Mercedeh Rocks a Bikini on TMZ and Everyone But Reza Gets It.

0204-sahs-of-sunset-5TMZ seems suddenly very aware of MJ of Shahs of Sunset.  They just love to catch her in a bikini.  Who could possibly be trying to get mean publicity on MJ in advance of the upcoming reunion?  Could it be her former BFF ?  I hear Reza and  Lilly pounded her relentlessly  during the reunion.  It’s sort of sad that a fat kid like Reza would resort to this just because he looks like an asshole now on national TV.

I think most of America LOVES MJ for being herself and content with her body. I think we will all support her in comments and know who the real fatass is… Lord knows all the other Shahs want to be on TMZ but no, it’s only Reza being a fucktard…and MJ…hmmm



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  1. Barbara

    I think MJ is awesome. Personally If I was a man would choose her in a bikini over that toothpick with a wig Lilly any day. Lilly is just boring with her nonstop obsession with being perfect. She is so boring and needs to take a few lessons from MJ. Reza talking about extra weight is hysterical does he not own a mirror? You said it best hes a fucktard.

  2. suziezee

    MJ is relatable, honest and vulnerable. That pig Lilly is insufferable, as is Reza the Turncoat. I’d love to never see A$$A again. And for once can they please identify as Iranians instead of Persian? Gimme a break.

    • shirley

      what is the difference if they call themselves Iranian or Persian? Tamara is it a vas thing for mj to be on tmz? im confused..

    • My understanding from the Iranian friends I’ve had is that their language is Persian, and so it’s not so out there for them to refer to themselves as Persian. Wasn’t the area once called Persia anyway?

      • anne

        Married to a Persian. It is semantics. Their language is Farsi. Until 1935 it was called Persia, changed to Iran. Iran is the official / political name but many still prefer to refer to themselves as Persians, They really are interchangeable. Persian just sounds nicer and has a very long and rich cultural, artistic and historic history for thousands of years.

      • Pari

        Most people who call themselves “Persian” escaped Iran before the revolution. Those who left after the revolution generally call themselves Iranian. The terms are not interchangeable and whether someone identifies themselves as Persian or Iranian, has much to do with politics, religion and ethnicity.

      • Daughters bestfriend is Persian and prefers to be called Persian for exactly that reason. Many Americans don’t realize Iran was once Persia. She also said she doesn’t see any sideway glances when she says Persian as opposed to Iranian when asked what she is. Many assume she is a terroist or at least knows them. Stupid but true when she says Iranian. Her grandmother is so sweet. The minute I come to the door she kisses my cheeks and hands me a Pepsi! She speaks no English and it is a cultural thing to always offer a drink and even food when you walk thru their door. I would think many Persians are very insulted by this show. The few I know are all very nice and I love them.

      • Tartu85

        Persian friends and a coworker are all very insistent on been called “Persian” rather than Iranian. They are also very emphatic about about not been mixed up with Muslims of Arab heritage. Granted these people and their parents escaped Iran before the revolution.

      • CMoney

        Its Farsi not Persian silly.

  3. MJ’s acceptance and love of her body has been making her seem more and more attractive every time I see her. When she was on WWHL the other week she was just BEYOND sexy personified. I love her and think she is gorgeous.

  4. karen

    Love MJ. She’s an easy target because she is sweet. Reza is a mean girl.

  5. USED2B718

    When I read these recaps, I’m glad I stopped watching this show.

  6. I think MJ is pretty, even not being LA Skeletal. She’s getting it badly on other Housewife forums, though. People are referring to her as fat and thus trashy, as well as obese and the reason why tax dollars are drained from the health system. Go figure.

  7. MJ like all of us, has some issues to deal with. I could find as many issues to rag on her about as anyone else. She went on a reality show and I actually tried to warn all the Shahs I was talking to before the show even began that it isn’t just going to be love and happiness and at least one SOMEONE will be villified. That said, I think MJ is the most real of all the reality people on Bravo. Real is not always pretty, or cute, or admirable. Her ability to function at all despite all of her obstacles is inspiring to me. I want nothing but the best for her. For all the folks on Shahs really because I know them as people.

    That said, I don’t want to know any more Bravolebs as people. It makes my job here much harder. It’s so much easier to judge than to be compassionate. #compassion2013 is already sort of a flop. :)

    • MaggieG

      “…#compassion2013 is already sort of a flop…”
      But it’s only February!

      I admire that MJ seems comfortable with her body. The haters use any excuse. They wouldn’t just suddenly love her because she was thin. I’m fairly certain they’d merely object to something else about her.

