The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Lawsuits and Ugly Americans

VPsheanaOkay this is so confusing. I suppose last week’s RHOBH was an extended episode and Vanderpump Rules was shortened in the world of Bravo which explains why tonight’s episode of Vanderpump Rules is labeled episode one, but I really hate this blurring of the lines.  Sigh. Anyway we are back to the scene of Brandi and Scheana crying which I thought we got past last week. The big thing they didn’t include then was Brandi saying that even if Eddie is cheating on Leann she hopes they don’t divorce because she doesn’t want her kids going through that again. She has real tears, y’all. If she did say that last time we saw this scene I missed it.

Lisa is doing the debriefing scene with Brandi and she is not sure how Brandi will get through it and she is everso worried about her. Um, she did it for a storyline for your spin-off because you asked her to Lisa. This ain’t our first trip to the reality show rodeo, ya know. We get how this works. In other news Brandi drinks rosé. I was unaware people still did that.  Brandi is explaining to Lisa that Eddie uses the same lines on everyone. This is a convenient and indirect strike against Leann (not that there’s anything wrong than that). Brandi wants to know who Lisa likes best. Sigh. Oh Brandi.

More footage of Yolanda picking lemons and hanging out with her bees. Despite her very odd husband, Yolanda is really starting to grow on me. Like an organic mushroom. Sad story about Kim and Kyle’s broken relationship. Violins in the background. Yolanda says Kim needs ten days on Master Cleanse. I am not kidding.

Meanwhile at Kim’s house, she has a houseboy AND a life coach. She may be my new hero. I need Gary to help me cope, communicate, provide structure and breathe and the houseboy to clean up behind me. Kim is hurt that Kyle outed her as an alcoholic on national TV. *cough* MJ from Shahs of Sunset style*cough* Kim says if you love someone and they have an issue like that you talk to them privately. In all fairness, I want to think Kyle tried that.  Also, I think this is why Asa on Shah’s apologized in last night’s episode. Allegedly. Maybe.  Oh, Gary is not the “life coach” clearly he is her sponsor (not that there is anything wrong with that).

VPandgiggyLisa is owning Bravo with Villa Blanca on RHOBH and SUR on Vanderpump Rules. Meanwhile, Ken is furiously trying to plant a pink garden with one helper at the house in his pink T-Shirt. Ken takes the lead as my favorite housewives husband. I’d let him take me to Sur fer shure. I love how the chef at Villa Blanca casually asks if Lisa will be in for dinner service tonight. She says yes. I have a feeling she is there a lot and everyone would prefer to prepare in advance. She is explaining how to maintain the large (and gorgeous) floral arrangements to the GM. They are of course all white at Villa Blanca and white flowers in general have a shorter lifespan after being cut. She needs floral snips at the hostess station though, breaking the ends is not good. Ken says he doesn’t have much time and he needs Giggy in his pink suit. He tries to take Lisa out and she doesn’t like surprises. I hate people who don’t like surprises. It’s a pink swing with frilly pink ribbons hanging from a tree over a heart-shaped flower bed full of pink flowers. I might cry I love Ken so much. He says when they were first married they had an old swing and the back yard and he used to push her. I die. Please let this be true. Oh there is a little chair for Giggy with an umbrella. Lisa is giggling like a little girl. Beautiful. Ken reminds her about their 30th wedding anniversary and want to renew vows. Crestfallen. The damn Bravo vow renewal storyline. Damn you Bravo, Ken had me right in the palm of his hand and YOU RUINED IT.

Kyle is off to dinner with Marisa because she invited her to her dinner party from hell. I had to take a time out for a party foul. Don’t ask. Kyle’s talking head tunic is reminiscent of Nene’s bright-colored top she wears in her talking heads. Nene does way better though. I really am not turning into a damn Nene fan. Much. Anyway it looks like this will be another dinner party from hell because from the phone calls it sounds like everyone but Adrienne will be there because Kyle tells Lisa that Adrienne is with Paul in New York. Um why? Um is Marisa’s dress what Kyle is wearing in her talking heads? Kim is fawning over it and it looks very similar. Marisa has neer met Kim because when Marisa and Kyle were hanging out, “Kim was living in the desert.” What does that mean? I mean I know what it means because I too, have lived in the desert, but .. IDGI.

RHOBHBrandidivorcesceneHere we are at the Moroccan place. I love it. I am now mad at my brother for getting the big ass brass and silver tray table. Maybe I can swap him for jewelry. Oooh good idea. Anyway back to the show. Brandi tells Kyle and Marisa that Adrienne and Paul are suing her. It is all very edited and I am starting to think there is a problem with my TV or my hearing because I have to listen again to so many things. They want her  beige towels? Is that what she said? Anyway, in the talking head Brandi tells us that (cutting through the Bravo edit) Adrienne is trying to make Brandi sign something saying she won’t say bad things about her on TV anymore.

