Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: When Life Gives You Lemons

RHOBHyolandasuzanneTonight we start with Yolanda. I think I am more jealous of her house than any other house on Bravo. I love the flowers and the lemon trees and how she is always eating such great food. I wish I had a nice kitchen like that to cook in! And yes, the refrigerator that would never look a pretty as she keeps it. Surely she has a conventional one for half empty jars of mayonnaise and six packs of PBR around the corner, right?  That salad look fantastic! I LOVE Suzanne Somers and really want to get on the hormone therapy that she does in theory. In practice, it’s expensive and there are no longitudinal studies out there yet. But she and Dr. Phil’s wife seem so damn perky and happy on it! Unlike Lisa, I am quite a talented swallower so all those supplements would not be a problem. Well, they would because I never actually take my supplements I just buy them and forget to take them.  I loved this scene and wish it was a lot longer.

Brandi’s storyline has her teaching a stripper pole class in Vegas. Brandi was never a stripper and when she was on WWHL she didn’t do a thing on the pole when Andy asked. She’s really not a quick study on the pole. I for one am shocked.  Oh wait, she was sandbagging a bit. Turns out she is pretty good.

It’s Kyle’s daughter’s sixth grade graduation party. Which means invite Adrienne, Paul and Faye to rehash Adrienne’s surrogacy issues. Paul and Adrienne ate and ran. Wow, Mauricio’s mom’s plastic surgery looks fantastic! It was a lovely, appropriate drama free family gathering once the Maloofs left. I’m impressed that Kyle didn’t do anything over the top.  

RHOBHbrandiWhy is packing for the trip always such a production with these people? On every franchise we get the packing scenes. Who cares?  Back to Yolanda, she’s roasting a chicken and potatoes. I can do that!  Yolanda is awesome. Clearly, she is too classy to go to Vegas to pole dance.

Dinner is Vegas is interesting. Brandi has a friend at US Weekly. Good to know. Lots of talk about Leann Rimes and the way she copies Brandi in every way. Apparently she drives the same car as Brandi. And well, rides the same man. This dinner is going so well. I’m waiting for something to go down. I assume they are eating in the Four Seasons Restaurant. Yolanda’s meals look miles better.

Can I just tell you that Kim is getting a nose job and we are going with her? I’d fast forward through this but sadly I am all caught up.

In Vegas, Yolanda arrives. David was only in town for one night so she stayed back until he left. At the pool Yolanda orders some green spinach thing.  I think in Vegas I would come off the Yolanda diet.

Wait was Taylor on this show? What was up with that? Also what did you guys think of Marisa? She’s a bit…off. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I’m dying to hear your thoughts.



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87 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: When Life Gives You Lemons

  1. Kate

    Wow tamara you are sure prompt. Love it! Now marissa seems very off like on something off. I am not buying her being such good friends with Kyle either. What did yolanda say about husbands and channel bags?

  2. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Taylor was at some domestic violence event. I like the show w/out her. I didn’t even notice she was gone till I read it above, then I remembered last week and the reason why she was not there.

    I just love Yawnlonda’s life. She is so happily dull & proud.
    She lives on top of a fricking hill with orchards, and fridge that is more expensive than my car. She does have such an air of grace about her, but sometimes I think she is arrogant as fuck.

    What is Camille yelling about in next week’s promo?

    • Joan

      There’s something not quite right about Yawnlonda. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I’m sure that eventually it will come to light.

      • Barbara

        What is it with Yolanda and the frigging turtlenecks? And is she seriously trying to convince us that she hasn’t had any work done on her face? She and Suzanne Somers both just take vitamins and eat right. Sure, girls. I also get the feeling that Yolanda and David doth protest too much when it comes to their perfect marriage. If things are that great, you don’t have to try to convince people of it that much.

      • donewithbravo

        They’re only married for 1 year, right? It’s all new to them.

      • @Done – on the episode she said they’d been together for 6 yrs.

