Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Second Verse Same As The First

RHOBHvegasstripperI tried to get a quick and dirty recap of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills up and once again WordPress ate the first two or three paragraphs. We began with Marissa wondering like the rest of us what the hell is so empowering about women sliding up and down the pole. Basically everyone took a turn on the pole and that was that. No more mention of this “seminar” Brandi is running or how it went or when it is… perhaps it is the next day and that is why later in the show everyone bails on Yolanda’s private plane except Jenn and Lisa.  Meanwhile, the best paragraph of my recap of RHOBH got eaten by WordPress.  Apparently. Adrienne has a new line of handbags to go with her fat little shoes.  Despite the fat that the Maloof Hoof is constantly on clearance, Adrienne thinks she can expand to handbags. They better be some low-end handbags because a handful of designers have cornered the market on stupid people with money. They now actually pay five figures for a purse. A fool and her money are soon parted… I just can’t believe women are this stupid. Adrienne made a couple of jabs in her talking head about everyone being in Vegas besides her because her business is shoes and handbags and Brandi’s is the pole.  Um, your business used to be a serious empire of many things. The fact you have now stooped to being one of those housewives who sell handbags and wines of the month speaks volumes about your business.

When Kim calls to say she is going to get a nose job THAT DAY. You have to wonder if Kyle even knows when Kim films. Also, did y’all catch Jenn the Celeb Rehab Chick shake her head no when Brandi asked if Kim could have pain meds after a nose job? Kyle just brushed it off like of course, who cares. But the answer is no Kim should not have any narcotic pain meds after a surgery, nor should she be getting an elective surgery this quickly after rehab. I imagine the reason we have this new doctor doing her nose is because she is not telling him she is an addict.  There is more than one way to get some pills in Beverly Hills.  I predict Kim will say, he didn’t ask and she didn’t know she wasn’t supposed to take them.

Edited to add: The rerun is playing in the background and I realize the phone call went like this.  Kim: “I am thinking about getting my nose done.”  Kyle: “When?”  So scripted. If your 40 something sister calls and says she is thinking about getting her nose job, you don’t say, “When?”  you say, “What brought this on?”.

adriennepaulAdrienne is painting her nails on Paul’s office desk and completely disregarding his paperwork. Adrienne takes Paul for laser hair removal. I hope they do have an open marriage otherwise this is pointless because we all know Adrienne isn’t interested in ….Paul. Adrienne mocks him for not looking like Maurico and Paul asks if he ever negatively compares her to other women. Adrienne says he does. I doubt that.  Adrienne is trying to get the nurse to crank the laser up so that it hurts more and laughing at him. Wait, isn’t she supposed to be afraid of mean, violent Paul?

Meanwhile Kim is high as a kite and clearly feeling no pain. The doctor came in to ask about pain and she says it hurts. He says he will give her pain meds to take home.

Time for another dinner party from hell. Yolanda is drinking straight tequila. YOLANDA. Wow. I am shocked. Lots of cross talk and it’s hard for me to pick up on what everyone is saying. Brandi wants to either make a sex tape or a porn or something. I think she should. Marissa spilled red wine on her fancy white dress.  She wants to use white wine to take it off because Barbara Streisand does it that way. Actually, I have heard of this but I think I would go with club soda first. Who am I kidding. I’d just drink and let the dry cleaner deal with it later.

RHOBHvegasdinnerFirst dinner topic is brought up by Brandi. She’s like wow, so crazy that Kim is getting a nose job today and you didn’t know. Then immediately Jenn tags in with aren’t you worried about the pain medication? Everyone is concerned about Kim having a relapse and her reasons for the surgery, except Kyle.  In her talking head, Kyle says she does have concerns but she just didn’t want everyone talking about it.  Yolanda asks Camille to deliver her line which apparently was, “I miss Adrienne.” Dear Lord. Brandi tries to explain that she likes ( I think she meant liked) Adrienne but that the second she did not agree with her on something, I am getting sued. Kyle lamely tries to defend Adrienne and Brandi says the minute she didn’t take here side (when Adrienne tried to rally everyone against Lisa for the reunion) that is when the animosity started. Yolanda says Adrienne chose not to be her.