RHOBHBrannotsorryAh, we are back to the WHAT DID BRANDI SAY ABOUT ADRIENNE?  Let me give you a hypothetical example, totally unrelated to this situation. If say, someone is very good at kickboxing and not so good with interior decorating…um so to speak… that one might could, if one was filthy rich at the time…procure a relationship with a fellow with a fellow successful Arab in which to bear children for the sake of appearances in many hypothetical circumstances, allegedly. If some loud mouth was to come into the circle and blow things out of the water that have been speculated about for nearly a decade… One then might hypothetically  no longer have any use for the husband. allegedly. and subsequently make obscene allegations in this completely hypothetical situation that the husband was abusive. If one had a lot of money this would be simple to do by, well by lots of ways like paying some schlub to say it on his Facebook which soon disappears, or by parachuting lots of brochures on the subject into your target area if you live in the hinterlands. There are many ways. Allegedly. This would result in the husband being left fighting to see his children while the wife and her friend who really likes softball a whole lot play golf. Or something. I speculate.  It matters not to this incident because clearly Brandi said a bad thing of which I know nothing about at all and would never begin to speculate on that.

So back to the Bravo version of events, which are probably quite true and factual…Brandi had to spend $2.000 on a lawyer that she can’t afford on top of her divorce lawyer fees. We get it. Wait men are showing up.

RHOBHnewpicMaricioYolanda seems to think Kim and Camille were supposed to be at the master cleanse scene. Kim says yeah, they talked about it but never set a date. Yolanda says they talked about it three times. WTF, Yo? I am trying to like you here. Kim says that she can’t do that anymore. They ask why and she is standing in a room full of people and says “just because I can’t.” They are both asking Why? Why? Why? Um Hello, why does it matter? Maybe it would wash out whatever she is taking from rehab?  Do you really want her to explain this to you in a public room where you are totally getting paid to pimp the holy hell out of the fucking product? Have about ten billion seats Yolanda and Kyle. Breathes. I hit play and Kim politely says that she is supposed to eat right now and nourish her body. Kyle says WHY?  Kim calmly says, um…for the good of my body, it would not be a good time for me to deprive myself of fucking food for ten days while I am detoxing from booze and God knows what else, Kyle, DO YOU NEED TO ASK WHY A FEW FUCKING MORE TIMES? Um, it is a testament to Kim’s rehab that she said it much nicer. Kyle’s talking head (not the same outfit as Marisa’s btw) said. that Yolanda,”might not want to expect too much of her sister Kim.” Hey way to be supportive of your sister’s recovery, sister. And yes, Kyle I know you hauled the whole family out for a visit at Christmas. Utah has  great slopes.

Kim is trying to work her steps and Kyle is trying to work her nerves. Kyle has a huge level of resentment. HUGE. To be fair, they are subtitling Kim’s words and not Kyle’s she has said some nice things but Bravo is clearly trying to focus on the fact that Kyle has not seen much of Kim since Kyle highly twitter SKI VACATION WITH HER FAMILY TO UTAH um visit with her sister for therapy. At that time in December 2011 month two of blogging, I was chatting with another blogger who I shared the information I had with and explained that while I felt it inappropriate to blog…she was free to use the info however she saw fit. Seeing this now makes me realize Kyle is SUCH a douche.

Finally the food has arrived. After Taylor suggesting Lisa go back and pump up the kitchen (WTF?) it seems food has finally arrived by Kyle needs a fork and this is not Arabic enough for Yolanda. Kyle, if you go to a Moroccan restaurant bring your own fork or go to Burger King. Your MILLIONAIRE maybe BILLIONAIRE ex-husband was not Moroccan, there are many parts of the Arab culture and your Dutch ass to take a few more seats. He’s Palestinian raised in Damascus and  Beirut which is apples and oranges. SHUT TUP. You are not the arbiter of Arab culture.  Kyle wants to know where David is tonight and Yolanda says he is home with Barbara Streisand.  Kyle jumps in to talk about movies she made when she was four. Taylor is drunk and ranting about he dead husband. I can’t go through all the Taylor lives. I will ask that you guys use her actual name when discussing her that whole name mocking thing is annoying and childish.

Lisa, Yolanda etc are talking about the lawsuit while the rest gets loud. Eventually everyone realizes they need to tune into the storyline and that the camera is not on them. Brandi says she has said a million times she knows she should not have said it. Then Mauricio wants to weigh in. Mauricio says a phone call could make this all go away. Lisa said that it was Adrienne who said over and over that friend should not sue friends. This springs Taylor into the conversation. I don’t really think she is making it about herself so much as relating, albeit dramatically.  Everyone wants Brandi to call her. Taylor is talking about herself, drunkenly. Mauricio is getting involved and Ken is jumping in to defend Brandi. This is interesting. Ken said it was the truth. Mauricio said doesn’t deny it was about the truth. DRAMA.

