Is the Bromance Over Between Peter Thomas and Kordell Stewart?

RHOAHusbandsStaffofAniVillasAnguillaRemember when the Real Housewives of Atlanta went to Anguilla?  Or even before that when Peter and Cynthia were supposed to double date with Porsha and Kordell but Kordell could not make it at the last minute? Remember how Peter was so disappointed that Kordell missed the dinner and how he was all fanboyed  out when Kordell showed up on the Anguilla trip?  All season long Peter has been begging for the attention of Kordell. Alas, it seems the bromance is over.  Bromance may be the wrong term, perhaps I should say the unrequited love by Peter has dissipated. Peter apparently watched the latest episode in real-time with the rest of us last Sunday. He was freaking out at Kenya (apparently, according to the timing of the comments) calling her certified crazy. That was a bit odd because at this point in filming, Cynthia is an ally of Kenya’s.  But then….Peter gets pissed….

In the previews for next week, Peter’s favorite househusband, Kordell, tells his wife Porsha she needs to handle things with Cynthia. Porsha seemed to be saying that Cynthia was talking to her in a disrespectful way, and Kordell tells Porsha to “check that.”  It seems that was the impetus of for Peter tweeting this:


Which led to a bit of back and forth between Peter, Kordell and some third party who began the banter by reminding Peter that he wanted Kordell’s autograph. Kordell responsed by saying he still does want his autograph. Peter tweeted incoherently about checkers and chess… and other nonsense that doesn’t matter. What we need to know is… IS THE BROMANCE REALLY OVER? Will Peter spill his broken heart to Walter in next week’s episode? How do men deal with a busted up bromance? Will Peter curl up with a pint of pistachio gelato and some Lifetime movies? We need answers.




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24 responses to “Is the Bromance Over Between Peter Thomas and Kordell Stewart?

  1. myinfo

    This is called drunk twitting by Peter. You think he would have learned to count to 10 and then not twit after his stupid SUR twits.

    I guess this confirms they watch their show in real time.

    • It confirms Peter did. The HW get the shows a few days before the episode airs. They don’t always have time to view them.

      • Because_racecar

        What’s the point of them viewing it prior to the audience?
        To do damage control? I doubt Bravo can/will edit an episode if a HW bitches??

        Just curious :)

  2. phakedraparks

    These girls are a mess…

  3. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Why do people impulsively tweet the first thought that bubbles in their head?
    It’s never a good idea in real life….This applies to Mrs. Eddie Cibrian 1 & 2….

  4. Katrina

    Peter and Cynthia do not always agree. I was really shocked when I saw that preview of Cordell.

  5. victori0us

    Imma need Petee to pull Kordell’s gay card…hmph that was all the chatter till he meet the reformed ratchet Porsha and married her.

  6. myinfo

    It somehow reminds me of Paul calling Brandi a bi*tch, then Brandi calls Adrienne a bi*tch, and then Paul says to Brandi “are you calling my wife a bi*tch.” I just think that is so funny and stupid.

    Why is Peter so upset? He just said he needs to check Cynthia, not punch her lights out.

    Peter is acting like a fool.

  7. You’re all assuming that it was an impulse. He could have watch the show way ahead and planned those tweets.

  8. nah he was watching along. Possibly at barONE where they usually have a viewing party.

  9. karen

    Peter is an idiot

  10. Not a Kim Z Fan

    Kordell better be careful before folks really start spilling his tea… 😉

  11. Please the only Atlanta househusband not to have that rumor is Kroy. Now if he starts hanging out at barONE… I’m just sayin’

  12. Nene's Toupee

    That wasn’t no damned ‘bromance.’ Peter’s ass was straight smitten. They need to just f*ck and get it over with.

    On a completely unrelated note: WTF Nene got on in that pic? Just goes to show you can’t buy class or taste.

  13. Vette_Cee

    I now have the urge to wanna follow Peter. Hmmm…

  14. do it! I need people to tell me when he tweets stupid shit. I follow him but I never have time to read anything other than my connect on twitter most days.. :) EMAIL ME @

  15. Cali

    I truly think there is alot of acting going on. Kordell has always been out spoken. He the kind of ,don’t take no shit, kind of guy. If you want to bring something his way, he can handle you. As far as Kory, he has not been around to much. He seems to be a quite guy.

  16. Tamaea youir post er blog had me laughing so hard I had to run and I mean run to the bathroom as I almost peed on myself! Hilarious. I am picturing Peter with that Papa Smurf face of and he is shoveling pistachio ice cream towards that head that is too small for his body and watching Life time movies as tears roll down his face! Oh my God keep them coming! I think I will follow Peter too and ask him wtf is going on with him and Kordell/Cordell. Do you by any chance do stand up comedy?

  17. Cali

    Oh my god. What is this that the Falcon is possibly coming to Cali. We need a foootball team.

  18. oracle5

    Haven’t been around lately, so, what else is new between Kordell and Peter having a cussing each other out party next Sunday–March 31, 2013? Peter should have nipped that mess in the bud at the Harlem Nights B Party concerning Kordell chastising his wife. (Cynthia)

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