    • 4TheLoveofLive

      I agree 100% TT. I can’t stand the egomaniac known as Reza Farahan. I stopped watching the show because of him. He gives Persians a bad name. I am disgusted by his behavior. As they say, karma baby, karma baby.

  8. KWM

    More power to her, I wish I had the self confidence to toss on a bikini at 40 and not give a shit what people would say about me.

    She is a real women with real curves, unlike the fake Barbie.

  9. I vacation alone, so it is much easier to throw on a bikini ( well a two piece tankini type thing) and lay down on the beach and flip the top up and sun the fat :) ) If I were with people I knew I would wear a caftan and never go near the water…

    • Kheppera

      I was just looking for good places to vacation alone before reading your blog.. any suggestions?

      • Paris is a very fun and easy solo trip. Very safe, great pubic transit. I stay at the Hotel K+K in the 7th arrondisement. It’s quite near Musee D’orsay, The Lourve, and some great outdoor spots to drink and people watch. For an isolated beach spot St Lucia is nice. For more quirky adventures I’ve gone to Romania and Curacao. Curacao is fun and cheap but there are some really sketchy parts of the island and taxis are very expensive.

  10. The Disher

    MJ is the most sympathetic person on the show.

  11. Ms Urethra Franklin

    #TeamMJ all the way.
    I hope that pretentious queen Reza gets his ass served on the reunion show. He really won’t give a shit anyway because he just tunes out his haters and in his mind he goes “lalalalalala”….

  12. looked it up. I was right. Sometimes my old, smarter brain takes over and my new insane brain is like… wtf with those words. lol.

    • My feeble old brain is the same way! Plus I wonder if I spelled the dam thing right! I know some great words as I read so much but always afraid to use in conversation as I might mispronounce.

  13. Boat

    Ugh, I hate that they are doing to gang up on MJ. Lilly is just mad because she isn’t eating. I become bitchy when I’m on a diet too. Reza’s head is so far up Lilly’s ass.

  14. victori0us

    U put the nice one up…

    Lets be real here TT. Just because something comes in your size, doesn’t mean you should wear it. This bikini is not flattering to her body whatsoever. I don’t care how “comfortable” she is or think she is, she looks ridiculous in it. I’m all about realness. She needs to lose 20lbs and then wear that bikini. It will still fit but it will fit right. She seems a bit delusional to me. Everyone saying she’s so confident, yeah right, y’all would not ever wear that at her size, and probably comment honestly about some random chubby girl at the pool with that on.

    To me maybe MJ is the type that’s like I’m not buying anything bigger than a size 8 when she’s a 12. Y’all know those types. Lol

    • ThunderMonk

      First time poster, long time reader. And surprising that this got me to post for the first time when I have been tempted so often before, but I have a sandwich to finish…

      Knowing how to dress your body to appeal to most people is only correlated with comfort and confidence in your body. MJ, on some level, has the confidence but doesn’t dress in a way that flatters her, at least to my eye.

      And not in direct reply, but Reza is really losing me. I don’t even like the ‘stache anymore.

      • I contend that people have the right to wear too tight clothes and be heavier than society dictates. You will notice as people age they wear weird shit. :) Why? Because they just don’t give a shit anymore. I’m just sayin…

      • ThunderMonk

        Oh, I agree completely – someone who is comfortable with their body won’t necessarily dress in “crowd-pleasing” manner.

      • I never did like the ‘stache, I’ve seen WAY better on plenty of men – my husband & b-i-l, just to name a couple.

  15. Mango

    Boo on Reza for throwing MJ’s friendship away — especially a hangry tryhard like Lily. And what happened with Lily buying a house, we never see her looking

  16. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Everybody has the right to swim in a pool wearing what they want: in the nude, in a t-shirt, or any bathing suit of choice. Period.

    • Amen. But there will always be people like Vic who snicker from across the water. Everyone is so concerned with what people will think. It’s refreshing to find people who just wear whatever THEY want on THEIR body despite knowing they will be judged by someone saying they need to lose weight or wear a different size.

      • victori0us

        It doesn’t look good TT. I wouldn’t laugh but I would wonder why she has that on. She is making herself look bad. No one else. If she put clothes on that fit appropriately she would look 1000x’s better. One’s fat rolls should not assist in keeping bikini straps up. They’ve got sexy 2pc suits that would flatter her body much more than the above suit.

      • victori0us

        20lbs at her size would not be the hardest thing to do. Maybe laying off booze and scaling back on the food just a bit would take those 20lbs right off.

