Phaedra Parks Talks About Pregnancy Weight

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Phaedra Parks recently discussed her pregnancy weight with OK Magazine. She claims she only gain 22 pounds with her first pregnancy and has only gained 11 so far this time. Um. Thoughts?


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23 responses to “Phaedra Parks Talks About Pregnancy Weight

  1. Aretha

    She had to hae been joking!

  2. Hmm

    You can fool a lot of people in this world, but the one person you do not want to fool is yoursef.

  3. MaggieG

    I find Phaedra to be charismatic. Glad she’s taking care of herself. At least this time around she doesn’t have to falsify her due date.

  4. KWM

    Could be, I was so sick for the first 6 months, the morning I gave birth I was 3 pounds heavier than the day I found out I was pregnant. Of course I lost 17 pounds in the first 4 months alone and a few more after that. Ugh I think I have PTSD from the pregnancy sickness. But just looking at my chart it looks like I gained 3 pounds while pregnant.

    My friend who just had a baby 9 weeks ago did gain about 20 pounds this pregnancy. About 1/2 of what she did the first one.

    So is it possible yes, is Phaedra maybe fibbing a little? Perhaps.

    But also the majority of weight gain (at least for me) came in the last 2 months.

    I do think women gain less weight with each pregnancy.

    • Did you watch the season where Phaedra was pregnant? I’m guessing not. :)

      • KWM

        I did that is why I said she was fibbing. But in the above video she looks good. So I can see that maybe she is gaining less than the first time around.

        And why did I have to wait to be moderated? Is it because I switch from firefox to chrome that I am no longer recognized?

  5. maybe. i dunno. LOTS of things are coming up needing to be moderated lately. Either there is a glitch or I have done something stupid. Hush. It could be a glitch!

  6. Lawyer lady

    Right….and Kim is a size 2 …..hello ladies we can see you!

  7. Marice08

    I believe she is telling the truth. If you go back and look at the footage, she was mostly belly. And right after she delivered (i.e. at the Sip and See) she was the same size she is on this season. It’s not impossible.

  8. Cynthia

    Isn’t Phaedra about 5′ tall? She is a “small” (short) person, so I think the weight gain is probably about right. I’m frankly amazed she EVER finds time to eat if she is as busy as she says she is! I didn’t know she was a full-time student as well as all the other “professions” she claims. I remember being pretty tired during my pregnancies, especially during the last trimester. I guess she has a lot of help.

  9. She’s gained 11lbs so far just in her boobs, judging by the vid above LOL

  10. RealitySux

    Phaedra is very vain … and not a fan of telling the truth … so .. I’m guessing she will only gain 10-15 pounds for her entire pregnancy. LOL Hard to tell with her though, because she is a shrimp….but we shall see.

  11. Tonia

    Chile bye…I love Phaedra, don’t get me wrong, but we all know Phaedra can tell the biggest lies, even when the truth will come out in the next two seconds of taping. She gives the information she is comfortable with. While it is not impossible to gain less than the 35 lbs most doctors say is within reason, Phaedra will never tell. And that my friends IS the truth.

  12. B

    Back in my day that was a normal weight gain–we didn’t use pregnancy as an excuse to pig out. So yes, I believe Phaedra.

  13. sunny

    phaedra is such a horrible liar! no wonder she failed as a lawyer!!

  14. Lori

    I personally love how she calls having the baby “another task to add on to my already busy schedule”. LOL!

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