Side Tea: When the girls go to Paris Yolanda and Brandi get much closer.

Lisa says it’s not what you have to say it’s what you have to hide. Kyle says what do you mean? Lisa tells Brandi to say what she told her. Brandi says I don’t want to say it because I don’t want to get sued. Jenn said that Adrienne was on speakerphone in the car when she called Brandi to try to get her to gang up on Lisa. Camille was also in agreement. Adrienne wanted to have a meeting at the Polo Lounge to go over tactics. Brandi was not okay with that. Camille tries to deny she knew there was a conspiracy to go after Lisa.  Camille is getting angry because she feels Brandi is trying to throw her under the bus. Camille tosses her napkin and gets up to leave. She delivers her line, “I can handle it, but I will not stand for it” twice before making her grand exit. Kyle goes running after her and drags her back in because she has not finished her scene yet. She still has to do the SUR line. Camille brings up that Adrienne was mad because Pandora didn’t use The Palms for her bachelorette party. Brandi mentions the fact that Adrienne only has 2% of The Palms. Kyle says that is mean of Brandi to say. Really? Why?

Kyle randomly throws out that Brandi is lying about not having her nose done. Brandi says she hasn’t. I can’t imagine why Brandi would about it or care if people knew. Way to try to get things off of Adrienne there Kyle.

RHOBHCamilleSurThen we get to Camille dropping her “You don’t own SUR” line. Lisa says, I own 51% of it, and WHAT? lol. End of discussion. Lisa shuts her down. Yolanda keeps trying to shut Kyle up. Camille starts screaming at Yolanda. Yolanda as a private plane coming to get her. She is too important for this nonsense. I bunch of people decide to jump on the plane with Yolanda.  Not sure how why some flew home commercial.

Kyle goes to visit Kim. Kim has a new Pit Bull. Kyle is trying to be supportive of the nose job despite al the bandages and gear. Kim says she hasn’t even needed any pain pills. MmmmHmmm.  While Kyle is telling Kim about the dinner, Lisa is telling Ken. Ken seems to think Brandi should not have mentioned Adrienne only owns 2% of SUR. Why the hell is that a problem? If someone is going around Beverly Hills saying they own The Palms when they don’t, it’s mean for people to point that out? What a joke?

Next week Adrienne denies not only that she is suing Brandi but that her lawyer even sent a letter. That should be good. Wait, did we see Taylor tonight? What is up with that? Two weeks in a row? She’s never missed jumping in front of the camera in her life. Thirty day rehab?


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51 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Second Verse Same As The First

  1. Aretha

    I don’t think Brandi should talk about what people own when she owns nothing. I m really tired f Lisa and Brandi. They are very calculating. The reunion was so last year and she needs to move on. As long as Lisa nd Adrienne are getting a chek who cares how much they own. The both money.

    • Mango

      As near as I could follow amid the screeching, Brandi said Andrienne owned 2% of the Palms in response to Camille saying Adrienne was still on the warpath about Lisa’s not having Pandora’s bridal shower there. In other words, why would Adrienne be so angry if she doesn’t actually own the Palms.

      While I like her, Brandi doesn’t quite seem to understand the pin action the business chicks are striving for – that it’s the appearance that counts, the branding, not the reality

  2. puravidacostarica

    Would you like to try again?

  3. therealdeb

    camille admitted later that she just didn’t want to be put on the spot. camille is afraid to piss anyone off axcept for the person with the least amount of money. kyle needs to shut up and stop stirring the pot and own her little nudges to all the drama. brandi should just keep quiet and keep a running tally in her head and then nail them al at once. yolanda is so tired of the side picking as are most of the viewers. as for brandi’s comment about the palms, well adrienne stated last season that she needed the business, as a very, ery minor owner she really isn’t making anything anyways. i really am happy we haven’t seen taylor, that is refreshing, and you can tell adrienne doesn’t care for paul anymore by her dismissive behavior and her attitude. all the tangled webs around her were coming down.

  4. Ms Urethra Franklin

    I was rather surprised that Bravo aired a discussion about the drama at the reunion. I don’t think they breach the “fourth wall” very often.