      • just for the record, i find your comments annoying and offensive. I am not having a good day so factor that in to your own reaction. We get it. If you were her, which you are not, you would ….blah blah blah.

  17. you know I love you, Vic, but why would you care? I barely care what I wear and i don’t care if other people want to wear a diaper and the American flag to Publix. Seriously, I’d barely notice.

    • victori0us

      U know I love u too. I think the fact u know her personally might make u a but biased. I disagreed with y’all a while back on that Serena Williams post. I know you aren’t above going in on what someone’s wearing. Lol. You like the girl outside of the show. This reminds me of when I first started commenting on here…u called me stupid a few times. Lmao.

      • I like the girl a lot outside the show. I admit that is problematic to my blogging about the show. I like or liked them all alot outside the show. I have an issue with Reza at the moment. I think he will eventually get over himself.

        I thought I posted that Serena looked lovely and everyone disagreed with me. I am really in the crazy today so my memory is not to be trusted.

        I get that we are discussing reality people here, but I think you are judgey in real life. Like most people. I’m just not.

        I call everyone stupid from time to time. It just means I love you enough to point out your obviously WRONG opinions. I suggested that TC may or may not have had a lobotmy yesterday and I think she is shunning me again.

        It’s tough being one of the favorites. Sorry.

      • victori0us

        U damn right I’m judgey in IRL. I keep it to myself most times unless asked my opinion. I’m a prude to some extent.

      • I’m the opposite of a prude. But I think I hurt Asa’s feelings when SHE ASKED about her thong scene and I said it was fine for the boat but she should have covered up for the town. In her defense she said it was not in the city it was just walking from car to the boat. But still. I do think you should comply to the (however fucked up) social norms in PUBLIC but once on the boat, or a nude beach or somewhere private, LET YOUR FREAK FLAG FLY!

        I believe in live and let live. Whatever you wear doesn’t effect me in the slightest. I can’t imagine what why what I wear or what some random TV person wears effects you in some way to the point you feel you need to critque it at a site you know they read … but it takes all kinds I guess,

      • victori0us

        I’m not really into shahs like that. Didnt watch first season. So I never read ur post about them until this season. I didn’t know she read ur site. I thought Asa was ur girl. I’m commenting on the picture just as I would if it were a picture of Kathy Najimy in a ill fitted bikini. It could’ve been anyone TT. I don’t think I went in…look at the tmz comments, those are pretty cruel and mean. I just gave my opinion and responded to any comments that pertained to my comment. My comments sure can’t hurt her, she’s had to have read a million times worse than that.

  18. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Maybe MJ is making a statement about the progression of Persian women. In Iran a woman could be killed for wearing a bathing suit in public.

    MJ living in the USA as a first generation Persian-American or as an immigrant (not sure which applies) is proudly using her freedom of liberties that is completely opposite of the repression & oppression of Iran of which her family escaped from.

    Yeah I’m overthinking it, but damn it is America. It is a swimming pool, it is a bathing suit. No one looks good wet in public anyway. Grow up everrrybody.

    • Reza has admitted he uses Persian so as not to be looked at a a terrorist. Also NONE OF THESE PEOPLE with the exception of Asa who lived there until she was 8 lived in Iran. The ones who were born there left as infants. They very deliberately identify as American an try to distance themselves from Iran. I once mentioned something to Reza about Iran in a private conversation, it was in the news and he had not idea what I was talking about and admitted he had no interest in keeping up. ALL of these people are all about Beverly Hills and “ruling LA.” /stifleslaughter

      • Ms Urethra Franklin

        I hate to label Reza with a stereotype, but he is a terrorist to all the ho’s, twinks, boyfriends, bitches, friends, and anyone else in his sight. He degrades, intimidates, manipulates, and makes severe judgements to those who do not pacify the “stache”.

  19. I look fantastic wet. I’m not kidding. It’s the super curly hair.

  20. I also think MJ looks beautiful in that pic…though I AM SERIOUSLY STRESSED ABOUT THAT WATCH!

    • MaggieG

      Funny that you mentioned the watch as I thought about it too…has to be waterproof.

      • I need to ask her about that watch. lol. I noticed Kyle was wearing a men’s watch too. I have been trying to buy a gold watch for years. Mens would be even better. (more gold) But I want to buy mine at TJMaxx (yes, the do sell gold and often on the cheap GO NOW!) The haven’t gotten any in since like 2009. You have to watch (heh) for them. I finally bought a Bulova but it was stolen in the break in. :(

  21. HB

    I really love the Persian culture and enjoy seeing a lot of it in this show (especially the food!). Regarding MJ above, she looks terrific. Confident, sexy and just having fun. She rocks her look.

