Shahs of Sunset Recap: It’s a Party All the Time. Unless You are Lilly

Shahs of Sunset Finale: It's the Men's Turn to Behave BadlyShahs of Sunset picks back up at the dinner party from hell in Mexico. Reza and MJ are sitting outside talking and Asa comes out and MJ goes off on her and tells her to go fuck herself. MJ is pissed that Asa called her a pill popper. MJ said she took an Ambien on plane but that doesn’t make her a pill taker!  MJ walks off presumably back to her hotel room.

An hour later Reza is in the hot tub with Asa and Lilly, this season’s three musketeers. Reza says that MJ texted him and that she and Sammy were going to the club. Mike is allegedly passed out in the bed. Asa says she feels bad for calling MJ a pill popper.  Reza says he wish it could have been a private conversation with just him and MJ and Asa. Lilly chimes in to say that MJ took an Ambien at the airport and Lilly pointed out it was a two hour flight. Lilly says MJ said she took it “just for fun.” Asa says she feels really bad and starts listening reasons why, like her crazy mother and Reza laughs.

MJ is in the club with Sammy her true friend. I suppose she has forgotten about how things go when she parties with Sammy. MJ misses Reza and tweets him from the club. In her tweets she mentions that Asa is dead to her now.

Meanwhile we return to the domestic craziness that is GG. Her mother wants to make her breakfast but GG says no. GG who just last episode had a big temper tantrum with her sister saying she was going to do it all by herself. Her sister wanted to help but GG was not having it. Now that GG is seeing all the work involved she is bitching about having no help. GG arrives to the venue to discover none of the crew is there. So she calls her mommy.

Shahs of Sunset: Meet Golnesa "GG" GharachedaghiBack in international crazy waters, Mike is alive with no memory of the previous evening. It is breakfast and everyone is there looking very rough. Asa apologizes and says she should not have said what she did. Asa apologizes again.  The group heads out on a boat and Asa is wearing a thoung with no covering through the town.

Back at the venue for GG’s party, it’s an hour before the party and the crew is just now arriving. As soon as they arrive GG goes to “the green room” to have some hair and make-up  attention. GG’s parents come and she tells them to go supervise things. GG frets from the make-up chair about how hard all this party planning is. GG drinks in the green room while everyone else gets things set up.  When she finally makes her entrance to the party, she finds about six women there. One is actually playing with a Rubix cube.

In walks GG’s sister to try and fix things. GG is insulted that her sister didn’t see how hard she has “worked.”  Jenna Jameson is there and GG and her sister are talking about the product. They explain to Jenna that they do not use real hair because of “inhumane practices.” Is there some sort of violent scalping of women’s heads in order to make weave going on? Do tell. I must have missed this international travesty. GG is introduced to a “famous hairstylist.” GG is more interested in schmoozing the the guys and flirting with her ex in front of Omid than talking to potential clients. In the end, GG’s sister says she is proud of her and GG is emotional about it. GG can’t remember if she had ever hugged her sister before that night.

Back in Cabo there is a whole lot of primping going on. Reza invites the cast to Rosh Hashannah in NY. Reza has discussed this trip on Joy Behar and it didn’t go well. Everyone goes to the club and gets drunk except for Lilly who doesn’t drink. She does however take a Birkin Bag into the Mexican nightclub. She spends the night trying to keep it from getting spilled on until she finally leaves. Sammy is up to his old tricks of pouring booze straight from the bottle down MJ’s throat.

Once they get back to room, MJ steps out for a smoke and Reza goes through MJ’s stuff. Mike tries to tell Reza how wrong he is, but Reza doesn’t care. He finds a pill bottle with three or four pills in it. SCANDALOUS! It’s also in a green bottle. Green bottles are from the vet. Which is exactly what MJ says. They are Pablo’s pills. Everyone’s dog it seems is a pill popper these days. Mine included. Everyone wants to bed but MJ wants to get in the jacuzzi. Reza and MJ wrestle and play fight which ends with Reza spraying an entire bottle of champagne in MJ’s face.

It’s the final breakfast and it seems like Reza is feeling MJ again and everyone seems to be getting along. For now.


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42 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Recap: It’s a Party All the Time. Unless You are Lilly

  1. natalie k

    Yeah how long will this last?

  2. Frederick uncut

    You know I loves me some MJ but why would she bring dog pills to Mexico? Was she just sloppy and didn’t check her purse before she left? Because the last thing homegirl needs is to get stopped at customs with the doggy version of Special K in her bag. Just sayin’.

    • Che

      I think she was just sloppy. look at how she packed, she crammed everything into that duffle bag.

    • Ms Urethra Franklin

      Special K? I haven’t heard that name in a long time. That shit is hardcore.
      I do think it’s plausible that MJ had some of her pet’s medication in her purse.

      I was hoping too see a closeup of Lilly after the ocean swim. I wanted to see how she looked with soggy tarantula eye lashes. #persianbarfie.(not a typo)

    • RahRah

      I have been a flier my whole life. My Dad and brothers are licensed pilots. I begged my Dad to buy us an ultra light when I was in in college.