    • If they did it would be a better show. I LOVE how on No Reserations Anthony would be all like…well we are going fishing today bring on the stunt fish. Or how they would air him eating something on the last day and he would say, ” I guess I am supposed tor wrap up the show with some metaphor about what I am eating right? So um Poland was like this fat piece of pork sandwiched between two bland pieces of bread. How was that? Ps I made that up, he never said it. but you know what I mean.

  5. did anyone else catch kyle’s reaction at the dinner to yolanda’s comments about kim having relapsed a few times? she looked like she was furious, along with with “oh shit…”

  6. Housewivesfan

    Since Taylor has been absent for two weeks now I am wondering if the rumors are true that they are phasing her out. Do you know anything about that Tamara? I dont miss her at all…her need to make EVERYTHING about her is so annoying.

  7. Kreative

    Stop writing recaps directly into WordPress. Copy-paste when done. Problem solved. (No, seriously…..we hate! missing the good stuff)

  8. Tamara

    I don’t get what the big deal about bringing up the fact that Adrienne doesn’t own the palms is. Adrienne is walking around blatantly lying and Brandi’s sick of it and clearing the air. She doesn’t own the palms. She has a small stake in it and she should say she owns it if she doesn’t. Just like when Adrienne’s said her labor or pregnancy or whatever were hard/ difficult. She’s telling a bald face lie. when others know the truth about you maybe you shouldn’t go around lying because that just encourages them to call you out on it. We’ve all been there and done that. And good for Brandi for saying she’s telling the truth but she’s doing it because she’s pissed at Adrienne. And for Kyle to say in her talking head that she hates to talk about someone even if what’s said is true because she doesn’t like gossip then she shouldn’t run back to Kim or Faye to “gossip”. She’s two faced about the whole situation. And I think Camille’s guilty she just didn’t like being put on the spot.

  9. Austin Martin

    My favorite person this episode was Yolanda…..”We have ruined three dinner parties, we know where you stand”…That was her polite way of saying Shut The F Up (Take note Brandy) High Five for Lisa putting Camile in her place…..I Own 51% (in her condenscending)…Did Camille miss that read? …I think so ?

  10. KWM

    Why shouldn’t Brandi bring up that she is only a 2% owner and even that is not true since the 2% owner is Maloof Sports & Entertainment. It is common knowledge and at the time of the sale was in every business newspaper as the buying company took on their 400 million debt. Her official title in the company is Marketing and Promotions. Read any business interviews by her brothers and they never bring her up, the only time they seem to talk about her is when the reporter asks. She isn’t even one of the top 7 executives of the company. After her brothers it is all non-family. This does not make her a bad person, but just shows how she has crafted this image of superior business women who is above everyone else, when in fact she is just a member of the lucky sperm club.

    She is in panic mode and her MO seems to be if I can get them looking at the other women, they won’t look at me, they won’t realize that I hate my husband, they won’t notice that I am a vindictive bitch. They won’t notice that I am being the mean girl at the middle school lunch table. Seriously what grown women calls people to try to get them to gang up on a person.

    Enough about Adrienne, oh Kim, I just don’t have words. I am also guessing the editors decided to cut the screen where she talked to the doctor about being an addict and just a few months (weeks???) out of rehab. I think her story last week of not wanting to use Paul because of the friendship was true, just not the way she is saying, not because if he messed up she would feel bad, but because he knows she is an addict, knows she is fresh from rehab. Also the whole crock about she only needed as much anesthesia as a child, oh please. Keep convincing yourself Kim that this surgery was a good idea at this time. You waiting 40 odd years, 1 more year would not have killed you.

  11. KWM

    scene not screen

    I tried to get through on WWHL to ask Kyle what she would tell her daughters if friends were acting the way she is. If my daughter had a group of friends and 2 of the friends were fighting I would recommend that she do her best to stay out of it, it has nothing to do with her. When they are in a group and if one of the girls is not their do not bring them up do not talk about them, as no good would come from it.

    I really wanted to ask if she thought this was appropriate behavior to model for her 4 and 12 year old girl. Wouldn’t you be ashamed if your girls were behaving the way you are????