  22. Again. for the record I consider myself a friend TO MJ, Asa and at one point, Reza. I am also quite fond of all the rest of them. They read here. Some of us talk. Do don’t say anything here you would not want to say to them, because they read here. That’s all. If it is that important to speak negatively about MJ, to you, if it makes you feel better about yourself, do so, but know that she reads here and is a person, not a fictional character.

    I get it. This is a celeb blog where we slam people. I just wanted you to know I personally like these people and as people that I speak with, they read here. Carry on.

  23. jakiesmom

    I think MJ is beautiful and real albeit not perfect.

    I liked Asa last year but don’t understand her this year or what her motivations against MJ are. Reza has shown he not beneath selling his soul for fans or money or selling out his friends. Not admirable qualities. Beware Mike, Lilly and Asa. I don’t think Mike adds anything of substance to the show and as far as Lilly goes, I don’t see what she has added to the show either except to work with Reza against MJ otherwise, she is simply not interesting. I don’t think she is all she thinks she is and I find myself switching the channel or distracting myself with other things when she is on. .

    • You are going to be VERY distracted during the reunion. #lotsoflilly

      • yup

        Tamara, since you know all of them personally, what are your thoughts on Lilly? I tried, but I can’t stand her!!

      • I don’t know all of them personally. I have online contact with some. I feel very strongly about both Asa and MJ and I fear that is causing problems with Asa just because we don’t talk much anymore. I am literally crazy so my mind can’t be trusted on that. I was saddened that Reza blocked me on twitter this season. I have never had contact with Lilly. Oh wait she may have contacted me. I was not interested.

      • jakiesmom

        Thanks for the heads up. Will make sure I have a plan b to turn to if I watch. I have a feeling if it is that bad I will wind up permanently distracted both during the reunion and if they are brought back again next year. I don’t ask for much, only that I be somewhat entertained but so far, besides MJ and to a degree Asa, I am not entertained or interested in the rest of them.

        Great blog!

      • if Reza and Lily ganging up on MJ isn’t your thing, I can save you the trouble of watching.

        On Tue, Feb 5, 2013 at 5:25 PM, Tamara Tattles

      • jakiesmom

        Thanks, you may have biy in any case there is always the remote. The beauty is poof they’re gone and you don’t even have to move much.

        It won’t be too far a stretch for me to think I won’t watch the original airing since it is on at the same time as Downton. After I read what people post and it is at all compelling I can always catch it on any of the umteenth times they re-air it.

  24. yup

    Gotcha. Thanks for taking the time to answer, Tamara. I really enjoy your blog.

  25. thanks back! I really enjoy your comments and questions.

  26. FYI, MJ does not live in a wealthy are of LA., she lives in a building where apartments go for $1500.00 per month. It just so happens she lives down the street from Ashley, the daughter of Jacqueline & Chris Laurita of RHONJ. Plus all those Mercedes that
    The Shahs are riding around in, they are all supplied by Bravo.

    • yup

      Ashlee/Ashley (or whatever spelling she’s using these days) does not live in LA. She moved to 3 different apartments in a year, screwed over a roommate and now crashes at her boyfriend’s LA apartment when not shuttling to different family members’ homes in Las Vegas, Texas or NJ. That’s not living in LA, that’s just sponging off people because she’s still not mature enough to behave like an adult.

      • Joy

        Wow, Yup, good information on Ashlee. I wondered how she was doing.

        Hi Tamara. We all have crazy head days. Feel better soon.

        I stopped watching the Shahs and Housewives. I’m back on scripted shows, but I like this site, so I read it daily.

        I’m absolutely jealous that MJ is in a pool in February.

      • thanks so much for reading, joy. I should blog Scandal and Nashville! I won’t do Scandal because the alphabet channel will doesnt think we are important enough…..wait for it….get a few pics to put with the TV critique. /shrugs Apparently it is very impt to them that THOSE SORTS OF PICTURES DON’T FALL IN THE WRONG HANDS…

    • The Disher

      On the show, MJ’s apartment looked bigger than Lilly’s. Lilly’s also looked like it was not in the swankier part of town. What’s up with that?

  27. Sunny in The South/Just Sayin'...

    Going way back up to a topic about gold watches – there’s karma out there and to whomever ripped off your watch? ( I think you said break in or robbery, so include all your stolen items here)….I hope that watch a) gets stolen from them b) they drop it on a hard surface and it breaks and cannot be replaced c) all their stolen goodies go “bad”. There’s a saying “ill gotten goes rotten”.

