Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: I Still Need Pizza

RHOAcastseason2Here we go on RHOA. Apologies in advance for the weakness of what is to come. It’s been a long day at Chez Tamara.  I’d like to fast forward through this Donkey Bootie V. Stallion Bootie shit. Phaedra thinks she is family friendly. Then she does her nasty nonsense. Whore or (by definition, white southern belle?)  I just can’t. Wake me up when this segment is over.

Cynthia decides that modeling stuff is not going well for her… so she is going to do pageants. She is charging girls to be in the pageant and then charging them for her “workshop”.  It’s a money-making venture. Sad but true. You no longer have to be a model, you just have to pay to be in a pageant. It’s smart business but trashy.

Porsha and Kenya have a white party of two. It’s staged and ridiculous. Not tonight. I’m bored. I also really should have eaten today.

RHOAPhaedraOhLordNene and Gregg are looking for furniture in LA. Nene says “When Gregg started to do things she did not like, she divorced him.” Hmmm we always thought it was just a financial issue. Perhaps there is more? I also don’t understand why this week we are hearing Nene being back to her fakeass self. Remember last week when she said she was on a budget because she knew this was scale money on a short-term show? Well now she is all Kim Zolciak with her preposterous  need for an interior designer to help her out. Sigh. That normal Nene was sure short-lived.

I don’t get why Porsha is helping with the pageant. I admit I got up to scrounge up money for pizza. Did I miss anything? AN HOUR AND TEN MINUTES FOR PIZZA? Is this normal?

Oh look it is a belly dancing dinner. These never go well. One of my friends dances there. I haven’t talked to her in awhile so I am watching to see. Oh Phaedra is going to sing at the pageant because she is Mary J Blige and Rihanna all rolled into one. Bravo does not allow her to sing on camera. This is our first sign.

Nene is going to her acting coach. I am starting to believe the Nene hype.
Nene says she is “ultra black” and looking for her inner white woman. Or something. Apparently Nene makes out on The New Normal. I wouldn’t know I haven’t watched. Does she?

Cynthia is golfing with Kenya now. Or putting. Neither of them golf. This is ridiculous. More ridiculous is Kenya going up on Phaedra.  Kenya admits to taking Lithium. Sort of. lol.

RHOAkenyathongI don’t understand Miss Lawrence and his lipstick and heels. I know a shit ton of gays. Are you a transvestite or not, Miss Lawrence. Ain’t no shame either way. I’m not judging you Lawrence… you do you… but I think you are picking the wrong horse stallion in this fight.

OH DEAR LORD I KNEW THIS WAS COMING. Remember when I told y’all that Nene was NOT starting a shoe line and was doing a shoe for Kim Kardashians tax write off/ charity shoe thing?  No? well let me remind you that all twelve readers that I had back then swore she was starting a shoe line. SIGH.  It’s a “celebrity” charity thing. All the celeb shoe money goes to CHARITY. It was not a decision Nene made to give up her profits  but boy does she try to make it look that way on the show.

So THIS is why the girls all went to the new normal set in LA. Derek J os there with Miss Lawrence because Andy likes cross dressers. NTTAWWT I’m just saying. Here comes Kenya with her crazy!  I should say that Kenya has a good point the last “celebrity” Phaedra represented was Bobby Brown and Phaedra doesn’t have a “workout video body.” That is all true.


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  1. Hi all I have been lurking for a while but as soon as I saw Kenya walk into the event, I rushed to your site because I so wanted to see the commentary on that. LOL call me “crazy” but I actually warmed up to Kenya in this episode. Without a doubt something is definitely wrong with her, but she had a point with Phaedra’s foolishness.

    • Anon

      I have went from thinking Kenya is “sickening” to #TeamKenya because she has surely called out Fakedra this season! Phaedra has been needing to be called out, BIG TIME!! cause I’m tired of her ol’ country donkey behind! Kenya may be desperate (for a man) and I’m not quite sure she really is (giving that a second thought cause the show had major edits) but she aint crazy, she just don’t play… now, she may be childish but I dont think it was crazy, she did it to call ol’ girl out! instead of the normal going off and getting into an argument.. hell, might have been brilliant what she did LOL

