Real Housewives of Atlanta First Look

RHOAcastseason2Okay, I am finally getting around to watching the first look for next week’s Real Housewives of Atlanta. Last week was one hell of a week and I am just now starting to recover and get back on track with the blog. Let’s see what fresh hell awaits us next Sunday.

Porsha is picks out a dress for Kordell’s 40th birthday party. Much ado is made about how Kordell loves picking out dresses and dressing Porsha, his Barbie doll. Now I believe in dressing for your man and picking out clothes based on his likes and dislikes. I even believe in a man taking you shopping and doing the whole Pretty Woman thing. But there is just something about Kordell that makes his interest seem a bit less manly. I love how the mom and sister pretend that Kordell bought all those dresses. These people can’t even try on clothes without making shit up.

RHOAKandirileyPhaedra drops in on Kandi to dish on the Kenya incident. Phaedra’s talking head says now that Kandi lives closer to her, it is easier for her to just stop by. AHEM. First of all we all know that this is not just a pop-in visit. It’s a pre-planned scene.  But even more importantly, Phaedra lives in Vinings and if I am not mistake, Kandi lived in the same area (this is where the first Tags is located) before she moved to South Fulton. This is much further away. That was a lie that didn’t even need telling. I can’t for the life of me figure out Kandi’s tea making process. I replayed it three times. Kandi is actually cooking though. That may be a housewife first for Atlanta! Kandi’s house looks great!

And now the dramatic Kenya cancer scare scene. But first, the ultrasound shows the date of the doctor’s appointment was September 19. Kordell’s birthday is October 16th. It will be interesting to see how this is edited together. Kenya is being a huge drama queen in her talking heads acting like she has cancer. She wonders what else can go wrong in her life, blah blah blah. Then she announces she is tired of all the drama. These talking heads are filmed after the fact so we can expect her proclamation of a clean bill of health while wearing the same loud yellow off the shoulder dress very soon.

Also on the next episode Kandi decides to do a gospel album. I don’t think she really has a gospel voice, or the type following to support the album. I like Kandi and think she should release an album but something in her usual wheelhouse. I don’t think the gospel crowd wants a free dildo with every album purchased. I mean, well, they probably do want free dildos, because doesn’t everyone? But they don’t want to admit that when they are buying their Jesus stuff. That’s just my opinion. I could be wrong. Perhaps my readers who are fans of gospel could tell me if a one stop shopping experience for sex toys and Jesus works for them.




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61 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta First Look

  1. RealitySux

    **RealitySux hides her Dildo, while turning up her Vickie Winans cd**

    **AHEM…clears throat**

    LOL …I don’t see anything wrong with it … she’s tried country … so why not gospel. I think if she were proclaiming to be extremely religious, then maybe I’d be like Hmmmmm…but it’s just a gospel record. I will withhold judgement as to how her voice is singing a gospel song…I need to hear the track pulled together with Mr Sapp.

    I guess if you’re from the Atlanta area, it would bug to have the distance between Phaedra and Kandi be a lie … but for me, who knows nothing about the area – I didn’t care…it just gave Phaedra something to say. LOL

    I don’t know how I feel about Porsha yet … but I don’t like her hubby,

    Kenya … makes me wonder when RHOA wraps for the season! LOL

  2. victori0us

    The gay thing is supposed to be addressed with Kordell on the show I believe. That rumor followed him forever. I don’t like him. He seems like an asshole.

    Kandi…stop singing pls. Produce, endorse, film, do anything but sing.

    • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

      Right. Personally, I can’t stand him or Peter. In my opinion, both of them act like two little girls, always involving themselves in some Housewives drama. But Peter doesn’t tell Cynthia, (from what we know of), that she can’t have company over when he’s not there. I was thinking, TF? Is Porsha a child? Why can’t she have women over, even if it is about business, if he isn’t there? That weirded me out?

      • Well….she is kind of a child. I think she might be developmentally disabled with the mental and emotional capacity of a 14 year old.

      • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

        Right! Somebody get her off this STAT!

      • cns

        I’m confused; did Kordell say that Porsha is not allowed to have visitors in their martial home with permission? If that is true, them Kenya pegged her right, she is a little girl. Such a shame, bragging about how great her life is but as a grown woman she needs to get permission from her father… I mean husband to have guest over. SMH. Grass ain’t always greener. It’s interesting that a lot of people were saying that Kenya was jealous of Porsha lifestyle but could it be the other way around. Kenya may not have a man but she sure does have her free will (to show her behind) to do her. LOL.

      • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

        They were playing out on the basketball court and Porsha said something to affect that she couldn’t have Cynthia over because her husband wasn’t there, then Kordell agreed saying that was a place of business… I just didn’t get that. And ITA with you. I don’t get how people are saying Kenya is jealous of Porsha either. Guess that’s something they are just throwing out there.

