Kandi Burruss Engagement Does the Story Ring True?

6F034463AWLRD0A couple of days ago, Kandi Burruss announced her engagement to Todd Tucker in an exclusive with US Weekly.  According to that interview, Todd popped the question at their home in the wee hours of January 1st. Phaedra Parks (and one assumes Apollo as it was a New Year’s Eve gathering) and other friends and family were present.  As the story goes, despite picking out the ring she wanted while in Las Vegas on a Housewives trip, Phaedra was very surprised.  The article states that Kandi has two dates in mind  but they’re  still working out a lot of the other details like whether the wedding will be filmed for The Real Housewives. I am always amazed when a tabloid has an exclusive directly from the couple with very few quotes it seems like a whole lot of money to pay for a story that is basically, “hey! We’re engaged! Here is a picture of my ring.

So you can take that story at face value or you can look for vast Bravo conspiracy theories. Guess which one I choose to do? Let’s just look at some of the facts we knew before this big announcement, shall we? First of all, Kandi found the ring in Vegas where she was trying on rings while on camera.  Isn’t it lucky that the ring was found while she was on camera? The US Weekly story says that Kandi called Todd from Vegas to tell him about the ring and he sent for it and carried it around for four months. Why would you wait four months if you are already living together, and picking out rings together? Another interesting thing is the Las Vegas trip itself. Why did Bravo send the girls to Vegas right after visiting Nene Leakes on the set of The New Normal?  What was the storyline? Was it to meet the jeweler who is sponsoring the ring in exchange for air time?

phaedrakandirobleRemember what was being filmed just before the trip to the west coast? Chef Roble was flown out for an all day and into the night filming that had two parts. The day part of the event was a very formal all white shindig. Then later that night Roble cooked a “couples dinner” for Kandi and Todd and Phaedra and Apollo and that is when I began speculating that the engagement had occurred.  I also further speculated that Kandi and Todd got married in Vegas the following week. Maybe. Who knows. Now it seems that they did not have their engagement ring until the Vegas trip.  I don’t know exactly what is going on. I am saying that there is more to this story and all of it has been on camera. So it seems obvious that the wedding will be televised. The question is, did it already happen?

Now a word about the ring because y’all know I am all about the jewelry. The ring is from Gregg Ruth from his Karina line. It retails for $10,988. So in true Kandi fashion she went for a very modest ring. There is no actual center stone like a traditional engagement ring. Instead there is a mosaic of micro-pave white diamonds. I’m personally not a fan of pave diamonds which I consider to be just diamond chips but plenty of people do like them. It’s not a ring with a jaw-dropping center stone but I can see Kandi being attracted to it. It seems to suit her.

So what do y’all think? Did they get engaged on New Year’s Day among friends and family? Are the already married? Will the wedding be on TV?


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56 responses to “Kandi Burruss Engagement Does the Story Ring True?

  1. Katrina

    I was wondering too. I had read somewhere that the engagement happened in the Bahamas, but then US weekly it says they were engaged on New Years. They did have that shindig in Atlanta with Chef Roble. I wouldn’t be surprised if they came out with a 1 to 2 hour special with Kandi and Todd. Since everything is on film, they may add it to the current RHOA. They show things out of sequence all the time. It would be a surprise ending!
    It is a very nice engagement ring. If they are not married, then season 6 is going to be all about weddings!

    • Katrina

      Also, Kandi has never been married, you would think she would be more excited about getting married! She didn’t even announce it, she just agreed with someones tweet.

    • The engagement ring will be seen at the end of RHOA (it’s on the press reel, same ring) I imagine the wedding will be either a special or next season.

  2. jan

    the magazine was the announcement. tamara why cant you just except that maybe you’re tea was wrong all along?

  3. RealitySux

    For me – I don’t care. I think Kandi does things for tv – then does what she really wants, in her real life (like her birthday party).

    So, if she was really engaged in the Bahamas … and then secretly married…then more power to her.

    If she indeed got engaged on New Years … then good for her.

    I think if she loves the ring – then I love it … and I agree, it suits her. It’s not the most expensive .. its perfect – for her.

    So, in any event…I’m just happy that she is happy…. and screw BRAVO. LOL

    • I agree and you are right, Kandi does do her own thing sort of in parallel to the show. Which is why I wonder if there was a real birthday and a bravo birthday….will there be a real wedding(that may have already occurred) in addition to the Bravo wedding?

