Tidbits About Real Housewives of New Jersey Filming

RHONJtrepeaceI’ve been getting lots of requests to talk about what is going on with the filming of Real Housewives of New Jersey. I’ve been hearing things for quite a while but not enough to warrant a blog. Now there is all of this ex-boyfriend of Melissa drama going on and I might as well try to sort of catch y’all up to speed. I warn you in advance it isn’t any shocking tea.  Let’s start where I left off last season. Remember this shocking post where I (at least temporarily) professed myself to be a Tre hugger?  I still believe that Tre was set up in Strippergate by production and that Jac Laurita was fully aware it was going to go down. It appears that a certain producer is no longer working on RHONJ. I also said that on the new season, Tre was going to get the good edit and the story arc would be Melissa getting a turn in the crappy edit chair. It turns out I was at least half right there.

I think New Jersey is about mid-way through filming and the hammer seems to be dropping on Melissa. Recently, an ex-boyfriend of Melissa’s has shown up on twitter and SHOCKINGLY RadarOnline has picked up the story. The guy is named Bryan and he claims to have been Melissa’s boyfriend before Melissa married Joe.  I should point out that Melissa got married almost 8 years ago in 2004.  Isn’t it interesting that this guy turns up on the season where Melissa has been cast as the villain?  Basically this guys tweets say that Melissa lived with him and his parents while working at Lookers and at some point his father threw her out of the house. He claims Melissa hid in bushes and stalked him. He also says that Melissa gave him an ultimatum to stop seeing other women or “she would marry the millionaire.”  This is supposed to paint Melissa as money hungry. Really? Is this news? Find me a housewife that didn’t consider finances when marrying these “rich” people. 

To add drama to insanity, Bryan apparently has a brain tumor. It sounds as though it may be a second event of cancer in his brain. Let me just say that with all the fake cancer, fake brain tumors, fake drama on twitter and the Internet in general I can’t help to be sceptical. But never fear, there are plenty of twitter idiots who spend their time defending their housewife of choice by taunting people who allegedly have brain cancer. I’ll spare you the tweets. I have a pretty high threshold for vile behavior on the internet and some of these Melissa fans have managed to cross it.

The bottom line on that drama is that it may be brought up by other housewives during filming but I doubt we will see Bryan on the show. The storylines have long been written and he’s not in them. There is a lot of speculation about the timing of Melissa’s first born son. I don’t like to get into the kid’s issues, so I will leave it at that. Melissa will be getting abuse from many directions this season though. So I was dead on about that.

RHONJreunion2As for Teresa, it appears the producers are TRYING to give her the good edit. They are focusing on her business ventures and giving he lots of free advertising as a reward for enduring the shit edit last season. However, Teresa being Teresa is still managing to make herself look bad. It seems that in order to deflect from her shaky marriage with Joe (is he in jail yet?) Teresa is going after the marriages of pretty much everyone else on the show. It’s not just Melissa and Joe or Kathy and Rich, Teresa is going all in on Caroline Manzo accusing her husband of cheating.  She makes allegations about Melissa’s oldest child.  You know how Adrienne Maloof accused others of selling stories when it was really her all along? Well that seems to be Teresa’s approach attack other people’s marriages as a way to deflect from hers. We may or may not see this in the final editing, but the word is that Teresa is not giving production enough material to give her a completely positive edit this season.  Which I suppose is good for us.

So that’s the RHONJ filming update for now. Who do you think will be on Melissa’s side?


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36 responses to “Tidbits About Real Housewives of New Jersey Filming

  1. Vp

    I had to leave twitter. It got too weird! And MEAN. I miss you tho, TT. I remember a long time ago when it was getting bad for TAYlor and you wrote a blog about how off the rails it was and it’s way too far. That was about the last time I really did the twitter thing. It was fun for a few months, but the trolls! Lawdy, those trolls!