      • They got married 11/11/11 just like Kim and Kroy. I don’t understand people who don’t understand putting your man first. There are lots of benefits to taking good care of your man… so I hear. :)

      • DJ

        @Barbara – I’d rather see Yolanda in turtlenecks than the other women with their boobs hanging out all the time.

      • ChrisG04

        I think part of the disconnect with Yolanda is that she’s Dutch. If you know someone from Holland, they’re just a little more blunt. I don’t know how to describe it well but I understand how it could be seen as arrogant to some. I actually think she’s a great addition. She doesn’t think yelling over every little disagreement is normal and that rehashing the same bit of drama every time you get together is a waste of time and energy.

    • DJ

      Camille said that Lisa does not own SUR. Looks like more shit is going to hit the fan!

    • “Yawnlonda” ?? Really?? That’s so stupid and unfunny, I can’t even.

  3. shirley

    Marissa is B boring…she’s not being 100% honest so she holding bak. shoot I forgot taylor was a cast member… anywho I love brandi bitch is hot… luved her split and pole

  4. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Oh and I just love her collection of Hermes belts.She has them in every color it seems. She wears them with every outfit.

    • Joan

      Hermes makes their signature H belt buckle, with interchangable colored belts. I can’t remember how much they are – but it’s a lot. They’re the ‘hot’ designer item right now…or so it appears by the large numbers I see out these days.

  5. Yo said on WWHL just now that the Hermes buckle is interchangable with all the belts. So she always wears it with different ones. I want.

    • Ms Urethra Franklin

      I am so pedestrian… I only own 1 Gucci belt.
      I did not know the Hermes buckle is interchangeable. I love the H buckles. Looks so classic.

    • soncee

      On That we can agree!! Sorry, but there’s just something about Yolanda that I find off putting. Yes, she’s beautiful, of course she has a Fabulous home in Malibu, with an even more attractive view!! And the Hermes belt..I Die!! And yet…

  6. jakiesmom

    I’m willing to cut Marisa some slack. It is her first road trip with the girls and the history of how those turn out isn’t good and she is about to get on a stripper pole in front of cameras and millions of people. It must be daunting so I’m willing to reserve judgement for another episode or two. Her mother was a bit strange and controlling.

    Mauricio gets on my nerves now as does Kim andI skipped over Kyles party with Faye, Kyle and Adrienne and I enjoyed it so much more without them. It was a light, inane, mindless episode, which was pleasant and a nice change of pace, unlike next week.

  7. Justobserving

    I, too, love Suzanne Somers! It was surprising to see her, but nice. I love Yolanda’s touches and the fact that she actually cooks. Her refrigerator is always so artfully arranged, and if I had one like it, it would remind me to eat all the healthy, delicious fruits and veggies in there. And yes, she has a regular fridge for all the regular stuff. I enjoyed the girls dinner in Vegas, and the discussion of divorces etc.. Maybe because I can relate to what they talked about and how shitty divorce makes you feel. But you could tell Lisa was wishing she was back home in her own bed. I think Kyle and Taylor are irrelevant. Taylor wasn’t missed, and Kyle is just vile. It looks like next weeks episode is going to be more interesting, at least Camille is trying to be more relevant.

  8. Collin

    The confrontation between Camille and Lisa shown in the preview should be interesting. Since the reunion everyone’s afraid to go up against Lisa. Camille being the least confrontational must have a reason. Likely to do with Lisa being a diva bitch behind the scenes, which we don’t/won’t see.

    I liked Brandi better as an underdog. The scene of her at the table (re)introducing the topic of infidelity so the others can open up about marriage was tiresome. It’s clear to me that no one (especially Kyle) would give a fuck about Brandi’s new venture in Vegas if she wasn’t ‘our’ favorite. How nice that Marisa and Yolanda ‘get’ Brandi.

  9. Nicole

    I skipped all the scenes with Kim. What is wrong with her upper lips. Is this what your lips look like when you do Botox. It’s so weird?!?!?!?!
    Oh, and what about next week when Camille said that Lisa doesn’t own SUR. I know she has a partner….