Mauricio seems to think he is on par with Ken. Not so, not financially, not socially, just no. Maurico is not liking Brandi this season. Wow, Kim steps in  and says she has been attacked by Brandi before. That should just not throw things out about everything. Lisa says when Adrienne lies about Lisa selling stories no one jumped to her defense. Mauricio wants more air time so he asks Lisa if she even cares about that and she says yes, it is my business. Of course I do!  And cut sort of.  May not be able to do Vanderpump Rules tonight I am approaching an hour behind on my pause feature and then it will all go to shit.

I’m going to get this one in. :) Vanderpump Rules may be tomorrow. :)







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140 responses to “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Lawsuits and Ugly Americans

  1. Collin

    Marisa’s husband is candy.

  2. Sigh! This show….your rules for 2013…..only comment I can say is Hi there!

  3. Taylor and Brandi getting drunk and acting insane over and over is funny. If I didn’t know better, I’d think Bravo withholds food and lets drink flow on empty stomach on purpose.

    Brandi screaming shut the fuck up at Mauricio over and over was funny. I don’t like Ken. I think he is 90% woman. I do like Mauricio. He had a couple of great points. Why did Brandi do what she did. She did it on purpose. Probably knowing the consequences. She did the crime, but now she’s not willing to do the crime and they are all supposed to pity he poor victim? Again, Brandi says that Adrienne did some mysterious horrible to her. Which is untrue — the truth is she is simply Lisa’s hit man.

    Lisa’s speech about “why didn’t anyone defend ME?” Was odd and off topic. No one was particularly defending Adrienne. They were saying that Brandi did something deliberately that was wrong.

    I want Yolanda’s spare lemons. I love lemons.

    • michelle

      I agree with you TeeCee acrosss the board. Thanks for the Recap Tamara, Loved it and your blind items.

    • momadison

      Why did Brandi say what she said? Well let us play hypotheticals again. Let’s say a rich but obnoxious woman kept throwing shade your way. Not only you, but say in a public gathering or reunion, if you will, this same woman weaves a tale of your bestie selling stories to tabloids, all the while trying to get you to jump on board with the story. This is after a very public spat you’ve had with a woman who turns out to have been going through some serious addiction issues that you manage to step your foot n mouth right into. Now you and that damaged woman are trying against all odds to make some steps towards ammends and that other basic bitch chimes in with some inane BS about how difficult her pregnancy and births were, when you know for a fact that she didn’t carry the kids but a surrogate did. No big deal, lots of people do it for whatever reason, you just get tired of the one-up, look at me, aren’t I great when I’m actually not rigamarole AND you happen to have a bit of the mouth diarhhea. Well then you might just start feeling a little catty and chatty and stuff gets real. You can’t unring a bell so you just have to live with your actions, but being pounced upon by all the people who don’t even have a dog in this fight, by bringing up crap you previously acknowledged you’d done wrong, does get a bit tiring. Might even make you cry, you are not now playing the victim, you just are tired of the henpecking. You might wonder why fans and cast call you someones hitman, but say nothing about the other gunslinger brought out for murder trials and dinner parties. So it seems you probably did do it deliberately. You learn that truth has no place in reality TV.
      Okay so we fast forward a few months and now Brandi doesn’t seem so far off base with her tales of threats, allegations of being called an abusive parent and being asked to falsify a story about a loved one, hmmm?
      Don’t even get me started on Kyle and Yola.

      • jaymitch

        I’m not even an Adrienne fan, but Brandi has been a terrible friend to her, especially since Adrienne got her on the show. I don’t understand why no one criticizes Brandi for doing the same things that they criticize the other housewives for. Brandi purposely tried to hurt Adrienne because she’s now on Team Lisa for no apparent reason. Brandi abandoned her friend for the more powerful Lisa. I can’t stand everyone applauding her bullying as honesty.

      • no name maddox

        great point jaymitch–

      • sam

        please adrienne didnt really get her on the show, they just always have to act like you know someone so the casting flows with the storyline. brandi got on the show to do EXACTLY what shes doing. Its the brandi show now, like her or not.

      • Osgood

        I think I figured this out. It never made sense to me that everyone became a bunch of Henny Penny’s because Brandi told the others that Paul and Ad used a surrogate. There must be more to the story. The only thing which makes sense is that Brandi outted at least one of them. Mauricio’s (or as Brandi tellingly calls him in her blog, “Mo”) reaction was also way over the top which inadvertently not only gave the real story away but revealed a truth about his own marriage. Could it be that both Kyle and Adrienne are beards?

      • That is utterly fucking retarded. Mauricio makes a lot of money off of Adrienne. But also, he has a habit of cutting through the bullshit and calling a spade a spade. Something that a lot of women suck at. But honestly? To try to say Kyle is a lesbian? Fucking moronic.