      • i find this commentary lacking no disrespect. sorry I do, why all this talking about Nene all that has been brought up wasn’t even worth being mentioned..Cynthia being a backdoor two faced dog carrying a bone to psycho chick, that deserved some mention. But Nene only needed to be brought up for NOT smacking this bipolar mental case out the door from this event. when Kenya and her fake store brought booty that doesn’t move b/c its full of silicon is running around making a disgusting fool of herself. Seriously?? To trash the charity event for an argument between you and Phadrea? we gonna let Trashy fake booty Racket Ms. USA get away with this disgrace? and that’s not worthy of the WHOLE commentary since that was the whole purpose of last nights show.. for real surely ya’ll trippin.. so many people saw that this is a serious mental illness this girl has, if you didn’t know for sho she was crazy we all know without a doubt, that heffa is ate up…she was a low rent pathetic excuse for a woman and it wasn’t funny at all.. you could seriously see cray cray in her eyes.. between the stunt boyfriend she paid to fake being her boyfriend to this act of desperation to be relevant, its not funny.

      • Katrina

        Kenya may be crazy, but she is not mentally ill!

      • RahRah

        Mental illness, that is excusable this was a clear case of Amos and Andy shucking and jiving buffoonery. Phaedra did expose her ass at the beach, this should have been a dignified charity event. This Kenya is so base a person that she stooped way lower than Phaedra ever has and I am no Phaedra fan. Kenya little bit showed she has no dignity, no self-respect and is no way a role-model unless you want to look like an absolute coon.

    • Alohawife

      Even though her approach was insane and inappropriate, her message as I understood it (or how it was edited to come across) was very true. If Phaedra had a problem with Kenya being a copycat or with the way the business deal went sour that’s fine and she’s more than entitled to gripe and express her disappointment with the way the whole thing went down from a BUSINESS aspect. To turn it into something personal by calling her bipolar and an alcoholic, etc to the other ladies is uncalled for. Keep business about business. Unfortunately, Kenya did the same thing talking about Phaedra’s body but minus that part I think she had some valid points. Who cares if it’s a copycat (thank you Apollo for using a word I had not heard since middle school)? Let the market decide whose better. That’s what free enterprise and capitalism are about. I totally agree that the Kenya and Porscha and Kenya and Cynthia interactions were obviously staged which was annoying. Shame on Cynthia for running and telling Kenya what Phaedra said. It makes Cynthia look childish and petty and added fuel to an already out of control fire. I think Cynthia and Phaedra need to meet like “normal” people and agree to disagree on the business of the video and keep personal attacks out of it. My husband and I are really enjoying this season though! Sad isn’t it?!

      • RahRah

        That ‘gone with the wind fabulous’ was the first sign of Kenya’s low self esteem, participating in a fake tv relationship with man who puts your business on blast, demanding to be recognized for a 20 year achievement is just insane an crazy. I want a plausible explanation for her behavior and conduct so bi-polar works for me unless you have something better if not going with Phaedra this time.

  2. Aretha

    I think that Kenya likes all the attention. At Nene’s first event she made sure she was the center of attention, at the Bailey Agency and now Nene’s event again. Maybe she suffers from Narcissistic personality disorder…..sidebar doesnt it seem so long ago Kim was on. The show flows better without her. Hope she doesnt come back

    • Curious. If you dislike Kim so much, why are you bringing her up in comments to an episode of a show that she’s not on and hasn’t been in awhile?

    • pinkychichi

      I think Kenya has been frantically bumping her head against each and every one of the HW and trying to bring in a fake boyfriend trying to get to the center of attention. Maybe now that coat tail Cynthia is loosing Nene, she has found a way in. And now it’s Phaedra who is running her mouth about Kenya? Kenya went to every wife and husband and stranger on the street to talk about the failed business deal. When ppl come back and ask Phaedra about it, that’s when Kenya gets called crazy. Because she is. Stop trying to flip the script, Bravo. We do pay attention, sometimes you know.

      • SnookumsLynn

        thank you, Kenya is the one that kept up that foolishness. she ran to ANY & EVERYdangbody about that failed business relationship…she should have kept her mouth shut, then she want to be mad someone talked about her crazy tail…she’s a nut!!!

    • RahRah

      Oh, I thought it was something called stuck on stupid and get off. I want to be remembered for being a real lady not a nut case.

  3. Lorri Samuels

    Love the site, couldn’t wait until your recap.