      However, something happened to me mentally in regards to flying. About 8 years ago I developed flying anxiety. It was hard for me to stay in my seat after I boarded the plane. I literally wanted to flee in fear but wanted to take the trip too. I ended up drink excessively and it took me two days of vacation to recover from the drinking.

      I mentioned it to my doctor on the next visit and he wrote me a prescription for Xanax. I took the Xanax when I got in my seat on the plane and apparently fell asleep and woke up because the plane was taxing to the gate. Xanax works for me. So if MJ or Brandi need a little something to knock the anxiety edge off then I am like them.

      • Frederick uncut

        not questioning taking anti-anxiety medication before flying, questioning the wisdom of taking prescription medication for pets who are not present. ms. urethra’s explanation above sounds right to me.

      • Ambian isn’t an anti-anxiety medication, it is a sleep aid, for use at bedtime only. Usng it at any other time is abuse and a sign MJ’s got some problems. The green bottles aren’t exclusively veterinary usage. It was a relatively large vial for 4 pills in a pretty small bag. Highly unlikely for her dog and forgotten, since there was just 4 different pills – one dose of each. More likely a stash of 4 recreational put in a convenient container for travel.

  3. Pinky

    Bravo screwed up. Last year on WWHL and on twitter when GG was catching heat for never working – it was revealed that she had a very successful hair extension business, as well as a few other that I can’t recall. Bravo appears to be so fake-it seems all the storylines are planned-duh….every show is the same old stuff, just different city. I bet they love the veiwers getting riled and arguing about the episodes. The only realness is some of their dialogue – but I am sure they have to follow a specific sequence, they just use their own words. It really sucks. Bravo and Andy really ruined a good thing.

    • Che

      yeah they totally did screw up. because last season GG claimed to have brought her father new mercedes.

    • LOL at GG having “a very successful hairline” last season. She launched the hairline after Shahs aired season one. She is more of a brand ambassador (a face) than anything. Her sister and her friend used GG’s name recognition to be part of an already existing hair extension company.

      As for the car, GG has no money to buy her father a car.

      • Bogelicious

        I laughed at the sis saying she wanted a Mercedes with 0 down and < $500 a month… For one I want that deal and two GG is paying the $250/mo with the thousands she gets from daddy a mo. Seems pretty generous 😉

    • Yeah, they also did the formula: near disaster event because nothing is done! Gasp! But it all comes together. How many weddings, kiddy parties, business events have they used this formula on in the different cities? But you know it’s really hours early and everything is well on schedule but drama is staged along with the step and repeat.

  4. jakiesmom

    MJ is a hot mess but a kinda loveable one. It isn’t hard to forget that you have your pets meds in your bag when you are in a rush (and unorganized).

    What’s up with Lilly? Besides being a sheet stirrer she is has nothing much to say if she isn’t promoting her line or badmouthing MJ. I don’t blame her for staying away from the flames, all that plastic and silicone would have melted.

    And the piece de resistance is although she claims to be a lawyer she isn’t clever enough to use spell check before she submiting her blog. I could imagine what her briefs were like. Apparently a ship over $10 mil is a yatch in Lily’s world.

    “The next day, Mike took us all out on his uncle’s yatch. And, by yatch, I mean super yatch!!! I had the most incredible time. We swam in the ocean, we soaked up the sun, and we had a beautiful lunch on the balcony of the boat. I couldn’t of had a more perfect day. Now this is my idea of fun. No fighting, no drunken disrespectful comments, just fun in the sun!”

    Happy Yatching!!

  5. MJ left her hair dryer and curling irons and it also seems like some clothes in her hotel room. I wonder why Brovo showed us that???

    • Rosie

      To further make her look like a dumbass, I think Bravo is not nice to show so many of MJs flaws, MJ and I are tired of her being the joke of the show.

      • Buck Henry

        Yep your dead on. But also I still think she is a pill popper, just from the way she acts and don’t act.

      • Rosie-you said “MJ and I are tired of her being the joke of the show” Are you a personal friend of MJ? I am not trying to be a smart ass Rosie but the way you worded the sentence would imply that you know MJ personally. Thanks.

    • She is a flake. She knows she is a flake. It’s her stock and trade. And they show that. Like her rolling around drunk trying to assemble a desk. I don’t think they highlight it especially in a mean way. And I can’t imagine her being upset about it. People who get upset at having their flakiness highlighted simply learn not to be flaky.

  6. Aretha

    Thanks for the recap because I can’t with Shahs. I’m not liking Reza and Aza (didn’t like Aza last season either) and can’t sand Lily. Mike is just there for eye candy. Ths whole gang up on MJ is tired. Reza shudder realize he messed up and people are not liking him ths season.

    • TT- unrelated, but would you please fill us in on what happened between Lala and Mello? Why are they separated. Thanks.
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    • jakiesmom

      Aretha, I agree with you. I tried again last night hoping it would start to be as entertaining as it was last year. It isn’t, not even moderately.

