Watch What Happens Live With Asa and Jeff Lewis

WWHLFinally I am getting to see Watch What Happens Live with two of my favorite Bravolebs, Asa Rahmati Soltan and Jeff Lewis. I hope Asa brought Jeff some diamond water because he needs it! First topic of discussion is Phaedra’s workout outfit. Jeff says it’s not appropriate. One of my knuckleheads, Stephen, made a comment today that she looked like a giant avocado and now that is all I see when I look at her. Up next, Kenya’s swimsuit. I don’t get the butt pads. I mean I don’t really get the whole thing, but I really don’t get the butt pads. Is she trying to say Kenya pads her bootie? I don’t see how that would be necessary. Asa is rocking the gold tonight.

ShahsAsaS2Caller question for Jeff: Are you and Jenni still friends? Jeff says yes they have worked out their differences and just texted each other before the show.

Question for Asa: Are you still dating Jermaine? She says of course and it’s his birthday and he is in Paris. Next question is about the coins under her steps… It seems to bug Asa that y’all don’t get the coin thing. They are part of the foundation of the house to bless the house and make her prosperous. They weren’t worth 30K when she buried them.

Andy wants to be onboard the Mock MJ Mercilessly Train so he throws up and unflattering gif of MJ and a broken bra strap. Nice, Andrew.

Caller Question for Asa: What were you thinking when GG grabbed the knife. Asa basically says she’s used to it. Next question, “Why is it so hard for you to forgive GG or at least hear her out?”  Asa says she has forgiven her but that GG has never called her. She just doesn’t want to be around the negative energy. Someone asks if Asa has ever met  MJ? Asa says she never met MJ. She said she had the best Thanksgiving ever with the Jacksons this year.

Gametime. Jeff infuses water with weirdness and Asa has to guess. It ain’t no Hoda Lei He Ho!

Andy and Asa talk about having shot the reunion last weekend. Asa said her neck still hurts…The poll question was whose side are you on Asa or GG?  It was 52% Asa and 48% GG.  Asa and Andy were surprised and Asa swears if we keep watching everyone will come over to her side.



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8 responses to “Watch What Happens Live With Asa and Jeff Lewis

  1. Not even worth commenting about. This is the worse show ever. Bravo really has a bow wow on it’s hands.

  2. victori0us

    I have a theory about the pads. Notice when she was hugging everyone u can see the breast implant separation. Right on the side. I think those were just covering her plastic surgery scars.

  3. caribbean

    I stopped watching “Shahs Of Sunset” too much bullying and flip flopping going on for my taste…I loathed Reza after three episodes.I really like Asa.Seems down to earth..Jeff is a nobody.My husband(Yes,I’m a dude) has worked with Jeff and insists Jeff is a complete scumbag.

  4. jakiesmom

    What was boring was watching the competition between Asa and Jeff trying to sell their wares and Andy trying to help them. But props to Jeff for admitting that all his proceeds go to the “Make Jeff Rich Foundation”.

    I also can’t believe that Andy doesn’t know that many are disappointed with Asa this year. I can understand Asa being somewhat ignorant either by choice or otherwise, but Andy can’t miss the numerous posts about fans who this year are not liking Reza or Asa’s behavior or the new addition of Lilly. I think Asa can be redeemed but I am not sure about Reza anymore. There is nothing redeemable about Lilly.

    And last, but not least It makes no sense, except to give them something to film, that Asa would buy/use a cut diamond for her water.

    It is all so ridiculous and the whole series seems to have turned into nothing but a bad parody.

  5. I wish they would turn WWHL into an hour show. It’s much better than Letterman, Leno, Kimmel etc. I like Asa, though she is a bit of an airhead. But this whole Diamond Infused Water is a joke. She even had to buy the damn diamond at a discount. As far as Jeff Lewis, I can’t stand him and never watch the show.
    And yes I do think Phaedra looked like a giant avocado in her workout suit last night on RHOA.

  6. no name maddox

    i lurv jeff lewis!

  7. susie

    So sorry Tamara…but I can’t stand the Asa tea. I thought the “gold” didn’t look at all like real gold. Another reason I ‘m so let down with this character is that I really expected her to have a singing voice…not a manly talking voice. I don’t know…this whole show just seems to scream fake to me.

  8. mrswindycity

    I really want to know where Asa purchased her “A” earrings…..I want some. LOL

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