    After last week I was ready to be done with this show, so boring. But Kenya brought the crazy this episode! I think she threw the right amount of shade at Mrs. Parks. Laughed so hard my stomach hurt.

  4. victori0us

    RHOA just isn’t doing it for me. Kenya’s putting on. She’s filming a movie and not a reality show. In her head someone yelled “scene!”

    It’s not any thing real going on down in the ATL this season. All this made for TV drama doesn’t count.

    Oh and Kandi. I’m so tired of her singing. I hate her voice. Nasally is not good. But will she be giving the gospel album away as a free gift with purchase of Bedroom Kandi? Haha

  5. Joanie

    I was liking the RHOA, after Kim left the show. It was getting better. But tonight show, shows me, I’m wasting my time watching this. I can’t stand where this is now going.

  6. shirley

    kenya but phadrea on check! point fava scene of the whole season..kenya is bringing it.

    • Joan

      I think Kenya got points for showing up as a Southern Belle. However, the black net/street walker outfit was too much. It made Kenya look small, petty and inmature.

      • Lisa

        The outfit Kenya wore seems to validate what Phaedra has been saying about her. No grown woman in her right mind would have worn that outfit to a advertising function, no matter what point she was trying to prove. For me it would have been more classy to dress beautiful and appropriate to debunk the “rumors” Phaedra may be throwing around.

    • RahRah

      you’re right she is bringing it, the no class ladies show.

  7. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Kenya at the charity event in her inappropriate “attire” mocking & throwing shade at Phaedra is the funniest thing. I lauged so hard at Phaedra’s initial facial reaction.

    But Kenya is still all kinds of wrong…. and with all the effort she put into perpetuating negative energy to confront Phaedra just proves the severity of her “crazy”. She still couldn’t name one film she produced.

  8. suziezee

    It’s Porsha that’s going to sing and she said she’s like Beyonce, Mary J Blige & Rihanna all in one, like a ” congomberate”. What a fucktard.

    • Ms Urethra Franklin

      I thought Porsha had butchered or created a new word too… After a few playbacks I realized she said “conglomeration”. I laughed at her bad “vocabuarrie”… lol

      Well much to my surprise that is indeed a word defined as: To form or gather into a mass or whole….. I was shocked that I was so wrong, and shocked that according to the definition she may have used it correctly… I’ll give her a pass on this one.


    Lord Jesus, Kenya is just plain crazy!!! She must have skipped her lithium that day… I couldn’t believe what I was seeing… LOL!! Just what we needed!!

  10. Not a Kim Z Fan

    Kenya proved Phaedra’s point. I mean in what universe does any sane, mature, balanced adult woman behave like that. She could have made her point without doing all that. Yes, she brings drama but honestly I am soooooooooooo over it. I think it is actually more fun to watch these ladies work on their business ideas, careers, and socialize a little bit. All these staged lunches and antics are really stupid. It’s supposed to be reality TV and not like you said a made for TV movie. BTW – Tamara is Kenya’s DVD really in the works or does that “deal” fizzle? I believe you told us that Phaedra and Apollo are already working on the 2nd installment of their DVD, which has pretty good reviews on Amazon. Oh finally, I disagree with her commentary about Phaedra’s body. I think she looks fine. She’s not a fitness model but she’s pretty fit. I think that your average woman would relate more to her than Kenya because I think Phaedra’s body is more attainable. Now she is tacky as all get out but there’s nothing wrong with her figure…

    • DJ

      Phaedra’s body is not something that I would want to “attain”. It’s out of proportion and odd looking.

    • AlwaysALady

      Phaedra is childish. She is mad cuz’ Kenya is making a workout video. Why is she not mad a Jane Fonda, Billy Blanks, etc….She needs to be sued for defaming her character. “Family freely” …who wants a donkey booty, “it’s nasty.”

      Kandi(smh) – sex toys, sex “implied on camera”, country music…now gospel. Please find yourself using several seats.

      Kenya is bringing life to some boring, fake, shade trees….she might be saving them from asked not to return.

      Porscha’s husband us the real housewife in that household with all the getting into silly women business.

    • myinfo

      I agree. I tired of the Kenya show.

    • RahRah

      with our community’s health issues, I am glad Phaedra appears in her video, I am sure it will be inspiring to some young woman with body image issues.

