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mobwivesreneeI’m trying to get caught up on Mob Wives for my Mob Wives viewers. I would benefit greatly from a friends chart. Renee is off to rehab in Ft. Lauderdale. Apparently AJ is going with her all the way to Florida. If he is going for moral support he is sucking at it. However, despise their attempts to kill each other all the way to the center, they had a tearful hug goodbye before Renee sat down with her TV therapists. There were at least three different people interviewing her. One of the female intake people was scary. I’d have to pop a Xanax just to sit in the same room with her. Group therapy on the beach looks fun! Renee addresses her issues with Ramona. This is a good idea because when she comes home to her new house, she will be moving into Ramona’s neighborhood.

MobWivesDritaThis new chick Love sure does get a lot of air time. She is super proud of her violent past. That violent past probably extends right up through yesterday. I am just not that interested in her.  This show should be just Renee, Drita and Big Ang the rest of them are just filler to me. Though the convict ex-boyfriend who froze his sperm so he could still impregnate women while incarcerated was mildly entertaining.

Speaking of incarcerations, and well that is the main topic of this show, Drita took her kids on a plane to Buffalo NY to visit their Daddy in the federal pen. After the flight there was a long drive to a hotel with an early wake-up call. Everyone is super nervous about the visit. It sounds like the girls enjoyed the visit and the littlest one who was at first reluctant to go didn’t want to leave. Drita was super emotional. Drita is back in love with the dude. Let’s hope for a happy ending?

I’m trying to figure out why Karen is paying for her husband and is new side chick to live in her house in Arizona. I also don’t understand why the husband is so ready to get a divorce because he will surely be kicked out of the free house when that happens.  Karen reads a text message from her daughter that anyone with a brain would know the kid did not write. Sounds like the girlfriend is tweeting on the kid’s phone. What is up with these grown women and the weird colored nail polish with one nail a whole nuther weird color? It’s tacky.

Big Ang threw Neil out because he is being a lousy husband. But on Wendy Williams today Neil was right there with her so they are already back together. Neil showed off a huge tattoo of Big Ang in like a bikini or something that takes up his entire calf!

Next week Hurricane Sandy comes to Staten Island. SCARY!



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12 responses to “Random Thoughts on Mob Wives

  1. Sally

    Ugh. This show does nothing for me. Because I live in this “zone” and see women like this all the damn day long.

  2. Angelface

    Karen isn’t married, she’s just letting him live in the house.

  3. Ms Urethra Franklin

    The husband that wants a divorce is Joe. He is married to Carla. He lives in his own house with his new younger Puerto Rican girlfriend Raquel.

    The dude in the free house Karen’s ex-convict baby daddy living in her Arizona house. He was living there because he was taking care of their daughter after he got out of prison, so that Karen could go back to NY to do the show, write her book, and earn money… They kinda broke up, and he is taking advantage of the situation with his new girlfriend.

    And yes I agree a flow chart of relationships is needed for late-comer viewers.

  4. jakiesmom

    Ok, as it stands today….
    Renee is friends with Karen, Ramona and now Love and Drita (we’ll see how long this lasts). She hates Carla (this season).
    Drita is friends with everyone except Ramona and is now civil with karen.
    Carla is only friends with Ang and Drita, Everyone else hates her.
    Big Ang is friends with everyone since as she told us…. “Everyone loves Ang”.
    (All subject to change)

    I agree that Ramona and Karen add nothing to the show and it seems Carla’s only role this season is to be hated and Joe’s ex.

  5. well that would help me a lot, but If you gave me Ramona, Karen and Carla’s mugshots and told to put a name to the face, I couldn’t. I have Carla and Karen backwards I think. And Ramona looks too much like one of the other ones. :)

    In other words my Mob wives Thoughts are so Random they suck. Sorry.

