Reza Farahan Really Is Having a Gay Life Crisis

ShahsREzagaycrisisWhat the heck is going on with Reza Farahan? I realize that he has one of the worst cases of Seasontwoitis we have ever seen, but he seems to be totally spinning out of control.  Reza was well received by all during season one and that positive attention seems to have gone to his head. There was some foreshadowing for Reza’s behavior in season two. Remember during the finale of season one, Reza was quite harsh with MJ and lacked compassion about her mother issues, despite him being estranged from his own father. Which brings us to this season, where it seems that Reza’s mission in life is to bring down MJ. This has resulted in his popularity crashing to the ground and it seems he is having a hard time dealing with it.  Reza has now blocked me on twitter, I assume because of something on this site he did not like. I like Reza, but I can only report what we all or watching. There is just no way for me to put a positive spin on his behavior. I keep hoping for Reza and MJ to either make up or for Reza to stop being so obsessed with her. Sadly that does not appear to be happening. He has paused the war long enough to give stories to major blogs.

Shahs of Sunset Cast: Keeping it RealThere have been two stories on Reza on the websites lately. One was on TMZ and it was about Reza selling a house to Ziggy Marley.  Why would TMZ bring up a story that is years old? I posted about that real estate transaction back in February of 2012. I knew about it because Reza told me about it himself. It was one of his fun facts about himself that I used in a story about a month before Shahs premiered. I point this out now because it seems like Reza is on a push for publicity right now. I suspect that Reza himself contacted TMZ in an attempt to get some positive press.

The other story on Reza came out today. It seems that Reza once again contacted Naughty but Nice Rob over at HuffPo to give him a story. The story has one topic. This is not something that just came up in an interview. It appears, at least by the way Rob wrote the story that Reza contacted to share that Reza likes to take pictures of his penis.  Yes, you read that correctly. He even gives HuffPo readers advice on taking nekkid pictures of yourself.

The meat of the story, um so to speak is this from Reza, “When I was going to be on the show, I had to fill out paperwork and one of the questions was basically, like, are there naked pictures of you out there, and my answer was ‘yes,’. I think it helped me get on the show. With a caveat that there are pictures of me, but there are never pictures of me with my head and my privates in the same picture. That’s my advice to everyone.”

Reza would also like you to know that he has a large package. He says, “I’ve sent pictures to people I was dating who were out of town. I wanted to surprise them, give them a little something to think about. Well, I’m not going to lie. It isn’t little, it’s always impressive.”

I gather they are having a slow news day over at HuffPo and that Reza could really use a publicist.  Thoughts?


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32 responses to “Reza Farahan Really Is Having a Gay Life Crisis

  1. suziezee

    Both Reza and A$$A are way out of control. They’re behavior is disgusting. Nothing else to say here.

  2. I’m sure it wont be long before a sex tape of him will be “leaked” on the internet. This dude is so desperate for fame I wouldn’t put it past him to pull a Kardashian, he saw what it did for him. As far as I’m concerned Bravo should rename the show ‘Shahs of Shame” and tell them all to go back to Iran and live their hedonistic lifestyles and see how long they last. I’m guessing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would welcome them back to show his people what America has done to them…right before he makes an example of them for their own “reality” show, I don’t think it would be very entertaining to Americans but I’ll bet the Iranians would enjoy a live execution.

  3. Ms Urethra Franklin

    The most insecure guys will brag about their large “packages”.
    They know deep down inside they have nothing else of substance to offer.
    It is a very vapid quality in BOTH gay & straight men.

    Reza is vapid shallow queen, and he perpetuates all the negative broad stereotypes about gay men. He is all about designer labels, promiscuity, partying, & befriending other bobble headed Persian BARFies.

    He talks in this weird hip hop/valley girl tone, while ridiculing others for their appearance & behavior. He was endearing and real in season 1… He betrays, humiliates, & back stabs MJ, his BFF of 20+ years on national tv. Reza is indeed suffering from a case of Season2 Hot Mess Syndrome.

    No one should care if they got blocked on twitter by this egomaniac. If he can turn on MJ, he can turn on anyone.

  4. My husband and I love the show but we are both think he has acted terrible toward Mj. You would think that he woud sympathatize a little more with her as far as her Mom considering all of his Family issues. One thing that I do notice is that no matter how mad they are at each other in the end they would always have each others back. I am hoping Reza will realize how bad he is acting.

  5. I am so tired of Reza, he has become a complete jackass. He is an embarrassment to his people and to gay people. He is so enamored with this Lilly that he is neglecting his true friend, MJ. And would somebody get Asa some tweezers.

  6. no name maddox

    wow. just wow.

  7. KWM

    I did not watch season 1, even though my friend kept telling me to watch it. So I do not know of this season 1 Reza everyone speaks of. But I so know season 2 Reza. He should be worried about his image because season 2 Reza is desperately trying to be in with the cool kids and will gladly do anything to get there. Including hooking his cart up to Lilly and casting MJ aside in a mean and viscious way.