  11. Not a Kim Z Fan

    Oh one more thing: am I the only one who is disturbed by the way Porsha’s husband talks to her? He seems very controlling -talks to her more like a stern father than a husband. And one more one more thing :) – am I the only one who is not buying the impending pathetic appreal of Kenya to garner sympathy. WHY IN DA HELL IS THIS CHICK IN EVERY OTHER SCENE? I fear Andy will never get rid of her…

    • Gbell

      No, you are not the only one.

    • In the scenes I’ve watched Kordell and Porsha interact I didn’t find him controlling. I think he knows the way his wife’s brain works and the things to say to get her to stop obsessing and spiraling about certain thoughts. He knows how to say things to make her understand. Nothing more nothing less.

      • Perhaps, but he does have the annoying habit of talking over her, and encouraging some of her immature behavior without the benefit of the truth. Final verdict…the jury’s still out on that one!

    • Lisa

      My first thought was also that it was a gimmick to gather sympathy support. There just doesn’t seem to be much to Ms. Kenya except “fake”!

    • suziezee

      He definitely tells her how to speak to people and it’s probably because she’s so stupid, he thinks she’s going to get taken advantage of. She presents a different front to him than she really is. I hope he’s seen this season and realizes she’s not the soft-spoken angelic victim she loves to pretend she is. Oh god, I hope I don’t get sued ala Lisa Hochstein.

      • So you think scenes on a reality show give insight to the real her that her husband, who spends more time with her than the camera crew, has yet to see? That’s insane.

  12. Ame

    Best episode this season! Soo mf funny! I don’t agree that Phaedra has a bad body! I think she looks naturally great!!

  13. karen

    I am so over this show – Kenya is crazy as hell and she proved Phaedra point really well. – Cynthia has become a messy gossip – Nene is as fake as her blonde hair. – Porsche acts like a teenager. God this show is just awful.

  14. Porsha was the one saying that she was mash up of MJB, Bey, & Rhi Rhi – not Phaedra. I’m sure that’s just a typo.

  15. Tessa

    Kenya is a disgrace. Acted a total fool. Always making a scene at someone’s event. No class at all.

  16. man oh man, Kenya is 500 different kinds of crazy!! While I thought it was funny in a sense the way she was acting with her outfit and butt pads, the venue she chose was wrong in every sense. Phaedra is Phaedra, the whole way she acts and the things she says is her thing. Kenya on the other hand that bitch is just off her rocker completely. If shes not on meds, she needs to get her miserable insecure ass on them, hopefully they can give her some Valium or Xanaxl cuz lord knows she needs something to chill her bitter ass off! I could go on and on about this crazy heifer but that would require me to put a bit of effort into it and right now…the motivation isnt there lol love the recap and I hope you enjoyed that pizza Tamara!

    • Bitter is the key word. Kenya is a has been, nobody. One either uses her pagentry title to get herself a rich husband or a successful career. Obviously neither happened to Kenya and she has been reduced to this paranoid, crazy bitch.

      Let’s save ourselves a lot of discomfort and stop embarressing ourselves by not watching anymore. They have all become boring and trite.

  17. eg

    Tonites show was a Hot Mess! I hope all of these “ladies” are getting paid very well to act the fool like they do. And yes I realize no one forces me (us) to watch, but I admit to being “addicted ” to this bad behavior by nice looking women, like everyone else. I truly think there is something “wrong” with Kenya (although I don’t know what). I checked out her website just to see what stuff she had been in….and she has been in a few things that I’ve seen on tv or dvd. But I did not not notice any “producer” credit. There is a movie that is on her site that is supposed to be coming out (or maybe its out) called Haiti or Hatian or something like that, but I don’t know how long her site has been up. That could’ve been in the works years ago. Anyway I kept switching between RHOA and Big Rich Atl. What do you think about that Tamara? It’s on the Style network. Looks like a copycat to me. Sorry about this being so long, hope you have a nice week!

    • You can always find out info on movie/tv shows and stars via Trapped: Haitian Nights came out in 2010 according to IMDb.

      Interesting that Kenya’s IMDb page hasn’t been updated since 2010.

    • Daphne

      To eg, check – you’ll see a list of credit for Kenya – NOT NOTEWORTHY, but credits nonetheless.

