Adrienne Maloof Confirms She’s Dating Sean Stewart and Swears He’s a Peach!

Original artwork by David Gilmore,

Original artwork by David Gilmore,

Okay remember yesterday when we talked about the ridiculousness that is Adrienne Maloof’s new boytoy?  You know, yesterday when we were wondering what someone in the middle of a child custody case was doing hanging out with a guy whose biggest claim to fame is being a heroin addict on Celebrity Rehab, and a wild little man child on some reality show even we didn’t watch? That guy with no actual job that anyone knows about who was arrested just five years ago for assaulting a married couple with a brick?  Remember now? Well forget all that.Adrienne, in a rare …oh wait, Adrienne, who has TMZ and Radar Online on speed dial has called up Harvey Levin over at TMZ to set us all straight on the facts. Adrienne tells TMZ that “she met 32-year-old Sean very recently through a mutual friend. Sean had wanted  to pitch her a business idea and the two just hit it off.” Oh! So, Sean is a bidnizman now. And Adrienne, whose financial empire is collapsing all around her, is entertaining young men whose businesses need financing. Apparently, we were misled about Sean and he is really hiding an acute business acumen from the general public.

seanstewartAdrienne describes young Sean to TMZ thusly, “Sean is a very funny guy. He’s very giving, he mentors at the mission, works  with at-risk children, and gives his time and money to get children off the  streets.” Apparently, he is like the male version of Mother Teresa only he has money. You know money that he donates to orphans that he has been earning with his business smarts.

So forget all that other stuff. We were apparerently misinformed and Sean is a lovely young man to bring home to your children.  It’s perfectly normal to have someone you met “very recently” hanging out with your minor son. Because he’s a mentor and a businessman.



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31 responses to “Adrienne Maloof Confirms She’s Dating Sean Stewart and Swears He’s a Peach!

  1. I imagine the money Sean is handing out is his monthly allowance from his father Rod Stewart. Non of Rod’s kids seem to actually work. They all refer to themselves as aspiring actors, i.e. lazy bums.

  2. MaggieG

    Does Adrienne really not see how much damage her image has taken & continues to take with her compulsion to control how the media portrays her? In S1 she seemed smart to me, but with sufficient exposure & scrutiny all of her worst qualities have surfaced. She appears clueless. Oh well.

  3. Oh I’ve so changed my mind now. Wait, no I didn’t. While it’s honorable he’s giving away money he doesn’t have instead of attacking more couples with bricks, I still don’t think he’s someone to be around her young kids. I’m also still not buying that they’re a couple.

    • Katrina

      Where does it say that Sean is hanging out with her children? I missed that part? She has enough house cover her.

      • TT mentions it in the original post on the topic – “Yet Adrienne has supposedly been telling “sources” that they are very close and he is good with her kids.”

  4. Desperately trying to get on another season ALERT! Trying Riverside relevant. She needs to go to the ugly Im trying to be relevant horseface country I created for Paris Hilton and Faye Resfeck, population rising.

    • The more I think about it the more I believe you’re right. She doesn’t have a story to pitch to Andy for next season so she’s scrambling to find something, anything.

    • Bombshell8124

      I thought the same thing when I read this! It’s a desperate attempt to secure a story line. Pretty sad when you think about it for her kids sake that they have to deal with this while they are just adjusting to their parents divorce.

  5. myinfo

    If this is true then she is certifiably crazy.

    I still don’t believe this story. Can she really be that desperate? He makes Paul look like a saint.

    So Adrienne called TMZ? I guess her speed dials are, radaronline, TMZ and her lawyers.

    • Barbara

      Exactly – Adrienne probably called TMZ, because she wants to control the spin at this point and wants us to believe she’s “into” Sean. Because, before the picture I kind of was leaning towards the lebanese thingy. Thanks for clearing that up for me Adrienne. Totally believing you two are into each other. :)

      When Sean was on Celebrity Rehab, and he moaned and whined about no father in his life. So, good to see he’s found a mommy figure to replace the absent daddy. Adrienne, couldn’t you have boughten a rockstar instead of a rockstars son?

      Seriously, iIt’d have been more convincing for me if she wasn’t trying sooooo hard. Jeeez.

  6. Donna Grimes

    If he had a business deal then why didn’t he go to his father? Maybe, just maybe, his father turned him down? Also, it is quite obvious to me, that the pics of the two of them together show a woman desperate for attention and a young punk who knows it and is taking advantage of it.