  2. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Well let me just say this. All of them have talked about Teresa’s marriage, like theirs are so great. Caroline barely sees her, Melissa’s marriage probably stinks as well, but she gets the good edit, Rich…enough said, and last I checked, Jacqueline and Chris were being sued by Susan G. Komen. They have no place to talk about Teresa’s marriage. Caroline said disgusting things about Tre’s marriage and Tre never said a word back about hers, until she got on WWHL. They all attack her, but if she defends herself, she’s the bad guy. So yeah, turnabouts fair play.

    Melissa is nothing but a famewhore, who has bitter/evil sisters on Twitter, who are hell bent on destroying Tre and her supporters. Even a Marco Sisters fan page turned against them and exposed them. I could say more, but Tamara, you’ve already warned me about (and I respect that) bringing other bloggers drama up in the comments, so I’ll just stick to saying that not all are sane, and unlike you Tamara, who can stop being biased for a moment, some can’t, and you’d think they were on the Marco Sisters payroll.

    • Buck Henry

      I heard the rumors about the sushi lounge and Melissa and Joe’s youngest possibly not being his.

      • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

        I think I know what you are talking about when you say sushi lounge, but my memory needs a bit of refreshing. I’m drawing at straws here, but I once heard a rumor that Melissa is connected to some guy who owns some kind of restaurant in Jersey, but I can’t remember if it’s a Sushi Lounge or not. Is this what you are talking about.

        Also, I heard the rumor about Melissa’s youngest as well. I try not to go there with the children, but yeah, it’s all over the place. She is this shadiest character on RHONJ, trust.

      • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

        Oh, just looked it up about the restaurant I’m talking about. It goes back to the Lookers allegations. Lookers is owned by a guy named Chris Kontos, and he owns Lookers and some steak house in Jersey caleld Chris Michaels, the latter of which Melissa regularly promotes. Some of the pics can be found on SH and Famewhorgas.

  3. michelle

    Thanks for the Tea! Delicious and satisfying!!! I think Jacqueline and Caroline will side with Melissa but Kathy will be Switzerland this season, she needs Teresa’s “lifestyle” customer overflow for her own brand.

    • socalsun

      Kathy brings nothing of interest to the show. Melissa will be the focus this season and hopefully, everyone will see her for the phony she really is. Jaco is whacko and Caro is miserable and full of hot air. I hope Teresa is shown in a better light this season.

  4. flo

    It was so clear Jac Laurita was involved/knew about the ‘set up’ which was so ridiculous anyway. And Kim G is too funny none of them would hang out with her anyway.

  5. HousewivesFan

    I hope the rumors about danielle returning are true.

  6. Lori

    I am so glad that Melissa is getting hers this season. I hate the way they tried to make her look like such a good guy in previous season. Practically a saint. Like it was all Teresa or something. Anyone who couldn’t see right through that.. well… those are the people who keep Bravo alive I guess. I am always telling my Mom when she says how much she loves Melissa, “Trust me Mom, Melissa is no saint. I know the type.” I feel like she and Joe have really done Teresa wrong…. BIG time. Can’t wait to see this season and see things turn around a bit. Finally!!!!

  7. As much as I want to see MeHo fall on her face, I truly want Fredo to fall in chit.

    • Are you an adult? We don’t talk baby talk here, nor do we understand it.

      • pffffft


      • Thank you TT!! I don’t know who either of these people are that she is talking about. Who is she referring to I get Melissa I think is the first one but who is fred? Don’t know who she means….

      • Sally

        I think “fredo” comes from some kook on SH who thinks she’s so clever.

        It will be very interesting to see how all this real time stuff that’s going on, such as Bulldog’s twitter exchanges figure into the season currently taping. My feeling? Bravo is going to completely ignore it. Because they cannot control it. They are all about controlled, contrived setups. And, as such, I agree with what TT wrote, that this new drama does NOT fit into their prewritten and prescribed “storylines.”