  18. Katrina

    Kenya is not afraid of confrontation. She believes in going to the source and I likee that part of her personality. Although I thought her attire was inappropriate, I thought what she said was totally on point. Phaedra was totally wrong for saying Kenya is an alcoholic and bi-poplar if she doesn’t know if it is true. Also, it seams Kenya confided in Phaedra and now she is being messy.

    • Trinky

      But you need to know when to do it. All she did was prove what Phaedra was saying was true. She did more damage to herself then to Phaedra. Kenya had no busy confiding in Phaedra. Why would you think any of these women are your friends. They did not know each other before this show.

    • AmberKnows

      Not only is Kenya not afraid of confrontation, she LIVES for it! Never saw such a stark raving THIRSTY lunatic! She is so desperate for a return season that she’s willing to humilate herself with a fake boyfriend and literally expose her fake ASS! She will battle with anyone. First Cynthia, then Portia, now Phaedra. Is she going turn on Kandi next for defending Phaedra or go after the Big Dawg Nene? Kandi maybe, but I doubt she’ll go for Nene as those that have are no longer around to tell the tale.

  19. ShirleyB

    Hello Tamara I hope you got your pizza. I can understand wanting to do something else rather than watch RHOA and recap. I too am wondering why I bother to watch but I guess it’s like watching a train wreck or stopping to watch a accident, you just can’t help yourself. I know this is TV and the show lives for ratings and crazy brings the ratings, but I have to ask myself the age old question. What would I do for money or fame? Having neither and no big prospects on the horizon I am going too take the high road and say NOT THIS SHOW!

    Kenya is either acting or she is just plain crazy. I hope for her sake she is acting. She appears in a scene and sucks all of the air out. She is loud, brash, and completely clueless to to anybody else. I doubt she had a deal with Phaedra, because who enters into a legitimate business deal without a contract of some kind? It was obvious they were only talking over the details and there did not appear to be a written proposal. Didn’t Phaedra’s attorney say that Kenya never replied.

    I always thought Kenya was beautiful but she has ugly ways and that is no act. She’s the mean girl personified.

    What irks me about the show is the editing. There is so much left out of scenes that stretch the imagination. I mean who acts like these ladies in real life. I wish they would just stop pretendinq this is real life and call it what it is, a poorly scripted soap opera. We the audience could then enjoy the show with the crazy knowing that it’s not real and these women are not like they appear.

    A better script would definitely help Cynthia who is my favorite. You can tell she is reluctant to participate in the meanness but has to to keep her job. She just doesn’t appear quick witted except in her interviews.

    NeNe benefits from a script on the New Normal and you actually believe that she is the smart together Assistant Producer she portrays on the show. I love her character Rockie(?). On RHOA she is not that articulate and seems to laugh a lot and talk in whole sentences.

    Kandi is smart and I love the way she comes to the aid of her friends, but I can’t forget how she let Kim Z walk all over her.

    Phaedra would benefit from watching herself on TV. Maybe then she would know how dumb her facial expressions appear, and why for the love of God is she always sticking out her rediculously long (big?) tongue?

    Porscha is out of her depth and I just think a script would help her. I think a remedial course of any kind would help her immensely.

    Bravo should just stop the pretense and get some good writers, call the housewives actors and be done with it.

    Tamara I love your site and I am usually in agreement with your analysis of the characters. You bring common sense to a world of crazy. Thanks for writing and consider getting an assistant so you don’t wear yourself out. I hope you are around for a long time to come.

    To everybody that contributes to the site with their comments keep up the good work I love hearing that I am not alone in my opinions. Good night all.

  20. Ok I can’t stand “suits” that have shorts for bottoms. It’s just all kinds of wrong, especially on a grown woman.

  21. An hour and a half is unacceptable for pizza. You should complain and get a free one.

  22. becky white

    I did admire all the hard work Kenya put in at the gym. Crazy or not I found her showing up with the hat and butt pads funny. Wrong event yes, but still funny.

  23. tammy honeycutt

    Loved it!!! And wth is cynthia all team kenya now !!!

  24. myinfo

    Kenya has proven what Phaedra said about her must be correct. She has to have some type of personality disorder. Kenya has no respect for herself at all. She looked like a complete fool in that outfit. I think it is time for her to be committed. If her goal is marriage and children she is sure chasing away a large portion of the male population.

