is he killing random people or people that are somehow related to his complaints?
    Did he have a child that was killed? Or he killed someone else’s innocent daughter?
    I have to object that what he is doing was necessary for his plight to get attention.
    But I think that the public deserves to have access to his entire manifesto.(ty Tamara for bringing this topic up they are keeping it pretty quiet for non-locals)

  25. Yeah-I really think we should have access to the manifesto. he thinks that he should have (justifiably??) shot someone for using the “N”-word? AYFK?
    Irregardless of the corruption, it sounds like he was dangerous from the beginning and i can certainly see why LAPD wanted to get rid of someone like that.

  26. victori0us

    Having dealt with the LAPD and being a person of color…nah I’ll leave it alone. Sad situation.

    • Am I surprised to hear that someone involved in hurting Rodney King has climbed the ranks at LAPD? No. Oh I would believe that the LAPD are guilty of everything he said and much worse, that still doesn’t give him the right to be judge, jury and executioner.
      Despite him condemning racism, I don’t think that racism had much to do with his trouble.
      It seemed to me that something was wrong with his thinking, like he never quite grew-up and realized that people are human, and not-perfect, and that especially in politics, people are hypocrites and lie sometimes.
      Like he was expecting way too much of people and he somehow decided that it was his job to punish them.
      I don’t think that they would have let the manifesto out except-for the number and amount of people he threatened. He really is a danger to a lot of people unless they faked some of it but the threats did seem to have the same tone as the rest of it.

  27. Sunny in SoCal

    I read the manifesto….wow…I believe every word of it. I live in So Cal and the cops are bad, not all of them but the ones who are not racist assholes have no choice but to go along or lose their job. My kids are going snowboarding today but I’m not worried, I don’t think he’s in Big Bear anymore. He’s long gone. I hope they do find him though and he gets a trial, this should come out.

    I changed my name because there is another sunny.

  28. puravidacostarica

    I read it too. Unfortunately, any time one writes a “manifesto” and cannot — even once — engage in any self-reflection (the sort of “maybe I could have handled it better that one time”), but prefers to make everything bad that happens to that person someone else’s fault, I smell a bit of paranoia psychosis. Undoubtedly, bad things happened to this guy. But “it’s in my DNA” as the refrain for excusing him of any contribution to this outcome is tiresome. And, as a poster here in my local paper, said: “Note to future high profile ‘rampagers’: avoid using your manifesto to give shout-outs to your favorite celebrities since it greatly decreases your scariness quotient.”

    He told the LAPD what it would take to end this: a straightforward admission of responsibility and an apology. That department is institutionally incapable of doing that, and Dorner knows it. The LAPD would rather choke on its own self-righteousness than to honor that request — even if it means running up a public bill (i.e., arranging for just more family ATVs) and putting public safety at risk.

  29. Sunny in SoCal

    I agree Pura and I don’t think it will end well no matter what is true or not because for every one whistle blower, there are five more that won’t say a word no matter what. I feel like Dorner has went over the edge, completely. He’s suffering from something for sure as well as what you detect. I think he had every reason to be paranoid though. When you are backed into a corner by a force you have no way to defend against, it makes you do things you wouldn’t otherwise do. I think he is a good but flawed man who tried to do the right thing. In the end, no one wins, and the innocent lose. Every time. There’s a quote from Tupac or a lyric from one of his songs about being a product of his environment. We created Dorner, I’m sad to say.

  30. Okay LAPD has distributed photos of Dorner being in San Diego. They also claim two cops were shot and suggest it was Dornet who did it with NO EVIDENCE OF THAT WHATSOEVER. Also the couple that was killed? NO EVIDENCE AT ALL other than the “manifesto” which is either 20 pages, or 11 pages or 10 pages and comes from “his facebook” yet no sources can give a date when it was written… really media?

    Also he has suddenly gone from COP KILLER ON A MURDEROUS RAMPAGE THROUGHTOUT SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA to.. no coverage at all. Did they mention it is snowing in NY?

    • Vp

      However we do that the LAPD shot 2 innocent women in pursuit of this man. Shoot first, ask questions later? Maybe the LAPD should ask itself: When someone says they want to kill a bunch of LAPD cops (allegedly) why isn’t reaction a straightforward condemnation? People seem downright TORN on the matter.

      And I’ve not heard any talk of ANY consequences for the officers that shot up those women’s car, shooting a 75 year old woman in the back. None.

      • Sunny in SoCal

        Vp, I saw on the news this morning they are giving them a free truck. I hope that is not all they do. It’s really scary when cops start shooting first but I understand they are scared. Who wouldn’t be? I can’t help but wonder what all the dirty cops out there are thinking. Especially if the manifesto is true, the ones involved in bringing this man to this point. It’s not a clear cut picture for sure. I’m gonna walk away from this topic today and go plant my garden.
        We went to Mexico yesterday and stopped out in the desert for hubby to go potty, yeah I know he’s an animal, but I waited in the car and didn’t realize how far he had walked till I got out to check. It was a little weird being vulnerable. Nowadays no one is safe from ANYONE.

      • victori0us

        You hope that’s all they do? This will cost LAPD BIG TIME! I giggled those 3 people, yes there was 2 incidents where the cops shot ppl thinking they were this guy. So there’s 3 ppl that can basically request a blank check from the LAPD. I think the lady that got shot in the hand will get no less than $20 million. The lady that got shot in the back, I can’t even fathom how large that check will be, in the $100 million range. Sad they got shot, but those ladies will never have to work another day in their lives. Their grand kids children might not ever have to work after this is all said and done. LAPD will give them whatever they ask, their indefensible and did not follow protocol. I would’ve taken a bullet to the hand for that check. I’m sure they’ve got attorneys circling around them like buzzards…

    • Socalsun

      In California, it is one the news every day. They are looking for him in the mountains of Big Bear. His truck was found burning their on Thursday. I believe he is dead. Either he killed himself, or he is buried under lots of snow.

      I had the so cal sun name on here first.

  31. Emma_Rose77

    My husband is a Navy Reservist and its a very small community. His unit was talking about Dorner last night and many of them worked with him or were stationed with him at one time or another. All have said the same thing: the person portrayed in the media is NOT the person they knew. I think Tamara is right that something snapped after working with the LAPD. Not that it makes it right if he is guilty of these crimes but there are a lot of holes yet to be filled in and mainstream media takes it upon themselves to supplement stories with opinions and publish it as fact A LOT.

  32. Sunny in the desert

    Vic, I said, I hope that’s NOT all they do. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is all they do though and the people shot may accept it. Some don’t think they have rights, it’s bred into them that they don’t matter. I live it everyday here where I live. I don’t know the answers, I’m just sharing my thoughts like everyone else. It’s a tragedy on all sides.

  33. Lets take a good look at the LAPD over the years, and I for one being a big fan of MM can’t forget August 4/5th 1962 and remember the biggest cover-up of all that is still going on so IMO don’t trust all that I read I feel sorry for eveyone in danger but not sure who to believe and what.

  34. In second thought on this-in my opinion whoever wrote the manifesto was sick but there is no way that I would know if the wanted guy is the one who wrote it or not.
    Offering a million dollar reward just makes it more weird in my opinion.

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