Filming Wraps for Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s SpinOff’s Second Season

KimZwiglessKim Zolciak Biermann and all the other Biermanns paid a tearful farewell to her crew yesterday as filming for Don’t Be Tardy… finally came to an end. I am surprised that it doesn’t end with moving into their new house. Well, I mean with Bravo, who knows, they might use a stunt house, but her house is not finished and I doubt they will move until school is out at this point. Kim is still tweeting with her interior designer and occasionally talks about the remodeling process. Earlier this month, she had her contractor remove a window and sheet rock over it. Why would anyone ever remove a window?

She has also been tweeting pictures of Brielle and Ariana and both of the are very pretty. Brielle looks full-grown and is beautiful. Kroy is going to have his hands full with her. Ariana’s hair has gotten super long and she has leaned out and gotten taller since the first season of the show.  Speaking of hair, the picture above is Kim’s last talking head scene for the new episode and Kim says it is her real hair. It looks real to me, and she looks great. Photo Credit: Kim Zolciak Twitter

RHOAKarenZAnother unresolved “storyline” is the ongoing issues with her mother, Karen. The grandparent visitation case continues in Fulton Superior Court. They have done one mediation process already and have another coming up in early March.  When I first told y’all about the case I explained that the reason Karen has a shot is because the girls legally only live with one parent. However, the biggest storyline for the upcoming season is  Kroy’s legal adoption of the girls. If that has gone through the courts, and  I think it has, this could mean that Karen no longer qualifies for grandparent visitation. It’s sad and a little sick that this will probably end up discussed on national television.

Don’t Be Tardy… should be on a TV near you sometime in late March or early April. Are you going to watch?


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  1. I will be watching. Loved her first season. Love watching her with her girls and Kroy.

    About the window. A friend of mine was buying a new house a few years back and the contractor put a window in a corner closet of her bedroom. Was a waste of a window and privacy was nil. I laughed. She freaked.

    • I’ll be moving across the country when it starts airing. Thankfully I buy my shows from itunes so I wont have to worry about missing them :)

    • Joan

      I have moved into a house (in the past) that had a window over our big tub – it wasn’t frosted glass, nor etched, so if someone wanted to, they could look in from a neighbor’s house. We had it removed and sheetrock installed, painted, etc. It’s not unusual in these modern homes to have a window in an odd spot.

      I’ll watch the new season, but only because Kroy is in it & the girls. Without that I wouldn’t watch.

      • Alex

        My sister has an oval window right in front of a commode in one of her restrooms. When you sit, half of your body is visible – you KNOW people realize what you’re doing especially if you happen to be a guy. When I house/pet sit for them, I tape gift bag tissue over it. She designed the house herself. One day I asked how she can use it and she said she doesn’t turn on the light in there. Erm, okay. If it were my house, I’d go to a craft store and buy some frost paint for glass and frost it myself. It would drive me crazy.

  2. Stephey

    Love the show and the wigless look! Can’t wait to see the new house, no doubt the decor will be over the top…guess that will be Season three!

  3. victori0us

    I can’t stand Kim…still might watch, if there isn’t anything else better on.

    • sarahlies

      I will not be watching this trailer trash i was so glad she quit RHOA i was praying to God this trash would be off my TV.. Hopefully after this failed show season is cancelled my prayers will be answered b/c I doubt she’ll get good ratings.. LOVING not seeing the alley woman on my tv.. I wonder how long b4 Brianna starts being the mini me of Kim and gives her all the trash she’s been giving her mother.. Sowing and reaping its about that time she surely deserves it.. nobody in their right mind is interested in seeing the Atlanta Hillbillies..

  4. Katrina

    Kroy has probably adopted both girls by now and Karen won’t see the children for a while! Kim mentioned that the house wouldn’t be completed until spring . By the last episode, the house will be probably be completed and they can add the photos. We may get to see some football playoff footage.
    I just think it is sad that a grandmother can’t see her grandchildren, but it’s Kim decision and I guess she doesn’t need them anymore. I am sure Kroy can take care of her and the children from now on. It should be a fun show!

  5. So has she had that baby yet on the new show? Not sure if I will be watching. Her wedding series I found pretty selfserving and arrogant plus it was boring. I know I will probably watch it once at least. I am on the fence. She irritates me but I enjoy her sometimes too I admit. I adore her daughters. They are so sweet. Seem like really good kids for having such a crazy mom!

    • victori0us

      I like her family. Her, not so much.