      • DJ

        I believe that Osgood is suggesting that Maurico and Paul may be gay – not that Kyle and Adrienne are lesbians.

      • Mauricio was actually Faye Resnick in disguise. He used to be such a sweet sloppy little househusband before. Now he’s acting like a bully – having his own business has really pumped up his machismo to an obnoxious degree. Kick him to the curb. Ken is a million times better than Mauricio. I continue to be amazed by these people

      • That’s even more retarded.

    • LisaN

      I am sorry Mauricio is out of line and looking to promote his agency, he knew the Maloof’s would be selling their home, he already got Lisa’s sale and Brandi is broke. Kyle use to be my fav no more.

      • Skeeter

        I liked “Maurice” (as Kim calls him and knows it pisses him off lol) up until I saw last night’s episode. Now I just think he’s a smug asshole – a perfect match for his wife. I agree that he took the Hoofs’ side because they have the money and house for sale – not Brandi!

      • Vp

        Exactly. He was against Taylor during Russelgate but for Adrienne now? He’s just an opportunist with no moral center.

      • That’s what I think too – remember a couple of season ago when he make Kyle kiss up to Camille because he needed Kelsey’s business. He’d do anything to make money – obviously.

    • Teecee66, In the couple of weeks I have been on here I have really enjoyed your posts. They are funny, well articulated and spot on. However, in this one you missed the boat dear imho. Ken is such a class act compared to Mauricio. I liked him better when he didn’t talk. He just kept repeating himself and was pretty arrogant about it which bugged me. STFU Mauricio! That was me not Brandi. Ken was defending Brandi. I also don’t see her playing the victim now. She is just as am I getting sick and tired of the same thing being said and beaten to death about a million times now from all those same people. Kim is still resentful as hell about Brandi over the meth comment and I can’t believe she has never owned how she was toward Brandi that first time they met and apologized for that. I don’t get why what Brandi said about her was so much worse than all the shade she was throwing at her? Kyle is just a trouble maker. I so wish when Mauricio kept asking why did you \say it over and over, everyone would’ve been quiet for a minute while she said (finally) because your wife asked me. I don’t think anyone heard that over the din of voices all yammering about their own bs. .Lisa’s comment made perfect sense to me when she asked why no one defended her when Adrienne made her accusations at the reunion. Same thing happening with Brandi, She was just comparing is all. I also think it is ridiculous to say Brandi is Lisa’s hitman. I have read that a hundred times on Bravo and I find that comment just silly. Lisa can defend herself when needed. They are simply just good friends and try to have one anothers back as real friends do.

    • no name maddox

      TOTALLY agree with every word you typed, teecee!!! perfecto!

    • Osgood

      It’s fitting Yolanda loves lemons as she always looks like she is sucking on one.

    • RahRah

      The original comment is just someones opnion but the fact that they post with such conviction about a person they only know through tv viewing is absolutely ridiculous. Unless you are a psychic/medium how could you know the intimate feelings of Adrienne?

      • What original comment?

      • They are absolutely ridiculous Rah Rah! Agree with you 100%! And they get nasty and sarcastic if you disagree with their comment or they feel critisized. Evidently in her self-important delusional arrogant mind her opinions are the only valid ones. This type of person is usually of a manipulative sociopathic nature.

  4. P

    ust want to comment on Kyle being a super crappy sister before I turn in. Crappy is an understatement. It’s not as if she gives her sister any credit or support. So what if she falls off the wagon, at least she tried. And, if she does fall off the wagon, just be there to support her. Kyle what a bitch. I saw Kim on WWHL and she looked great. If I were Kim, I wouldn’t have shit to do with Kyle. She is toxic in their relationship, to damn critical.

    As far as the Brandi vs. Maurcio part, I disagree with Ken. All the shit that Brandi talks, now all of a sudden she is the poor victim that needs a man for protection? Fuck that. If she can’t face the heat, she better not venture into the kitchen. I agree with Kim from WHHL, regardless if what she said was true or not, it’s a personal issue. And, Brandi should have kept her damn mouth shut if someone was willing to share something so personal. Andrienne should sue her ass.

    Brandi is unstable. I’m beginning to see why Eddie stepped out on her ass. She is crazy and files from the hip – not exactly an admiring quality if you ask me. I can’t see why Lisa relates to her so much. If she can’t afford the lawyer(s), she needs to keep her mouth shut next time, dumb ass.


    • Valerie

      I don’t think Ken was saying that Brandi needed a man for protection because she isa victim in this so much as he standing up for her because Mauricio is a man attacking a single woman! Any true gentleman seeing a women being verbally attacked by a man would and should! Take note Mauricio this is what you should’ve done when Paul was attacking Brandi!

      • Really? If any man tried to step into an argument I was having, I’d rip his head off. And yeah. Poor little shrinking violet Brandi needed help. You could tell by how she was screeching SHUT THE FUCK UP at Mauricio. I hope you imagined me rolling my eyes as you read that.

