Random Thoughts on Big Rich Atlanta

Big-Rich-AtlantaY’all keep asking me about Big Rich Atlanta and I have been meaning to watch the first two episodes and just can’t bring myself to do it.  But tonight I am going to give you some random thoughts and reactions to the first two episodes. First of all the blond mom from some Sumter South Carolina with the two daughters with super blond hair don’t strike me as southern at all. Sure one is named after a motorcycle  (oh wait, I thought it was Harley, her name is Harvin, wtf?) and another is named after a weiner but they LOOK like yankees to me. I’m not fond of Ashlee either she is trying way too hard to pretend she is a rich pageant girl. If she had any money or sense she would not be wearing a green sequence dress from 1986 to an outdoor luncheon at the club. If these blonds are so rich, why do they have such cheap, tacky, fake hair?

big-rich-atlanta-ashleekahdijihaSo far, I am loving Kahdijiha and her mother. Meanwhile, Ashlee is at Diamonds wearing sunglasses inside.  Harvin’s hair is the worst I have ever seen. Khadijiha, just no on those earrings. Jesus, where do they find people who dress like this in Atlanta?

Ashlee just straight up lied about being Miss Georgia Teen 2001.  Miss Georgia Teen is part of the Miss USA enterprise.  Ashlee won a title called Miss Georgia Teenager  which is not affiliated with any major pageant circuit. It’s like Miss Vidalia Onion.  Also she is from Valdosta, not Atlanta. This is why her mother is not on the show. She’s at home in Valdosta four or five hours away. This means that it is highly unlikely that Meagan who is from Marietta and  Ashee would ever know let alone date the same guy. I am still not sure what country club these girls are all pretending to belong to.

Have we talked about what these girls are wearing? I just don’t even know where they sell these clothes Harvin and Meyer wear.  The only women on this show with any money at all is Khadijihia’s family. It’s a mess. Are y’all watching this?






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23 responses to “Random Thoughts on Big Rich Atlanta

  1. Critter

    Have been meaning to watch it, try to remember tomorrow…
    Good recap though…

  2. Ms Urethra Franklin

    I’m guilty of watching.
    Khadijah is my favorite. She does not take shit from that personified blowfish Ashlee. I think the big fight between those two is later this week. It results with Ashlee leaving the show ( but I read she comes back later is season I think) and Khadijah face assault charges.

    TT since you are so close to the Atlanta tea I expected you to take to the show like you do to liquor. It does have the typical elements of reality tv, but I’ll watch almost anything. I just balance out the tv trash by watching Downton Abbey.

    Most the “ladies” are hawking & plugging their goods on tv. It is so transparent.

  3. Heartland

    Wait, what about the dancing preacher lady??? How do you go from video hoe to minister? I need answers. I’m watching this mess for sure!

  4. Problem #1 1st paragraph says “The blonde Mom” when u have to describe someone like that it means there is too many cast members. Judging by the pic initially, I think I’m right so far. Okayx gonna read the rest lol

  5. That picture, is that really all the cast members? Wow that’s too too many.

  6. Critter

    Well, 30 minutes was all I could take…
    Will keep watching BRT – if it gets better next season…

  7. Dawn

    I have watched because I am trying to grasp the hair of these sisters, Harvin and Meyer, just BIZAARE!!!

  8. myinfo

    I saw the episode when the former pageant person Ashlee wore a leprechaun green dress. That had to be an old dress because that style and shade of green died years ago.

    I found the show boring. I didn’t like anyone.

    Sorry I don’t know anyone’s name, but the young girl that looks like Bobby Christina who hates Ashlee has a dumb story line. It just seemed like a forced fight to me.

    Nobody had any style and they were all boring.

    I will not be watching again.

  9. myinfo

    One more thing:
    There were too many characters. I could not figure out who was who since many of them look alike so I turned the channel.

  10. Kash511

    NO and I’m pissed at everyone who requested a blog on this crap.

    • LOL I felt the need to watch it at least once anyway. It was sort of unrecappable. I should have mentioned the video hoe turned preacher. But to be honest, she is probably one of the least scripted people on the show. If we are in fact rid of Ashlee next week, we will have to see whose storyline goes forward. I think it may be Harvin and Meyer for the rest of the season. Meyer has this one clump of fake straight hair that looks perfectly normal. But in general I am so busy looking at the crap they call hair I can’t follow the show. Did y’all see when they spray painted black designs on the side of their head? It’s just so awful.

  11. CE

    They’re filming at Brookfield Country Club in Roswell, which according to the club’s website, will be known as Buckhead Country Club for the show. It describes the show as a comedy and indicates they did extensive due diligence before signing on – do they really think they’re going to come out looking good?

    • Thanks, CE. Roswell seems like a far piece for any of these women. (particularly the Valdosta girl living in the staged downtown apt, lol) I found it odd that they didn’t show the name of the club anywhere. I knew it wasn’t Atlanta Country Club or Certainly not Cherokee Town (or Country) Club. :)

  12. socalsun

    I don’t understand why Harvin and Meyer’s hair is still attached to their heads. There is so much bleach, it’s ridiculous. The way they dress is atrocious; looks like they shop at a store for teenagers. Ashlee is trying way too hard for the camera, and her lips look horrid. I’m not sure if I will continue to watch, but I did watch Big Rich Texas which was tolerable.

  13. Shellbelle

    I can only imagine what people think of Atlanta or georgia when they see these shows…most people ( the ones NOT on tv) rock jeans and flop flops and are proud of it. The bleached hair, extensions and 6 inch heels are not in an everyday wardrobe.

  14. Someone who knows

    Actually went to school with Meyer and Harvin in South Carolina so that’s true.

  15. I watched one episode of this show and had to turn it off. That one broad Ashlee looks like a transvestite. The blonde sisters Meyer & Harvin look older than their mother. Everyone on this show is annoying. Don’t plan to watch anymore.

  16. amber

    thought it was interesting………… i guess. im just more drawn to it b/c its so close to home. I forget that everyone doesnt know where Valdosta is, hence why T had to put in the distance. I have never been in ATL and seen women dress this way, or the way they do on RHOA.. but Im from down the road and dont live there :)

    • Katie Walsh

      I grew up in Buckhead and can assure you that no one dresses or acts this way. No one with old Atlanta money and class would participate in this show.

  17. Anon

    Ashlee is from Stillmore, GA, not Valdosta. She went to college in Valdosta.

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