Kandi Burruss Opens Up About Her Wedding Plans

RHOAKandiLet’s talk about some love and happiness for a change. Kandi has finally blogged over on Bravo. It seems like something has changed with the whole blogging agreement between the housewives and Bravo because no one seems to care about blogging anymore. This time last year Kandi was quite candid on an episode of Kandi Koated Nights about why she stopped blogging.  Shortly after I posted that episode on this site, it was set to private. Then this season, Kandi began blogging again. She really had a lot to say about Kim. We had some animated comments about that post. But this week, Kandi talks for the first time about her engagement. It really isn’t the giddy response you would expect from a newly engaged woman, she talks about pre-nups and introducing Riley to Todd. Kandi is always the practical one.

Kandi Burruss Ringing in the New Year in MiamiOn her wedding plans:
I have so much to think about now, so much to prepare for. I’m clueless. We don’t know if we want a destination wedding, or if we want to do it in Atlanta. Do we want a big wedding or a small intimate one? Do we even want a wedding?  Should we just get married privately and do a big reception? Well, I think I’ve axed that one out already. I think we’ll do a more intimate one, but if we did it in Atlanta, that’s not going to happen. It would turn into a HUGE wedding, because I have way too many family, friends, and people in general that I know, who would be offended if they’re not invited. Hmm… this is going to be crazy. I guess I’ll have to get advice from the other ladies in our circle.

About her pre-nup:
I do believe in pre-nups. I know that some people feel if you are truly in love and are planning to be dedicated to your marriage that a pre-nup somehow means the person requesting the pre-nup is expecting the marriage to fail. I don’t agree. I feel like it’s a safety precaution. Just like if you have a fire extinguisher in your home it doesn’t mean you expect it to burn down, but you’re just prepared to put out the fire before it starts if need be. I’ve had friends and associates who didn’t get a pre-nup say “they didn’t need one,” “she or he would never do that,” etc. But then later when they got divorced, things got ugly, and the person tried to get everything, they were like, “I would have never thought they would have done that to me,” “she or he is not the person I married,” blah, blah, blah. I feel like people do some crazy and vindictive things when they’re hurt, so I think there should be agreements set in place while everyone is thinking clearly. That way if D-day ever comes (and hopefully it won’t, but if it does), then it doesn’t have to get uglier and more hurtful than it already is.

About Riley and Todd’s relationship:
Riley cracked me up when she said she met him and a month later he was moving in. She was exaggerating. I dated him for a few months, introduced her to him, and a month later he was spending the night a lot. LOL! Todd didn’t move in until we moved to the new house, which probably was nine months into our relationship, six months after Riley met him. It is always a big debate as to when the right time is to introduce your child to someone. It kills me when people like Wendy Williams, who had both of her parents in her life and is now raising her child with his father her husband, dog me out saying what they think about my daughter meeting the man I’m dating. I personally feel if you’ve never been a single parent or the child of a single parent household, then don’t pass judgment. You cannot relate to my situation. I have been a single mom, and I was raised in a single parent home.

RHOAKandirileyWhat works for me and my daughter may not work for everyone, but I will try to shed some light on how we’ve done things. My daughter and I had a long talk one day, and she told me that she wanted to meet the guys that I was considering dating when we were in the just friends phase. I said to her no that’s not cool because she doesn’t need to meet every guy I date. I didn’t want her to see different men coming around. In response she said, “Well if they are just your friend, then there’s nothing wrong with me meeting them, but I don’t want you to wait until you love them for me to meet them, because what if I don’t like them? Then you may not want to break up with him, and I’ll be unhappy.”

Well everyone has to do what works for them, and this is what has worked for me and my daughter.  Todd asked Riley for her blessings before he proposed to me, and she was standing right there for moral support when he popped the question. It meant everything to me that she was happy about it. I believe that Todd will be a great step-father to Riley like my step-dad Leroy Jones was to me. I wrote a song about him on my last album. If you get a chance, go to iTunes and download Leroy Jones. I describe real moments from my childhood and how he was there for me and my brother. Great men do exist!

Do you think Kandi already knows she is going to get married on the show? How crazy is it that Gregg proposed to Nene the same night that Todd proposed to Kandi? Who do you think will get married first? To read Kandi’s entire blog, go here.


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13 responses to “Kandi Burruss Opens Up About Her Wedding Plans

  1. tammy honeycutt

    I agree i am a single parent and if u havent walked on those shoes dont judge others

    • I agree with you, she has made a good choice and Kandi deserves the love, she is a sincere person and I do admire her. You I love the way her life is going and how everything is falling right in his footsteps, go girl,

  2. Yup, as we’ve discussed previously on here, I think she’ll have a show wedding AND the private ceremony she wants. I really wonder if the private ceremony already happened (as we’ve all discussed here as well) or not.

  3. Katrina

    I was thinking that Kandi would have her wedding first because I know she wants to have another child. It will be diffcult decision to make because this is her first wedding. Kandi was going to marry AJ at the Georgia Aquarium so she might find a new fun place in Atlanta. If she marries out of town, Phaedra may not be able to attend.
    It seems that most successful women will ask for prenups, but a lot of successful men do not. I think it is a wise decision.
    It is funny how Gregg and Todd proposed on the same day. Both are Leos. There will be a lot of parties to attend next season.

  4. sunny

    kandi has lots of money she would b a fool to not get a pre nup! wat does todd do again? & they met how?

  5. What is your source of income, Sunny? You seem very skeptical of people with actual jobs. Todd’s current income as a producer is probably very similar to Kandi’s, he just doesn’t have the childhood music industry stuff. I agree she needs a prenup, but don’t see the need to bash Todd in the process. He seems like a decent guy.

  6. Prenup is very important, you really never know anyone and that’s a fact. Always protect yourself, she has work hard for the things and continue revenue she has made. Also when you have children, if that person decides to act up or things just don’t work out, your children still need a roof over their head and a future. Prenup is always excellent and you don’t have to be rich or wealthy to get one. This is for either side, he made have assets that he wants to protect. It has not always been easy for Kandi’s, I don’t know nothing about him.

    • Joan

      I believe that Kandi is being very smart by asking for a prenup. Not only to protect herself, but her daughter. Remember, if something happen to Kandi (as a parent you have to think of this, even though it’s uncomfortable) and Todd isn’t who he appears to be. He could inherit all of Kandi’s assets, leaving Riley out in the cold. I know Kandi’s Mom would take care of Riley, and the whole thing would probably be tied up in court for years. Sad, but it happens all the time.

  7. Heartland

    Okay that’s all nice and everything but Tamara can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop using that pic of Kandi and her scary gigantic mouth? It’s extremely cringe worthy!

  8. /pouts I LOVE that pic of Kandi…. I’d kill for that smile….

  9. jan

    @heartland can you please please please not look at it ,YOU came to this website

  10. chell jones

    Question Tamara what’s your opinion on season 6 if there will be one ? Will there be 2 weddings on season 6 and delivery of another child lol… :) I strongly agree with Kandi on prenup I wish her happiness

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