    But alas I did not get through, plus even if I did I doubt I would have been put through with that question.

  12. I have been having a shit time with the crazy since the damn tornado incident of 2013. i could REALLY use a good laugh.

    Then along comes KWM with “lucky sperm club” and all seems right in the world. KWM gets the gold star of the day. :)

  13. There’s no way Kim was NOT totally lit when Kyle visited after the nose job. Also, gotta love Camille’s selective memory about the conversation. She basically admitted in the hallway on her way out the door that Brandi was telling the truth. Oh and the more I pay attention to Adrienne’s looks the more she looks like a post op trans.

    • Jarlath

      Camille has excellent memory. For example, she remember the “dig” Kyle made. It was disingenuous to pretend to not recall things only to later reveal she was lying in the hallway.

  14. victori0us

    RHOBH sets the standard with these shows. They have real drama and real battle lines drawn. RHOA seem to have table reads with the cast before filming. Fake drama and fake battle lines that change weekly.

    I still love Lisa, but that damn Yolanda has me OBSESSED!!! She is AUHHHH-MAZINGGGG. She shushed Camille like a child. I think Yolanda could very well murder each one of those women with words, and she knows that. I also think that if needed, she could whoop some ass.

    I’m over Brandi. I kinda miss Taylor. I’m sure she would’ve gotten plastered and gave us some memorable scenes.

    • You are going to be conflicted at the end of this month and beginning of March then, because Yo and Brandi fall in love in Paris., I’m just saying. And I am pissed that it is just two episodes… BTW Mauricio and Ken both go to Paris.

    • Ms1dimple

      I would agree with you about Yolanda! Loved,loved and more loved the “Shhhhhhhhh” Camille I’ve lost interest in her “staying out the way crap” getting up and leaving even though she knows she said it… You can leave already your boring! Kyle is a shit stirrer~ and doesn’t have Kim’s back at all.. I think she wants her to fall so she can have some control again (sad so sad) I forgot all about Traylor and so glad we haven’t had to look at perch lips for 2 episodes… “jumpin up and down”

  15. Momable

    Adrienne – you are on a reality show – your life is an open book now. I laughed out loud when I read a letter to Dear Abby and her response as part of her obit: (and I’m summarizing) “How do I do a cheap family tree/history investigation?” “Run for office”. Today, she would add “or join the cast of a reality show.” Yolanda and Lisa are adults. The others, not so much. Is Camille trying to get back on the show by being controversial? Brandi: even though everything you say is true, sometimes holding back is better. Save the zingers for the talking head interviews and just roll your eyes during the actual scenes. The Hilton/Richards family is just ludicrous. A couple of episodes back I cracked up with the Paris Hilton cameo – oh how she has fallen. Mauricio has lost all credibility. I think this season he smells the divorce and is thinking “3 listings!!”, sell the Maloof/Nassif house and help each buy new ones. How blatant can he be??

  16. myinfo

    I am tired of the Adrienne and Brandi story line.

    Obviously without it this season would even be more boring. My guess is Bravo reviewed their tapes and realized that the Adrienne and Brandi fight is all they had.

    How many times do we have to endure Adrienne saying Brandi ruined her life and Brandi saying STFU I am being sued.

    Camille just wants to be seen and not heard. I guess she slipped up this episode and the Season 1 Camille came out to play.

    I also noticed that Brandi used her friend to talk about Adrienne’s meeting with the other ladies before the reunion. Her girlfriend filled in the details on cue. I do not believe that her friend heard everything Adrienne said on speaker phone. Brandi figured if her girlfriend tells the story about Adrienne then she can’t be sued.

    P.S. – I wish I had a private plane. When Yolanda said the plane was ready everyone practically ran out of there.

  17. I haven’t read your recap yet but just need to say love, love, love the violent femmes quip!!

  18. ThunderMonk

    If Kim did her nose job research *casually scratches bridge of nose* she would know that puppies and children are notorious for suddenly reconfiguring yet-unhealed nasal bones.

    I’m sick of the Brandi’s blurting out hurtful/shadeful things (even if true) while patting herself on the back. Living without a filter is really living without caring about the impact of your words.

