WWHL Recap With Kandi and Mike

WWHLOn WWHL Mike seems to be trying to avoid the discussion of where exactly the diamond is in what Andy calls the big vat of Diamond water. Mike seems uncomfortable so Andy goes right to Kandi’s engagement! He asks if they have a date in mind and he asks if she would like to share. She says she doesn’t want to say it outloud because she doesn’t want anyone to steal her date! Andy laughs saying you are referring to Kim stealing your baby name. Kandi tries to pretend she was kidding.

Mike looks even hotter than usual tonight in his LA scarf indoors look. He says that everything is going great with the new girlfriend (On tonight’s episode of Shahs he took her home to meet his mother and it went better than expected. I just decided not to recap it.) Andy seems to have noticed the girlfriend wore a leather dress to Shabbat dinner. It didn’t catch my eye. Even weirder Mike is saying it was a two thousand dollar dress. Why would he even know that? I suppose it was a Bravo wardrobe job. Look I know plenty of rich people and they are not wearing two thousand dollar dresses to dinner with the boyfriend’s parents. Ridiculousness. Ah Mike is now saying he bought her the dress because Persian men take care of their women. Mike is that guy you know is schmarmy but you just can’t help but like him.

The Kandi Factory Premieres; Kim Zolciak Snubs ItAndy asks Kandi what she thinks about Kenya’s song. Kandi says Kenya tried to get her to produce the song and she told her she is not doing any more housewives songs. Kandi said she liked the performance aspect and that Kenya is not trying to be a singer, she knows that she was just taking. So if she wants to have some fun, whatever. Andy wants to know if housewives from other cities have approached her and she says she has had one or two approach her about their music and tries to drop the subject. Andy wants to know who and suggests Gretchen as a choice and Kandi doesn’t want to say. I could see Melissa calling her if you ask me. Andy says it was Luann and Gretchen. Andy is such a bitchy little queen sometimes. I kinda love it. Then they showed a clip of George from Star Trek (Star Wars?) whatever the Asian dude who was on Apprentice. He did a hysterical version of Gone With the Wind Fabulous. Kandi says that was interesting.

Andy does a segment on the size of Mike’s penis. Because he is Andy. Mike says he is going to do Playgirl’s 40th anniversary issue. Shit. I may have to buy that. Is that wrong? I sorta wanna see if he walks the walk. Mike also gives Andy a topless photo of himself for the clubhouse. Or you know, Andy’s um private time.

Caller Question for Mike: Why are you doing Reza’s dirty work by calling GG and uninviting her to Mexico, it was not only a travesty, it wasn’t like you. Let Reza fight his own battles! Mike says…Listen when you have a close bond with someone you have to stand with them, and GG is insane so I had to uninvite her.

Caller question for Kandi: She has been watching Wendy Williams and reading blogs and she wants to know how she feels about people saying Todd is an opportunist. Andy says, is Wendy going off on Todd? Kandi says it irritates her when Wendy says that. Todd is a really good dude, he makes good money and he has never asked her for anything he contributes to what we have and he didn’t even want to be on the show. Andy backs her up on that saying he wanted him to be on the reunion last year and he wouldn’t come. Kandi says she is offended because it sounds like people think he couldn’t just like her for her.

Gratuitous Picture of Shah's of Sunset's Mike Shouhed, ShirtlessCaller Question for Mike: What is your perspective on the whole MJ pill popping situation? Mike says he has never seen MJ popping pills, she is the life of the party and the whole thing was taken out of context. Andy asks if it was an invasion of privacy (um, YOU chose to air that segment, Andy). Mike says a little bit then something was bleeped.

Twitter questions for Kandi will there ever be an Xscape reunion and are you wearing your kegel balls. No to both. Andy asks if Riley knows about Bedroom Kandi, Kandi says yes.

Game Time! Kandi loves Krotchy. They have to guess the crotch of their castmates. It’s kinda funny but not recapable. lol. Mike knows Lilly’s crotch right away. I was embarrassed that I did really well at this game. Kandi gets a moustache mug and then asks Reza a question.  WAIT WHUT? Yes, apparently Reza is in the clubhouse audience. Kandi says even her daughter is into the whole mustache craze.

The question was which do you prefer donkey bootie or stallion bootie. It was 81% donkey. Are you getting the message here Andy?
















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16 responses to “WWHL Recap With Kandi and Mike

  1. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    How is Todd an opportunist? He has his own money, and as a matter of fact, he is part of the behind the scene macho who made RHOA. People need to get off that train, especially Wendy, cause we can say the same thing about your husband? What is his profession, btw?

    • jan

      Excellence point! I don’t even know Wendy’s husband’s name but im pretty sure her money is paying for the both of them. I can’t see him working a simple 9-5 while she has a national talk show. I think wendy just needs a new person to pick on since her and Kenya made up.

      • wait, whut? I haven’t been watching WW when did she make up with Kenya? Deets!

      • jan

        I thought they made up when Kenya went on there. Did they not? Knowing wendy she was probably just playing nice nice to get Kenya on the show.

      • Ms Urethra Franklin

        Oh please they were only nice to each other because Kenya was on the WW show a couple of months back. She didn’t even get to sit on the couch. It was on high chair with a table in between them. Actually it was an awkward visit because Kenya called out Wendy to her face for making fun of her bad skin. Wendy fluffed out some sort of apologetic explanation, and stroked her ego and told her she was beautiful in person. ( I gag)… I think it wast just a couple of weeks ago Wendy was talking about Walter, and she is reverted to calling Kenya crazzzzy again. Sometimes Wendy can be a kiss ass.

  2. karen

    This is just why I don’t watch Wendy’s show she is so full of it. Most of the time she doesn’t even have her facts straight. The blogs are so much better than her stupid gossip.

  3. Ms Urethra Franklin

    I think Wendy William’s husband, Kevin Hunter, is her manager & producer of her tv show.

    • jan

      In my opinion thats no better he still works for her. Todd’s a line producer it’s still in the production business.

    • AMA

      Now just what occupation did he ascribe to back when she was in radio and he ‘hung around’, as if he did indeed work for the station, sexually harassing and threatening her co-workers?

  4. viviana

    True about Lily. I just thought it was funny when her vacuous ass couldn’t see or didn’t care she spent the majority of the time talking about the ex.Even though Reza and Asa are full of ‘chert’ I did enjoy seeing the gang hanging out.

  5. tedola

    When kandi joked about the date he also mentioned nene saying she could possibly be a person to steal the date too..Anyone else hear that? Tamara do you think there is drama happening between kandi and nene with all the engagement stuff or is this a set up for another season by chance? Could all just be a coincidence…

    • I think it was just a random comment because Nene is planning a wedding too. Also, I don’t think Kandi meant Kim when she was talking about stealing the date. I think she was talking about Kenya because they were just talking about Kenya stealing ideas I think Kandi was just making a joke with no underlying hostility.

  6. Anyone else remember the scene in Howard Stern’s Private Parts where they talk about listeners who hate him vs. listeners who love him?

    They said that people who loved Howard Stern, listened to his show an average of 45 min. People who hated him, considered him to be satan himself, listened for an average of 4 hours.

    This is what I think about when I see the overwhelming hatred of Kenya.

    The more we hate her, the more they think we watch. Is it true?

    I honestly fast forward through some of her talking heads, but how many tune in only to hate her all the more? If there are more of the latter, she’ll be back. Unfortunately.

  7. pfftt

    I don’t like Kenya, but without her this season would be BORING. So you’ve got to give her credit for bringing it. Like Danielle Staub, I couldn’t stand her, but she was such a train wreck and caused so much shit, she made RHONJ entertaining.

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