      • Valerie

        I never said Brandi needed help. What I said was that any true gentleman would and should. Now if said woman doesn’t want his help then by all means she could tell him to stay out of it, simple as that.

  5. Heartland

    Yes Brandi was wrong for running her big mouth, but I forgive her because I can’t stand Adrienne and her big gigantic pumpkin head. This is a good enough reason. I decided.

  6. Che

    Taylor was just hot mess. I love how brandi checked out of the conversation with taylor when she mentioned her daughter wanting to ride on the private plane they “owned”

    I dont like maruice or kylie. maruice was just being an a-hole. Adrinne is a big ol … and I don’t think she deserves the an apology if what brandi said was true. her kids would have found out eventually…

    • Skeeter

      Yeah I caught that ‘checked out’ look from Brandi also. I also LOL’d – like the Armstrongs ever had their own plane!!!! LMAO!!!

  7. Cynthia

    Tamara, I loved your recap much better than the show. I like Ken, too. But he was getting a little too vocal at dinner defending Brandi ( although I loved him for it). Everybody at dinner was, in one way or another, trying to make everything about themselves, and nothing was related or relevant to each others concerns. So what else is new? I thought Brandi looked great, even though it was another hellish night for her. I liked her matte makeup. Tamara, do you know anything about Bravo asking for money from Kenya, for “falsifying information” ? Just wondering…

  8. no i don’t but you made me smile about loving the blog more than the show. if you have real info about Kenya and Bravo… contact me But I would assume this it some stupid ass website. Did you see Kenya on WWHL last night? There was a shit ton of shade from Andy buy all either cared about was being there.

  9. professor3rdeye

    The entire scene in the Moroccan restaurant was so bizarre! It felt like I was on an acid trip watching them all yapping in concert about themselves. And we were already over that shit. Like yesterday.

    Maybe it’s just another Dandy Andy’s EDIT with each person reiterating their personal story lines from the previous episodes. Oh, like we forgot?? I’m beginning to think that Bravo is stalling while the producers scramble to concoct new bullshit that might captivate us. RHOBH swirling down the crapper. IMHO.

  10. Will watch the shows this morning. Just wanted to say according to itunes, last night’s VR is showing/listed as #2 and the Brandi scene where she says she didn’t want her kids to go through another divorce was shown last week.

  11. Ok, I understand many ppl dislike Brandi. I like her. From the beginning. Not quite sure why, bc at times I do think she is out of line. But, my opinion is that she owns it. It seems others don’t agree with her level of ownership, though, Which is bullshit. I can’t stand the hypocrisy, entitlement, and self-righteous indignation of these people!! They are pissed at Brandi for gossiping??? Gmafb….name one of these cast members that hasn’t. I mean seriously.

    Mauricio is a douche. That’s it. Grab your balls, Mauricio….they are in Kyle’s purse.

    • It was not gossiping. She said something that they all knew not to say. I’m assuming that Bravo was in agreement. She went after Adrienne for no reason other than to get air time and to do what Lisa asked her to do.

      I’m sick of “She owns it”. She does NOT own it. If she owned it, when she got sued, she would ave said, ok I deserved that. But she cries and whines and acts like a child. You just can not have it both ways.

    • Yes, Mauricio is a douche. Perflectly said.

  12. Have to share my laugh. Saw what they put in the Master Cleanse and that “recipe” is floating around on a graphic on facebook as “nature’s flu shot”.

    • I was reading the comments on a blog from The Real Housewifes and there must’ve been around 30 to 40 comments on how dangerous that *cleanse* was. Several said that got sick, could only do five or six days, passed out,etc. Just passing along what I read in case yoiu haven’t heard this already. If yoiu have, then just move on and stay nice.

      • Thanks, Sandy! It’s been mentioned in the comments here (the blog, not just the comments for this blogpost) as well. I’m saved from the get go, I don’t like lemons and the complete recipe just looks nasty. :)

      • DJ

        It’s also called The Lemonade Diet, and this is from DON’T TRY IT!!!

        “The severe plan involves drinking a lemon juice concoction, and not eating any food, for up to two weeks.

        Of course, weight loss is inevitable when you stop eating and drink very few calories. But this kind of diet can also be dangerous to your health. Nutritionists point out that the Master Cleanse Diet plan is lacking in all the essential nutrients: calories, vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and fat.

        Lemonade Diet: What You Can Eat

        No solid foods are allowed, nor are any supplements. You consume only the Master Cleanse elixir to keep you hydrated.

        The plan calls for you to drink 6 or more servings daily of the lemonade drink. The only other options are a “salt water flush” of 2 teaspoons salt mixed in a quart of water in the morning, and an herbal laxative tea at night, if needed.