    • I hope she listens! Maybe write for Mary Mary, the Winans (get that Grammy Girl!) but sing …. I wish she would not!

      • Every time I think of Kandi singing all I can hear in my head is the RHOA intro, with her talk-singing,

        “I may be small….eeeuuuooooohh”.

        Who’s idea was it to okay that???? I love Kandi, but that damn intro takes me OUT every time, lol.

        I’m all for Kandi getting her Grammys on, but Mary Mary are Pentacostal and can’t even show their knees in church circles. They are more progressive than many believers out there in the gospel music industry, but they also adhere pretty strictly to not offending their base audience, and I doubt the Saints would be down for buying a record written not only by someone who is not “churched, but Urban America’s Dildo Queen on top…nah…they ain’t havin’ it, lol.

      • Kari

        Lmfao, I thought it was just me who realized and felt that way. It almost seems mocking. I don’t mind her studio edited voice,but the live is horrible. She definitely needs to retire those vocals.

  3. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Maybe Kenya used the same doctor that Kim Z used when she explained her reason for wearing shiny, cheap synthetic wigs and calimed that she had cancer, but it wasn’t cancer, even though she knows how terrible it was to live with cancer when she did not have cancer. Kim Z said she wore wigs to help her cover her hair that she lost because of the cancer that she never had…. What is it with these Atlanta gals and their truamatic NONcancer scares.

    Cancer is serious, but all of us have had a benign something removed from somewhere at least once in our lifetime. That is part of life. But since we don’t have cameras on us, we were spared the self indulgent dramatics.

    • Undine

      And this is why Mrs Kim Bierman drives me up the wall: CANCER DOESN’T CAUSE HAIR LOSS!! I’ve always wondered why the whole world and Andy (on the reunion) let Kim get away with this lazy, ignorant lie. Treatments to treat cancer, chemotherapy causes hair loss. It galls me that Kim takes a serious issue, and toys with it in a bid for sympathy.

      • Daphne

        Actually, what Kim was referring to was Thyroid Cancer – hypothyroidism causes hair loss, among other things. When you have a goider caused by thyroid “malfunction”, the doctors automatically check for cancer. Just to clear up her disorder….at least one of them. :-)

      • Undine

        Oh! Okay. I stand corrected. Thanks Daphne! But I still don’t like how Kim trivialized cancer/made up a fictional scare. It makes me crazy.

      • FGF

        Maybe I missed something but when did Kim clarify what she was diagnosed with? I just watched the season 1 reunion last week when they reran it and she refused to answer Andy when he specifically asked what her diagnosis was. I also found it disturbing that she even mentioned it seeing that she was chain smoking and guzzling down wine in every episode.

      • cns

        Well I was having thyroid issues(no cancer) I did have hair loss as well, but I don’t give Kim a pass. She just lies to much for me.

    • Kim is not on the show anymore. Why are you still talking about her?

      • Terri

        @ teecee They talk about her Because they want to talk about her. Who are you to try to regulate anyone’s conversation? Nevermind. nobody. Carry on.

      • I question because I want to question. Everyone was jumping up and down ranting that they didn’t want to know about Kim anymore. Now you don’t. But here you all are …still talking about her. And I laugh. Your infatuation is why she will be back next season and you idiots will keep crying. And I’ll laugh more.

      • Oh come on teecee no name calling. Don’t call them idiots. I didn’t even post anything but saw youir snarky rude and meanspiriited remark to Terri and it pissed me off. Tamara asked everyone to be nicer for 2013. I leave blogs that get mean remarks against commentators not the reality stars I could care less if you want to bash them, but the people commenting don’t deserve it. I could care less about Kim too but what does it matter? Or do you just like to stretch your muscles and lash out at people if you see an oppurtunity? Don’t answer. I usually don’t like any of your comments anyway and I never reply. But this was just not nice.STFU

  4. I’m pretty sure Kandi’s old house was/is in Fayetteville, so now she would be a lot closer.

  5. i’m pretty sure Kandi’s old house was in Fayetteville, which would make her a good bit closer now.

    • You might be right. Smyrna would seem to be a strange place to open a store if you lived in Fayetteville though. Wow.

    • BabaBinx

      Yup, I thought Kandi’s old house was down in Fayetteville as well. Never realized Phaedra was in Vinings. But now that you mention it, it does look like one of those “Sminings” (Smyrna/Vinings) houses that are on a tiny plot of land!

  6. Girl Plz...

    Not sure we needed a review on the 1st look.