    • Lisa doesn’t hide that fact either. Her business partner was shown last season when she was expanding the one restaurant into the space next door. He’s been shown on the current season and on VR.

      • DJ

        On “Vanderpump Rules” a week or so ago, there was a French women who is supposed to be Lisa’s partner in SUR. I think they were discussing whether or not to fire someone – Stassi maybe? I’m really not following this show, so I’m not sure what’s going on there.

      • The french lady is the general manager/staff manager. And yes she wants to let Stassi go while Lisa is adamant about keeping her.

      • The french lady is the staff manager, but I also thought she was married to the guy who is partners with Lisa and Ken. I thought the foreign guy was married (to a woman even) and the four of them owner the restaurant together. I went to double check my facts and the SUR website seems to be down.

      • Tamara, I think you’re right about her also being the wife of Guillermo, the business partner.

      • Kate

        Lisa has nothing to do with SUR until the idea for the show was created. It is all staged. I hear she is there a lot since filming.

      • jakiesmom

        They filmed at Sur in season one, long before the SUR show was created, and it has been mentioned several times over the seasons that it was Lisa’s ‘other’ restaurant.. Today Camille tweeted she was incorrect and Lisa tweeted that she owns 51 percent, which could easily be disproved if not true, so I doubt she would say it if false.

      • I don’t think so. Villa banca was in season 1. But they just found the space for sur and remodeled last season.

      • jakiesmom

        Sur was just a restaurant season 1 without the lounge. They went there along with Pandora to celebrate something and it was one of the first time they showed Ken frustrated that she didn’t get a ring. It was last year that the store next door went under and they expanded to include the cocktail lounge but the restaurant has been there since at least the first season but not featured as much as BV was.

  10. warrior

    Hi Tamara
    ‘ longitudinal studies’, I am impressed

  11. Haven’t gotten to watch yet. It’s second week in a row that itunes doesn’t have the show ready the morning after airing.

  12. socalsun

    Tamara, I really like your blogs; always entertaining and to the point.

  13. Tamara

    It was a ok episode. I used to like Kyle but her and Mauricio have grated on my nerves this season. And it’s a shame because I think he’s rather good looking so I want to like him again! Kim is wacky and maybe shouldn’t be on anymore but I get the feeling she probably needs the paycheck.
    Wish Marissa didn’t talk so negative about her husband because I didn’t like it. I mean if he had said those same things about her we’d all be discussing what a douche he was. My jury is still out on weather I like her or not.
    I like Yolanda. And while she loves showing off what she has I don’t feel like she’s bragging so much as more of just stating what’s hers. Kind of like Lisa does :) good for Brandi and trying to explain herself better. I can definitely understand why she gets so defensive and tells everyone to shut the f*ck up! I tend to not always be able to express myself appropriately when I get all worked up and it’s nice to see her beig human and not so “Beverly Hills” fake :)

  14. Barbara

    I started watching but got bored and ended up flicking between Cissy Houstons interview and RHOBH. What is wrong with Kims nose? It looks fine to me and did she say something about a converstion with Kyle telling her what she needed to have done? God what a good sister. I also did enjoy the scene with Suzanne Somers and wanted it to go on and on. Yolo and her lemons I just cant help watching as I too am fascinated for some reason I cant put my finger on. She does seem out of her element in Vegas but I think it has to do with her accent and being a fellow Capricorn we do come off as somewhat reseved and aloof when inside we want to be a part of the gang. I saw the Marissa scene packing with her momma and really had no thought on it. That being said I feel like Marissa is trying to be or come off in a way she is not. I did’nt catch any of the Vegas stripper class with Brandi but I did see the WWHL segment when she dissapointed Andy (wow I think he was pissed) on the stripped pole FAIL. I just like Brandi she’s the underdog and god I really hope she meets some filthy rich man and lives happily ever after. I bet Kyle would be her BFF then. I was really team Kyle in the first season and my how that has done a 180. When she was talking head about the Adrienne Paul Brandi mess does she not think we all know its just about who has the most money? Who can Moricio get a commision from. Cant stand her anymore and she really does look like a hag face thanks for pointing this out. Taylor was MIA cause she was filming some PSA for her battered women charity so she said last week. Didnt miss her.