    She looked very pretty when she met with Kenya. I really loved her makeup. Kenya has to be jealous of Porsha.

    She has turned into a backstabber. I think she does not have any opinions of her own and only says and does things that Nene approves.

    Obviously she is not making much money at her modeling company. Why isn’t crazy Kenya helping with her pageants? Isn’t Kenya her best friend now? Maybe she is smart enough not to get into business with Kenya.

    Nene is fake now. The real Nene is gone forever. She is still funny in her commentaries. She had the nerve to say something like “these girls are always having problems” as if she was not the biggest pot stirrer on the planet in the past.

    • RhoaFans

      Nene feels as if she is above the drama now that she is an actress in la. Kenya may have a few screws loose but she makes me wanna watch every week and on the low nene must love all the hate kenya gets because she looks like an angel. And her comment about it always being drama with the ladies shows that she feels she’s better than them.

    • AmberKnows

      ITA Portia looked young and fresh in her casual wear and wedge sneakers while it was Kenya who looked ‘old fashioned’ in her white smock. LOL Since when is the legendary MsRoss knows for rocking a high bun, baby hair and bangs? I always thought it was the bobbed sixties wigs and then the huge long kinky wave. *Shrug* That’s kooky Kenya for you. Missing the mark yet again.

      • I too totally agree there was nothing wrong w/what Portia was wearing. Kenya was thrown off her game because she thought that she could wrap Portia around her finger and had to come up with something negative to say. When Kenya is man down she comes back with crazy ish she says about people, but all that manages to do is make her look even more crazy.

  25. myinfo

    My favorite line was when Kenya said to Phaedra something like “you said I was a drunk, etc.” and Phaedra came back all serious and said “YES I DO”

    She should had said just look at you now : )

  26. Vp

    Good recap. Haven’t watched the show yet. I think Kenya is bizarre. I feel bad watching her because it’s definitely geared for the viewer to Snark on her… But it gives me the same feeling as watching Taylor. On one hand she’s so ridiculous you want to make fun of her, but on the other hand there’s this strong feeling that there is something deeply wrong with her. And it’s not so funny. At least she doesn’t have kids!

  27. myinfo

    Nene acting in the fake interior designer segment was too strange. The guy was looking at Nene like “what in the h*ll are you talking about” LOL

    Why would you pay for an interior designer for a house that you are renting for a few months? If she is using Kenya’s horrible hand me downs from storage then she probably rented furniture.

    • Katrina

      Nene only asked for assessories. Maybe in California you can rent a house for a couple of months, but most people don’t lease their home for less that 6 moths to i year. Just because you rent a home doesn’t mean you can’t make it look nice.

  28. Tamar voice

    I can’t stand Cynthia and I await the day someone shuts her down. Ever since her first season, she has always run her mouth between the women and nobody really calls her out, or she hides under NeNe’s wings for protection when they do call her on it. There was so reason for her to run back and tell Kenya everything that Phaedra said, although I smiled from here to Mexico when Kenya checked Phaedra, lol. That’s why when Phaedra was confronted, she continously kept asking Kenya who told you I said that, because both times that she made references to Kenya being an alcoholic or bi-polar, she said it to Cynthia. There’s no reason for Kandi or Porsha to run tell Kenya anyhting that Phaedra said because they don’t particularly care for her. Cynthia hated her guts until she saw that NeNe accepted her, now all of a sudden she’s on the Kenya boat. Lil country self. That’s why her wack business is failing. You will never be Tyra or Naomi honey.

    • Katrina

      Phaedra is always running her mouth about someone elses business, maybe she wil keep her mouth shut for a change! Phaedra and Kandi can’t seem to make a decision without one another. Cynthia and kenya came to an agreement in Anguillia.

  29. Was it just me or did Phaedra look like a huge avocado in her Donkey Booty workout outfit. If I had my choice I would purchase a workout video form Kenya before I would from Phaedra. This whole donkey booty theme is getting to be a drag.
    Whether you like Kenya or not, she is a smart cookie. She knows how to make the show revolve around her, which will guarantee her being signed up for next season. Without Kenya there really is nothing going on on RHOA.
    If Cynthia is down to holding faux beauty pageants for preteens her business must not be doing very well. Miss Renascence 2012, what the heck does that mean. The whole scene came off as a way for Cynthia to rip off the parents of these kids.
    I still have no idea why Porsha is even on the show. She adds nothing to the story.