  8. They would have to extraordinary editors to redeem Teresa. Their is nothing about her that is likable. I heard they are bringing on new characters that happen to be friends of Teresas in order to make her look good, but if you have ever seen the people Teresa hangs out with you would know they are all a bit sordid themselves.
    I doubt if the rest of the cast is going to go against Melissa because of what happened years ago when they didn’t even know her.
    If Teresa were smart she would stay the villain in order to keep her job on the show. Otherwise she has nothing going for her.

  9. myinfo

    I will try my best not to watch this season. But I doubt that will happen.

    Actually I don’t care about any of these ladies anymore.

    The only 2 slightly interesting people are Teresa and Melissa. If the show is going to be Teresa against everyone else it will be a bunch of dragged out fights with a lot of info commercials thrown in now and then.

  10. Thanks for writing this I now at least kind of understand what some of the tweets I see mean. I just picked housewives fans to follow and people who are into Hollwood and Tv like I am for fun. I tweet and read to keep up on everything but have no intention of getting involved in any hate. It is fun to interact with the fans and the people we watch thats all. I will say I have never liked melissa and never trusted her and will probably enjoy this season from what Ican see. I do like Caroline and hope she and Teresa make up because I enjoy them as friends.

  11. Tessa

    I am so over the NJ franchise. Too vile. They go way too far and are just disgusting people. I find no entertainment value in watching these pigs attack each other in front of children. The baptism fight was the last episode I watched of these “people” and it’s gonna stay that way!

    • Sally

      As someone born and bred in NJ, you think the women in other franchises are not “too vile?” Newsflash: they ALL are. That’s what Bravo trolls for when seeking candidates among all the fame-thirsty attention whore women who want to be on the show.

  12. Tessa

    Well as Tamara said, she makes it nearly impossible for her to get an all good edit because she acts like a fool pretty much constantly! You say leave Teresa alone and then say leave marriages alone in the same breath, but according to Tamara’s tea – Teresa is the one attacking marriages, so why should she be off limits?

    • Lilly, if you find something that interests you on another site, please discuss it in the comments on THAT site.. I am not here to argue about what you read somewhere else. My referral to Teresa attacking marriages is being filmed now, so you haven’t seen it yet.

    • Lilly

      Oh my bad tt,and It is what I read. If that upsets you,that is just to bad.I was just replying back to Tessa.

      • Actually, it’s not too bad at all. You see this is my house and you don’t get to decide what is “just too bad.” You may find the fact that you can no longer commenting here kinda bad, but I find it hysterical. Now why don’t you fuck back of to from wherever you came? Buh-bye

      • Kelly

        Gotta be a different kind of crazy to argue with the author of a blog. I read your blog every day and it’s the best source for info on the housewives. Normally too busy to comment, but today I couldn’t resist. Rock on, Tamara, rock on!

      • I was lol’ing at tt’s goodbye to lily. But it nested wrong.

        Why leave twitter? Just get rid of the morons. I also only follow the casts of HWs during their seasons. But the RHoNJ cast and fans are particularly nutso. I may not follow, for my own sanity. For some reason i get more emotionally invested and its draining.

        Forget about the crazies who have blogs that only police sane people who question the band of lunatics posting flat out lies and insane theories. They are like bizarro world. Not that I’m discussing other blogs here because I’d never do that. But it sure makes one appreciate this site even more.

      • Kelly

        Well said, teecee. I agree. TT’s blog is the only one needed. And she is a riot on Twitter.

      • KWM

        I had to give up on that a while ago. Besides being nutso, I could not understand 1/2 of what everyone was saying.

  13. I am peeing my pants laughing at lilly and her alterego Mandy in the spam filter. Lilly apparently thinks y’all can see her comments and she is “winning.” Then “Mandy” with the same IP is telling her to just ignore me. BWAHAHAHAHA I needed a laugh today.

  14. la maddalena

    What I can’t understand is why this show seems to only focus on Joe and Teresa’s bad behavior, when the others are just as bad??? I hope next season will be at least a little more balanced.

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