Sean Stewart Sets the Record Straight on Adrienne Maloof Romance

Photo Credit: Todd Willamson/AP

Photo Credit: Todd Willamson/AP

I feel like this website is becoming the Adrienne Maloof channel! That said, remember yesterday when everyone was all atwitter about that US Weekly story claiming the dude had moved in with Adrienne? I know you guys don’t get when I don’t believe everything I read, but it is important to understand the difference between a source and an actual confirmation from the person the story is about. Today TMZ has a quote from the lovely Sean about the relationship where he sets the record straight about his living arrangements. This means that nothing in that article is true and that means our assumption that the surrogacy issue is THE BIG SECRET BRANDI TOLD ABOUT ADRIENNE has yet to be confirmed as well.I find it very interesting that TMZ is covering this story at all let alone so frequently. How did they just happen to run into Sean Stewart? Perhaps someone called them to tip them off? I wonder who would do that? Perhaps someone who didn’t want people thinking Sean had moved into Adrienne’s house but wanted the romance rumors further documented?

Here is what Sean told TMZ about the romance, “I’m very happy … She’s a very very very good lady.” Four verys! Also, does the use of the word lady seem strange to anyone else? I would have used the word person, unless I was talking about someone’s grandmother. Is that just me?  With regard to the two lovebirds shacking up he told TMZ, “I actually have my own place.”  Sean says anyone who has a problem with him dating his grandmother’s BFF is sexist, “If men can date younger women, why can’t an older woman date a younger man?  It’s sexist. It’s about the person she is inside. Age is just  a number. If there’s a connection and someone cares about a person, that’s what matters really.” Sean also calls Adrienne “very, very sweet” and a “very good mother.”  I think that last part is what little Sean is looking for.

Fun fact: The building Sean is walking into when the cameras just happen to catch up with him is 435 North Bedford. The primary occupants of that building are doctor’s offices, including an STD clinic.  Just more fun facts you don’t get anywhere else.


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20 responses to “Sean Stewart Sets the Record Straight on Adrienne Maloof Romance

    • lwickedgirl

      Well his father did sing the song Maggie May (if I remember correctly) about a young man who had an affair with an older ‘lady’.

  1. no name maddox

    i agree TT. the use of the word “lady” does seem unusual. the building houses an STD clinic, aye? now THAT’S some tea :)

  2. Valley Girl

    Is it just me or does he look waaayyyy older than his actual age?

  3. definitely an odd choice of words. that just confuses me.

  4. DJ

    I have an ex-boyfriend who lives in Texas, and he always uses the word “lady” when referring to a woman. He will say that someone is “a pretty lady” or “a nice lady”. We still communicate by e-mail occasionally, and he will close off with “Goodnight, lady”.

  5. See I use the word for OLD ladies as a sign of respect. But if I start a sentence off with the phrase, “Look, lady…” I am not about to be kind. Some twitter people refer to me as lady sometimes and it always strikes me as an insult, or just reminds me of Jerry Lewis saying “hai laaaaaaaaaaadddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” It’s odd to me.

  6. He looks like Herman Munster with female features. I guess it’s just the 5 head and the beady little eyes half way down his face. I’d call bullshit on her taste if I hadn’t seen her furniture.

  7. Maybe this is all a hoax just to keep Adrienne interesting so that she will be asked back next year on RHOBH. Other than this story, there is no reason to keep her. How long can she and Brandi sue each other.

    • I read somewhere that since she got her lawyers involved to keep Bravo from revealing “The Secret That’s Not A Secret” that she’s automatically out for next season? I don’t know if that’s true or not, though.

  8. IMHO, lady is how you refer to someone you may know but aren’t close to (unless it’s in a funeral setting). Certainly not someone you’re supposedly sleeping with.

  9. The whole thing is very odd! I watched him when he was on “Sons of Hollywood ” years ago thought he was a cute kid and saw him on Dr. Drews Rehab too. Maybe he likes older woman LOL who knows it’s Hollywood could be a big show

  10. Where did he grow up? Maybe the lady is a Brit thing.

  11. wait he grew up in LA I remember from the rehab show

  12. If it was a British thing he would be referring to her as royalty. Which is even stupider.

  13. puravidacostarica

    and, if he spoke with a British accent, wouldn’t he be saying “me lady is very, very sweet”? LOL

  14. jakiesmom

    She needs to do a better job at spin or hire better professionals. Interesting the timing outing their relationship and where the stories are orgininating- this is coming out right in the middle of her storyline. To stay relevent? Maybe but I think it is a sad attempt at deflection.

  15. Y’all don’t usually read Adrienne posts so I had stopped really paying her any attention. Since she went batshit crazy, she got interesting. Perhaps she is taking a cue from Kenya Moore. lol.

  16. Mango

    It’s so funny to see someone as young as he is use the term “lady” – it’s so 70s! LOL I could hear his dad calling his gf, his “lady”

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