  7. Katrina

    I think Adrienne is having a mid life crisis, if this is true. She wants a younger man to make her feel young. She would rather have someone young and pleasing to the eye instead of a middle age man who is a little over weight and stable.

  8. victori0us

    So did Brandi push Adrienne over the edge? Seems like its been snowballing since they were filming this season. It’s gotten worse and worse. She really might the in the midst of a breakdown. She’s seeming rather irrational. Not gonna dog her out because all of this out of norm behavior seems way deeper than just her being a bitch. She’s got some deeply seated issues that are manifesting itself in her erratic and illogical decisions.

    • Puravidacostarica

      ITA. Adrienne might have a secret Twitter obsession and has been reading all the negative posts about her. I still think she picked the low-hanging fruit (not a gay slur!!) to detract from the real issues.

  9. Paula Lee

    Wow i really loved her and Paul together, she seem to ignore the Doctor. I hope the best for their new future

  10. The Disher

    Barf. The woman gets more and more unlikeable with each passing day. Whether it’s true or not (and, I can’t imagine that it is), her behavior is nuts. Sean better watch out or her chef, Bernie, will be posting untrue things about him on his facebook acct. along with Radaronline, etc.

  11. Wow! smh .. she is pathetic in every sense of the word! S1 I actually liked her and thought hmm a HW that seems to have her stuff together until I started paying attention to the way she treats Paul and I thought man oh man what a bitch and it just got progressively worse through S2. I have a hard time believing the accusations she has flung at him during their separation/divorce. Paul always came across as a guy who loved his wife and she came across a cold hard hearted bitch! Now shes playing tiddleywinks with Rod Stewarts son? LMAO Talk about desperate! I guess the best she could do in the “younger” man department is a recovering drug addict who lives off his daddys millions! I wish someone would come out with this huge secret she is trying to sue Brandi over!

  12. KWM

    Now now now people of course he has a business plan, the plan is to be her “boyfriend” so that she can have a storyline that does not include accusing your (ex) husband of child and spousal abuse, that was only corroborated by your paid staff. His business plan is to hang around as long as her checks keep coming and he stays in the press and with any luck will get to be on a few episode where he can show the world what a saint he is and pitch his own show.

    Can’t you just see the very special RHOBH episode now. There they are the happy couple pulling up to a mission in Skid Row (in her Bentley of course) and handing out deodorant and socks (most likely left over from the basketball team so she doesn’t have to spend her own money) to those less fortunate, all while Sean tries to figure out which of the guys he might be able to score from.

  13. Ame

    The business plan is for them to be the New Spiedi and become the most talked about couple in the tabloids! Total publicity stunt!

  14. Seannea

    Can’t wait to see Kyle and Mauricio hanging out with Adrienne and Rod Stewarts son….. Ha! They’ll be team Brandi by next season

  15. Insanity Should Be Treated

    Wow! That low self esteem is a bitch!! It’ll have you doing all kinds of irrational things.

  16. Serena Dynasty The Retarded

    Adrienne just dumb…The bitch so dumb, she couldn’t poor piss out a boot if the instructions were on the heel!…I bet she was cheating on Paul the whole time….wit her pinched face lookin ass! if I’m a hoe wit a yoounger man, he at least got to look worth it….that Lil Romeo can beat my cookies anyday! OK Nessa Gurl!

  17. Serena Dynasty The Retarded

    Adrienne just dumb…The bitch so dumb, she couldn’t poor piss out a boot if the instructions were on the heel!…I bet she was cheating on Paul the whole time….wit her pinched face lookin ass! if I’m a hoe wit a yoounger man, he at least got to look worth it….that Lil Romeo can beat my cookies anyday! OK Nessa Gurl! OK!

  18. Ms1dimple

    I can’t stand Adrienne karma is finding her for treating Paul like a step child in front of the cameras for two seasons then concocting this whole story of abuse with her well paid housekeeper. This Sean thing makes her look so desparate and lonely. I bet Paul is cracking up! I hope she doesn’t have this looser around her children. Way to go Adrienne sign her up for Mother of the year!

  19. Brigid

    Jen from Celebrity Rehab is also on this show. It’s kind of weird. Who is next? Dr. Drew??

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