    • LuvMyBulldog

      I find Kim to be highly narcissistic, but let’s be honest, every woman dreams of her wedding from childhood (some more than others) and most are selfish when planning their wedding. But I must say, I missed the airing of “Don’t be Tardy,” so I don’t have a reference point – I’m speaking generally.

  6. no name maddox

    i don’t believe that’s all her real hair, but the wig does look like a nice one.

  7. sunny

    no. im extremely happy shes not on rhoa anymore! shes a hater.he daughters are grown as hell & kroy sucks at football! poppin out them babies back to back knowin neither one of their incomes guaranteed!!

    • DJ

      What does her daughters being “grown as hell” have to do with anything????

    • Nicole

      hey dumbass, kroy is a great football player

    • I know Kim personally.. an “not being on RHOA” is actually a PROMOTION. which in fact is a guarantee of income…not to even include the 10 million dollar 3-year contract Kroy has with the Atlanta Falcons. WHAT IS YOUR STATUS AT THE BANK? you @sunny are the low class kinda people who are making the world a worse place.. not us.

      • cantrecalloldname

        Let’s see if it is a promotion if it fails or doesn’t last! And the commenters status at the bank is irrelevant. This story is about Kim. Pay attention.

      • Alex

        @ Bryan Norris, I would only watch her spin off show, last season, either when nothing else was on or would watch reruns. Translation: the show is not all that great. Although, I thought Bethenney’s show was kind of a yawner as well and that made it through two or three seasons so we’ll see what happens. I think Bravo is giving her enough rope to hang herself and they know that people will enjoy watching it. Unless there is drama which, Kim certainly brings, there’s not enough content to sustain a viewing audience for very long especially with one main “character” as opposed to five, six or seven. You can call it a promotion if you want but let’s be honest, Bravo knows what they’re doing . . .

      • Yea and we believe you NOT, Kroy isn’t good at football, it will take one injury to him and he’s history..Kim is still trailer trash that doesn’t pay her bills.. HAPPY the black woman hater is gone, and I bet her show dies a slow ugly death.. b/c she’s a gutter mouth and her show sucks pretty much.. who cares..

  8. Who said she was not on RHOA anymore? I expect her back next season. Clearly you don’t watch football. And they support their kids and are not exactly on welfare. Haterade much?

    • Gotta love those who call someone else a hater yet their entire post is filled with hate. JS :)

    • sunny

      what rock have u been under? she said numerous times she “quit” rhoa. did u not see the episode when kroy went balistic on the camera man?! then the world got kenya! def not a hater! i could sleep my way thru atl too! lol..& yes kroy does suck at football

      • We’ve all watched those times that she said that. She’s also said she’d be back for the next season of RHOA…AFTER having quit the current season.

      • cantrecalloldname

        I dont know how she’d be integrated into RHOA. She has shitted on everyone on the show and the ratings have gone thru the roof. They don’t need or want her.

      • If you think her leaving is the only reason the ratings are high then I have some waterfront property in Arizona to sell you. Also, Andy likes her and I think that’s all it takes for some to be on or come back to a show.

      • cantrecalloldname

        Karma, r u talking to me? If so not sure how you gathered that i implied the ratings are high because Kim left?!?! RHOA has always had good ratings and Kim leaving hasn’t changed that.

      • How I gathered it is YOU said the ratings have gone through the roof while talking about her leaving. Easy to put together.

      • O M G, I’ve been schooled!! Not. Try again!

      • Angelface

        1. Karma, There are plenty of lakes in Arizona, you mean oceanfront property. If you’re going to be snide at least know wtf you are talking about first.
        2. Football income is not locked in, if he gets hurt, he’s back to the country pumping gas.
        3. I’m not going to comment on Kim’s kids, they didn’t sign up for this.
        4. Just because Kim says she will be back on RHOA doesn’t mean that Messy Andy is going to have her back. Nobody really wants to film with her at the moment.

      • Angelface

        Yeah, it’s fairly apparent you haven’t been schooled. Perhaps YOU should try again. Or get hooked on phonics…six of one.

  9. donewithbravo

    Wow, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her hair in that pic!! Wish I could put it up so perfectly. Love the color and everything!

  10. Yeah I will be watching. For the most part I like Kim, she has her moments where she grates on my nerves and gives me some WTF moments but overall I like her and her family.I watched her wedding special and I actually enjoyed it. I am curious to see if the rumors are true that she will be on RHOA next season

  11. I’ll watch if nothing better is on, I’m attracted to train wrecks. I don’t like her because she’s lazy and entitled. I wonder if she realizes how much she resembles her mother in that photo?