  15. Ame

    I love Yolanda! I wasn’t sure about her at first, but now She is my favorite! She is the only one who you see dressed in normal looking clothing when she is at home relaxing with her husband. She also seems more real to me in that she doesn’t look like she has just spent hours in a hair, makeup, and wardrobe session. Her beauty is effortless and her lifestyle seems much more grounded and family-oriented than the other ladies!

    • Belinda

      AME….I absolutely agree. I think she has found the formula to making life seem effortless and comfortable and this impacts her marriage. Her bedroom Performance
      is probably as proficient , comfortable and expertise as the rest of her day. She seems very low maintenance which many men find to be a huge turn on.

      • Ame

        Thanks Belinda. Yes, I agree with you that men like a low-maintenance type of woman. I think that she is beautiful without all of the effort that the other wives put in and without all of the tacky accessories!

  16. soncee

    I adore Marissa, she’s not only down-to-earth, but she tells it like it is, even if it isn’t the popular opinion.

  17. Barbara

    I saw the preview and was surprised at Camille. I thought she was trying to keep the onscreen drama to a minimum these days, plus after her image has improved so much in the eyes of viewers, I wouldn’t think she’d go after Lisa who I’m sure she knows is a fan favorite. It will be interesting to see what leads up to that outburst. And I don’t know if Lisa really owns SUR. I tried googling but got nothing. Speaking of Camille, she sure has been on the show a lot this season for someone who is supposedly not a main housewife anymore. It feels like she has been on as much as Yolanda or Taylor, just without the short scenes of her at home. She should just work things out with the producers and come back to being a full-time HW. For some reason I get the feeling that Yolanda won’t last past this season, maybe not Adrienne either, and if they bring Faye on as a HW I will be disgusted. Please, no! I might be okay with Marisa. I haven’t really made my mind about her, but she seems like she could be entertaining. I find her honesty refreshing even if she is a little bitchy to her husband.

  18. Ms1dimple

    I was liking Marissa at Vyle Kyle’s dinner party but after the dinner with her and Brandi she crucified her hubby right in front of him, I don’t blame Brandi for being uncomfortable. I want to see more of her before form real opinion. I like Yolanda as well, however she can be a bit “know it all” she does carry herself very classy and foregoes all of the drama. Kim seems like she is on something to me, why would she choose to get a surgery when she’s
    “trying” to stay off the drug? I don’t get it. I love Lisa and boring Camille I’m looking forward to seeing next week. Didn’t miss Traylor not one bit! She can go….

    • Barbara

      My nephew after many years of profession football became addicted to painkillers (back and knee injuries). Going thru rehab one of the things they stress is no elective surgeries. My point is…..Maybe Kim didn’t go to Paul because he would NOT subscribe pain killers. Or even tell her to WAIT a least a year when she was “cleaned” up before even considering an elective surgery.

      When I saw Kim getting the “nose” job —- Bells were going off. She will need pain killers and you’re not supposed to have them when you are going through re-hab. And they way their family dynamic is soooooo screwed up, she simply blames Kyle. Saying it was Kyle who said she needed to do it. Thats really messed up.

  19. I really liked Marissa’s Mom I thought she was funny. I am not convinced that too many like her hair as she said LOL but I think it is great that she does not look like all of the other Beverly Hill’s Molds. I think Marissa is just kind of a laid back girl not rally into all the glamor and gossip like the other girls she seems nice. I did not think I was going to like her at first but I do. I think Lisa always said she was part owner of Sur so I am not sure about Camille’s comment.