    Watching him is like watching a 12 year old girl trying to get accepted by the cool kids.

    • victori0us

      Same story here except my friend didnt keep telling me to watch it. It was this nutty bloggermTamara Tattles. I’m trying to find s1 online cuz I just know this reza.

  8. Chrissyt44

    They are all disgusting.
    From the ego maniac aka Mike, to the angry for no reason GG, to the limited talent that is ASA to the boring walking head on sticks that is Lilly, to the sloppy 40 yr. old drunk that is MJ. Reza by far is the worst. He claims to be this awesome friend to MJ, “We are family, etc.” He not only outed her age, and that they slept together. He went through her purse(I broke up with a boyfriend of 2 yrs. for that.) Calls her fat every chance he gets. As the old say goes….With friends like that….who needs eneimies.


  9. The show has become disgusting. I only watch when I am bored out of my mind. ALL of these people are disgusting spoiled infantile brats! They are also disgusting to look at. They ALL need to look in a getserious mirror.

  10. jakiesmom

    Me thinks Reza really doesn’t know how this game works. If he keeps this up his 15 minutes will be fleeting. He needs to hire Camille Grammer’s PR team to help him redeem himself like they did for her between seasons 1 and 2. Unless he just doesn’t care.

    hmmm where did all Lilly’s peeps go? On Jan 13 she tweeted she reached 200k followers but alas, she is now only at 79k. Perhaps she was busy “yatching” and lost the rest at sea?

  11. The Disher

    Do you think Reza leaked the story about MJ’s criminal past from when she was barely 18 y.o.? I thought that was below the belt.

  12. I so loved Shahs in S1 and if it wasn’t for you Tamara I doubt I would have even bothered, so thanks for turning me onto the show. So far S2 has just not been worth the time to be bothered. S2 reality stars going apeshit is IMO not a change to their personality but rather an unveiling of their personality that they had camouflaged in S1. Being popular and the S1 break out star just served to make Reza think his shit was stinkless so he let down his guard and now we are seeing the real Reza. I say that because the total about face and backstabbing MJ, trying to prove she was a pill popper behind her back etc is not from a momentary slip. Being infatuated with the plastic Barbie doll that is Lily…now that might be a temporary aberration. This vicious non stop attempt to annihilate MJ at every turn is just ugly and I suspect who Reza really is.

  13. You are exactly right. Everyone is on their best behavior during season one. During season two, if you think you are now all that and a bag a chips, your guard comes down.

  14. Ms Urethra Franklin

    OMG it never occurred to me that Reza could be responsible for the leaked MJ story. I just can’t wrap my mind around that twisted kind of betrayal.

    I hope he gets crabs in his mustache sniffing armpits of randoms.

  15. pc in kc

    I think Reza has a lot of nerve calling MJ fat when he needs to get some diet tips and and get himself to a gym. The funniest part of last weeks epi was watching Reza on the dance floor. The boy can’t dance. I keep watching that little clip over and over for a good laugh.

  16. Bombshell8124

    I like all your blog entry’s Tamara but really enjoy your Shah recaps and scoops. I know some people think all press is good press but not when your near 40 year old man looking real creepy. Smelling younger mens arm pits on camera in the club and now contacting the Huffington post to randomly broadcast that you take pics of your penis and send it to men?? Who does this?? Oh yeah..Reza!! He is on a hit Bravo show..Bravo needs to reel him in. This is a prime example of why celebrities hire publicist. In this case I don’t think most people on bravo shows can afford to be represented by them and this is why they make so many mistakes with the media i.e Teresa’s over exposure with In Touch Magazine. The only benefit there was it added to the RHONJ story line! He needs to be careful..bravo can only be so patient with his creativity in prepping his story line for next season and being creepy is not a good one! Either way the image is now burned in my mind so it’s hard to ignore.

  17. natalie k

    Hes become a nasty, bitter person this season. Since that radar online story came out he has cemented his mean girl status in my opinion. A person can onliy hide their true self for so long.

  18. natalie k

    Correct. I did not see it here. You were respectful TT.

  19. FGF

    This reminds me of NeNe and how endearing she was the first season and how rapidly that changed when she became famous! I loved Reza during season 1 but now I can’t stand to see him and that ‘stache!! Luckily, she did not flip out over it but I lost all respect for him when he rummaged through her purse and revealed its contents and her driver’s license on tv.

  20. A.J.

    He might be mad about that article you wrote about his CNN appearance with the cast. I berated him and sent him the link so he could see how people felt about him.

    • Thanks it’s not like I have all his contact info and could send him the link if I thought he would want to read it. Oh wait..You are one of those people who feels compelled to tweet reality folks and let them know everyon hates them. Perhaps you should try getting a life.

  21. pinkychichi

    That’s the most sensible thing I’ve seen Reza say all season. It’s either face or privates. Never both. I’ll have to remember that if I ever decide perverted is the way to go…

  22. Reza + Seasontwoitis = “We Miss Sammy” Fan Club. Unintended side effect, Sammy’s image has been bolstered and he has come across as a loyal friend.

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