  12. Valley Girl

    I won’t be watching nor reading the recaps, but for those of you who will I hope you enjoy it.

    And Kroy DEFINITELY doesn’t suck at football. Not a fan of he or his wife but you’ve gotta give credit where credit is due – homeboy has certainly earned his paycheck…

  13. gunsmoke4life

    i will not be watching , and i hope she doesnt come back to the housewifes. i have so many issues with kim i cant lists them all But one good thing is her hair look nice if thats her hair she lies so much u never know what to believe

  14. tleighb

    Regardless of Kim’s poor decisions in the past, she appears to have raised (or raising) her daughters to be wonderful young women which is a testimony to her.

    My confusion is to why she would not allow them (and her sons) to have a relationship with their grandparents. Other than the drama with Karen at the wedding, what’s the deal? Have I missed something?

    She seemed to love and respect her Dad, where is he in all this?

    • thanks for asking cuz I’m wondering the exact same thing! What happened..?

    • Gbell

      Her dad is probably collateral damage. People cut-off toxic family members all the time. if someone tries to invoke a grandparents rights case, that’s going “scorched earth”. You are saying that no matter the views and wishes of the parents, you know best and WILL have access to someone’s children, against their wishes. If someone were to do that to me, I would view them as dead to me. Her dad was a blowhard, but he did seem sweet. It’s a shame her mom is a narcissist. Hmmm, maybe that’s where Kim got it from *sarcasm*.

      • Alex

        Apparently either Kim or her Dad has drawn the line in the sand because earlier in the season, before she left the show, they sent one of the kids a $25 check for a birthday or something. Kim made light of the fact and made a snarky comment about their financial issues. I think she’s a despicable person and will enjoy watching her reap her bad karma.

    • are you serious? Have you not heard all the cussing and sex talk she does RIGHT IN FRONT of her children? How the world are they going to be good? They are going to make her look like a Sunday School teacher the way she’s raising them girls to be going after married men.. She did that right in their FACE telling them he’s married he’s leaving his wife.. What world do you live in to think that’s a wonderful way to raise your girls.. LOL she cusses NON STOPPED to her kids, you’ve got to be kidding.. KROY does suck at football.

  15. Nicole

    It is sad that the kids will not see their grandparents. I hope they will be able to choose that one day. Her girls are very nice. I saw Brielle late last summer having lunch with a friend at a local restaurant and she seems like a nice and quiet girl. She is very pretty. She didn’t have a bunch of friends hanging out with her. She met up with just one friend and they were laughing and giggling like all teenagers. I think Kroy has been a nice and positive addition to their family.

    • Tessa

      I bet if Kim’s parents were wealthy, she’d welcome them into her and her children’s life with open arms. All that woman cares about is money and possessions.

      • I disagree. She and her mom have had issues forever and they reached their breaking point. I think even if her parents were Bill and Melinda Gates she’d still currently have no contact. I would bet though that she has some contact, even if it’s just phone calls, with her dad.

      • Susan

        Kims mother acts like she is very unstable. I wonder if she is mentally challenged. She also appears to have an eating dissorder. Kim may feel she has delt with it long enough and can’t deal with it anymore. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t want her kids around Karen. If Karen feels like she will do and say anything she wishes against Kims wishes with the kids, I can see why they put distance between them. This is just a thought. Karen seems very snarky with anything Kim says or does. Acts like a 4 year old much of the time, with the husband telling what to say, then says it like a kid. What’s up with that?

      • Yeah that’s what I saw too, a mentally unstable woman child. I hope they get the help they need, individually and as a family. I know my own mother has similar traits that I’ve dealt with my entire life (seriously there was a time that when I called i never knew which her was going to answer, the adult or the woman child). It’s hard and eventually you reach a breaking point. I did. But then a few years later my stepdad died and now I have contact simply because it’s what he would have wanted.

  16. RealitySux

    I won’t be watching .. was never a Kim fan. I hope her show does well though … so she doesn’t return to RHOA. If she DOES return – then she should be made to mix with the other ladies. I’m tired of these housewives refusing to film…I don’t watch to see them interact with their husbands.LOL So if she returns – then it should be to film with the other crazies.