    • Katrina

      I read a comment that called Phaedra’s outfit a green onesie. Cynthia is about making money. I couldn’t believe how much money you could make in the pageant business. “Toddlers and Tiaras”. I think Kenya will definitely be back next season, unless she finds something else.

      • MissMocha

        Remember when we were afraid that Marlo would be hired for the show? Little did we know what we were really in store for (Kenya!!!)

  30. myinfo

    I wish Sheeree was still on the show. I would have loved to see Kenya try to take her on.

    If you had a choice would you want Sheeree or Kenya back next season or both?

  31. Msdream57

    I was really sad to see Kim leave te show, but happy for her happiness. The show really has been sad since her leaving, and te new housewives are just sick. This show has gone down hill.

  32. I'm the genius here

    On Phaedra Vs. Kenya: The edits on this episode gives Kenya’s workout video the edge over Phaedra’s. It’s evident that Phaedra is more concerned with appearances and name dropping to sell her vid. Kenya isin better shapy physically and seems to genuinely want women to get a real workout. Phaedra wants to sell a video to women who don’t want to sweat, so I assume her target audience consists of little chunky women with no sense of reality in the fitness world.
    On Kenya’s Antics: She’s not crazy. She is trying to play crazy enough to earn the right to another season. In the real world, she would have never entered an event half naked with butt pads and an Easter hat on. Its all for show, and unfortunately its probably enough (too much) to get her cut for next season.
    On Cynthia’s pageants: There is a sucker born every minute. Get your money while the gettings good…
    On Cynthia’s two-faced-ness: She takes direction very well. She, too, wants her spot for next season.
    On Porscha’s ditsy antics: It is SO not cute. She needs to read a book. Like, seriously.

    • Trinky

      Well, Phaedra’s video is out and she is releasing another one in 2 weeks per her Bravo blog. IF I am not mistaken this video is more of Apollos dream. He is doing most of the moves in the video and he is the certified personal trainer. She does the warm up and I think cool down in the video. The video has some good reviews on Amazon. Kenya has yet to come out with a video as of yet and Phaedra working on her second one. She also said the people that produced it are people that produced Billy Blanks, Biggest Loser and some other people. I can’t hate on it. She doing her thing. And Kenya has yet to back up all the smack she was talking on the show…I personally want to go ahead and get to the reunion. It should be very interesting once everyone has seen everything.

  33. verneewaggin

    I think Lawrence said it best when he said to Kenya that you should not be be telling your personal business to Phaedra. She gives no details about herself. She gets you you talk about your skeletons, but all of hers are kept in the closet.!!!

  34. Lisa in Oregon

    Love your site Tamara!!

    Portia acts like a spoiled teenager who thinks she’s the popular girl because she’s dating the HS quarterback. As though this gives here some kind of credibility. Please…

    Kenya – a hot mess that needs attention to function.

  35. eve

    I love this blog too !
    But, i think im finally (almost) sick of the housewives. All the shows have turned into totally fake with a bunch of liars who are for the most part not rich and dont even own a home !
    Nene is a joke.Cynthia takes the prize for dumb and on and on…
    What i would love to know is how do these people live in real life? Is there a ”normal” one in the bunch?

  36. Go Kenya!!!

    I absolutely LOVE the fact that Kenya put that fake ass Phaedra in her place and she was right in every single thing she said about that fake ass bitch!! Get her Kenya. Check that fake shit talking bitch. Donkey booty?!!! Who the hell want to buy some ghetto ass video called donkey booty. Phaedra is not in shape!! Yeah SHAME ON YOU PHAEDRA the fake bitch!!

    On that note I am going to try some blue eye shadow!!

