Abby Lee Miller and Carson Kressley on WWHL

Dance Moms on Lifetime: Why the Outrage?I love Abby Lee. She says that Kathy is soliciting real dancers from around the country telling them they will be on TV and filling her studio with ringers. Um, kinda like Abby did when her original went on strike? Thing should really be heating up on Dance Moms.

Abby says the reason she doesn’t like Chloe is because her mom takes her around the country and charges people to meet Chloe. It’s not so much that in itself but she misses practice and school in order to go to the “meet and greets.” I love Chloe! She’s my favorite. Be nice to Chloe, Abby!

There was not a whole lot of tea on the show about Dance Moms but I wanted to do a quick post about it because I know I am not the only one secretly watching this every week. I DVR it and watch it on Saturday mornings.  So who will fess up and tell me that they like the show?


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21 responses to “Abby Lee Miller and Carson Kressley on WWHL

  1. gidget

    Tamara, I Love love love this show. The girls are beautiful and Talented. Abbey. No words, but the moms have to be crazy, I would never allow anyone being a teacher, a parent, anyone, to talk to my kids in a manner that Abbey does. I will never understand her total disregard for the girls feelings. They are children first, DANCERS next. Abbey must be missing something in her life (a man maybe) or she was picked on in school and taking it out on the girls. The mothers are to be blamed for the treatment of the girls because they show up every week to subject the kids to this abuse. Just reading this blog, Abbey DOES NOT LIKE Chloe. Really, Chloe is a child. MOMs Stand up and be the voice of your children.

  2. michelle

    I love Chloe too! She’s my fave. She has such a kind heart. As much as Abby’s style of teaching offends me I think the moms should encourage the girls to apply the corrections and disregard the rest. She has taught them well and they are wonderful dancers and the moms are more childish than the children. They should teach them to be more mature when Abby spews venom like calling stupid or idiots, if it doesn’t apply, let it fly.

  3. I love the show but my favorite is Nia. I think all of the girls could be constant winners if Abby would take more time working with them. I do understand teh show is scripted and edited like hell but when all we see is a few minutes on each dance and Abby spending more time yelling at the mom’s or trading insults you can’t help to believe the kids would do much better somewhere else. JMO

  4. Chrissyt44

    I too will admit to LOVING this show. To be honest I think Abby’s ways are harsh but she gets results. If these students are wanting to be professional then that is what it takes. My daughter is in dance for fun. Her teacher is very nice but I can tell you my 6 year old can’t even spell plie’ much less do one. Look how good Mackenzie is at 7 years old. If Abby was not the way she was then I doubt that would be the case.
    Christy drives me nuts and I feel sorry for Chloe. I would much rather deal with Abby then Christy. Talk about living thru your daughter. Tragic.

  5. newjerzeyboy

    I love Abbey and she seems to be very successful at her chosen profession. The girls are cute and some of them seem to be very talented. If the mothers don’t like the way Abbey teaches, then they should remove their kids from from the school. When my sister went to dancing school as a child my mother would just drop her off and then pick her up. These mothers clearly all want to be in the spotlight and will act like bitches just to get air time.

  6. Shellbelle

    I love it! People bitch about Abby but the mothers keep sending them back so she must not be as bad as she is portrayed. I’m sure being on television is a big part of it. These moms went from frumpy housewives to being on television.

  7. P

    I like Dance Moms. It’s a good show. I said I was going to blog the show, not in the same manner that you blog TT’s blog, but in a summary sort of way. Regardless, I haven’t had time to do even that. In the rare moment that I can steal a minute or two at work or home, on reading up on various shows. As for the show, I don’t like Abbey b/c of the manner in which she talks to those kids. I think it’s warranted how she speaks to the moms b/c they are immature. But, those kids are really to young for her to be speaking to them in that manner. Christy, I liked last season. This season, Christy is a bitter bitch. They are all biter bitches when it comes to little Madison. Melissa is crazy, I would cut any of those bitches if they displayed the same behavior towards my daughter. Madison, clearly takes dancing seriously. So, why shouldn’t she be rewarded with the solo’s? Pathetic. Perhaps they should encourage their children instead of slamming another child and her mother b/c that child is a better dancer than their own….

    Last night was funny as heck b/c after Jill walked out for Kelly, she learned they wouldn’t do it for her! Overall, I think if Abbey would give all the girls the same amount of time – or even some damn time – they could all be spectacular dancers. I love Nia. But, I think Holly is wasting her time. She was crazy to leave her job. Especially, when Nia doesn’t get half the time/attention as the other girls. Brooke is another one that doesn’t get much time. Abbey yells at Brooke all the time about not being serious but she doesn’t spend any time with her. How can the child be serious? When she does have solo’s Brooke does well, as does Nia.

    This is a good show b/c the girls work good together, they are talented and they haven’t let their mothers competitive edge rub off on them yet….Abbey and the moms ruin the show by their behavior towards one another. I hope Melissa grows a backbone…..Holly is cool. The rest should be embarrassed to be acting that way in front of their children.