      We will see her with the ring (at the jeweler) in this season of RHOA and it is quite near the end of filming… I’m just sayin… :)

      • RealitySux

        I’m thinking we will never see her real wedding … we will see what BRAVO and Kandi negotiate. She seems to control her reality more than BRAVO – if that makes sense.

        I will be excited though, to see it on film … but I am praying Season 6 isn’t full of weddings!!LOL

  4. Kash511

    I always consider cluster rings cheating rings…as in they cheat to get a larger ring than those with a whole diamond. I’m mad at her for it but oh wells….Can records be checked to see if they did get married? Or did she pull whatever Janet Jackson pulled to keep her marriage under the radar?

  5. Critter

    Hope they are happy…
    Not a fan of pave either, but then its not on my finger…

  6. chell jones

    I really think season 6 going to have a wedding , baby delivery and god knows whatever else but tamara I think you on point :)

  7. One of the Bravo HW fanpages also announced the engagement, two days ago I believe. I ignored it for the most part since we already have tea here on it. I think Kandi would be smart to do her own thing on the side but let Bravo film whatever ceremony they want (not the real one). This way she can/could have her moment with her man and close friends and family without it being ruined by scripted drama and camera crews.

    • Thanks Karma, you would not believe the comments, posts, emails wanting to know why I as not posting that Kandi was engaged. I feel like we sort of talked it to death before the real announce was made. I think it happened back in September.

  8. Coco

    Thanks for the tea, Tamara! I have a feeling they are already married. After meeting with the Reverend and Phaedra at Kandi and Todd’s home, I think a “living in sin” conversation was probably held off camera. Since Todd and Kandi both have daughters, I’m sure they did the right thing by going on ahead and getting married. They would want to set a good example for their girls. I’m happy for Kandi and Todd! This relationship looks like a solid one and Kandi has never looked happier!!

  9. The fact that the article mentioned them having two dates in mind made me suspicious.

    But there is the possibility that everything is going along just the way we are being told…..

  10. eve

    I am jewelry lover too, so i will let you know that Gregg Ruth is not a cheap line of jewlery. A setting without a center stone(s) would cost around $10,000.
    I own a Gregg Ruth ring i bought 12 years ago, a wide band covered in diamonds and it cost over $5,000. Today it would probably cost close to ten thousand.
    SO, the center stones are probably fake.

    • They are not fake. Like I said in the story the ring is nearly 11K which I referred to as modestly priced, not cheap. Gregg Ruth has a patented style of mixing pave diamonds (his patent is I believe on “micro-pave”) with other smaller stones in a layered way. The ring is lovely, I am not trying to throw shade on the ring at all. I was pointing out that it is not a traditional engagement ring with a center solitaire.

  11. karen

    I wish Kandi lots of love and happiness.

  12. Not A Kim Z Fan

    Not my style but I do like the ring for her. Not sure what Todd’s net worth is but while it may not be expensive for her, I’d imagine it put a considerable ding in his. I really like that Kandi doesn’t seem to be making Todd live beyond his means…

  13. sunny

    that picture with all of them is photo shopped!! #tryagain

    • hmm, if true what does that mean to you ? That picture came from either Kandi or Phaedra’s twitter. Why would they photoshop it? I see what you mean about the line between Kandi and Roble being very straight. I seriously doubt Phaedra or Kandi would photoshop it, but if you are right… what does that imply to you?

      I’m always up for a good conspiracy theory…

      But the other two don’t look photoshopped and thus proof they were all there together, right? You are making my brain hurt! :)

  14. Cali

    My marital advice to Kandi, is keep your marriage private. Do not put it on tv, gossip blog’s, or magazine.Don’t give out information about the status of your engagement or wedding. This is your first marriage, keep folks out of your relationship with you and your husband. It’s no one business, but your’s and your husband. Period.

  15. i dunno, i sort of saw Sunny’s point. There is a defined line between Kandi and Roble. But I think the number of pics shows they were all together.

    • DJ

      I can see what you think is a “line”, but I think it’s just the way they are positioned with Kandi’s left arm behind his back and his right arm around her shoulder.

  16. eg

    I think Kandi’s ring is beautiful! I wouldn’t mind one like that, or even a real good fake (but thats just me). Wish them both all the happiness they can stand.

  17. Housewivesfan

    It should be interesting to see how this all plays out, both on and off camera. Regardless, i really like Kandi and i am glad to see her happy and in love! She seems to be one of the few truly wealthy housewives. And i love that she seems to live within her means….maybe some of the other ladies should take notes!