        A single serving of the Master Cleanse drink consists of:
        2 tablespoons fresh-squeezed lemon juice
        2 tablespoons grade-B organic maple syrup
        1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper
        10 ounces filtered water

        After following this fast for 4-14 days, dieters are urged to slowly ease back into eating solid food, starting with items such as vegetable soup, followed by fruits and vegetables.

        Lemonade Diet: How It Works

        You will lose weight on the Lemonade Diet because the fast creates a serious calorie deficit. But chances are, what you’ll lose is water weight and muscle, not fat.

        During the fast, you can expect to feel hungry and may get headaches, fatigue, dizziness, sluggishness, diarrhea, nausea, or constipation.

        As for detoxification, your liver already does that. There is no medical evidence that fasting or “cleansing” diets actually rid the body of any toxins not otherwise discarded in bodily waste.

        Experts’ Views

        Dietitian Melinda Johnson, RD, doesn’t see anything positive about this diet plan.

        “There is no scientific evidence that you need anything like this or any other detox program to cleanse your body or help you lose weight,” she says.

        She suggests staying away from smoking if you want to avoid toxins. Otherwise, trust your liver to do its job.

        Experts agree that such unbalanced plans are not only ineffective, but are also potentially dangerous, depending on how long you stay on them. Fasting can rob your intestines of healthy bacteria that aid digestion and boost immunity.

      • Mango

        The master cleanse has been are for decades but it’s not for everybody – actually Eddie Van Halen was on the cleanse and it triggered some major problem that almost killed him. “Google it” LOL

    • The master cleanse is ancient. It’s not dangerous. Most people do it for two days or so. Like anything else, it works for some and not for others. There is really no reason to get in an uproar over it.

  13. Anyone else grossed out by how skeletal/overly thin Camille’s face is during the dinner?

  14. Naa

    There are some great rose’s (I wasn’t sure how to do the possessive since I can’t do accents and well, whatever) on the market the past few years. That’s as far as I got in the recap. : smooches :

  15. Kate

    I find Mauricio to be a coward and also a bully. He comes across as a dimwitted dufus. I don’t understand why Kyle just sits and watches his behavior without trying to calm things down. Come to think of it Kyle just sat and watched Faye act the same way. Maybe Faye and Mauricio are the same person. They have a lot if similar character traits.

  16. DJ

    Ramona and Mario, Vicki and Don, Peter and Cynthia have all done the “vow renewal”. Ken and Lisa are next. Any candidates for RHOM or RHONJ?

  17. Ame

    I think that it is tot bullshit that Bravk can’t air the dirt that Branfi revealed! Bravo should have an ironclad contract that allows them to reveal anything that comes out during filming! I’m surf that Melissa Gorga didn’t appreciate the stripper allegations but Bravo still aired the allegations anyway. It makes mr wonder if thd whole famy fued thing for RHWONJ is just for ratings because she didn’t try to stop it. Maybe the Brandi storyline is made up as well because I would think that you sign your rights away when you sign up to be on a Reality show. Thoughts?

  18. DJ

    The Zanuck’s house didn’t look very impressive. Isn’t her husband a movie producer? When the limo pulled up there, I thought it was Brandi’s house.

  19. susanna

    Loved your recap Tamara. I have a Ken crush, especially after last night. Another bravo vow renewal almost put a damper on it.
    On the otherside,
    RIchards/Umansky/Maloof, same old same old: money obsession rules and the “little” people don’t matter mentality. News is, they are the “little” self serving people. I sort of liked Kyle the first season. It was all down hill after that. She’s still on the downhill trend.

    When Ken said what Brandi said about Adrienne, was true, Lisa spoke with very quick subtitles, you don’t want to say that, we’ll get sued, too. This storyline seems like a desparate attention getting ploy. Although, my impression of Adrienne is that she is a vindictive person, from her behavior on a reality show. How important does that make her?

    Debated waiting for your recap. Glad I watched last night. Like the new additions, no one is perfect. I applaud Kim’s rehab. She is the other half of pot stirrer central, which makes her much less endearing.

    if they can move on from this rediculous storyline (Maloof), it would be well worth it.

  20. SD

    New here. I find your posts hilarious. I know you asked that we use this person’s real name, but which name is that? She’s had so many.

  21. Shellbelle

    Once again another let’s bash Brandi bandwagon… Who wants on? Mauricio came across as an arrogant asshole. When he was telling Brandi he had been served lots of times but he ignored it and called them anyways ( and probably begged to settle) and she should ignore her attorneys advice? What a douche. I thought it was very gentlemanly of ken to defend Brandi when she obviously is on an island alone. So what he and Lisa are friends with Brandi. Shit, don’t friends defend each other?! I wish Bravo would move on.. I am tired of everyone bitching at Brandi about what she said…

    • Funny. Ken can defend Brandi but Mauricio can’t defend Adrienne. Who was being bashed in absentia?? And funny again how indignant people are that it was a “bash Brandi bandwagon”. SHE started the whole thing by announcing that she was being sued and trying to get a mob behind her. It backfired and we are supposed to pity her?