    I’d like to add that to this whole new attitude Reza’s picked up – including that BIZARRE “Lilly” character – it’s ill gotten and it’s going to go rotten – and who’ll pick up your pieces then bro? Probably the truly loving MJ, for despite her issues, loves Reza deeply. Mike? Not going to be there & “A$$A” (LOVE whomever coined that one”, she only loves herself and cold hard cash.

    MJ has heart, Gigi is cra cra and I’ll bet we don’t have a season after this – what new can they bring? Not much, but I’ll be watching – just sayin’….

  28. P

    Clearly MJ is a full-figured woman that is comfortable with her body. I feel sorry for any woman her age, in the same position that is not comfortable in her skin. At her age, doing just about anything would not be an easy task. So, she may as well forget about becoming a size 8 an embrace herself. She does act a bit immature for her age and she does seem to dress inapproriate (clothes to small) at times. But, I say if she’s happy, then so be it.

    I am so over that dude. I’ve watched more shows this yr, than their first season and I can’t see why ppl were so in love with him. Dude is a total ass-hole. He’s an ass to everyone but Mike and Lily. Complete fucking waste of space in the universe.

    Over her too. Poor and fabulous? Please. Jeff really pinned her on WHHL. She needs money but drives a Porsche, etc.

    G.G. & Omid
    Will most likely be the brek out stars from this show. They are un-interesting and really a non-issue….Omid seems reasonable but G.G. is a wanna be bad ass…Overall, just doesn’t add much to the show.


    Mike & Sammy,
    Most mature of them all….more down to earth than the rest for the most part.

    Peace and prosperity,

  29. JessN84

    Great article Tamra! Couldn’t agree with you more. MJ is very sweet and true to herself. I think viewers love her for it. I really liked Reza the 1st season and my how things have changed. He is a pompous jerk this season, glad we got to see the real Reza. Can’t believe he has been so cruel to MJ… I hope she boots him out of her life he does not deserve her.

    Lilly…ew eat a bagel and get that stick out of your bony uptight ass.

  30. Everyone has said pretty much what I think too. I love MJ and maybe I am too soft but I also love GG!! I’.m from the south we all have crazy family members and we don’t hide ’em! We stick them on the front porch with a glass of lemon’ade! So I don’t mind her a bit. MJ looks great in that suit. She has that gorgeous face and wonderful big boobies too that she can rock! I stopped watching a few episodes ago. Don’t care for Reza, Lily,or Asa at all. All so arrogant and they have nothing great or even decent about them. MJ works and plays hard! I love her healthy self image. Her gorgeous face (she is the most beautiful woman on the show) and her big boobies just add to a great package! MJ rocks! I hate the way Reza treats her. So ugly and mean. What happened to him??

  31. Tartu85

    Love MJ! I stopped watching Shahs because I can’t stand the way she gets treated by her ex-BFFs, but continue to catch up on your blog Tamara. Great job!

  32. Looks like everybody else in America (not LA). Size 14 rocking it as best she can. It would help to cover the boobs 3/4 of the way up. Beyond that, ok for a single chick looking for action. That’s not a tat on her left side……just hair on her shoulder?

  33. Sunny

    Poor Lilly, it must piss her off that she will never be as pretty as MJ. MJ is naturally prettier than her even without being in the best shape. Lilly is obviously insecure hence her fishing for complimants on the yacht (i.e. her commenting about her cellulite). That guy probably doesn’t want to marry her b/c she’s a Paris Hilton/Kim K knockoff with a really annoying voice.

  34. Trinky

    I’m sorry she needs to go put on some clothes. It is ok to be proud of your body, but it is another thing to put on the wrong type of clothes for your body and in public. It seems like she does it more for the attention than for a message. There are plenty of bathing suits that are made for plus size women and that show her body off in a better way. Im just not buying her proud of my body…

  35. I think she looks great , I think people should wear whatever makes them feel good that is what is most important. If you feel good and are confident your whole personality shines.

  36. jakiesmom

    I’ve been reading Reza’s tweets about Mercedes. Disgusting calling her a drug addict and saying that Drizzy is only using her and then saying she is like family to him. Even if it is true, which I don’t believe, that is not how one should treat family or how one helps someone they think has a problem. That is not tough love.
    The man is going to have a problem once his 15 minutes is up and realizes he is irrelevent.

  37. carmen

    LOVE MJ . Reza is a piece of shit. Hate him. With friends like that who needs enemies.

  38. lilly

    Reza is the ugliest dude ive ever seen and has an annoying characature like voice!

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