Watch What Happens Live With Hoda Kotb and Brandi Glanville

WWHLBrandi Glanville and Hoda Kotb seem like a great combination for this episode of Watch What Happens Live.  The text question is, “Ken or Mauricio? ” Hoda wants to know what was said because she missed that part. Andy says, “Brandi, what was said?” and Brandi smiles and says I dunno Andy why don’t you tell her? LOL. Still not able to tell us or just wanting to prolong the drama? Vanderpump Dolls is kinda funny. It’s actual audio from the show with Ken dolls that look just like the actual vapid people versions.

Caller question for Brandi: How were you able to keep your composure when talking to Scheana and what is your relationship like now?  Brandi says she didn’t keep her composure, she cried. And now when she sees Scheana she just asks her for a drink or to get her some bread. It’s good. Andy laughs his ass off and declares that the best thing Brandi has ever said.

BrandidrinkingandtweetingTwitter question for Brandi: What did you think of LeAnn’s last interview on ET? I can answer this before listening to her answer. “I didn’t watch but every time she goes on sale my book sales go up.”  Actually what she said is that “there are just so many! Every day there is a new tell all interview out. It’s kinda cray cray!”  Andy brings up the book and says that Brandi implies that Leann is Eddie’s sugar mama. Brandi says, “Do I? Well, it’s true!”  Brandi says Leann is insane. Andy wonders if Leann watches the show and Brandi says that her five year old saw a picture of Andy and said that was Leann’s favorite show. So she’s watching now. Brandi blows Leann kisses.

Twitter Question for Hoda: How did she meet Bethenny and how is she doing? She met her on the show (I assume she means the Today Show) and they became friends. They just had dinner last week and she seems like she on the right path for herself.

Twitter question for Brandi: What do you think of Adrienne dating Rod Stewart’s son? Oh goooooood question. Brandi says she doesn’t know if they are but she knows Rod’s stepson Ashley and she hopes that they are not dating. Brandi thinks the age difference is thirty years (it’s actually 19). Andy corrects her and Brandi says she was being bitchy.

The show ends with Brandi not really doing a pole dance for Albie Manzo who was in the audience and Andy reads a tweet from Leann Rimes telling Brandi to kiss her ass. heh.


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13 responses to “Watch What Happens Live With Hoda Kotb and Brandi Glanville

  1. shirley

    brandi is best lub herzzzzz

  2. Ms Urethra Franklin

    I really do enjoy Brandie’s sassiness.
    She can really serve it up….and poor dumb insecure twitter addict Leanne falls for the bait everytime. Make that bank with them book sales Brandi.

    • Barbara

      At this point I wish someone would yank Leann’s social media and sequester her somewhere till she knocks it off.

      I’m on Team “Those Poor Kids”.

  3. LOL @ the ending. Nice! Way to prove the girl right, LeAnn.

  4. Barbara

    LOL, Brandi on WWHL continues the “Suuuuuuuuuuck it LeAnn” publicity tour. I mean, she got a Real Housewives spot out of this, which is better than a real job!

  5. I failed to mention that Brandi’s face looked very swollen and that her legs were SCARY skinny. They looked like noodles. I don’t know how she stands on them.

  6. myinfo

    The show was fun. I just love Brandi.
    I agree I think Brandi is getting too much Botox. She does not need it.

  7. Wow, just watched the clip they posted of Brandi answering the insane question and yeah that girl needs to see a nutritionist! Her legs were sooooooo thin, it was gross! Didn’t really notice any facial swelling though on last week’s RH episode her cheek implants were very obvious.

  8. Puravidacostarica

    I missed the very end. Who won the poll??? Ken or Mauricio? I’m sure Ken by a landslide but am still asking anyway.

  9. I thought last nights show was great. Hoda is just really quite likeable. I have never watched the show she is on, can’t stand Kathy Lee Gifford ever since she was on with Regis. Brandi was witty and fun. She sure is gorgeous. Eddie was a fool to leave her.

  10. puravidacostarica

    Loved Hoda (Hoda Lay He Who!). Did anyone see Leann on Jimmy Kimmel? I didn’t, but I did notice one thing. White skinny jeans and a black sleeveless top. Google images of Brandi and Eddie and you’ll see the exact same outfit (top’s a little different, but almost identical). Leann is indeed cray-cray.

  11. Nicole

    Love Brandi! Especially the answer she gave Andy about Sheanne. Also the kisses for LeAnn.

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