Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: The Battle of the Donkey Booties

RHOAcastseason2The Real Housewives of Atlanta should be good for some drama tonight. Nene has rented a house in Hollywood Hills and Kenya is unloading her LA storage into Nene’s rental. She is already name-dropping her neighbors. The house looks beautiful! I just hope they got the owner’s permission to film there. They don’t need another lawsuit at Bravo for filming on property without permission. Listen to Nene being sensible and talking about being on a budget and not going overboard on spending for furniture until she knows she has more stable work there! Who is this  responsible woman with a mature financial mindset?

RHOAKandiCute scene with Riley and Kandi making a cake for Todd’s birthday. Kandi has rented a helicopter to take Todd and her to the party. Family is coming in from out of town. Riley is really growing up. She is already angling for a helicopter ride to her sweet sixteen party and she would like to have the guest house for her private living quarters. Kandi is trying to keep Riley grounded. I think she is doing a great job so far.

Here we go with a Kenya scene. I don’t know why they try to show Kenya in the kitchen “cooking” or in opening plastic containers of raw veggies. Oh yes I do, the word is there is very little furniture in the house so the kitchen looks the least sparse. She is hosting her aunt and her cousin for ???? a scene.  They remark on her trying to cook and laugh. She made a salad and cut up some watermelon. This is Kenya cooking. Kenya is breaking the news that she and Walter are on the rocks. She told him it was over. Kenya’s cousin says that the fact Walter would not sleep with her in Anguilla makes him gay. No dear, it’s just that sex scenes were not required in his contract. The cousin who said he was gay, says he hit on her before. Doesn’t sound gay to me. Sounds like just plain old, “he’s not that into you.” There is still not a single appliance or even a spoon on the kitchen countertops. I also don’t see the point of a rented baby grand piano, that is either a backdrop or some piano store loaned them the piano as advertising. Now that I look at the piano in Kandi’s talking heads I think both are backdrops.

Phaedra and Apollo are in the gym and Kenya shows up to discuss the video DVR.  Phaedra says she is “giving Kenya the opportunity to work with them.” Kenya says Phaedra is a really good friend (um, no she isn’t, she barely knows you) and she is going to “help her out.” I can already see where this is going. Apollo seems like he wants to run the show and Phaedra is not very good at taking the back seat. Looks like the video is a bunch squats with crazy names. Kenya has been out shopping the video before Phaedra was really ready. Kenya says she has been working for free for about 6 weeks. They are talking about using Cynthia for model casting. I think the final video is just Phaedra and Apollo. Sidebar: The editing is a lot less hectic tonight. YAY!

RHOAneneandgreggfallonMeanwhile, back in the hills of Bever Lee, Nene is overwhelmed with the move and feels like she did not do her best on the set for the first week. She wants Gregg to be Mr. Mom and take care of the homefront. Gregg says Nene micromanages and needs to let him do it and let go of control.

Phaedra and Apollo are sitting down with their lawyer and Kenya. The lawyer left before Kenya walked in. That was odd. Oh wait the attorney is slinking around in the hallway listening. That is even odder.  Kenya says that Phaedra’s attorney told her she did not deserve any backend funds and that she was taken back by that. Kenya says that this is how she makes her bread and butter. Again incorrect. Phaedra says she has talked to Todd and he said the budget was insane. Kenya in her talking heads is of course dramatic and offended. Kenya says she produces multi-million dollar films. Phaedra says that she has never heard of one of them. After the Kenya leaves the lawyer comes back in. It’s clear they are going to go with Todd’s production crew. Meanwhile, Kenya is in the parking lot doing the twirl just like that little brain-damaged dog on Shahs of Sunset.

Porsha’s scene is Kordell bringing her breakfast in bed. Wait that was just the little blip that comes at th forty minute mark. Is that all she gets this episode?

Kandi takes Todd to the heliport and off they go to the surprise birthday party. Phaedra is helping with the table set ups. Porsha is looking for a baby picture of Kandi on the placemats. Phaedra reminds her that the pictures are of Todd because it is his birthday. Kenya is announcing her decades old Miss USA title to the party guests. Kenya tries to get Todd on her side. Todd goes running to Phaedra and Phaedra squashes his attempts to smooth things over with Kenya in about two seconds.

Time for Todd and Kandi to make their grand entrance. Kenya confronts Todd about discussing the production of the donkey booty video with Kandi. Kandi shuts down Kenya right away and explains they are here to celebrate Todd’s birthday and not to discuss business.