    • Joan

      You’re not the only one who can’t keep them straight (no pun intended). If I had not watched this from the 1st season I couldn’t follow it all. Too many loose ends, old relationships from “back in the day”. I have a question for everyone who cares – am I wrong in presuming that they all live off money that was stashed somewhere for them in case their Mob Man got ‘sent up’? I do wonder, if that is the case, how do they do that so easily. I realize they come from a different world, and who knows how much of this is scripted, but they have to think about the victims their Mob Men used to make a living, right? Or am I just cra-crazy?

      • Natasha

        I don’t know about them personally but alot of mob families tend to have legit businesses to cover their other “business” especially in modern times. Also sometimes they put businesses and investments in the names of their children and relatives who look more legit on paper. Most of these women grew up with money i know drita comes from a well off Albanian family.

        Dated a guy who parents passed away in that life. It’s funny how movies make it seem like its all guns and sopranos. The day to day is mostly work related. Most of the violence usually stems from money and business.

  6. jakiesmom

    LOL sorry, don’t have their mugshots handy. It isn’t hard to be confused Ramona and Karen are similar and aren’t worth trying to figure it out. Besides, giving too much thought about the show in general would ruin it. Me thinks you are watching it as it should be watched, randomly, mindlessly and not really giving a darn.

  7. Karen abandoned her daughter out west with her freshly released from prison gangsta (not gangster) baby daddy. She did this to be on this show. The free house is meant to entice him to take care of his kid. Bit her mother is there too so the poor kid drifts between the two homes. I believe the kid did write the text. Karen is a pig and has plumped to twice the size she was last season.

    The Renee/Carla fight is weird. They were cool last season. I think. Renee has basically been at homicidal level odds with everyone on the show except ang (everybody loves ang).

    I would like to see a Love/Ramona throw down. Cause I think they are both phoney tough. They should kill each other.

  8. warrior

    i just discovered I can watch this show in Australia, Iv had some free time so watched past episodes.
    Agree Romana fake, grown women talking about hitting. I recall Taylor talking about having private plane, when clearly there was none. So point is they clearly lie and when they talk about their previous fancy lives its straight up lie.
    Totally identify with Renee’s attitude leaving for rehab as usually rehab’s prefer client’s not to use the day of intake. Totally usual for her to be aggressive.
    Also do you think it would have been discussed in production who and how the issue of addiction would be introduced to the story.

  9. sammiejane

    I am sure I am about to receive a bit of criticism…. but this show is a train wreck that I just can’t stop following. Renee is FAB! Rat ex-husband and battling drug addiction (which was put into motion by her ex over medicating her to make her not notice his private recording of her family members and close friends).Kudos to going to rehab Renee. I blame your willy nilly arguments mostly on the mixture of medication with alcohol). We shall see when she returns. Karen needs to be applauded on the achievement of her book.There could be some confusion on deciphering Ramona and Carla. Ramona I admire especially after she told Karen to service her ex boyfriend with a bill for using Karen’s home as a brothel. Disgustingly leaving a g-string in Karen and David’s daughter’s room. (DISGUSTING!!) But I digress; Karen if is a tough cookie and much prettier then Carla. Carla is all bark and no bite. She complains about everyone and it always get back the the subject of gossip. How long will it get through her thick head keeping her mouth shut would keep her off everyone’s list of “Most Wanted To Whack”. Big Ang, what can you say about her. She is always sincere, honest, and compassionate I like her ability to be neutral. D’Rita… well I won’t even go there. First, it is to easy and second I have absolutely nothing nice to say!
    Ramona keep kicking ass. Renee keep your eye on those that may want to do you harm (possibly causing relapse, though I know you are stronger then that). Karen get your child to Staten Island, kick the dead beat of your home, and don’t look back. Big Ang need not change one thing.Carla learn that a butter knife does little harm so quit acting gangsta. D’Rita…. too many issues to address.
    Hope this helps some Tamara.

    • sammiejane

      *Revisions* My bad! I meant to state RAMONA is a tough cookie and much prettier then Carla.They are often confused; however Carla is not a likable personality while Ramona is so whack and pretty at the same time you can’t help but be mesmerized.

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