Watch What Happens Live with Yolanda Foster

WWHLOnward and Upward! Time for Watch What Happens Live with Yolanda!  I know some of you find her a bit abrupt. She’s Dutch. That is just how they are. You know like Canookians are all nicey nice and stuff. It’s refreshing. You can tell Yolanda is sicker than she was during filming. I hope she updates us on the Lyme disease.

Andy goes to the vault. I am not sure who the other guest is.  Andy shows the video of Yolanda singing. Apparently, it was a wedding gift. The video, not the plane. The plane belongs to a friend of hers and she borrowed it for the video.  Andy brings up Yolanda’s diagnosis of chronic lyme disease. She said she went undiagnosed for two years. She realized while filming that her brain was not working normally. She gives an example of her saying while filming to Taylor (long bleep). She says it is not like her to use such language and she realized she was unable to censor herself. Hey! Maybe I have chronic Lyme disease! I should probably not google symptoms. #hypochondria Yolanda still has a port for antibiotics four times a day. She’s on day 53 of a 90 day treatment plan.

Questions for Yolanda: What do you do with all those lemons? She donates them to homeless shelters and shares with all her friends. Is David as close with his exes as you are? Yes, he is. They all get together for holidays. It’s great for the kids. What else do you grow in the garden? Roses, tulips, avocado trees, lavendar…it’s a five acre garden and she planted it all herself. Why is it that all you care about is pleasing your husband? Um, why not? Says Yolanda. I agree. King of the Castle indeed. David is there with her in the audience.

The game is Does Yolanda Know Them?! Nothing interesting to report there.




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36 responses to “Watch What Happens Live with Yolanda Foster

  1. natalie k

    I find her refreshing!

  2. Joan

    Let’s face it – if you find a great husband you should work to be the best you can for him AND for yourself. What I don’t hear from Yawnlonda is whether David does the same for her. It takes two, doesn’t it?

    • Barbara

      RoFl – According to David his wife “Yolanda{ is the perfect bestest hostess who practically invented how to throw the perfect party. Well, I would be the perfect hostess too if I had the millions of dollars to spend on pretty fresh flowers from Holland, a chef to cook everything I desired, a gardner and cook who magically could disappear every time a camera was around and a beautiful mansion on the beach. What did she actually do? Oh, I forgot….she designed that mansion!
      I call Bullshit. She drew every inch of their house? Right O. I’m sure there are a few architects somewhere who would beg to differ…..

  3. Nicole

    Awww, they (Yo & David) seemed very happy together. Love the incredible view of her home and the 5 acres (hard to come by in California) lemon groves!

    The other girl is on a show called Uncessary Roughness. It’s a good show that requires real acting.

  4. Danielle

    You’ve got to watch out for those Dutch Canadians, Tamara. Such a slippery bunch…

  5. Kash511

    I find her a bit too boring for the show but when she gets to writing that blog she tells it like it T-I IS! I’m sure they edit out a lot of her much needed commentary. Nothing wrong about being all about your man when he’s a GOOD man. I like her but wouldn’t be surprised if she wasn’t asked back…does anyone else find David to be a little obnoxious?

    • I found him in my opinion to be arrogant and a little too smug. So yes that does make him a bit obnoxious! That dinner party where Tayylor was obnoxious and pretty drunk he wasn’t Thomas Kramer but he came across a bit harsh to the guests I thought when they were singing along. That took me aback how he hushed them all up. I qoould have assumed when he started playing that everyone was encouraged to join in and sing along and him not just sit up there and perform. What a diva. He requires a wife like Yolanda.

  6. Barbara

    Fell asleep but wanted to see the vibe of Yolonda and Andy. I just thought it would be strange for some reason. Something tells me David has that Hollywood defect that compels him to divorce and remarry. It may be hard to top Yolonda so maybe they have a chance.

  7. Andy seems starstruck by “David Foster’s Wife” who he perceived to “know everyone” I think he was disappointed that she didn’t know a lot of the people in his little game.

    • Lucy94

      Andy was most definitely kissing up to her because of who her husband is, and he was in the clubhouse. David Foster, whatever you think of him personally, you can’t knock his status in the industry.

  8. I’m not buying DaYo’s (Yoland and David Foster) luvy-dovy act. it all seems so contrived. Yolanda just seems to try too hard to prove to the viewer how much in love the two of them are, and what makes a great marriage!!So when Yolanda made the comment about how she wanted to out-last all his other ex-wives, I felt vindicated in my opinion!!Yolanda, will stay in the marriage long after her expiration date just to prove a point!!

    • Barbara

      I think adding Yolanda was a big yawner of a mistake. Unless some crazy stuff begins, she’s boring. She’s also super bitchy, but not even in a fun way. So far I’ve seen her pick flowers, lemons, cook pasta, and bitch at her daughters about their looks, weight and lesbians. Yolanda is working extra hard to keep that dreamboat of a husband. Which is weird because I’ve yet to see David Foster be anything but snippy and bitchy. Ever.