  8. I hate the show and never watch it, even for a second. Disgusting abuse of children.

  9. victori0us

    I don’t watch this show, but I read about it from time to time. I think tough coaches get the best results. There are nice times but when it’s practice time or performance/game there’s no time to play around. Especially if you have set the bar high, you have to maintain it.

  10. AmberKnows

    I love ALM and the show. I totally understand the reason that the Moms allow ALM to ‘torment’ their children…. it’s for the FAME!! Some like Melissa do it for their children to be in the spotlight, while Christi lives vicariously through Chloe, sucking up the fame that comes with the show. At the reunion Christi made some comment like she didn’t want ALM at HER meet and greet. I thought the meet and greets were for the girls to meet their ‘fans’ not the Moms. While some may have a favorite Mom it’s the kids and ALM who are the stars.

    Christi is a manipulative shrew who fought so hard to get Kelly and the girls back yet she cut Kelly out of their newly formed jewelry business. I guess she didn’t want to share that pot of money huh?

  11. I watch the show too. I love it I usually wait for my niece to come so we can watch like 10 in a row! :) I have 2 grown boys and it is much more fun to watch with her . I must say that my oldest son does watch me too on occasion LOL

  12. James

    What I don’t understand about the show: How does she ‘teach’ dance when she’s obviously NOT a dancer?

    • She was a dancer most of her younger years. She started teaching and opened her own studio at fourteen I think she said. Her mother was involved and I am not sure if she was an instructor but I think so. It’s been her entire life. I love this show and watch them all. Can’t stand the mothers. I read somewhere in which Abbey Lee was interviewed and she had originally wanted to have the show with the older girls but Lifetime I think is the network wanted the younger girls as they are cuter. Abby said her fourteen year old are just spectacular and that is where she spends most of her time and energy and she actually isn’t with the younger ones all that much. I can’t imagine any mother standing for Abby to talk so mean to her kid so this article made it pretty clear this is done for tv. I don’t doubt that she is no nonsense and strict but she loves those girls it;s the moms I can’t stand. I love watching Maddie. She is so talented. Chloe ought to be a ballerina. She has the perfect build and grace. (I danced for seventeen years until I married and quit so I know a little about this). The choreography is beautiful that she teaches the girls.

  13. I think more adults need to challenge children and not coddle them. Abuse? Lol. Stop.

  14. I don’t think she was ever a dancer either. She said as much on WWHL. She said she’s been a choreagrapher since 14. I think she was in the studios from a young age and was able to figure out what wins. She knows what she is doing.

    I was fine with her season one behavior but this season she is a little harsher. She did say that they edit out all of her positive interactions with the girls. I think Chloe is the only one showing much wear and tear from the negative interactions. I blame her mother for a lot of that.

  15. momadison

    I cannot stand that woman, she makes me cringe when I hear her screechy voice and when I happen to see her put her hand on her hip and do that head wag thang I want to punch a baby!!

  16. Mamie McPhaul

    Yes, Abby was a dancer taught by her Mother, bio here:

    The mothers are choosing to keep their children in Abbey’s program for a reason….

  17. For her to say she doesn’t like Chloe because he mom takes her to met and greets is stupid. Chloe is a child and she is going to do what her mother tells her to do. Chloe is not old enough to refuse and say mom I’m not going. She did the same with Maddie when she asked her why was she sitting in the car when the mothers went on strike. She can’t blame the child for decisions the mothers are making. And I agree it is noway I would take my child to ALDA, for them to be abused.

  18. Robin

    I love dance moms!!! My daughter danced from age 2-5 then didnt wont to do it any longer she is now 21 and regrets her decision often. I have noticed a big change in Abby this season as far as congratulated all the girls and she seems alot better with them. Hey every mom wants there child to be the best and its a big deal alot of drama, I remember from my daughters days of dancing. The Moms due proablly drive her nuts, maybe she is at the point the only way to have controll of her company is to punish the child to make the mothers nonsense stop. I am not saying I agree with this but I understand where Abby is coming from, however Chloe is such a lovely, beautiful, graceful dancer I miss seeing her solos she is my favorite on the show!!!! She seems like such a dear heart and is a wonderful dancer!!!! Please have her dance again soon. I also agree with Abby that they all need knocked down a few pegs and learn to be grounded and want to dance, just not perform for the show. They Moms are typical dance Moms my daughter, this and that but they need to reinforce what they are taught not continually degrade there teacher, they also need to act like role models instead of a bunch of fighting dramatic teeneagers. They show is losing ratings with this mothers attitudes and CLOE NOT DANCING!!!” Do Not ruin a good show just for money or producers trying to script this negative fights amd hateful agruements, Make a show that is real and show children the love, art. Beauty and escape dance could be in there lifes!!!! Stop all the nonsense and produce a loving show about children and dance.

  19. Iris

    I read when Abbey was giving some sort of interview, she said the producers picked out the girls and mom’s. If I was Abbey, I would put a non breakable glass where the
    Moms would sit. This way, Abbey can’t hear and neither can the Mom’s. The two
    dancers I love are Maddie and Chloe. One can tell that Maddie definitely wants to be
    a dancer whereas I doubt any of the other girls seem to want the same thing.

    Asia needs to take private classes. To be a dancer, one has to be perfect, and she’s
    not up to par yet.

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