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nicki_minajWhile I am Internet Handicapped (sometimes I have service at night) I wanted to put up an Idol post where y’all can talk to me about last night’s Idol (and tonight’s too!).  I am dying to hear what you guys thought about THE BIG FIGHT last night. I went through a Mariah stage back in the day like everyone else, but sort of got over here. I have never been a Nicki Minaj fan and really don’t even listen to that much music (because of my TV addiction!) So I feel unbiased in the conflict. That said, I totally think Nicki has done nothing wrong other than reacting a bit strongly and immaturely to Mariah and Randy (!) acting like her opinion is not important.  Plus, she seems to be running the panel telling people when to start and stop and her interactions with the singers are the most interesting.

I also thought it interesting that they rotate tiebreaker with each city. I like that Keith is at least being nice to Nicki.  Also, remember the footage that TMZ posted back before the show started airing of Nicki going off? Is that yet to come? Maybe tonight?  Talk to me people. I will check back with you from a nearby McDonalds if necessary. I miss you fucktards!


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18 responses to “American Idol: You Be the Blogger…

  1. tammy honeycutt

    I tht it was very interesting lol but i kinda agreed with the point nicki was trying to make

  2. jayne

    So bizare that AI is paying these women huge checks for their service, yet they act like complete morons. I’ll get the “F” off the panel…? Why dontcha then Nicki …take your little pink wig and bounce on out of here. No one is interested in your histrioics. As for Queen Mariah…she needs to take it in the heels as well. I can truly say I actually miss Paula Abdul! Do they forget it’s about the kids? I lasted only up until the fight, the i changed over to the boys with the beards and I was happy, happy, happy!

    • jayne

      Don’t forget Tamara, I’m very willing to write the piece for the next Vanderpump rules if you would allow me the opportunity!

  3. socalsun

    These judges bore me. I only watched the first hour; think I am done with Idol.

    • Boring is right! I can’t even last through 10 minutes. Just does not not have the same energy.

    • Joan

      I haven’t watched a full show this season because of all the drama before they even begain airing the show. However, I caught a few clips a friend sent me. While this verified my earlier opinion of how it was gonna go down, I’m still soooo sad that this once great program has gone downhill because of two divas. I miss Steven Tyler, J-Lo (and I’m not a J-Lo fan) and Randy having intelligent, grown up discussions that were all about the artists. Sad, tragic – and I’m almost MAD that these two women & the producers have done this to us.

  4. eve

    While i have never heard niccki manaj, i thought she was correct in not labeling the girl audtioning.
    Yes, she is bossy, but she imo is also funny and bright. She isnt buying into telling people they sound like so and so …..or telling them they have a good vibrato.
    So, as a judge i like her because she seems to champion the performer.
    Randy Jackson is a no talent nobody who got lucky years ago when NO ONE wanted to be a judge. I always mute my tv when he is talking.

    • Coral

      Randy Jackson is a no talent? I suggest you Google his name! Randy is an bassist, singer, record producer, music producer for over 30 years. He was a member of 2 different bangs and has written music for lots of groups and singers. The only person that’s ever judged AI and has as much qualifications musically as Randy..Is Simon Cowell!

  5. Big Mamma

    Okay… I have been watching AI forever. This years judges just seem lost and overwhelmed. Not by the contestants, but by the whole process. I don’t think they really knew what they were getting into! Nicki has been a sweetheart (temperamental to say the least, but sweet) to the contestants, giving them nick-names and interacting with them she won me over the first show. Mariah rolls her eyes every time Nicki speaks or looks the other way and smooths her hair. I know she has been in the biz along time and is a ‘superstar’ but shesh, give us a break! Every time she tears up I’m sitting here wondering what the heck shes crying over AGAIN. Please!! Just stop! I realize these kids are going on and on about how they grew up listening to Mariah and she is their idol etc… it couldn’t be easy for Nicki to hear over and over and over. I say set them beside each other and let the hair pulling cat fighting begin! Better than watching poor old Keith shrinking into himself each time one of them is catty to the other. He’s aged 10 years in 2 weeks of shows! They all act like they are starving and have no breaks being worked like child labor in a Walmart clothing factory! Randy should have taken the lead and helped them acclimate to the new fish bowl. So far… worst AI in history. But I will force myself to watch because I have convened myself it can only get better! Besides, I’m entranced by Nicki. I want to see how many band hats she actually has and how long can she stare into the camera while making an innocent look into the camera and not crack her makeup! Got my popcorn, wine, big fuzzy slippers…. come on next Wednesday!!

  6. Lizapalooza

    My guess is they aren’t going to show the actual fight portion initially released in October by TMZ as it made Nikki look pretty gangsta. To the best of my recollection she actually physically threatened her, albeit via , “off with her head!”, which is not at all surprising after watching Nikki’s comments thus far! I expected to really dislike Nikki and have found her to be quick, witty, compassionate and articulate. What a surprise!

  7. Ashley

    It very interesting. I thought they would show more of it. It wasn’t the biggest fight like everyone was talking about it. I agreed with the point nicki was trying to make. The people on the show singing don’t have to make up their minds yet. It felts like they were telling her she only sing country and Nicki was saying she can sing whatever she wants.

  8. Jacqui

    Im actually annoyed at the way these two have been acting on the show. Nicki does seem to be the one starting all the drama and why is Mariah permitting this to go on?Nicki is so talented and I love her music but she needs to be nicer because she comes across as insecure. She puts mariah down and then makes sad puppy faces when the contestants keep complementing Mariah. I miss Paula, and dare I say that I miss Simon? who I found incredibly hot by the way. Dont judge me.

  9. Coco

    I can’t stand Nicki Minaj so I won’t be watching Idol this season!

    • victori0us

      I couldn’t either but I love a talent show. Funny thing is that Nicki Minaj is actually kinda funny. She adds a lot to the show. I thought she was an idiot for doing idol but she actually has show folks she’s really likable.

      I can’t stand the fake sob stories tho. It seems like one must have some tragic event to even get past go.

      • DJ

        Yeah, I’m sick of the sob stories too. I just DVR the show so I can fast-forward through that crap. They need to just STFU and sing!

      • Barbara

        I really like Nicki as a judge. She’s funny and usually has constructive comments on the singing. I enjoyed last nights auditions in Baton Rouge. There were some real standouts for me: Nerdy red-head kid who sang Queen song, Paul Jolly, the beauty queen on crutches, the singing doctor. Oh, and the fireman whose looks didn’t hurt either…I think they have cut down on the bad singers/joke auditions a lot this season.

        I Like Keith, Mariah is annoying dead weight and seems to be confused by a lot of things including black women in rock bands and Randy is his usual boring self.

  10. i really only “know” Nicki from Idol and from her appearances on Ellen. To me it is clear she is the most interesting judge on the bench. I can’t see anyone taking Mariah’s side on this. But that’s what makes the world go around and comments get interesting I suppose.

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