Kyle Richards on Watch What Happens Live

RHOBHKyleKyle Richards was on Watch What Happens Live with on of the brunette minions from Vanderpump Rules, Kristen. First, can we talk about the way Kyle dresses? She’s wearing some sort of disco jacket made out of silver sequins.  Mauricio is the bar tender and says that he does not regret going after Brandi at the Moroccan restaurant because he was defending her friend. Kyle says the same thing about Camille’s outburst at the dinner table Monday night. Camille was just defending Adrienne. They showed the clip where Yolanda shushes Camille. Priceless.  Next, we get to relive Kyle’s dive on Stars In Danger!

Questions for Kyle: Why wasn’t Kyle defending Lisa when Camille came after her? Kyle said she has not idea about the finances of SUR and Lisa was doing a fine job defending herself. What is your relationship like with Lisa now? Kyle says Lisa can be sensitive but they are in a good place now. Andy says people think she gets Faye to do he dirty work. Kyle says on her life, she absolutely does not. Faye is just very opinionated. Apparently during the break Kyle was pissed about the question about Faye. Kyle is pissed that people keep saying Faye does her dirty work. How do you feel about Adrienne dating Sean Stewart and has she met him?  Kyle says she has known him since he was a little boy. Andy says he is still kind of a little boy. Kyle says she hopes they are having fun.

Oh dear God they showed a video of Beyonce saying she was Gone With The Wind fabulous at the Super Bowl. Was that for real? Please tell me they made that up.

There is going to be a Vanderpump Rules Reunion. I can hardly imagine.


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24 responses to “Kyle Richards on Watch What Happens Live

  1. Ms Urethra Franklin

    No they did not make up Beyonce quoting crazy Kenya. I can not believe Beyonce validated the crazy. If you visit Kenya’s twitter timeline she went orgasmic with excitement. It is nauseating.

    • I was just thinking- Oh lord, that poor girl likely wet herself at Beyonce mentioning her new catchphrase. She might be sending crates of her GWTWF t-shirts to accompany Beyonce & Co. on the Mrs. Carter Tour as we speak, lol.

  2. suziezee

    It says Lisa was upset at the commercial break that people say Faye does her dirty work. Is it supposed to say Vyle?

  3. someone is lying

    Do you mean kyle was pissed during commercial? If so its because.we know faye is her pitbull!

  4. Xanadude

    Tamara – regarding VPRules – if the series is not entirely scripted, isn’t Lisa opening up herself and her partners to a lawsuit? Stassi has made explicit violent threats against other staff (all the “I would LITERALLY disembowel/cut/stab/etc” comments). She then made an overt violent act (the hair pulling in Vegas) and recorded/transmitted harassment (the text messages). If, at any point, any of the people Stassi did these to felt the need to sue her, LVP could be held partially repsonsible for allowing there to be a known hostile work envirnoment. Of course, if the show is entirely scripted and the people on it are just “cast members” acting out their parts, then the whole thing is moot, right?

    • I suppose they could sue either way as this is supposed to be “reality”.

    • I haven’t been able to keep up too much with VPR…they have too many “young people’s problems” for my old, decrepit self. I got knocked down with the flu and coughed and hacked my way through an episode today, though- and all I can say is that Stassi sure is “spay-shul”. I can’t believe we reward such thuggish, repugnant behavior with gifts of tv shows and national platforms…and then the child had the nerve to show up on The View and say that she is not a mean person. These tv personalities kill me trying to pull Jedi P.R. Mind tricks on the public once they take stock of the idiocy they’ve portrayed to a national viewing audience. Boggles the mind, indeed.

  5. Katrina

    Yes, I have been hearing that Beyonce quoted “Gone with the Wind Fabulous”. I also hear that Kenya and Chef Roble’ will be on a special Matchmaker in February.

  6. Rjt25

    I can not STAND Kyle…..she is a sanctimonious, self-righteous, entitled douchebag. There, I said it. She’s got her panties in a twist bc lisa is friends with Brandi. Plain and simple. That’s why she doesn’t defend her….and if I were Lisa listening to Kyle defend other friends but not her, I’d be pissed, too. In my humble opinion, Kyle takes absolutely no responsibility for anything….not at the dinner from hell, not at swearing at Camille, making fun if Brandi, speaking our if turn, or outing her sisters alcoholism. Please. She sucks. I’m living how people are really seeing her for who she is.

    And….I think she LOVED that pic of her being out for all to see. She is that narcissistic.

    • Rosie

      Oh, how so very right you are my dear! Not very often I agree with someone’s every word written on here, but you my dear said it so perfectly! Kyle is losing fans so fast her head must be spinning! Husband Moroncio is not helping her either.

      • Thank you both for saying what I was thinking. Kyle just isn’t nice and is very entitled. You guys said it all already so I will just shut up.

    • hard@plz

      Agreed. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  7. Ms1dimple

    All I have to say is Yolanda with the “shhhhhhh” just cracked me up!! She thinks these ladies are just horrible I do agree with her on her bravo blog why in the world would Vyle even mention Mandrienne at yet another dinner party? I don’t get it! It’s so refreshing when they are enjoying each other and having a good time.. I guess that doesn’t add up to ratings though… *shrugs shoulders*

  8. Brenda07

    Maurice bringing the bottle Ken rejected to Andy was dumb/pointless.But Yolanda going after Marisa for her blog on twitter yesterday was funny to me because I actually enjoyed Marisa’s blog.And Kyle well I’ll just keep my mouth shut I don’t have nothing nice to say about her at the moment.

  9. Jac Holcombe

    Watching Kyle on live television was nauseating. She managed to imitate Paris’ poses while seated. First the shoulder squeeze, than comes the head tilt, and then the I know I’m cute and my life is better than yours (but you’re dumb and you’ll buy my shit) smile….Um,no…

  10. somagic

    Does anyone think that Kyle gives a rat’s patootie whether she’s down in the ratings or not??? For Kyle and her husband, it’s all about the mighty dollar. They could not care less whether people approve of them or not… There was a time they cared…but not now. It’s obvious. Middle finger in your faces beotches.

    I feel ashamed to say that I dislike Kyle so very much, that even her kids give me the creeps. How rude and politically incorrect of me. Bad me. Whip me, beat me, call me bad doggie.

  11. sars

    I thought that was a joke too! i guess for one, she never wouldve done that when her dad as her manager, and thats the beyonce we are more used to. Its just, i dunno how to phrase it… A little random(?) for this huge superego, divine mega-entity of a demigod known as THE GREAT BEYONCE. Not to mention this wasnt just some concert.

  12. Eve

    I do not like Kyle. Her clothes are horrible and she is a classic shit-stirrer.
    Of course, with a mother like Big Kathy Dugan i am not surprised. She was more pimp, than mother to her daughters.
    I am sure the only reason Kyle and Borericio are friends with the Maloof Hoof is because they have (a little) money and power.

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