Brandi Glanville Talks About Betrayal and Revenge in Her New Book Drinking and Tweeting

BrandidrinkingandtweetingDespite the fact there are tornado warnings all over the place here, I am going to try to get a blog up before we all die.  I am terrified of storms and the weather people are not helping. Anyway, Life & Style has a story today with excerpts from Brandi’s new book Drinking and Tweeting. Side note: I probably should have done less of that last night.  Let’s just say this book could send Leann back to rehab. She talks about walking onto the set where Eddie and Leann met just in time to hear Leann offer to let Eddie lick frosting off the front of her shirt. She is careful to point out that Leann was, “still a bigger girl and completely flat-chested at the time.” Burn! But she is just getting started on freaking Leann out.

She relates that the day she found out that Eddie was cheating, she was laying on the closet floor crying when Eddie came in and began making love to her on the floor while , “He swore up and down my body that it wasn’t true…that it was completely innocent. In that moment, it was easier to believe him, because I just couldn’t stand the thought of being without him.”

We had to know there would be some Brandi revenge involved. Didn’t she mention once she slashed his tires or something?  Well apparently, she decided a bit of plastic surgery would make a good parting gift as well. According to her book, her surgery of choice was vaginal rejuvenation to get all the remnants of Eddie out of her vagina! Brandi says, “A brand-new vagina would be an Eddie-free vagina…. I decided that since Eddie had ruined my vagina for me, he could pay for a new one. I gave [the doctor’s office] Eddie’s credit card number.” The bill for that was $12,000!  Oh Brandi!

Should we start a pool on when Leann will start flipping out about this on twitter? She was tweeting denials that she was crying in public yesterday on twitter. Meltdown is likely impending. Allegedly. In my opinion.


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29 responses to “Brandi Glanville Talks About Betrayal and Revenge in Her New Book Drinking and Tweeting

  1. fpf1

    Stay safe, T!

    I’m kind of considering buying this just for the salaciousness.

  2. Manuela

    Can’t wait to read this book, downloading it at 12:01 am

  3. Apparently LR caught EC on the phone with another woman once a cheat always a cheat. Brandi is well rid of him

  4. Cleo

    Hmmm I have some beach time coming up. This might be perfect reading material.

  5. CoCo

    I can’t wait to read this book! Brandi is hilarious. I hope Leann remembers what goes around comes back around and karma is a B-I-T-C-H!! Team Brandi!!!

  6. CoCo

    Be safe down there in the ATL today, TT! If possible, blog after the storms pass.

  7. These_BROADS_in_LALA_land

    I think I’m going to read this one and stay posted up on Facebook for the LeAnn meltdown!

  8. LOL This is one HWs book I wanna read! I am gonna go grab it this weekend I love me some Brandi! Stay safe Tamara, these storms must be going up and down the East Coast..I am in CT and we are getting nasty nasty weather tonight into tomorrow!

  9. I will get it on my ipad too! can’t wait 😉 be safe Take cover if you need too we are having weird weather in Chicago too!

  10. Ooooh, wasn’t going to buy, but the things I’m hearing about this book might make me do otherwise.

  11. We (Florida) are going to have a huge cold front move in tonight here. It is now 86 degrees out! I have my ac on. Tonight, rain storms and big winds and tomorrow it is going to be between 30-40 degrees! That blows me away. Bringing in my fifty potted orchids as soon as I am done commenting. The kids will want to rescue their *special plants* bless their hearts! You stay snug and safe and I will be sending you good mojo and thinking of you.

    On to Brandi. I have already reserved her book on Kindle. Can’t wait for it to come out. I think it’ll be a fun read. Costa Rica coming up for a few weeks so it’ll be fun to read while I am there, slumminng* at the beach! You know Leanne will totally loose it when she reads it and I would almost bet yoiu the fool attempts to write her own book slamming Brandi. She is nuts. This may just tip her over the edge. A big ugly mean streak in me wants that to happen to her. I am so sorry for feeling like that as I work hard to stay positive (it’s my mantra) and not talk ugly about a person. I think she is such a stupid ass and she is ugly too. Maybe because I had the same thing happen to me years ag with a dear friend I had known all my life! Or so I thought she was a good friend. So naturally I want Brandi to slaughter that little cunt Leanne. Oops sorry again. I just can’t seem to stop myself!! God maybe it’s Lyme disease!! Gotta go! Hope tp hear from you immediately after the storms so we know you are alright!
    What part of Georgia do you live? I am in central Florida by Daytona Beach Please be safe and sound.

  12. Nicole

    I hope LeAnn does go back into the funny farm, or eat hear life away ….. I believe in revenge!

  13. Kash511

    Get her Brandi! GET HEEEEEEEEER!!!!!!