  18. Che

    I have to agree with you Tamera about pave diamond rings…. I don’t like her engagement ring its very unflattering. I wouldn’t wear it but I would certainly sell it ! Also I don’t think the photo was photoshopped boobs are fat and it looks like they all hugging each tight and her arm is wrapped around his waist from the back, so her boob is being squashed from the side.

    • Che

      if any one bothers to google roble ( awesome chef) and kandi , you’ll see that the picture was just cropped weird and that it was def. not photoshopped.

  19. Katrina

    Based on what kandi said on RHOA, I don’t think she would marry without one!

  20. Iwannano

    Let’s just all be happy for Kandi and Todd. She’s a very rich, talented, secure, wise woman who respects her man and his position. She doesn’t need a big fat over the top ring to prove who she is. She brought her own furniture into her new home and is living there while renovations are completed. She knows she’s all that and doesnt need to be a show off!

  21. becky white

    TT I did not realize I had broken any of your rules with my earlier post – I was not trying to be mean in any way. Someone had earlier brought up that that ring was expensive for Todd. Kandi obviously loves Todd for Todd – good for her. I wish her nothing but happiness and success. She is the most level headed one in my opinion.

    Perhaps I was projecting a bit – I have done some crazy stuff myself that did not make any sense when younger when I thought I was in love – for a man – some involving money. My appologies.

    • Hint: When you link to somewhere with the caveat that you don’t know how reliable the site is (which is unbeleivable to me that anyone would think some random site has access to everyone’s financial information) then I don’t want it linked to from my site.

      No biggie…carry on.

  22. gee

    I wonder is this a publicity stunt by bravo?…..I agree with this posts tamara and some comments so i want to add to the conspiracy lol. In the article that only namedPhaedra being there but not the other reality stars that most people would know like toya, rasheeda etc. So the article and the pictures from her twitter are just not clear to me other than Phaedra being there (at both). Also, I think we could see the “engagement” on this season and Bravo said keep it quiet and do a release about half way through (about January) to drum up press and get people tuning back in to see the engagement (everything for ratings. I mean time changes and nene’s “engagement”). Then they(Bravo) will add an engagement (fake scene) somewhere toward the end of the season that will lead into the wedding. I just have a hard time believing that Bravo would let this engagement slip through when like all the other posts said before, “they have been setting up for it all season.” Also, I wonder will all this wedding stuff cause tension between NeNe and Kandi because I can see where their could be drama over it at the reunions or maybe they hoping for it in future seasons. Kand is more honest but I think nene and her both know how to “play the game” that’s why they cant click. sorry so long I like a good conspiracy as well in this one is interesting. Kand slips through the radar a lot.

  23. Barbara

    I’m so happy for Kandi from RHoATL – She’s sane, smart, talented and has been earning her own money since she was a teenager. That’s not typical HWs behaviour! And, I hope/pray she and Todd live happily ever after. They make a really cute couple.

  24. AngieB

    I follow Chef Roble as well as the housewives. And during that time he was filming for his show too. So maybe that’s from his show coming back for season 2 in Feb. He’s filmed with Kandi before when he catered her NYC party. But we shall see

  25. BeaUtiful by Elsie Marie...

    Gosh, I wish I could find the link, but a fall episode of Kandi Koated Nights talked about her being married. I remember something being mentioned by one of her sidekicks about her not needing Todd to be awake when she gets home since they are married now and can “do it” anytime. So based on that I though she was already married.

  26. Angelface

    How can THIS be a conspiracy but Betheny shacking up so soon after her “divorce” not pique your interest? You are too much.

    • Oh. I think EVERYTHING is a consipriracy! I have thoughts on the B Frankel story and the Adrienne thing. But I have not had time to fully construct my theories yet… Stay tuned. And don’t forget your tinfoil beanie.

      • Angelface

        Do those thoughts contradict your earlier standpoint on Bethany?
        Anyway, I’m happy for Todd and Kandi. Of course it is a Bravo construct to some extent, I mean if it weren’t for Bravo, they never would have met in the first place. Perhaps they feel a little beholden to them.

    • DJ

      Why is everyone so quick to jump to conclusions? Just because Bethenny is staying with an old friend whom she has known for years does not mean she is shacking up with him.

  27. Katrina

    Maybe Kandi will reveal something on WWHL tonight.

  28. girlnbayou

    As a trained professional photographer who is proficiant in photoshop, I can tell you with 99.5 % certainty that the group picture is not shopped. The line is his pressed shirt around his waist. She is sandwiched between the chef and her husband. Small people tend to get lost in pictures so that is why she looks squished in there.

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