What’s Wrong With This Picture: Phaedra and Apollo

phine-body-vol-2This reminds me of the time that Kelly Bensimon was on the cover of Shape.


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49 responses to “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Phaedra and Apollo

  1. tammy

    Well the doesn’t look like her body… and it looks like a fake box that was made up for wwhl… but Phaedra is one of my faves on Atlanta

  2. pclph2

    Who’s body did they put Phaedra’s head on?

  3. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place


  4. These_BROADS_in_LALA_land

    The Photo on Volumn one was photoshopped too. Her body looked nothing like she did at the photoshoot that was aired.

  5. LilMissRed

    HaHa!! Phaedra KNOWS she was wrong to sign off on this mess. This has been ‘shopped’ like crazy!!! Girl Bye!! (In Phaedras ‘Peachy way’) “ummmhmmmmm”

  6. shirley

    cray cray phdra arms lol

  7. newjerzeyboy

    Boy was this photoshopped. That is not Phaedra’s body.

  8. Girl Plz...

    I guess when i send in my before and after pictures, I best remember to Photoshop the fu*k out of the after……

  9. The Disher

    She should have let Apollo show off his body & not put herself out front on this one.

  10. Candice

    Bad photoshop job. I don’t think it’s someone else’s body tho. Look at the boobs. Those are Phaedra’s smashed boobs.

  11. sars

    Omg this is horrible! i saw another image of her in the green and yellow suit that i thought was bad. Like, “Hello? we SAW you wearing that on the show.”

    • sars

      Oh yeah, what i meant was like, “Wow, and i thought the photo in green was bad, but this much worse”. The one in the green suit was standard PS, its what youd expect… But i still thought it was stupid considering we saw her on the show. Then again, anyone who watches the dvd will see her anyway. Maybe they shouldve made a workout cd for blind people. There must be an untapped market for that.

  12. victori0us

    I’m a bit apprehensive to share my opinion for fear I’d be deemed judgmental…don’t wanna seem like I’ve got “issues” or anything because Phaedra might read this and it hurt her feelings. I will say I’m glad she’s promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Can’t knock her for that.

  13. Jac Holcombe

    Who’s buying this? I mean BUYING with actual $$$? This woman is delusional (and tacky, always tacky).

    • sars

      When i first saw the dvd, I tried to imagine someone buying it. I tried to imagine it on someones shelf with other dvds. But i just couldnt, i simply could not.

  14. Her right arm is at least 3/4 larger in the pic than her left. Might wanna balance the work out more 😛

  15. B boy in Harlem

    She looka [sic] like a man.

  16. Trinky

    I know everyone got something to say. But this should let you know that all workout DVD covers are photo shopped no matter who it is. A raw photo is never put on a cover with some type of retouch. Jillian or whoever gets photo shopped period. So why give Phaedra a hard time? People are buying her dvds and giving not so bad reviews.

    • I’m pretty sure 99.999999999% people here knew photoshop is used on any image used for dvd covers, magazine covers (and spreads in general). So why give anyone here a hard time?

  17. GurlBye

    Oh Tamara. You ask the most interesting questions. LMBO. So Leh we go…Phaedra looks like she was added ingrown of Apollo as an afterthought. As far as Phaedra, who the hail wears a whole face off drag makeup to go work out? (Will the consumers sweat at all when they do the workout?). What else? Phaedra’s waist, hips and thighshave not been that thin maybe since high school. And I think that the video would get more sales if Phaedra let Apollo be great at the sex symbol that he can be.

  18. I can’t believe it took so long to get to the part where this is clearly Apollo’s project. It was something he wanted to do. Yet, SOMEONE is standing right in front of the guy with the physique with her photoshopped muscles.

    • JustTheFactsPlease

      I think Phaedra is trying her darnedest to keep a close grip on Apollo. Convicted criminal or not, fine is fine (or at least when having a little fun lol). Besides, she doesn’t inject herself in her other aspiring celebrity clients’ business ventures. I’m gonna need Phaedra to have a seat on a treadmill or something. Shux, a floormat would do. Just sit all the way down lol.

      • YesMaamYesGurr

        Yes honey…Apollo is quite a piece of eye candy. He looks like he was taking solo pictures on both of the DVD covers and Phaedra said, oh hail nawl and took her own in a coordinating outfit and had herself photoshopped in them lol. I can’t blame her though because if he was my man, there’s no way in hail I’d let him out of my sight.

  19. Ms1dimple

    I’m just speechless… in my best Phaedra voice.. “EVERYBODY KNOWS NO ONE GETS ON A COVER WITH “FLABBY ARMS” LoLLLLLLLLLLLL… Gwon girl now you know you should have let Apollo do this alone!!! Geeez!!

  20. KWM

    All this time I have wasted eating right and exercising when all I need is my own photoshop team to sculpt the muscles and shave the fat for me.

  21. AmberKnows

    I can believe those are her arms and breasts. Where the photoshop went wrong is they shaved TOO much of her waist, elongated it and slimmed her thighs. People that buy this would do it because of the camp, for Phaedra or Apollo and for fitness. Everybody knows, like Phaedra says, that she is not a fitness model. She’s just a regular short girl with a big butt that’s fit. She should’ve chosen to be represented as neat instead of unbelievably, ridiculously svelte. MmmHmm.

  22. myinfo

    I am guessing they airbrushed out at least 20 lbs. She looks like she is a size 4.
    Her arms are beyond muscled out and very defined.
    Her waist is extremely small which would not be the case even if she lost weight.
    Of course there is a lot of shading done so it appears she has muscles.

    Apollo has a great body so why not feature him?
    Why is he hiding behind Phaedra?

    Who is the instructor on the DVD? Apollo or Phaedra? Just wondering.

  23. becky white

    Bless her little photoshopped heart

  24. LOL! Now that’s some false advertising! I do like the black outfit more than the lime green. And the hair/makeup is better.

  25. Shellbelle

    She looks like a bobble head.

  26. Oooh, we’re do I begin? Okay, here goes:
    Phaedra’s skinny, with a size 0 waist!
    Phaedra’s built like a sumo wrestler, with muscles to match!
    Phaedra’s Upper body, looks like Sheree’!
    And what’s this “Donkey Bootie Extreme” crap? The whole idea of a Donkey Bootie Workout DVR is rather extreme all on it’s own!!

    OK, that’s enough…for now!
    Hi Tam!!

  27. YesMaamYesGurr

    I don’t know why but I just read the reviews for the DVDs on Amazon and it seems that most people like it, though there is a good number of people who don’t. I will save my money for a more seasoned and professional certified fitness trainer. I wonder if Sheree did a DVD how it would turn out.

  28. oracle5

    Apollo’s right arm and left arm are not matching. Look closely at the right arm muscle and the left arm muscle: Be for Real People!

    • lisa ustead

      I think phaedra is a fat little..fake little pig..i was watching Housewives of Atlanta while they were doing the making of the video and after the first 5 minutes she was tired and hurting..she clearly has not been working out she needs to sit this 1 out seriously I won’t be buying the workout video

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