    Is there a pact between Lisa and Brandi? Because Lisa’s defense of Brandi (and repeatedly pointing out that Kyle didn’t defend her) is starting to look more out of character for Lisa. She does chide Brandi when they’re one on one, but Lisa says (almost) nothing when she says hurtful things or screams STFU in front of everyone.

  19. Justobserving

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned Kyle’s awesome manicure! OMG! Chanel logos all over each nail is sooooo……booghetto. Everything Kyle has is Chanel: her phone, her earrings, her bags and shoes, her lingerie, her sunglasses, etc.. Nothing says Class like lots of logos! Lollolololol

    • again. normal people with money dont do this. It’s new money. Its…. that kind of money. PUHLEASE people with money see those people and LOL. In the south we may have the battle of the trucks with the boys.. F350 etc… no one cares about any of that shit.

      On Tue, Feb 5, 2013 at 5:07 PM, Tamara Tattles

  20. I don’t think their is any issue with Kim and her nose job. When I had my nose done I hardly had to have any pain medicine at all. It hurts, but is not a great deal of pain. I just don’t know why she had her nose done in the first place. I thought she looked good the way she was.
    I don’t understand why anyone supports Brandi at all. She is so low class and white trash. Who would want to be friends with her.
    It was nice to see the old Camille on last night’s show. I hope she continues to bring it. I’m guessing Camille calmed down a bit until her divorce settlement was over, she didn’t want Kelsey using this footage against her in court.
    I am I am the only fan of Adrienne. I don’t see what she has done wrong to anyone.

    • Shellbelle

      Adrienne is a liar… That’s what’s wrong with her. She straight up lied about giving birth, called Brandi a liar and accused her of character assassination, had her lawyers go after Brandi ( which she appears to deny), and then to top it off, she’s on the cover of a weekly magazine selling her story basically confirming what Brandi said was true. Brandi didn’t ruin her life, she did with the lies. Should Brandi have blurted out what she did? Probably not. Brandi may be a lot of things, but a liar she is not. I think tere were other ways for Adrienne to handle it.. maybe confront brandi and tell her how hurt she was and that they werent planning on tellig the kids yet. Instead she called Brandi a liar and a bad mother. She has contradicted herself over and over again and has only made herself look like a bigger fool. As my grandmother use to say ” That girl is puttin’ on airs”.
      Even though Camille denied it to the group, she did admit what Brandi was saying is true. Adrienne tried to get everyone to go after Lisa and Brandi was the only one that wouldn’t. She should probably thank Lisa for the Maloof Hoof comment , otherwise her shoes would be long forgotten.

    • TRISHA

      I love Adrienne too… I think Brandi thinks that since she has Lisa on her side, she could as well do anything!!! Brandi should not be talking about people like that, She sure is a white trash!!

  21. Lori

    I love that Kim got a pit bull!!!! Go girl! Did anyone else catch her talking head where she says something like “Making the decision to not take the pain meds was a hard one…” (or something like that)? Gurrrrrrllll…. really???? I hope so though. I want that beautiful pit pup to grow up and have a long, loving, stable, furever home! :)

    • jakiesmom

      I don’t. I don’t think she knows how to deal with one and next year we will hear how she gave it away just like Adrienne gave away the german shepherd and no one sees jackpot anymore and the only animal she has tweeted is her cat.

      I hope I am wrong about Kim and the pitbull. I just don’t want to see another one go to the pound because the owner didn’t know how to deal with it from the start and couldn’t handle it.

      • Lori

        Neither do I jakiesmom. That’s why I said that at the end. I myself have one, foster others, and am very involved in pit bull rescue every day, so I know first hand the epidemic of irresponsible dog owners, but especially pit bull owners, since that is what 90% of the shelters are overwrought with. What I meant was, I am hoping that she will do the right thing and people who watch bravo can get a good look at the “real” pit bull. The most wonderful dog in the world!

      • jakiesmom

        Same here Lori. I foster dogs and work with shelters, so like you know firsthand what happens to pit bulls with the wrong owners. I hope that Kim gets some help in learning how to care for him. She truly loves him but she doesn’t seem to have the character to manage such a strong breed. Hopefully, since the Hilton’s bought it for her, they will help her and get a professional.