  17. JessOC

    Kim is total trash. I think it’s very unwise for kroy to adopted her children. Once she drains him of all of his money she will be on to the next. She is classless getting pregnant with evey baby daddy and dating married men. She is a total money grubber. All she has ever done is lay on her back. On a side note kroy looks so much younger Kim looks like she is in her 40’s not 30’s his parents must bear tidied he married a hussy

  18. Tessa

    Wow so she’s gonna have Kroy on the hook for 4 child support checks…I mean kids. What a sucker that guy is. Well, she’s a very seasoned Gold Digger. She knew a fool when she saw one. Hook, line, sinker. And he seems to be turning into an ass, as well.

    You couldn’t pay me to watch this classless trashbag. RHOA has been so much easier and more fun to watch since she left, even with Kenya’s crazy ass!

    I feel sorry for her girls. I hope they end up nothing like Kim. Trashy hookah!

  19. Sportsfanatic

    Karma, How much money are you spending to watch a month lol? Most are on line a day or so after they air for free. You ever try Hulu.

    I am a hair dresser,I knew from the first time when Gretchen. (RHOC) said her hair was real when she showed viewers her routine. I knew it wasn’t. G has extensions and peices. Kim, in that picture it looks to me she has peices in by judging her up-do. I bet magic editing will make it like she doesn’t. They will show someone doing her hair and just to becareful not to show the tracks or clips. Technically, yes it is her hair; Kim or someone bought it; but is it her natural hair? 90 % of it. Her natural hair isn’t that long; and how she has it wrapped, we always used peices for get length to get that look.
    Now Kroy, I loved him at first. It rubbed me the wrong way how he treated her Mom. I think her Mom nailed it when she said this was drama for her show and it spun out of control afterwards. I’m not a hater either; just a viewer with a point of view.

    • I have tried Hulu. I’ve also watched episodes of shows uploaded to various sites, in the past. Right now, I like paying for my shows, downloading them to my computer or storing them on my network drive and watching on any number of devices. This will serve me well when I am mid move and am stuck using whatever wifi I can access. :)

    • It doesn’t take a stylist to see she was lying about taking off the wig when she just has extensions in her hair.. she lied about having cancer that being the reason she wore wigs. KIM IS A LIAR.. wouldn’t watch that heffa if she paid me, and we all know that ain’t gonna happen.. she can’t even pay rent..

  20. Tamara your bias is showing. You post those unflattering caricature pics of Nene and Kenya, dish any dirt you get your hands on about the other cast members of RHOA. Yet, here we go with your precious bottle blond, wig wearing Kim. Beautiful soft lens profile pic, sentimental update on her show and then …. Are you going to watch??

    Kroy does not walk on water either. He’s running around with highlights in his hair and trying to be all GQ. Maybe somebody need to shine a spotlight on his sexual preference too, since all the other RHOA men are suppose to be on the downlow.

    • These_BROADS_in_LALA_land

      I honestly was going to post it sounds as if Kim’s cheering squad is on this blog. However, you have said a mouthful! I’m glad someone called it out!

  21. Psst! Kim Zolciak is the only RHOA to ever block me on twitter for unflattering posts. I busted her on the eviction, ragged on her clothing choices, was the first site to expose the lawsuit between her and her mother, and so much more. I’d love to see the prettyontheoutside guy due a caricature of Kim. :) So far I haven’t seen one.

    It seems like you are the biased one. This is a picture of Kim doing her last talking head. It’s not my fault you find it attractive. I suggest they may use a stunt house for filming. I suggest she is an idiot for removing a window. I did point out her children were attractive, and also hinted Kroy has his hands full with Brielle. Finally I gave an update on a nasty court battle that potentially negatively impacts her kids and suggest it is a sick storyline. I fail to see how anyone would think this was a biased article.

    That said, bias is the nature of blogging. These are my opinions. Perhaps you should look up bias in the dictionary. Assuming you have such skills.

    • I have excellent skills, can Google with the best of them. I still stand by my assertion that Kim gets lots of TLC from you. A little dig here or there is expected; but, overall, Kim is your favorite RHOA housewife. Look don’t get snippy with me cuz I’m commenting on Kim being your favorite. I seem to have struck a nerve…

      • You’re right. As someone who has taught reading comprehension skills from first grade through post secondary, you abismal skills do strike a nerve. This whole site is about opinions on a reality TV shows. I have mine. You have yours. Ultimately this is my site. I can say anything I would like. And for now so can you. Occaisonally, I have to block someone for their own good. If your entire purpose for coming here is to make (incorrect) accusations about “my favorites” I don’t want to waste my time and yours arguing about it.