  20. myinfo

    Kyle told Adrienne and Paul that Faye was “on fire” when she drilled Brandi at Kyle’s dinner party. I found that interesting. I think it confirms that Kyle set the whole thing up.

    Also, I found it interesting that Kathy Hilton & Kim used fake excuses not to attend her daughter’s gradation party.
    Kathy had a tooth problem (what that means I don’t know), and Kim’s son was conveniently sick.

    • I think Kathy didn’t attend because it was being filmed. She’s already filmed with her sister’s more this season than last (and I don’t know about season 1 as I wasn’t watching then).

  21. Ame

    I am so confused about Adrienne and Paul’s scenes in the last couple of episodes. Are their parts so small because they are having to edit everything do much to not divulge their secret. It seems like they wouldn’t have talked about the secret on camera anyway, so why are they just showing them in a quick dinner scene. Is it because they were really separated during this period of filming. Their appearance at Kyle’s last night was so strange.

  22. MaggieG

    My understanding is that Camille is now tweeting that her comments were due to her having misinformation. She now seems to be acknowledging that Lisa never hid her partners of SUR. Another case of jumping to conclusions.

    • KWM

      I think more another case of being fed wrong information from someone who wants to make Lisa look bad, maybe someone who also claimed she was selling stories, when it turns out she herself was reporting to tabloids near daily while filming…..

  23. To me, the off thing about Marissa is that she looks like a member of the Junior League in Kansas, but she lives in BH and is batshit crazy. The things that come out of her mouth don’t match her face.

    Brandi on the pole was tragic. the split kinda saved her. But I’m scratching my head trying to figure out how being whorey EMPOWERS women. Ken trying to make sense of hat was funny.

    6th grade graduation? Seriously? Kim’s sisters couldn’t even be bothered to show. I feel bad for the kid. She’s hunched over trying to be short like Mom, when her natural tall grace is so much more attractive and unique. I have a feeling that Kyle is not as sweet to her kids when the cameras go off.

    • DJ

      Maybe she was hunched over because she was selfconscious in that dress. Since when do 6th graders wear strapless dresses?

    • They don’t in my neighborhood. But I don’t life in BH.

      What I thought was funny was them saying that she went to the same elementary school as Mauricio. If he’s been here since he was a kid, how does he have such an accent?

      • DJ

        Maybe if he lost the accent, Kyle wouldn’t think he was sexy anymore!

      • puravidacostarica

        My husband’s been in the US since he was 8 years old, and he still has an accent. Comes from being raised in a predominantly Spanish-speaking family, which luckily for him made him bilingual. My dad, who came here from Norway at the age of 19 and who is now 83 years old (and is fluent in English but struggles to remember any Norwegiann), still sounds like he stepped right off a fishing boat (“ya, you betcha”). And my Ukrainian mom, who is also 83, was born and raised in Brooklyn and still asked by strangers here on the West Coast “Where are you from?” Imagine growing up with that??? LOL :-)

  24. The whole sixth grade graduation was obviously a ploy to get Kyle’s kids more camera time. The soon to be seventh grader seemed a bit mortified. Kyle’s stepping all over the in-laws presence by bringing up the dead grandparents was particularly poor form.

    • DJ

      The whole graduation thing has gotten out of hand. They even have kindergarten graduations these days! It as meaningless as giving trophies to everybody just for participating even when they didn’t win.

    • I said the same thing when she turned on the waterworks and started talking about her parents. Didn’t she have a bad relationship with her mother anyway? But it was just like “How can I make this about me???”

  25. From Kyle’s blog posted an hour ago. It’s like she is talking to us! lol. ”

    This week was a welcome relief from the drama. Sophia graduating from sixth grade, while not a college graduation, is definitely something to celebrate. Being one of four daughters, I think it’s important to celebrate them each individually whenever possible. I love being surrounded by family and friends on these special days. I am grateful to have such loving in-laws that are able to watch our children grow. Times like these always make me miss my parents because I want so much to be able to share all of these moments with them. I DO feel that my parents are watching over us, but of course it’s not the same as having them physically here.
    Watching Sophia standing next to me at 12 years old and 5′ 6″ makes me smile. I am 5 ‘3″ on a good day, so I love that she inherited her Dad’s height. Of course, she doesn’t like being taller than her Mom and friends and is always hunching over to talk to us. Now though, she is starting to appreciate her height and is coming out of her shell.