        He is a beautiful pit but I wish she would have rescused a dog.

  22. So…if Adrienne’s job is marketing and promotions for the Palms, wtf does her percentage of stock or ownership have to do with anything???? Her job is to promote the place. Lisa’s deliberately not having her event there makes Adrienne and the hotel look really bad. “One of your best friends holds an event across the street instead of at the palms? It must not be a very good place. I don’t think I’ll hold my event there either.” I’d guess that a big part of the reason for Adrienne to have ever been on the show was to promote the palms. Which is HER JOB. And lisa shit on that.

    So it makes no difference if she owns it or not. Brandi was being her calculated lowlife self as usual in even bringing it up. Just like she brought up surrogacy. It’s not that she doesn’t know better. It’s that she thinks she can get away with anything. And so far, she has. But it will catch up with her.

    • KWM

      Because her job is not Marketing and Promotions for the Palms, it is Marketing and Promotion for Maloof Company, the Palms is one of their small holdings. The Palms marketing and Promotion is done by the company that purchased the majority of the Palms. And even before they were bought out, she was still did not handle Marketing and Promotions for the Palms.

      It is just another example of her lying or stretching the truth to make her look more important or powerful than she is. Which if I lived in Beverly Hills and was caught up in that lifestyle I am sure I would most likely do the same thing. But I would also make damn sure I and all my skeletons did not go on a reality show.

      But if we go on the logic that they are on the show together and friends then it should be every women on the show should only have dinners at Villa Blanca, should only buy clothes from Kyle’s shop, should only hire Yolanda to decorate and if they go to Vegas should only stay at the Palms.

      • CommonCents

        Well said KWM!
        One way to make your business look good is not going on national television and throwing an adult temper tantrum because your “friend’s” daughter also has a friend that owns a hotel in Vegas and decides to have her bachelorette party there instead.
        Adrienne did that ALL by HERSELF!

    • susanna

      Pandora deciding to choose a location that she wanted. That decision had nothing to do with Adrienne. It only became about Adrienne, when she kept talking about it and made it a big deal. Then Adrienne becomes vengeful. The event was about Pandora and her upcoming nuptuals, not Adrienne.
      Who knows how much of that was bravo instigatated? Thought it made Adrienne look petty and childish, though.

      Last season, Adrienne was sniping at Paul and Lisa. This season she’s sniping at Paul and Brandi. It gets old very quickly. She’s more interested in her image branding then anything else. It’s turned into a negative venture for her. Who would buy her brand?

      • That’s hysterical. Did you see the shows about the wedding. It was Lisa’s wedding. Not the daughter’s. Lisa made every decision.

      • jakiesmom

        This wasn’t the wedding. It was the bachelorette party for a group of mainly 20 something girls. They were offered Planet Hollywood by a friend of the family so why shouldn’t Pandora accept it? Most girls their age would prefer PH over the Palms any day. Even the location is better than the Palms.

  23. P

    Acts to good for the show/group. I don’t sunderstand why she is even on the show. She certainly doesn’t add anything – except damn lemons.

    That bitch needs to shut up. I’m sick of hearing the ‘she tried to get me to go along…’ shit. It’s over with, move on bitch.

    As far as The Palms, it doesn’t matter if she owns 20 percent, 2 percent or anything else, at least she has a stake in it. As someone else said, what in the hell does Brandi own or run besides her mouth? One minute she’s crying about Adrienne having all of this money and suing her, yet she’s still running her mouth about her. In words that even she would understand, SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    People joke about Adrienne tasting the forbidden fruit, maybe people should investigate why it is Brandi can’t get Adrienne out of her damn head and mouth. Could it be Adrienne jilted her psycho ass? Besides, she keeps saying she’s telling the truth, who in the hell appointed Brandi the truth police?

    Ok, I fucking get it, she’s loyal to people. But, to critize people that defend Adrienne and act as if it’s a bad thing – when her head is shoved up Brandi’s ass constantly defending her – is a joke.