        There are plenty of posts about about Kim. Some call her a trashbag, and a whore, and all sorts of things. Those are their opinions. I don’t censor them and am in fact interested in what my readers think about the housewives. You on the other hand want to talk about me and suggest that I have favortism to Kim. That will not end well for you. Clearly, you are interested in drama with me, here in my home, and I’m not willing to entertain it for much longer.

        There are many hater sites you can go to where the blogger just shits on everyone. I try to give both sides of the story. I’ve never said my feelings about Kim one way or the other. I generally mention good and bad qualites about her. You seem to simply be trolling.

      • I’m really not interested in drama. I didn’t know you were gonna get this upset. I’ve posted on this site for months now. How was I to know that saying you have a favorite would get your ire up like this?

        I never called Kim or you names. You are being way too sensitive. Since you’re already pissed at me I should point out that the correct spelling is abysmal…

      • Lol. You are not interested in drama??? Complete bullshit. Your post up there is a direct challenge with the ONLY purpose being to create drama. Then you get proven completely wrong and look like the fool you are and cry that you are not interested in drama? You should go play on one of the dullard blogs. You might be able to fool them.

      • tleighb

        “Excellent skills because I can Google with the best of them” Lol to that

      • I’ll tell you that all of Atlanta laughed when she said Kroy sucks at football.

        Wait, was I being BIASED? ROFLMAO.

  22. Who is upset? I am very patiently trying to point out the errors of your assumptions. I also suggested that rather than making faulty assumptions about me, you focus your disgust toward Kim, who you clearly don’t like. It’s okay for you not to like her. Though it does make me wonder why she is the reviled one in your eyes rather than Nene who is a stripper with children from multiple fathers and a similar grifter background. What was so offensive about me posting a “beautiful” picture of Kim, when I post way more pretty picturs of Nene? What does that say about you?

  23. OH!! I almost forgot Karma and Ms. Franklin were part of the presentation at the website thingy today. Someone wanted to see an example of “nested comments” (yes it is websites for newbies, but still much to learn there) So um you too were famous! Although a sweet lady asked if Uretha didn’t know how to spell Aretha. I tried to avoid going into detail while sharing a knowing glance with a very cute guy across the table. :)

    • Ms Urethra Franklin

      Oh cool & wow.
      That is sooo funny about the lady and my intentional bad spelling….wink wink and a Z snap…

    • LOL I’d have loved to be a fly on the wall for that explanation!

      • I think I said something like, “oh it’s an intentionally humorous nic.” I don’t do well with real people. While some of them sort of seemed to be a bit confused by me, they were all REAL artists. and wonderful people. I felt like I should continuous apologize for not being a visual artist. Yet.

  24. I actually thought I got lucky and the comments were not going to be that bad, and then I hear, “is that a spelling error for Aretha?” and I suddenly remember that just because I am happily immersed in the gay community…. :) It reminded me of teaching elementary school. There were two different instances where really really hot guys showed up to teach. I went out with both of them a lot. All the little 20 somethings were everso confused because their sexual lures were not getting a bite. It caused uncomfortable moments in the teachers lounge, when it got out that I was “dating” bachelor 1 and later bachelor two. They were always hanging out in my room! How does she get all the hot guys? lol. It’s clueless bible belt meet gay capital of the US. Oh HAI! SMH.

  25. The leader guy was like, oh wow 20 comments. And I was like dude, it’s new and you don’t know the half of it it before I banned a few inflamatory words.

  26. lish

    Is that the title? Don’t be tardy…?

  27. My understanding is that it will be Don’t Be Tardy for….something…. they just don’t know what yet. But Bravo is big on the adoption storyline… I dunno how they will spin it.

  28. TT I commented on Kroy’s hair not his talents. I live in Northern California, home of the San Francisco 49ers, I know that Kroy is an outstanding ball player. Just not good enough to beat the NINERS!!! Yay baby!

  29. Let me say goodnight before TT kick me off this blog…

  30. I have to laugh at everyone who says they will not watch Kim’s show or read the recaps. If that were the case, you would not have read this blog entry.

    • Valley Girl

      Not true – just because I won’t watch the show doesn’t mean that I won’t find little tidbits surrounding the show interesting. TT always has the good tea – for all we know she could have had something new surrounding the court case or issues surrounding her foreclosed house – now THAT I am interested in.