      • shellbelle

        I don’t pity her, just tired of it being the same old shit every week. Kyle repeated to Faye what was said, as well as Kim repeating what was said while cameras were rolling… why aren’t they subject to a lawsuit as well? Mauricio was bitching about Brandi gossiping but wasn’t that was kyle was doing with Faye? I think it has been established more than once that Brandi spoke out of turn, these people won’t let it freakin’ go!

      • Called A Princess...

        The Bravo production group will not let it go. They have the final edit not the cast members. JMHO.

      • AMEN………… much repetition. Whatsup with that? We aren’t that stupid………it’s BORING.

    • Mauricio was making no sense at all, and he was rude to the point of being funny, and Ken was a gentleman as always. The diff is Ken respects women and Mauricio is a douche.

      • Called A Princess...

        I do not believe that Ken respects women. That fact that he felt that Brandi needed help denotes that. He is loyal to her because she is doing his wife’s dirty business. These people are all users. JMHO.

  22. myinfo

    Brandi tells Adrienne’s big private secret to everyone at SUR on CAMERA.

    Instead of crazy Kim calling or texting Adrienne she waits until the CAMERAS were once again rolling and tells Adrienne’s secret on camera.

    Did Kim think telling Adrienne her big secret on camera was helping Adrienne?

    All these people are nuts

  23. Ms1dimple

    Why this is a totally different take on a recap per the other site. At any rate, my two cents: Mauricio IMO is a little bitch and should stay out of the women’s issues, but of course he was listening to his trouble making, don’t support her sister while throwing her under the bus every chance she gets wifee! Whew! I’m so glad Ken stuck up for Brandy and Lisa spoke up about how Maloof tried to assasinate her character on the reunion show last year. Why is that not an issue. Not to mention Adrienne running the lead on not being around Taylor because “friends don’t sue friends”
    Yeah Right! I must say I really think Brandi does loose a lot of her credibility when she screamsss STFU.. she really needs to learn how to handle these fools.. Mauricio is just concerned about a commissions and money like 1st season remember Kyle was wrong for upsetting Camille because they were in business.. so he wanted Kyle to make nice with Camille… Brandi’s not bringing him any money so he can talk crazy to her.. Can’t stand him or his wife!

    • Brilliantly said, my dear. I noticed Kyle said fuck a few times too, they all have. I wonder how Mauricio felt when the split happened with Adrienne and Paul and Paul apologized to Brandi for attacking her. Who does Mauriciou get in bed with now. Adrienne’s finances are going down the toilet, Paul is a wealthy plastic surgeon who helped Brandi find a doctor when she got sick. Poor Mauricio probably got the vapors and had to back track on everything

      • Shellbelle

        I wondered also how Kyle and Mauricio felt now that Brandi and Paul had made up and were on friendly terms if not friends. It also makes you wonder why Paul is forgiving of Brandi. Just makes the whole thing even more curious….

    • Called A Princess...

      Lisa… Lisa… Lisa… She never does anything wrong. I think that she is fully capable of selling information to news outlet, and could get away with it by using a third party. Adrienne was repeating what she heard, second hand, she had no solid proof so she should not have said anything, but I do not find the issue completely unbelievable. JMHO.

      • DJ

        What possible reason would Lisa have to sell information on anyone? Do you really think she needs the money????

  24. Vp

    So Adrienne is Lebonese AND Lebonese.

    • puravidacostarica

      Maybe Brandi was actually thinking of Adrienne when she blurted out “chick with a dick”. I don’t buy the surrogacy secret for one second. Adulterer, transgender, or just likes to play for the other team seem like more plausible possibilities. But I wouldn’t know. I’m just a commenter with an OPINION (in my state, opinions are not actionable for common law defamation claims) and it is in no way atributable to the blogger, this site or to any of its viewers. (I am willing to bet, however, that right now as I write, Adrienne’s lawyers are giggling).

    • DJ

      “Lebonese AND Lebonese”??? That doesn’t even make sense. You just used the same word twice.

    • heh. I know exactly what she meant. In the first one she meant someone from Lebonan the second is slang/code for lesbian. I call the fugly, sturdy walking shows I wear Lebonese shoes despite the fact they are not from Lebanon.

  25. Dawn

    Please, who won the poll last night, Brandi or ADRIENNE???? I am unable to forget all the nasty stories Adrienne “planted” nasty story after nasty story about all. Not sold, planted! What she allowed the employee to cook to publicly say about guests at her home, she earned her Bravo pink slip. Read she was not in New York,rather, she temporarily refused to film!

  26. The Disher

    Anyone know if there is anything to the rumor that Adrienne was having an affair with someone that the Housewives would know?