  7. FGF

    Hey Tamara…maybe Kordell did buy all of those dresses, for himself!! LOL!! I think I’ve finally found a husband I dislike more than Peter. Kordell just strikes me as the woman hating, down low type of gay man because of how he speaks to Porsha.

    Oh and I’m LMFO at a free dildo with every gospel cd purchase!! A little mood music, perhaps. LOL!! Kandi probably should have just written a gospel track for someone else and not recorded it herself. I just can’t picture her gospel album playing during Kandi Koated Nights or her attending the Stellar Awards in those skin tight dresses she loves! IJS..

  8. Vette_Cee

    I usually like assholes like Peter but Kordell just gives me this uneasy feeling. Like I should leave the room so I’m not called as a witness later type of feeling. IDK I could be wrong.

  9. If I got a free dildo with a purchase of gospel music, I would purchase nothing but gospel music.=

  10. Ncfinedime

    Have you heard the rumor of Porsha being with child. Scanning thru her twitter,I definitely think so…

    • Haven’t heard it or seen anything suggesting it on her twitter. I would think she would tweet about taking the pregnancy test while it was going on if there was a chance. She seems like that type.

      • Last month she mentioned in an interview on Hot 105’s “The Breakfast club” that she was a mother (if my senile self is remembering this correctly): it sounded like a slip of the tongue because she was chattering away so fast explaining to DJ Envy, Charlemagne and Angela Yee why she didn’t have time to deal with the likes of Kenya, blah blah blah.When she said it I had just assumed she quietly popped out a kid already (didn’t pay attention to how long it’s been since filming wrapped), or that she was newly preggers…didn’t think much of it at the time other than “Oh, Congrats” since that was her main storyline on the show. The interview should still be up on the Power 105 website if anyone’s interested.

      • Kordell has…. I believe a 10 year old son. So she is a step-mother who took to it in a modified Leann Rimes sort of way. That is what that comment was about.

      • FGF

        There are rumors around Atlanta that Porsha had a child prior to marrying Kordell that she keeps out of the limelight. That may be what caused the slip of the tongue.

      • Porsha is dying to have a baby. She doesn’t have a hidden child anywhere, that is ridiculous. She is a very doting step-mother to Kordell’s son who they do keep off the show.

  11. suziezee

    Lmao! Kordell is def sending Porsha out for his free dildos!!

  12. Miss K

    I do seem to remember Kandi saying that her first house was in Fayetteville, because it was cheaper to buy houses out there.

    • I believe that is where her original house is but I also believe at least during filming she had to be staying somewhere more central. Also when opening TAGS it is an hour with moderate traffic from Fayetteville to TAGS. She had to have at least rented a place closer to TAGS (and Phaedra) when the store first opened and filming was going on. It would be silly to make that drive everyday.

      • FGF

        Doesn’t Kandi have a business partner that co-owns Tags and usually works there? Maybe that’s how she was able to live so far away.

      • BabaBinx

        I would suspect Kandi wasn’t doing the Fayetteville to Smyrna/Atlanta Road commute at rush hour. If she was going at off hours or the opposite way of the commute, it wouldn’t be that bad of a drive. Especially considering you can easily get away with doing 70/75 mph on that side of 285. I doubt she had any need for a temp place near the store. People in Atlanta are used to horrendous commutes.

      • Miss K

        I may be wrong but I don’t think that she rented another house during filming. The reason I say that is because I seem to remember in the earlier seasons, Kim saying that Kandi lived so far and yadda yadda. And her house in Fayetteville is so different that every time they did shoot her there (which was hardly) you can tell it was at the house.

  13. The Disher

    Do you know if Phaedra owns her own house? I looked in Cobb County Tax Assessor’s records and the only person with the last name “Parks” who owns a home is Joyce Parks. Nobody with the last name “Nida” owns a home, either — that I could find. Just curious if she has the dough that Bravo portrays that she does.

    • Cobb County Tax assessor no longer allows you to search by name only. Yes, you will see that it will only allow business entities, so you must see that Joyce Parks owns business property. They changed the site about 2 months ago. Now, you must know the street and the last name.

      I live in Vinings (3 minutes from TAGS) and have never seen Phaedra out anyway and none of my friends have either so I’m not sure. I always assumed she lived in Gwinnett or even Brookhaven (as they have cluster homes too). But upon searching records long ago, I never came up with anything. And yes, Kandi’s first home was in Fayetteville.

  14. pffft

    Kandi lived in Fayetteville, GA before she moved, which is about a 45 min drive to Vinings, GA. Cascade Heights is about 20 mins from Vinings. Phaedra wasn’t lying.

    • Kate

      Something seems really off with Phaedra this season. How do you have time to practice law, train as a mortician, dance in a video, raise a child? Be a wife? I’m thinking she no longer practices law. She seems very shady to me lately.