      If there is a post where she recaps the show, then I won’t read nor post on the blog entry – BUT if it is something else outside of the show, I will. That’s the nosy in me – sue me. :-)

    • Sylvie

      Not true at all. I was curious what lie Kim was caught in this time, which is why I read this article. I couldn’t care less about her show.

    • I’m sorry you think b/c people read about a bytch they don’t like they can’t possible not watch the show? Are you serious? I didn’t watch NOT one espi of her show b/c I can’t stand that white trash so you’re wrong.. but I love reading about her on this blog b/c her life is Total fail, Kroy’s not hot..he’s a meal ticket that she couldn’t cash in on Big Pappa..but he’s dumb as hell he’s living in Big Pappa’s house, and YES HE SUCK at football.. white boy’s can’t jump, needs a tan and just pale and unattractive.. but I won’t watch the show I want to make sure her ratings are low enough that she can ride off into the sun set with Sheree who doesn’t pay her bills either.. I don’t think she’s coming back to RHOA b/c if she does they’ll lose most folks after this refreshing season without that whore on everybody’s TV.. I wion’t watch them either.. if she comes back it will be death to the RHOA..

      • theREALHONJ

        Well hes better than my boys were thats for sure lol! Listen all of them have had financial problems ranging from auto repos to bankrupcies to forclosure. Its not just Kim. Shes a nutcase but now we have a new one in Kenya on RHOA.

    • These_BROADS_in_LALA_land

      Teecee, I disagree with your statement. I have yet to watch a Kim anything but I ran to this blog when Tamara posted it. Not merely interested in watching season 2. Doesn’t mean I don’t like to read the recaps. The recaps save me the wasted time and energy that Kim so DO NOT deserve!

  31. becky white

    We all know Bravo loves drama – Kim and Keyna bring Drama – Kim Lies – some think she just does not know the truth – I think she is very cleaver – she does it knowing it will be found out and talked about – being talked about even in a bad way is good – keeps her in the news which brings drama and makes her relavant – Bravo likes that.

    Keyna seems kooky – kooky gets coverage too – coverage is coverage – she is not boring – Bravo does not like boring – so while she seems a little nutty and perhaps even a tad delusional – she is ‘interesting’ so they will probably keep her around too.

    Personally I enjoy Keyna more. I am sort of over Kim. But I do like her kids and for the most part Kroy. I think he really wants to give her two daughters a really stable childhood by adopting them but if they divorce he will have huge child support payments – dont think Kim has not thought that out as someone has pointed out

    • You’re very cleaver too.

    • Alex

      I want to like Kroy but he seems to get awfully caught up in the drama. I noticed this during their baby shower and again at their wedding. Kind of odd to see a dude react to things that way, no?

    • Alex

      I don’t think Kim is cunning or bright. I think Kim is completely unaware of herself and trust me, that can get a person into trouble.

    • Lori

      Becky – I feel ya on the Dopamax. I had to stop it because I was actually afraid for myself it affected my brain so much. I had no memory AT ALL when I was on the stuff. Nevermind not being able to remember words, I would have a 10 minute conversation with someone and not remember a word of it, until say way later, when the whole thing would come back to me. Migraines are a bitch!!!!

  32. Elle

    Anyone notice that talking head pic looks sorta like Kyra Sedgwick from the side, +/- some age?

  33. Aretha

    I don’t care for Kim so I won’t be watching. The last few seasons she hasn’t bought anything to the show. The show is better without her. I wish thy would cast an xscape band member and see what happen.

  34. Undine

    From what I’ve seen of Kroy’s playing, he is middle tier at best. He is very lucky to be where he is. He is a hard worker and a team player but hardly a star. Watch what happens in the off season. There is always someone better, faster and bigger than you in the NFL ready to take your spot. Ask Alex Smith. He is a good influence on Kim but she is such a stunt queen she is going to ruin their marriage eventually. Which is shame since they are a loving couple, and their marriage/family seems genuinely happy. Unfortunately, her tendency to play the victim, lie and create drama will surface and she will turn on Kroy. But he seems like a good guy who would end up on his feet, with a big car dealership and a hot brunette second wife, while Kim will end up broke and alone, begging to see her grand kids.

  35. Sylvie

    Remember when Kim said that she started wearing wigs when she lost her hair during her “cancer” that she finally admitted wasn’t cancer? And said she would never willingly wear a hair piece, but had to. She can’t even keep up with her own lies.