At the Bailey Agency Cynthia is a bit hot about a tweet that Phaedra sent out telling anyone who wanted to be in a video to show up at the Bailey Agency. Cynthia’s phones blew up with questions. Meanwhile Kenya explains to Cynthia that she may not even been doing the production. Cynthia seems to be taking Kenya’s side. On the previews, for next week, Kenya decides to do her own video using her own butt implants. Apollo and Phaedra don’t look pleased by this news.


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35 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: The Battle of the Donkey Booties

  1. gigi

    nice recap… i wasnt able to watch so this helped.. thanks! :)

    • Annie

      I watch this show out of habit. A bad habit that needs to stop…the show is getting dumb, predictable and a bit too scripted. BORING and Fake A$$.

  2. Elle

    The first week I can’t wait for next week! All this dryness has to stop. Did Kendra’s video make it??? Anyone? Thanks TT!

  3. Aretha

    If it was Todd’s company I wonder how much he was paid. I am also curious at how the video was selling. Be a side note I found out Kenya wrote a dating advise book. I thought that was ironic. Can’t wait or next week

    • Housewivesfan

      I think Pheadra told Kenya during that meeting that Todd could do that video for a quarter of what Kenyas budget was….so that would be close to 25k?

      And i sincerely hope Kenya did not write a dating book….

  4. Katrina

    So Todd owns a production company, as well as work for one?

  5. loverbynature

    And queue…and scene…you will mention that Walter asked you out and again mention that he did not want to have sex with me Kenya and that he must be crazy and therefore he is gay….and cut! LOL Kenya and her family are funny. that scene seemed rehearsed to me.

  6. Pinky

    Bravo has gotten so sloppy. Kendra is broke hence, that is why she is in Atlanta trying to get a full time gig on a reality show. She rented a house and a fake boyfriend and never produced multilillion$$$ deals! Also, when you bid for a job, the client never pays you for your proposal. And a professional, Kenya, would have included references. A back-end deal is completely stupid for this deal and Kendra originally asked for 50% ownership, then went down to a 10% cut – so f’n stupid – ugh. Love the Atlanta husbands and love Kandi and Todd – they seem real and Love them! Bravo is really screwing up.

  7. Jarlath

    Why is Porsha even on this show. She contributes absolutely nothing. Did Kordell pay the producers?

  8. Barbara

    First of all, this was one of my FAVORITE episodes of the season. And second, I don’t care how kuh-razy Kenya is, she’s won my heart!

    I don’t know anything about producing videos’ but it does seem like Kenya should be paid something for her work? I’m on her side on this one.

    • Elizabeth

      The thing is, Kenya’s making it out like they already had a contract drawn up and it was a done deal when it wasn’t. She’s asking to be paid for work nobody officially asked her to do (re: finding the distributor) and she wants 10% for a video they haven’t even officially asked her to produce!

      Now as far as how much she should get if she actually did end up producing, I have no idea how that works. To me, it just seemed like she was trying to make Phaedra look bad while managing to avoid badmouthing Apollo…convenient!

    • She did nothing to get paid for. She shopped around using someone else’s name, to distribute a product that was nothing more than an idea at that point. It’d be like an acquaintance of yours telling you they want to throw an elaborate birthday party for their kid and you taking it upon yourself to drive around town looking at venues and negotiating prices, then returning to the acquaintance and expecting to be paid for your gas/time.

      • Barbara

        Ack…I guess I got it wrong. I thought when she went to Phaedra’s office to talk it was to negotiate her services. The way they edited the show it seemed like Phaedra didn’t want to pay her or Cindy for services. Then 45 minutes in they show Apollo agreeing with Kenya on her getting a payment. Thanks for explaining.

        My bad!

  9. kelli

    Tamara, I love the fact that you are so prompt about posting your recaps unlike other blogs. It shows you care about your readers. I really don’t remember how I stumbled upon your blog, maybe through Michelle Brown’s blog, but I’m glad I did.

  10. lori

    Nothing to get the storyline going like having two housewives do some sort of business deal together. Can’t wait for next week!

  11. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Tamara, am I wrong for thinking that Kenya was right asking for 10% to produce the video? Isn’t Bravo getting their 10%. I’m a little lost as to why 10% is a bit much for Phaedra when she’s so convinced it will sell. I thought this was the going rate?

    Sidenote: I’m flunked Business 101, which is why I’m asking.

    • RHoAfan

      I think Phaedra would’ve paid a flat fee for Kenya to produce the video. Production & distribution are two different things. Phaedra asked Kenya to submit a budget proposal for production. Kenya took it a step further and started name dropping with Phaedra’s name to secure a distribution deal. If Kenya didn’t help come up with the idea (help in the creative process) or invest in the production (provide capital), why should she get equity (percentage of the distribution) rather than a flat fee that a lot of production teams get?