      It seems that Reza, Lilly and Asa are incapable of dealing with things on their own without their backup. If MJ has a problem then if they were her friends they would have handled it differently, not like azzholes. I do not care to watch 3 supposed adults act like adolescents, putting others down to make themselves feel better and then acting like they did nothing wrong.

      Lilly has added absolutely nothing to the show. IMO she isnt pretty- I find nothing attractive about watching a wig on a stick. Her sister was beautiful, lilly, not so much.. She,has no personality and no redeeming qualities that we have seen to date. She hasn’t enhanced the show. On the contrary.

      And last, but not least Reza and the others are going after her livlihood which isn’t cool at all.

      Amazing how Lilly has reached 200k followers on twitter in such a short time – the most of all the Shahs. Perhaps she is like Jill Zarin – i wonder how many of those she bought? :)

  7. mrswindycity

    I feel like Lilly was added because BRAVO felt she’s the “bubbly beautiful girl” (I put it in quotes for a reason) that would get the show more shine. You see all of a sudden they are doing more talk shows and NBC upfronts with the three musketeers than the last season.

    Maybe because GG and MJ weren’t “public friendly”? Idk just an opinion because :Lilly just doesn’t fit into the group to me

  8. Ms Urethra Franklin

    I am confused about the editing/timing of GG’s launch party & the Cabo trip.
    Editing made it seem both events were happening at the same time, and none of her friends from the show where shown in attendance either.

    If so, then she couldn’t possibly be able to go to Cabo if she had a launch party.
    Was the whole GG’s uninvited to Cabo “scripted”??

    • Maybe. Not sure when the launch party was. The Mexico thing was in August I think. I posted about it here at the time. The New York trip was September.

    • Ms. U Franklin-excellent question and observation about timing. No one brought up anything about why GG wasn’t invited or uninvited to Cabo. We only saw Mike counseling GG about not having any friends left if she continued on her path of self-destruction. Maybe Bravo editted out some part of that conversation and Mike had told GG that she wasn’t invited to Cabo. But with GG’s wild temperment we all know that it would have been good TV to show GG fly off the handle about not being on the trip to Cabo. So many holes in this story-like Swiss Cheese. Your thoughts?

      • James

        There was a “family meeting” between sadaam, i mean Reza, asa, mj and mike where Reza and Mike held the trip hostage and refused to go if GG (who mike had invited) was allowed to go. They literally made Mike call GG and uninvite her.

  9. The Disher

    I checked the California State Bar’s website & confirmed that Lilly did graduate from law school in 2008 — her legal name is not Lilly, though, so it’s not easy to find. I’m curious where she gets all the cars/jewelry/clothes b/c I don’t think she’s wealthy enough to afford them. Her condo doesn’t look that great. Could be she borrows them from her best friend & biz partner who is married to a billionaire. I made a similar comment on Bravo’s website, but they deleted it.

    • Sally

      Maybe she goes out on “dates” with rich guys who give her “gifts” for her, uh, time.

    • Aretha

      What’s her legal name?

    • Disher-dont you feel like it’s a waste of time to make comments or ask questions on the Bravo site? If they don’t like the question they delete it-poof-like Stoopid Housewives does with posters who ask her questions she doesn’t like. Bravo is not honest with it’s viewers and we viewers are the ones who make them rich from advertising dollars. What are they thinking????

      • To be honest, I have poofed your comments before. I feel like I have to babysit your ass ever since my email exploded one hungover morning with you having sprayed real names on my blog. You tend to post a lot. And want to get VERY deeply involved with things. You are a very difficult poster be it here, or at SH or at Bravo. I am trying to give you an outlet. I only ask that you refer to bravo people by their real names, don’t refer to posters by their real names unless it is their actual name in the handle, and don’t post people real names from other places here, and just try to be on the rational, compassionate plane we are all trying to get onboard with.

        I’m trying to work with you here so don’t come back bitch talking me acting like you don’t know you are a piece of work. Take a breath. Dont make me worry about going to sleep at night leaving you alone. Take a step back, evaluate how many places have removed your comments and consider not making me regret continuing to let you post here.

  10. As for the hair extensions and cruelty, I forget what the deal is, but poor Indian girls are encouraged to sell there hair for practically nothing to people who then sell the extensions for high prices. If you have not seen the movie Good Hair, look for it. It’s Chris Rock explaining how and what black women do to their hair. It’s eye opening.

  11. The link I posted is very safe and explains the Indian religious ritual. I hope it was ok with you that I posted it because it’s important that we all understand cultural differences and not have the wrong idea-these wrong ideas cause cultural clashes which I know you are totally against.

  12. Really? You really think I want you to come into my comments and babysit your links because you have determined that this is a good place for your to expound on….INDIAN RELIGIOUS RITUALS? Seriously?

    I had not one but two other blogs wanted to get up tonight but I always have to keep one eyeball on the comments. It’s not the hundreds of thousands of people who read here each day. It’s YOU. I have tried to let you stand here on your own despite NUMEROUS warnings. But my friend it is time we parted paths.

  13. Is it possible that MJ borrowed blow dryer and curling iron from the resort? Do some places to that? Or maybe they had hair and makeup available and it was theirs to pickup later?

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