    • Ms Urethra Franklin

      Kim is despicable. I watched in horror as she made that claim on that reunion show.

      She claimed “cancer” but it wasn’t cancer…..She agonized for weeks to find out if it was cancer, but it wasn’t cancer, and since she agonized for weeks thinking she had cancer, she knows what if feels like to be a survivor of a cancer that really wasn’t a cancer at all.

      This fast double talk that she participates in all the time is the reason that I can not stand this lying skank.

  36. cantrecalloldname

    Im sorry but only someone with no hair would be impressed and even remotely shocked that’s her real hair!

  37. Kate

    Just happened to see lee Najjar’s pool on hgtv and lee talking about the opulence. It was on a sho called most extravagant pools.

  38. Jen

    This women is a joke! Not a role model for anyone let alone her own kids. Just because she got pregnant, read the stories about that?, then after the gay chic said she’d help her, then Kroy steps up to marry her, and that is not a stand up person. Narcissistic yes.
    Not worthy to watch.

  39. trishatroy22

    Btw Tamara can u confirm if Porsha is already pregnant? I know Phaedra is for sure!!

  40. DJ

    If that’s Kim’s real hair, she doesn’t need to be wearing wigs.

  41. pughugs

    I am watching reruns of season one of RHOA right now. DeShawn is having a jewelry party to benefit her charity. Kim’s makeup looks like she fell into a box of markers. Her wig is whack. Nene is not much better. It’s amazing how they stepped up their style game in season two. Me oh my.

    • Many of the housewives on the shows have done that! Look at the differences in the one new one on RHNY sorry I don’t remember her name at the moment. She is the one that is married with a couple of kids and broke her nose on the sliding glass door when they were on vacation? She definetly stepped up her game as her first season continued. Nicer make-up, outfits etc. I noticed as I thought she was rather plain but nice looking no less at the beginning. By the reunion she looked stunning! Just saying…

    • theREALHONJ

      Pughugs I do that too when I want to see what they were/really look like, before they became “STARS” in their own minds LOL!

  42. Katrina

    This is a nice mature look for Kim. She is now a football players wife!

  43. Alex

    I will watch, but only because I love to hate KZB. She’s a train wreck waiting to happen.

  44. pughugs

    It’s obvious not one housewife (giggle) in season one knew what fake eyelashes were. I’m wondering if they sleep in them now!

  45. These_BROADS_in_LALA_land

    Didn’t watch the first one, certainly won’t be watching the second one. My question is although I am no where near a KZB fan and I’m not jumping on her bandwagon, I still have to ask… why is it such a big deal if Kim wears a wig, extentions, or her real hair?Show me ONE RHOA that wears their real hair. Even NeNe wears a mini toupee. If I had to choose anyone I would say Phaedra may be the only one sporting real locs Maybe even Kandi and that’s a big maybe. I just don’t understand why wigged out Kim get’s so much attention for ANYTHING she does.

    • Katrina

      It’s not just Kim, most people bash any of them over their hair choices. If they only knew. I guess they think their hair looks cheap. However, where I am from, a women can wear her anyway she chooses. If you don’t like it, too bad!
      Most women in Hollywood are wearing a wig, weave, extensions, etc.. It is a personal choice. Patti Labelle been rocking wigs and weave since the beginning.

      • These_BROADS_in_LALA_land

        Katrina I agree with you. It just appears to me that Kim get’s the most attention for her hair. Some of that attention needs to deflected to Nene with that blonde birds nest on top of her head. And other than Phaedra’s talking heads, is her hair ever done in any episode?

  46. Lori

    I’m not sure if I’ll be watching or not. Haven’t decided yet. Kim used to be one of my favs, but I have since, sadly changed my opinion of her. IDK… the whole thing with her Mom at the wedding, and now not letting her parents see the grandchildren. Also, just other things I have seen have made me now see her as an ugly on the inside individual. I feel like I don’t want to help someone like that have a TV show by giving ratings. Then again, I don’t know if I’ll be able to help myself, having been such a fan in the past. I think her daughters are adorable too!

  47. Rita

    Kim was wearing extensions in the back at the reunion and that is why she had it tied up so Andy would not tug at it and pull one right off… He does that.// She knows that.. IF her hair was as beautiful as it looked that day she wouldn’t be toting that big heavy ugly wigs around on her head all the time.

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