Kenya and Phaedra Duel in Their Bravo Blogs This Week

RHOAKenyawaveThe donkey booty versus stallion booty war rages on in this week’s Real Housewives of Atlanta blogs. Kenya also wants us to know she is not a drunk, doesn’t drink lie a fish, does not have butt implants and is not bipolar.  I tend to have a hard time believing her on any of those counts. Your opinions may vary. Here is what Kenya had to say for herself this week, “Phaedra stated that I “drink like a fish, I was drunk, my booty is fake, and I’m bipolar.” ALL BOLDFACE LIES! I’ve NEVER been drunk a day in my life! This is so absurd and hateful it’s laughable. My behind is REAL. I work hard for this body and it’s built from sweat and dedication to fitness, not a plastic surgeon’s scalpel. I have no mental disorder or chemical imbalance and have never been diagnosed with nor taken any anti-psychotic medications. Furthermore, there are people who greatly suffer from these serious life threatening illness, and shame on Phaedra for making a mockery of mental illness.” Raise your hand if you are buying this.

Meanwhile we learn that Phaedra and Apollo have done two work out videos already. The second one should be released soon. If you are doing the donkey workout, please share your results here!

RHOAPhaedraRatchetUSAHere is what Phaedra had to say about the booty feud this week:
In this week’s episode, my husband and I made some choices. After meeting with several production companies, we chose to use Watch it Now (WIN) to produce our Phine Body workout video series. After meeting with Will Hobbs and Darren Capik and reviewing their extensive resume, we decided they were the most qualified company. They are one of America’s leading fitness video production companies touting sales of over 30 million fitness videos a year. This fact along with their equally impressive client list, which includes notable fitness icons such as Jane Fonda, Billy Blanks, Suzanne Somers, and Tara Stiles, assured me that they were the perfect company for us. Surprisingly, we were able to do two videos for less than the price Kenya quoted us for one. Even with the lower production rate and better expertise, they never asked for a back end percentage or any ownership in our video, but most importantly, the production was seamless. They effortlessly worked out all the details with no drama, which was quite refreshing. Their customer service and staff were equally as professional.

Sadly, I do not think we have heard the end of this. Kenya makes no mention of how her video is going. I would imagine she is still looking for someone to fund it for her because rumor has it she attended the Sheree Whitfield School of Fronting Finance. I am just counting the hours until we see Kenya dressed up like Phaedra at the ShoeDazzle event next week. Speaking of ShoeDazzle, it seems like just yesterday y’all didn’t believe me when I explained that it was a not for profit venture.  Nene of course is making it look like she is donating her profits. Sigh.

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34 responses to “Kenya and Phaedra Duel in Their Bravo Blogs This Week

  1. tammy honeycutt

    Yes she did go to the sheree school lol

  2. I wasn’t here back when your other article was written but…everything I’ve ever read about ShoeDazzle (including their wiki page) says the Celeb limited edition shoes are the only ones that the money goes to charity from. Also, while not a member of that site, I am a member of Kimora’s JustFab and man, when their CSR’s call to invite you to their “elite” program (which isn’t all that elite or awesome) they directly ask if you are a member of ShoeDazzle.

    I’m sure we’re not done hearing about the butt vids but wish we were. Can’t wait to get everyone’s reaction to that special look Kenya has at the event next week :)

    • Oh, the comments on that other post made me laugh. Since I’ve come to your blog I’ve watched people accuse you of just hating NeNe but back in March supposedly she was paying you to write about her? Wow, what a delusional bunch we are sometimes lol

      • Yeah, I was also under attack from Nene’s Army during that time for suggesting she buy some decent bras. I figure when you are attacked by both sides, you are doing it right. :)

  3. Ms Urethra Franklin

    There are many people with an “undiagnosed” mental illness in this country.
    A few of them are part of the RH franchise.
    In my opinion the mentally unstable ones are Theresa, Ramona, Taylor, Danielle, & Kenya.

  4. DJ

    I’d like to know what medication Walter was referring to when Kenya was throwing a tantrum about the hotel room in Anguilla.

  5. I thought the same thing when I read that in her blog.

  6. victori0us

    Phaedra’s always got the most articulate and well formulated blogs. Why can’t she show this side more? She’s working the wrong angle with all these gimmick side hustles she’s going into, funerals and donkey booties. She needs to be pretending to teach law or do sumn that shows her intelligence. Phaedra doesn’t get that no one is really checking her out like that…she’s like HEY!!!LOOK AT ME!!! IM SEXY! She’s a gorgeous woman, don’t get me wrong but in a matronly way.

    • Katrina

      I really think Phaedra likes the funeral business. However, I think a lot of this is to help Apollo find legitimate work. Apollo has a record and it may be difficult for him to find a good job. Apollo is not content and he needs to find a purpose. They haven’t been married long , with 1 child and another on the way. It looks like phaedra’s mother helps out a lot and they probably don’t have a lot of privacy.
      Does Phaedra have any siblings?