  12. I think the basis of the problem is that Phaedra realized Kenya doesn’t really have a production company. Kenya’s budget was way out of line. etc. If Kenya was producing the project, which would include investing the 100K she felt it required, THEN she would have a right to a percentage of profits. Paying some random dude to write up a sample proposal is not “producing.” And Phaedra’s name is what got the distribution company (allegedly) interested. Phaedra would not need Kenya for that.

  13. Watching now. When Riley mentioned living in the guest house, I loved Kandi’s response! Also, going by the exterior shots, the guest house looks to be the same size as the main house. It’s the first time I’ve seen such a huge guest house and that it’s located so close to the main house.

    • soncee

      Agreed!! Also, I like how Kandi threw a little shade Kim’s way when she mentioned not allowing her daughter to grow up spending money with really working for it!

  14. Ok in her talking head and at an event Kenya said she’d been working on the vid for 6 weeks, in the preview clip for next week she says 4 weeks. I love how the women on these shows can’t keep their stories straight especially when a timeline is involved.

  15. Lisa

    The editing when Kandi and Todd were in the car was weird. They showed the Concourse King and Queen buildings, but I thought Kandi lived near the airport? They probably went to Charlie Brown to catch a ride in the helicopter, so unless they were taking a joy ride around I-285 that just doesn’t make sense. More fakery, I guess.

    FYI The restaurant, Elevation Chophouse, is in Kennesaw near KSU, and is right on the runway of a small airport. Richard Blais actually opened that place and put together the menu for the investors. You can still see his influence, even years later. For example, you can get martinis made with liquid nitrogen. Like a slushie.

    It is a fun place with good appetizers, but beware of the EXTREME police presence on the roads surrounding it. I guess they are looking for drunken college students swerving all over the road.

  16. Ame

    Hi everyone. I’m so glad that I discovered this blog!!

    Please tell me, does anyone believe that Kenya buys shoes that are $1,000.00? Isn’t she supposedly broke? I’ve noticed on several of the shows that I have difficulty believing the price tags on their clothes and purses(
    Lily, 15,000 purse). I think that in order to spend money like that you need at least a cool 20 million plus to be able to justify such frivolous spending. I think they are full of BS!!

  17. myinfo

    If Walter is gay he sure hits on a lot woman which makes no sense.

    I love Kandi but someone needs to rush her a stylist. Her too tight clothes and booty shorts are not flattering at all.

    I said to myself “go Kandi” when she told Kenya she was not going to discuss the stupid video with her at Todd’s birthday party.

    Does anyone else feel Kenya was just trying to get on camera at Todd’s event?

    Phaedra might have some nutty ways at times, but she is smart enough to not let Kenya rip her off. I think Kenya was shocked that Phaedra didn’t fall for her nonsense. Apollo (her dream man) looked pretty pissed at her too.

  18. Hmm

    This was the best episode of the season so far. It took us nearly ten weeks to get here, but we are finally back on somewhat solid ground. I was really getting worried for them.

  19. myinfo

    Did Phaedra sign a contract with Kenya to do anything? The answer is NO.

    Before any business person does anything they have a contract which outlines what each party will do and they agree on the cost.

    Phaedra would solicit bids from production companies to produce her video so she could compare prices. Phaedra is no dummy even though she pretends to be at times.

    If Kenya is a real business woman she should know that she only has a deal if there is a sign contract.

    If you give a cost for production of $100,000 it should be presented on paper with all costs broken down by category.

    Basically Kenya was bidding for the job. What expenses did she have? Telephone calls?

    Phaedra was just being nice by promoting Kenya’s production company on camera. Kenya paid Phaedra back by trying to charge her an exuberant price. Phaedra did her homework and found out the Kenya was trying to rip them off.

    Phaedra does not need Kenya to secure a distribution deal. Kenya (if she really had a distribution deal) got it because of Phaedra‘s name. Phaedra can do that herself. Kenya might have had a verbal distribution deal?

    Kenya is just blowing smoke and I don’t know why anyone would believe anything she says.

    Just my opinion

  20. Did I hear Nene correctly? Did she say that her son, Brent. is going to be home schooled? I do hope they are hiring a tutor, cuz neither Nene nor Greg see qualified to teach anyone anything.
    As crazy as Kenya is, she does keep this show’s story line going. The others are bringing nothing to the table.

    • Yep. She has been “homeschooling” him for awhile. In the stores of NYC, the set of The New Normal, wherever she is, he and Gregg are. Let us hope there is a tutor always in their wake.

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