    • Trinky

      How did she put her in her place? But coming to a charity event looking a fool. The people at the charity event didnt know what she was doing so who did they think was crazy??? If anything she proved Phaedra right that she is in fact crazy. #wheretheydothatat She even said to Kenya, ” I told you were bipolar to your face and that you need medication”

      First of all she should have met with Phaedra like a woman and asked if she indeed said any of it. She didn’t hear it for herself, she heard it from her new friend Cynthia. She didn’t know if she was telling the truth or not. This was an unclassy move of someone that claims they are so classy, a history maker and of course gone with the wind fabulous. And let just say she is acting or playing up for the cameras…at the end of it is it really worth the hit she is going to have to her reputation? This is behavior of a former Miss USA??Is she that broke that she has to go on a reality show and resort to ghetto antics like this?? Phaedra’s video is called Phine Body and Phaedra reports per her blog on Bravotv that part 2 is coming out in two weeks. Maybe Kenya needs to stop worrying about being crazy and get on her grind with this so called “Stallion Booty” video that she promised. So far Phaedra is up 2-0.

    • Iced Tea

      I agree with Go Kenya! She put that donkey on blast and it was funny as hell. Nene knew she was coming and going to wear that outfit, so she was not being disrespectful. It is about time somebody shut lying Fakdra not knowing when her baby is due down.

  37. Go Kenya!!!

    Or is it drawls!! You know those bloomers. lol.

  38. Daphne

    In recapping last night’s episode, I am reminded of all the mess that happened before the bold-craziness of Ms. Kenya at the celebrity event. Now, Phaedra and Apollo asked for her assistance – before they could negotiate a deal, Kenya, supposedly, went ahead and secured a deal, and then demanded 50% of the profits. When Phaedra said no, negotiations didn’t even begin. Kenya immediately started with the negativity, talking badly about Phaedra and this deal to everyone who gave her any attention, and each time she told this story, it was always “Phaedra said she didn’t want to pay me.” No, Phaedra said she didn’t think Kenya deserved 50%!

    Then, at a social event, while Phaedra was very kind and social, Kenya can’t get over the “No” and is salivating at the chance to talk to Apollo – NOT COOL. I’m very single but still know that’s a big No No – you’d better include his Wife (and you think Apollo would know better than to entertain 5 minutes with this woman). THEN, Kenya took it one step further: before she could barely get “Happy Birthday” out of her mouth, she was jackin’ up Kandi and her man about this deal gone wrong. Really???

    Don’t get me wrong: if INDEED Kenya got some deal for Phaedra, I think Phaedra should pay her something. Whether Phaedra agreed to Kenya going ahead and solidifying the distribution deal or not, Kenya did the work. Hell, I don’t get paid nothing for something! To add, Phaedra has not be so nice either talking crap behind Kenya’s back to this one and that one. But, Kenya had more than one opportunity to take the high road, or at least try to meet in the middle, and say “we have to do something.” Hell, even Kandi asked if the two of them had a conversation about payment – did anyone notice how Kenya skated all around that question and never answered?

    In regard to all that coo-coo-ness that happened at the Shoe Dazzle event, in poor taste. Hilarious, but in bad taste – I watched every minute of it shaking my head. Now, after all of this madness, it appears that Kenya is going to have a cancer scare in the next episode. Are we all supposed to feel sorry for her now? Why does Bravo play with my emotions?

  39. Nicole

    Deleted this one off my DVR. Didn’t even watch it!

  40. Beejcee

    Ms. Tamara I SO enjoyed your recap as always. You are so right about Phaedra’s behavior – nasty nonsense. Cynthia is sort of being Here comes honey boo boo-ish. Now a days does pageants equal model later on? I am not understanding why Kenya would think that Porsha should let her continue to dogg her, Kenya was wrong during that conversation on every level. She kills me how she (kenya) gets loud(er) when she gets shut down! I want the normal NeNe back too. And Lawrence – lipstick of a different color please! But next week is going to be pretty good…Kandi states everyone in the Atl wants to sing and commences to belt out a gospel song–uh No. I have to say why is Kandi singing period? She sounds like she’s clearing her sinuses, she is a female rapper from the “90’s, please leave the gospel songs to gospel singers. Thanks.

  41. Cali

    Nene finally got some help. She has held this show down to long by herself. I don’t agree with the way Kenya behave, but it was time, for someone to confront miss goody too shoe. Oh, and why was Kandi sticking her nose in Kenya and Phadera mess. She can’t stand up to Kim.

  42. camille

    Kenya is “cray, cray”, as Phaedra says! Phaedra did come out w/her video 1st & Kenya’s next, which does make her a COPYCAT! NeNe is fake & her “acting” is just NeNe being herself (same voice & everything). Love Porshe! Kenya is jealous bcuz she is younger, pretty & married! Haha!

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