      • vivaladiva831

        phaedra is becoming a caricature of herself. i hate when this happens with the housewives! they start out likeable, or if not likeable at least original and engaging. kyle is another one, and tamra. it’s almost like phaedra is trying to hard and comes off corny at times.

      • Hmm

        Phaedra is past her prime and has served her purpose. I would not hate to see her go. Caricature is definitely the word.

      • Trinky

        On the AfterBuzz interview on Straight from the A, she saids she is in school to be a mortician and still practices law. Who said you cant have everything? She owns her own law firm, so she gets to decide her workload. Her mother helps out with her child. It is not impossible. Alot of people, go to school, work, have businesses, children and a husband. They do fine. Why can’t she?

  15. Vette_Cee

    I feel like I’m learning so much about local Atlanta, makes me want to visit. I’m in Los Angeles so I feel clueless. Anyway finding your blog has made this season so interesting along with this post.

  16. Give me TEA

    I’m falling in love w/Tamara’s Blogs 😉

  17. Does anyone else think Kordell’s voice is weird?

  18. Maybe it’s because I have been single for SOFA KING LONG (um not bitter. :) ) But I’m amazed at the number of people who thinks any relationship that is not like theirs is some weird nonconsensual thing. Plenty of women love relationships where the man controls the relationship.

    Might I use the huge following of the 50 Shades of Gray trilogy as support for this?

    • Trinky

      @TamaraTattles I totally agree. Some women don’t mind the men being totally in control. If that is what your marriage is about then it is cool with me. Im not going to knock you for that.

  19. alove1

    I buy gospel music,but I won’t buy any of Kandi’s music. She spilled alot of tea about her gospel song & Escape on the last episode of KKN. I love your blog!

  20. Linda

    I hope Kandi don’t do the gospel thing. My God, the girl can’t even sing for real. She said it herself last week, when she said everybody in ATL thinks thet can sing. Kandi need to get a grip. I feel like she has issues.

  21. AmberKnows

    I didn’t see anything REALLY wrong with Kordell not wanting Cynthia and her cohorts holding business meetings in his home. One thing is to invite your friends over, but when they start inviting others or a committe to your home that’s an issue. Furthermore, you don’t know if the people Cynthia is bringing, and yes it’s her gays, have sticky fingers or are stunt queens. While Portia makes the tea they could steal a knick knack when her back is turned. Also who the hell are Cynthia’s assistants trying to guilt Portia into having them at her house? Sounds shady to me already.

    I’ve been ‘robbed’ by 3 visitors. One was my father’s nephew who came to visit from out of town and took my gold nameplate that I’d removed in the bathroom. The other two were neighbors. One asked to use the phone when he was getting evicted and took my gold hoop earrings off the coffee table. The other was a ‘gay male friend’ who used the 2nd floor restroom and made his way into my bedroom. I called out and heard the top of my Godinger glass vanity set being closed and knew he was in my bedroom. He quickly came downstairs, denied that he was in my room and went home. When I checked my glass jewelry box, my gold ID bracelet was missing. I immediately went to his house and said if he didn’t return my bracelet I was calling the police! He sent his sister with the bracelet 5 minutes later.

    The third time was the charm. I keep my jewelry locked away. I DO NOT ALLOW STRANGERS / Aquaintences or shady family in my home unsupervised, nor do I allow access to my living quarters to anyone who I do not trust. Maybe Kordell’s been burned in the past and if the rumors are TRUE… he knows you can’t trust shady queens! AT ALL! LOL

    • Hmm

      Sing it, Amber, because you truly do know. Kordell seems to be reasonable yet opinionated. His home is his and Porsha’s castle. You never just let anyone into your home. He is only safeguarding their interest. He does not so much control Porsha, rather he guides her as he seems to be the more realistic of the two so he balances her fresh energy with a dose of reality.

      Business meetings should be held at the Bailey Agency not Porsha’s private home. In addition to exposing yourself to theft, you also just do not want people to satisfy their curiosity about where you lay your head. People are nosey.

      If you have never had anything stolen from your home then be grateful because it is makes you feel so violated, vulnerable and often dumb.

      Cynthia coming over would be fine, but brining in a team is unacceptable. Never let traffic through your home.

  22. Katrina

    Kordell Stewart is famous in his own right and I am sure he doesn’t want to entertain people. It is his home and he wants to maintain privacy. This Bravo gig is Porschas and he probably does not want additional exposure.

  23. sunny

    i like this show. kandi does not have a good singin voice to me at all! she should just write/produce! porsha is fake airhead goldigger & kordel is tippin out the closet every episode!! cynthia has become my favorite! love her shade! lol. kenya is crazy&nene seems kinda over rhoa.

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