    • puravidacostarica

      I’ll take a stab at a guess — maybe Adrienne was having an affair with that (admittedly hot) Lebanese personal trainer on RHOOC. You know, the one that allegedly did the horizontal tango with Taylor? :-)

    • puravidacostarica

      Yes, yes, I know, she’s Brazilian, not Lebanese (insert eye roll here). LOL

    • DJ I haven’t heard that rumor but I have been thinking it makes more sense if that is the big secret and not the surrogacy thing. We are all assuming about the surrogacy so why couldn’t it be about her cheating? Or him? Their reaction (Paul and Adrienne) seems really over the top for it to just be about the surrogacy. I mean who gives a rats ass? Extramarital affair is much more scandelous.

      • DJ

        I’m not assuming anything. Adrienne and Paul are the only ones who know the truth, and it’s none of my business.

      • Oh No offense DJ. And you are right. I misspoke. I should have said MANY of us and not ALL of us are assuming about the surrogacy.
        That is what was put out there in many of the blogs quickly after that episode and it spread like wild fire. I am suspicious because Bravo must know that’s been the general consesus for the past few weeks so it may be something entirely different. I am of course guessing but I admit I am curious.

  27. FGF

    Kyle’s a bitch and Mauricio’s a douche. Match made in heaven to me!! Kyle uses her sister to make herself look better and Mauricio is after the almighty dollar!! Brandi was weong for what she did but Adrienne is wrong for being such a lying hypocrite. Honestly, I think they all talk too much and are too anxious to one up one another at any cost!! BUT. I. CAN’T.STOP.WATCHING!!

  28. MaRiley

    Oh, great googly-moogly. That AMAZING bottle of AMAZING gin whiz from Mauricio just didn’t impress. I love you, Ken.

  29. Love Ken, done with Kyle and Mauricio, wish Taylor would STFU and keep her lips on ice for a while. Someone please buy Yolanda a comb, or get her some conditioner for her hair! Kim – you look gorgeous, I don’t know if it’s Botox or good living but you go girl, and Kyle STFU. You are pathetic. Sibling jealousy at this age? Still resent your big sister’s success when you couldn’t make it? Go get a job, why don’t you. And Tamara, one suggestion. Use Spell Check.

  30. puravidacostarica

    Great blog, TT. So much going on at once; your fingers must be flying on your keyboard. Thanks for all you do. Oh, and fuck spell check.

  31. DJ

    All of the bad spelling and grammar I see on the internet is killing my brain cells.

  32. Daphne

    Tamara ….who gone check me. Hilarious!!!!!

  33. Lisa

    I assumed that Kim’s “life coach” is actually her AA sponsor, or a sobriety coach. People in AA aren’t ever supposed to even mention it, so I just assumed…

    I have no idea about the houseboy.

    • Yeh. I thought Kyle said she supports Kim financially. Her and Mauricio in that season she outed her for being an alcoholic. So she can afford a houseboy? Who the hell has a houseboy anyway. That just sounds weird to me.

  34. Ms1dimple

    Poor Kim, I think Kyle is a little upset she can’t “control” her anymore. Did anyone hear on the show about Kim going to some cigar bar? I thought I heard that, I hope she doesn’t relapse. *sigh*

    • The cigar bar was mentioned last week at the dinner where Taylor brought her married lawyer boyfriend.

      • I missed the married lawyer boyfriend being on the show. Read about him a lot and heard her declare on another show he was the love of her life. I bet everybody gets that tag line from her at some point in the relationship. Isn’t it interesting how madly in love with Russell she has suddenly become? Easy to love jerks when you no longer have to deal with them. Who paid for the private jet……….or did we eat that too when they didn’t pay their debts and used investors money to finance their lifestyle. My heart was broken when she had to give up 2 Hermes bags and a diamond ring to settle her debt. The fact that she wanted that said on air verifies she is totally out of touch w/reality.

    • Katrina

      Kyle has never been able to control Kim. Kyle has been dealing with Kim’s issues for a long time. We have only seen a limited view of Kim and Kyles’ relationship. Kim is an alcoholic! We don’t have to pick up the pieces of Kim’s life. We don’t know how many times Kim has fallen off the waggon and promised to never do it again!

    • She looked great at the after show with Andy Cohen. Could be botox but whatever – she looks lovely.

  35. myinfo

    In the preview I think Ken said to Mauricio he could not stay because they were going to dinner with Kathy Hilton. Did anyone hear who they were meeting for dinner?

    • Ken was going to dinner with Kathy Hilton or Mauricio? I missed that – I was still fuming at what Mauricio had said and was still screaming and pointing at him on the screen. Quite a spectacle since I was at an Applebee’s…

      • Shellbelle

        I didn’t hear that but I just about pissed my pants at the picture you painted of yourself at Applebee’s.. Thanks for that! Was very needed.

  36. Flo

    So what’s this about Adrienne and Sean Stewart

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