    If my sister wanted to discuss something with me that was private, I wouldn’t be discussing it over speakerphone in front of a bunch of catty women on camera! It would be nice if she wouldn’t discuss Kim, but instead let Kim discuss her own issues with the ladies if she wanted too.

    Really, I don’t get the deal about owning 2 percent or owning 51 percent. How many people can claim to own ANYTHING, let alone interest in a business? People are missing the point. It’s a weak issue just like the surrogacy issue. What damn difference does it make? GEEZ.

    Have a good week all,

  24. Conrad

    The Maloof’s owned the Palms 100%. But their third tower condo project put them heavily in debt. The Palms was 400,000,000 in debt and had already got an extension on this loan. So they agreed to turn the debt into equity for the lender giving off 49% to 2 different entities. The Maloof’s still sit on the board, George Maloof still heads N-M Ventures, which owns the Palms, N9NE Steakhouse, Ghostbar, Rain, Nove Italiano, Playboy Club, Moon and the Stuff store, assuming that post as part of a settlement of a legal dispute between the hotel and night life operator Michael Morton. And over time the family can acquire up to 20% ownership per this agreement. Outside of this agreement, if they played their chips right they could even acquire majority ownership again. It’s just business.
    I help people that are at risk of losing their home. And I can only do so much. When the bank gets fed and comes knocking I try and help my clients find new (and sometimes creative) living situations. Their first question is “what are people going to say if they find out I lost the house???” Screw what other people say. I’m not about counting other people’s money. I’m just saying, Brandi needs to think before she talks.

  25. 1. I’m so fatigued of Brandi Gate, about as fatigued as I am of Brandi’s reckless mouth. Also, I understand she needs $$$, but why hosting the stripper pole parties? Why not seminars on rebuilding yourself and your life after the loss of love?

    2. For a quick minute at dinner, Camille came back in full force as her “Season 1” Self. Her little menacing “I can handle YOU, but I won’t stand for it” was very soap operatic and entertaining.

    3. Can we please have a dinner party where people are not gossiping and whining about those who aren’t in attendance? I was particularly irritated that everyone had to jump on Kim. In real life if and when this sort of thing happens I am usually the first one to bind it up (!) and squash that kinda nonsense at a dinner table…but I suppose if these women weren’t taking every opportunity to talk behind each others backs we wouldn’t have a show, le sigh.

    4. Yolanda is too fly. Purely, simply, ridiculously.

    5. Adrienne. Girl, I don’t know about those bags, with all those monograms and signatures and whatnot. You might be better of with your skin care line. Her shoes also look terribly uncomfortable…I’m curious who her target demo is outside of the show’s fan base.

    6. Kyle & Kim….I wish y’all would get therapy and get to the root of your issues and relationship dynamics already. Everytime you two interact on screen, my blood pressure rises from the co-dependent toxicity. Eeeek. Get help. Together. Soon.

    7. Marisa…. Frigid much? No one was expecting you to drop it like it’s hot, but dang! At least be jovial and make the most out of it by having laughs with the rest of the girls over the silliness of it all.

    8. Lisa, I worry about you and this thing you have for attaching yourself to the walking wounded…hmm…there are times in life that it’s best when metaphorically walking past something sick and rabid… to just leave it alone.

    9. Looking at Paul’s scene with the hair removal, I can only say that i hope one day he finds a nice girl, 19 years old, who loves him for him, like a Lisa Hochstein type.

    10. Taylor was no where to be found in this episode: I didn’t miss her at all. Is that bad???

    • backporchcafe, for #6, I think one (just ONE, mind you!) HUGE issue between Kim & Kyle is jealousy over childhood stardom. I think Kyle is jealous that her acting career never took off like Kim’s did & that she isn’t known & cherished as the ‘Disney girl’ (or whatever it’s called). I think Kyle is jealous that she’s never been as well known for her acting as Kim has, period. For #8, Lisa can attach herself to me any time! LOL Seriously, though, I’d love to have a friend like her if I was trying to rebuild my life, make great connections & get great, high money-making jobs. For #9, from what we’ve seen on the show & in the tabloids, I’ve wished since S1 that Paul had someone who treated him better. Someone that looked at him like a smitten puppy & treated him like gold. I truly hope he finds that – he definitely deserves it.

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