  14. Those storms are moving my way. Winds up to 50mph expected today/this evening. Loving the almost 80* sun though, back to chilly tomorrow.

    I’ve had Brandi’s book pre-ordered for my ipad kindle app since it’s first mention on the show. Can’t wait to read it. Hope LR does have a breakdown and not for a mean reason but so she wakes the eff up and moves on herself from the leech.

  15. Lisa in Oregon

    So buying this book! Great “escape” reading! Love Brandi!

  16. Bella

    Just preordered my copy!

  17. Tamara be safe! I have never ordered a HW wife book or even been curious to read one at the bookstore or get from library. Well the day Brandi’s book was announced I ordered it in advance. So happy it will just download to my Kindle and I just know it is going to be funny as hell. Sort of like Brandi wrote it while drunk, lol. LeAnn Rimes is gonna go batshit crazy and it is all going down on Twitter. Glad the cold front is bypassing my part of Florida, just nice warm weather for me, need that Vitamin D.

    • Joan

      The storms hit here in Nashville around 3am this morning. Horrible wind, horizontal rain. This morning we woke up to trees & limbs & lines being down all over our area of town. Tonight, it’s freezing!

      Wow – ladies, yall are hatin’ on ole LeAnn. I’m not a fan of any woman who steals someone’s husband – but we don’t really know all the inside details either. Not that it matters what was going on in the marriage, adultry is wrong…period. Brandi is obviously hurt, as we all would be in her shoes. However, I don’t like her ‘mean girl’ face that comes out from time to time. Her potty mouth is way too much, and let’s face it, she always resorts to nasty mean girl behaviour when something doesn’t go her way. I’m not a LeAnn fan, as I’ve said. But all we see on RHOBH is Brandi’s side, and the editing by Bravo to portray her (or anyone) a certain way.

      Wouldn’t waste a penny on Brandi’s book. I might get it from the library though.

  18. warrior

    Brandi hasn’t been with him for 2 years??? Why keep going on about it, cause she has nothing else to talk about.

    • It’s been more than two years. She’s also not the only one bringing it up or having her bring it up (production is as well). I understand why she does, it’s a deep pain and very hard to let go of.

  19. Mrs Taylor

    What I don’t understand is why they haven’t sent her a cease and desist letter yet. Why does she KEEP getting to trash them over and over… I understand she has to make a life for her and her kids..but this chick gets child support, is on TV, etc. SO OVER the poor broke me storyline!
    I have to admit it does sound like a good read, but that doesn’t chneg the factthat she’s Semi-PWT.

    • These_BROADS_in_LALA_land

      I really believe that if Eddie left LeAnn today and asked Brandi back, she would drop everything and run to him like she had gasoline drawers on. She is clearly still in love with him…thus the pain and bitterness. Once she is truly over him, she will be able to move on, leave the past in the past without looking back. This book serves the purpose of deliberately hurting and berating Eddie and LeAnn. Now while I think they both are a piece of Shyt for ripping their marriages apart and how they went about doing it, the fact still remains, Brandi needs to STOP! She looks like the bitter ex! Oh wait, she is the bitter ex!

      But I still want to read the book for the grimey details!!! hehehe

      • I agree that she would take him back in a heartbeat! He must have it going on, because she clearly can’t get past their breakup. Enough already!

  20. Tessa

    I love Brandi and she has every right to tell her story, but after this book cools down (and I hope it’s a while, but it will eventually) she really needs to cool it with the Eddie and Leann talk. She can’t allow them to define who she is the public eye. At some point in the near future she needs to create an identity outside of them and in her own right. If she waits too long, people are going to tire of her and she’ll just start looking bitter (not that she doesn’t have a right to, but people get sick of hearing about it!).

    I get that she wants revenge/needs money, but the time is coming for her to let that chapter go and stop talking about them all together, in the press. That will probably be the worst thing for them, because she gives them so much attention. Maybe they’ll just go away once she stops giving them the spotlight!

    That all being said, I hope her book is a huge success and she finds a wealthy man to love her and take care of her and her boys!

  21. I think what we see when Brandi flames is intense pain. She clearly loved her husband. To find out while she was expecting his beautiful baby – he was out carrying on with a waitress and LeAnne must have devestated her. When she finds a way to get rid of the pain insulting the two of them won’t matter to her. I hope that happens soon. I like her. She seems genuine and loves her boys. Why Eddie lets LeAnne torment her with tweets about what she is doing with the boys is a mystery to me. Brandi is their mommy. LR stole her husband and tormenting her with the tweets is vulgar and mean. I hope Brandi meets an amazing man who will laugh with her and help her move to a happy place.

  22. MNM

    If only we all still loved Brandi *sigh*…

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