      I think I’d be able to tolerate Yolanda without that “my husband is my master!” crap that she throws around. Uuugh.

      • Well that seems very intolerant of thoer lifestyle choices. Some of us like having a Master.. it’s not unthinkable that she has the time to do all of those things. Of course she has a staff, but the picking lemons and cooking dinner is still fun.

  9. myinfo

    I like Yolanda.
    I think throwing lemons at Andy as the drinking game word was funny.

  10. Housewivesfan

    I really like Yolanda. However i can see what others are saying about her “i have the perfect marriage and cater to my husband” attitude…kind if reminds me of Alexis Bellino. Im hoping its just coming off weird and that they are happy. Her house is definitely my favorite! She is like a glamorous Martha Stewart!

  11. Deborah

    Love Yolanda…you have to work everyday to make a marriage good and you certainly do that! When you give a lot, you get a lot back in return and it works for you!

  12. I’m going to the Netherlands at the end of the month! Should I twitter ask Yolly (she likes when I call her Yolly) for travel advice?

  13. No! PM Onno. I think he is still living in Paris but he would tell you the impt stuff!

  14. Oh yeah! I do know a Dutch!

  15. seejanesleep

    Great blog! I love me some Yolanda, but feel completely in the minority on that. I am in awe of how she can tell it like it is, yet still be somewhat endearing; no small feat.

  16. sars

    I agree that theres nothing wrong with the dynamic between yolanda and david. I always make my guy tell me Im his- hes mine too. When its time for him to come home, Im always racing to make sure everything is spotless. He doesnt make me do anything, it just makes me feel good. It gives me a lot of satisfaction not having him have to deal with tedious little chores when he gives me so much security.

  17. Tartu85

    “Chronic Lyme disease” = hypochondria. It’s a made up disease with fake expensive treatment that has no bases in real medical science. To spare you the links, just search for “Science-Based Medicine” blod and chronic lyme disease

    • I read the information. It does seem that Chronic Lyme Disease (as opposed to actual lyme disease) does seem to fall into the same category of fibromyalgia and cronic fatigue syndrome. All of those are catch all diagnosis for women who feel like crap all the time. Basically, if a doctor can’t figure out what is wrong, you magically got diagnosed with chronic fatigue in the 1980s, That sort of faded out of favor and suddenly everyone had fibromyalgia. Now it seems chronic lyme disease is coming into vogue. I get it.

      I do disagree with equating it to hypochondria. I think those diagnosed have real and debilitating symptoms that are essentially being ignored. I’ve always thought it was a combination of poor diet and depression. The thing with Yolanda is, she eats very well nutritionally. After reading the info on chronic lyme disease, I’m now concerned that she may not yet be properly diagnosed. I know she was having symptoms for some time and may just have been so glad to finally have a name for her condition that she just went with it.

    • DJ

      Lyme disease is caused by bacteria from a tick bite. “A blood test can be done to check for antibodies to the bacteria that cause Lyme disease. The most commonly used is the ELISA for Lyme disease test. A western blot test is done to confirm ELISA results.” I’m sure that Yolanda had tests done to confirm the diagnosis before starting antibiotic treatments. Doctors aren’t going to pump someone full of antibiotics for no reason. I knew someone who had Lyme disease and was sick for several years.

  18. While all that is true, Yolanda has not been diagnosed with “lyme disease” she has been diagnosed with “chronic lyme disease” which is a whole different thing. Essentially, the doctor says “hey maybe you were bitten by a tick a long time ago and we are just now figuring it out.” Also if Yolanda is close with Suzanne and eating as clean as she does, she may well be employing doctors with a more holistical practice.

    • DJ

      When she was on WWHL the other night, she said that has a port in her right shoulder area for antibiotics to be pumped into her four times a day. That doesn’t sound holistic to me. She wouldn’t be on antibiotics unless the blood tests had been done to confirm the presence of the bacteria in her blood.

    • DJ

      She says she had Borrelia Lyme Disease, and that is very real.

  19. I’m not going to continue to explain the difference between chronic lyme disease and lyme disease to you. You can google the info or continue to believe whatever makes you happy.

    I am aware of the port. I mentioned that she is on the 90 day antibiotic treatment in the story above. That alone is very controversial and not widely prescribed by traditional western doctors. Again, in chronic lyme disease, there is no evidence of a tick bite it is assumed that one occurred at some future date. In Yolanda’s case that would have been two years ago. It’s an iffy diagnosis. That doesn’t necessarily meant it is not accurate, but it is not commonly accepted and is not “scientifically based” but instead attributes symptoms to an action that can no longer be verified because she was not tested for lyme disease two years ago.

    • Aloishus

      I agree. I get this feeling it’s all for publicity. Maybe I’m wrong. But it’s just the vibe I get from it all. Becoming a spokesperson for a disease can garner lots of positive press. So much so, that you could even attain a vast audience for a talk show or lifestyle show. Just saying.

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