American Idol Returns *Yawn*

AIJudgesMy homeboy and American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips has gone triple platinum with Home. Yet he says that song is way too pop for him and not his cup of tea. We’re off on a new season of American Idol. I am mainly watching to see what Nicki Minaj does with Mariah Carey. This will be random thoughts more than recap. Let’s get started!

Before their butts are even in the seats Mariah is going in on Nicki about bringing a drum major hat prop. Meanwhile they send a contest in to foot stomp his way in to audition and they are oblivious. Catfight number one. I think there have been about six more in the first three minutes. They are giving Mariah the diva edit. Part of the problem is that Randy is sitting in Simon’s chair but not doing Simon’s job which is to tell the other three judges when it is their turn to speak. Nicki is running the judges table. She is the moderator. Mariah hates that. Nicki tells the auditioner when to stop singing. She is in charge.

Mariah’s superfan is singing not so well and Mariah is not going to like it when Nicki speaks truth in 5..4..3.. Nicki turtled and let her through.

Okay I love the crack baby going through after a rough start. The first contestant I actually like. Not because he is a great singer, but just because. Frankie goes to Hollywood.

I was bored.








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16 responses to “American Idol Returns *Yawn*

  1. Joan

    I didn’t bother watching it. I became a fan of AI 2 years ago. Loved the show, loved the judges. The few times I couldn’t watch some idiot issue, just fast forwarded through them (yup, I record it!). Then with all the gosh awful ‘stuff’ that preceeded this year’s shows I thought “this is crazy”. Those two women (I was gonna say Ladies, but let’s face it – neither of them are) are poor choices for these roles. I cannot imagine how anyone will be able to watch the show all the way through each week. It’s such a shame, since the show itself is a big, great way for unknown talent to get a chance to hit the big time. Sad….sad…..sad….

  2. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    I’m not gone even bother to watch? Why? It’s just publicity anyway and Ryan Seacrest is the queen of publicity or have we forgotten about the Kardashians?

  3. Adriane P.

    It was a snooze fest. I think the judges were all saying yes to much for the sake of being likeable but then I wonder if majority of the talent presented to them was mediocre. Only 2 girls I felt were pretty good but nothing impressive really. Not so secretly I am looking forward to more Mariah vs Nicki and that’s what I was really paying attention to! Mariah’s few diva moments are pretty comical and I agree Nicki is running the panel. I never thought I would say I can’t wait until tomorrow nights episode not for the singling but to see them go at it! And because this episode was so boring.

  4. DJ

    It’s boring without Simon.

  5. Sally

    I watched it. I honestly did not see the hype about catfights. I only saw playful (perhaps staged) banter. I think when it came down to contestant assessments, the four worked pretty well together. I was very pleasantly surprised to see how empathetic Minaj can be.

    It’s an interestingly diverse mix of recording talent at the judge’s table, which I think is a great thing.

  6. Kimster

    I haven’t watched AI in eons…the best part of the show are the try-outs in the different cities. But when they announced Nikki Minaj as a judge…NO, NO, NO!!! I knew I wasn’t watching. I can see Mariah…she’s a diva (yes), but she’s got experience, longevity and multiple platinum albums and lets not forget the awards. Nikki Minaj is a gimmick and since when does a pseudo-rapper/cartoon character serve as a judge on a singing contest. Fluck outta here with that mess!

  7. myinfo

    I watched the beginning of show and found all the judges beyond boring.

    It was like they never watched the show before and could not come up with a formula to vote YES or NO.

    Mariah and Nikki personalities are just as boring as Brittany.

    • Bombshell8124

      YES! That is SO true! They didn’t seem to know or needed to be reminded when to be told to vote. Like Tamara said it appears it’s Randy’s job and he’s not doing it and Nicki is running the panel. If it keeps going like this I will probably stop watching like I did with the s2 changes of Xfactor. Let’s see..tuning in now to see how tonight goes.

  8. I didn’t watch it last night. I don’t like to watch until the 12 finalists are picked. All the audition shows are just a nightmare.

  9. Tamar voice

    uhh..where is the Kanid Burris engagement post?

  10. DJ

    I lost interest when Simon left.

  11. I thought I would be a lot more interested in this and it’s fast tracked to Oz from the US. Having just seen Mariah live in concert here, I really thought I’d have all the time in the world for a little cray in my life…then I remembered I can’t stand these karoke talent shows so…I don’t particularly care. Oh well. πŸ˜‰

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