  26. Hahah! What time was her post?

  27. I am sure that Suzanne Sommers good looks has more to do with plastic surgery than it does with taking pills every day. Remember on tv they have the best makeup artists and lighting technicians. I would love to see how she looks when she wakes up in the morning. I am sure it is not that pretty.

    • Suzanne Sommers may have had surgery, but she has taken very good care of herself since she had breast cancer years ago. I have read many of her books she does have some great healthy ideas. I do think she really follows a healthy lifestyle. If you get a minute check out Leeza Gibbons Facebook page Suzanne and her husband posted a happy B-day video to Leeza’s husband she looks pretty good in it doubt it was doctored. I think also they lead a little more pampered lifestyes them most of us LOL

      • Barbara

        EDITED: Please dont post National Enquirer bullshit here.

      • I know she had plasic surgery all I was saying is that she also leads a healthy lifestyle she never kept the cancer a secret that I know. I saw her talk about it from the beginning.I remember her being on Larry King, Just like she was on Larry King the night her home burned down. They were there live.

      • Barbara

        EDITED: I don’t get being told not to quote bullshit from Enquirer articles here so now I can’t post here anymore.

  28. socalsun

    Suzanne is 66 years old, there is no way her face looks like that without some sort of plastic surgery. I thought the episode with pleasant; its was nice to see the ladies get along.

  29. For a young male, you are sure of a lot of things about bio identical hormone therapy and years of proper organic nutrition! Suzanne and Yolanda both eat like super freaks of nature that only the rich really can. Both women spend lots of time tending their organic garden, working out. and eating clean. Its remarkable and something to strive for. Suzanne is an amazing woman who was a pioneer in an amazing breast reconstruction procedure after her breast cancer.

    You should be so lucky to see how she looks in the morning. /Thumps you on your Knucklehead

  30. I cant understand anyone findig fault with Suzanne Somers.

  31. Also speaking from personal experience eating healthier and finding the proper health regimin along with a health professional makes you feel better all the way around. You can also look and feel years younger than you are.

  32. kiyoshigirl

    Hey Tamara, I haven’t gotten through all the comments yet, so maybe someone has already stated this, but you don’t have to swallow pills to do bio-identical hormone therapy. I’ve been on the program for eight months and it has honestly changed my life. I am prescribed plant based cremes that are compounded at a specialty pharmacy and mailed to my home. There are three cremes that I apply topically to the inside of my wrists, two in the morning and two at night. I could write a book on the wonders of this therapy, but suffice it to say I was suffering from constant headaches, body sweats, flu like symptoms and weight gain. Barely a month into the therapy the headaches, body sweats and flu like symptoms were gone. A couple of months later I began to drop pounds. All in all, I cannot believe that I soldiered my way through peri-menopause without the stuff. Yes, the cremes are not cheap, but for those who find benefit from the protocol, the bang is worth the buck!!!

  33. God you are all fucktarded. The restaurant business is how Ken and Lisa made their millions.

  34. I think they own at least 25 or have over the years I have heard lisa mention it or read it a couple years back.

    • They have owned many. They own two in LA. Villa Blanca has the best food. That is why you take the wife there. :)

      • Haha! :) The last time I was in California to visit my cousin was in 2007. I visited Robertson Blvd. I ate lunch at the famous IVY and Newsroom Cafe and shopped at Kitson (met Alison Janney and her daughter shopping she was so nice ) I believe Sur is located there. I hope to get back there soon and drag my cousin all over to check out all these new places since none of these shows were on when I was there last time. :)

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