      • not that I know of… doesn’t mean she doesn’t. Karma may know….

      • Toni

        I remember when Kandi went to see Phaedra during Aiden’s birth, there was some mention of this being the Pastor’s first grand baby because the other siblings weren’t married. Kandi then tried to say welllll being married wasn’t a prerequisite for having a baby and being met with a look from both Phaedra and her mom lol.

      • Valley Girl

        It seems like I remember it being made mention of on Phaedra and Cynthia’s first RHOA reunion that NeNe knew Phaedra’s brother – it has been a few years so I could be wrong but somehow it rings a bell.

      • victori0us

        They’ve got enough privacy to make another baby lol. Apollo is a hustler…I’m sure he’ll find his way to get money legally or illegally. Phaedra is keeping him on the str8 and narrow…trying to find ways for him to get money legally and respectably. But she doesn’t need to minimize her intelligence to do that. When she came in season 3?, she had almost a regal quality to her. Down to earth but still a cut above the rest. She’s a joke now. I loved me some Phaedra at first, even tho she lied about her due date…that’s just how regal she was, a true southern belle, can’t shame her family in anyway, but now…I just smh at how low she’ll go to get a laugh and to stand out. Whatever…she’ll never get a spin off. Not at this rate.

  7. sunny

    how u go from bein a lawyer to makin donkey booty videos?!

  8. while in mortician school…

    • RhoaFans

      I know a lot of people may not like kenya but something about phaedra is off to me. I think kenya is having fun with the show and not taking it or herself to seriously.

      • Ms Urethra Franklin

        Kenya DOES take herself seriously.
        To her, the president, and every important African American in the last 20 years was because she carried them on her shoulders after winning a beauty pageant.

        She walks around with “sacurrity” because she is mistaken for Beyonce and wants everyone to recognize what an important historical figure she is. Delusional is what she is with her self aggrandizing.

      • Something about Phaedra may seem off to you because it is. She has stated a few times that she plays a role on the show. We don’t see the real her.

    • victori0us

      I guess whatever sticks huh lol

  9. Phaedra will soon have her mortician licensce. I just think she is a hustler like Kandi. Meaning always finding a new way to make money. I don’t see anything wrong with that.I myself have a fulltime job and 2 side jobs I do it to makemoney and I have been on my fulltime job 17 yrs. With this economy more of us need to branch out into other areas. I have several friends doing 2 or 3 money making jobs. And it’s not just to get by with everyday living it’s for us to be able to retire early and I know for me to buy a vacation home in the Carribbean. My coworker has a master degree and a specialist degree and he still works 3 other jobs because he has a plan to pay cash for some things he want. So I don’t see any SHADY behavior when it comes to that aspect.I do know someone who knows Phaedra personnally and she really is taking classes for the funeal business. I think if more people stop whinning about not having a job or asking for handouts the economy would improve. I have a lazy older brother who always ask for handouts and I tell him I am a woman if i can work 3 jobs you can also and I do it with a family.And yes my husband works also. Her law pratice is very successful. A lot of successful people are doing different things. It’s called building an empire

  10. Ncfinedime

    The whole “Kenya is having fun and not taking herself too seriously ” line is a joke. Shes def taking herself way too seriously

  11. RhoaFans

    People have so much to say about kenya its getting old. I find her funny and entertaining, if it wasn’t for her what else is interesting on the show nothing. The fact that people tune in every week to see if she does something crazy and get on the blog to dog her doesn’t make sense.

  12. Phaedra has admitted to playing a role on RHOA. But I think who she really is shines through more than she would like if you pay attention.

    • RavenBeauty

      I could not agree with you more. Phaedra shows us exactly who she is but peaople want to like her so the ignore the red flags. I also agree that Apollo is not content and is looking for himself. I tend to pay close attention not so much to what Phaedra says but rather what she doesnt say.

  13. RavenBeauty

    I am no fan of Kenya Moore but it strikes me odd that more people dont realize Kenya and Phaedra are talking about two different things. Kenya is upset about the distribution deal while Phaedra is claiming its the production deal. Phaedra is relying on the fact that most ppl dont really listen to her and how she tends to avoid certain details about things. Once she poises heself and puts on that southern charm no one really listens they just hear her. I wont go on and on about Phaedra and please dont assume that I dislike her. I just see thru her.

  14. Valley Girl

    Phaedra has actually grown on me – I still think she is a bit pretentious and self important, but she cracks me up. Her baby is spoiled (but adorable), and her facial expressions are priceless.

    That southern belle stuff gets oh my nerves though – I’m a GA Peach, a lady, but I am NOT a southern belle – I will leave that to Margaret Mitchell, Flannery O’Connor, and their ancestors.

  15. Shelby

    Does anybody know the designer of Phaedra’s grey dress at the shoedazzle event?

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