Nene Leakes Hits the Red Carpet at the Golden Globes

Photo Credit : Yvonne Villareal Twitter

Photo Credit : Yvonne Villareal Twitter

Say what you will about Nene Leakes, but I have to admit I was looking forward to seeing her on the Red Carpet. I hope I haven’t missed her, I was not really into the red carpet this years so I have been watching DVRed shows and waiting for Nene to tweet that she had “arrived.” LOL. She did just that about 15 minutes ago so I am very impatiently awaiting a glimpse of what she is wearing. She is so excited about this night that I can’t help being excited for her.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Photo Credit: Twitter

It’s not just the Golden Globes excitement for Nene, she also hit a million twitter followers tonight! It seems I missed catching a glimpse of Ms Leakes and Gregg on the carpet but have seen photos of the dress. I know Nene had a hard time getting a dress because some of her first choices were already being worn by others. She also tweeted that she was nervous about the fashion critics talking about what she wore.  I am hearing that the simple black and white dress was by Carolina Herrera (thanks @Walshygirl83). Reviews of the dress are rather mixed on twitter. What do y’all think? Gotta run! Time to recap RHOA! See you in an hour or so!


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40 responses to “Nene Leakes Hits the Red Carpet at the Golden Globes

  1. Nicole

    I like her dress.

  2. michelle

    I think she looks fabulous! Love or hate her, you can’t help but give her props for making something of herself. She is an inspiration to women everywhere.

  3. I saw Nene and Greg on E! networks red carpet pre-show she looked stunning!!!!! I must say I liked Katharine McPhee,Jodie Foster and Julianne Hough’s dresses the best. The others were okay. Looking forward to the show eevn though I don’t care for Tina Fey.

    • Nicole

      Did any of you catch the comment Andy made on WWHL about Jody came out? Did he meant that she is a lesbian? or did I misheard what he said?

      • I did not see WWHL tonight but Jodie really did not have to “come out” I think most people knew, she did mention her long time partner Cydney in the speech. The whole thing was very odd IMO and just weird I like Jodie . You can watch the speech on youtube

  4. Undine

    I would have to say she has missed the mark on this one. It isn’t hideous but it doesn’t flatter her body type at all. Way to much poofiness in the black skirt. Her jewelry looks nice, her makeup is on point. She looks cute from the white blouse on up but I have to rate her a big Meh. But good for her, a reality star at the Golden Globes. Back a few short years ago she was choking out Kim. Our little girl is all grown up! (chokes back tears)

  5. Bombshell

    Its just ok but she looks great. Not overly done.

  6. I like it! Its fitting for an event like this. And the slit adds a little saucy…. solid A in my book.

  7. Gbell

    I think she looks fabulous. Love love love Caroline Herrera.

  8. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    I might not like Nene’s attitude, but I have always loved her hustle, so big congratulations to her. Also, she’s the first Real Housewife ever to get a million followers on Twitter. Good for her.

  9. It’s all about the confidence! But, that said, I didn’t like the dress. Sort of old fashioned, not glamorous, not good colors for Nene. I would loved to see her in more color, or gold, and a little more skin than she showed tonight. But, Nene, you go girl!!!

  10. I’m so glad she didn’t go for a tight bodice. I think the billowy cut is appropriate. Nene is a full figured woman; good conservative choice

  11. B boy in Harlem

    I like the dress but it makes her look like a pre – emancipation black mammy. Perhaps she is looking to audition for a period peace movie.

  12. chell

    She looks beautiful I’m so glad Nene have grown up

  13. Vp

    Holy. Crap. The. Dress.


  14. Katrina

    Nene looks good. She may not be best dressed, but it is not the worst. It looks like a very conservative dress and it is appropriate for the occasion. What an amazing experience!

  15. I personally dislike the dress because it looks like some ancient British tea party dress and Gregg should have completed it by dressing up like Oliver Twist.I like the couple but NENE made a bad choice.

  16. Mike

    She looks great for her first GGA…very happy for her

  17. Elle

    Given her insults at the NYE party for the black lace-wise and flattering choice. It says “Ok, I’m going to be glamorous and flattering but I don’t have to be over the top-it’s obvious I’ve done my job so no need to act out through clothing choice.” Accessories are together, hair is on point, hope the attitude is-she has worked hard.

  18. Reminds me of Sharon Stones’s Gap white shirt and black skirt that was loved by the fashion critics years ago. Classic and chic. I especially like the fact that she is new to the red carpet and didn’t overtry. Kudos to her stylist.

  19. nhyira

    love her dress.she was on point…big ups Nene….i love you….

  20. Ms Urethra Franklin

    I’m a NeNe hater, but she did look good at the Golden Globes.
    That shirt style/ with ball gown is a look that Oprah wears all the time.
    It was nice for Greg to have a place to show off his new “teefs”.

  21. kecia

    i love love you nene you look soooo cutie im so happy for you and ur family

  22. I flipped over to the show as Jodie was giving her very bizarre speech. I don’t think she ever really made a coming out announcement, because people didn’t do that 20 years ago. It was understood when she shacked up with a chick to raise a child together. The did not used to be the need for a cover of Time or a ticker tape parade. I think that was what she was TRYING to say.

  23. Sunny

    I was very moved by Jodie Foster’s speech. I took it to mean that she was gay (out) when gay wasn’t cool. She was able to keep her life private enough that no one made a big deal about it. I took her words to mean that she was making it official because it is the right thing to do if it moves tolerance forward. People didn’t do that 20(more like 30) years ago because they could be killed or lose their career. I also thought she looked the best she has ever looked. Radiant.

    Nene looked fabulous. I don’t care for the way the tails of the bow hang but I’m not a designer.

  24. She should leave the botox alone and that dress is awful, lol – she is too tall and bulky for that damn “dress”. See folks like her try so hard to go Hollywood in the gear department, yet they are best in “street” wear. Each time (Golden Globes, Emmy’s (RyanSeacrest) and her X-Mas party – she get’s her wardrobe all wrong… she can’t simply put on a “good toe”/heal/readbottoms and say her usual “Biatch”…. haha she looks like a clown and she knew it. SMH

    • eveh

      I agree.
      Nene does not have a nice figure. She looks like she was put together with pieces parts that dont go together.
      I didnt see her interviewed because she is a nobody in Hollywood. She is only there to be exploited because of her housewives show. I dont see her having a career.
      Back to Atlanta to her fake house and threatneing violence because she is ignortant trash.

  25. I think Nene looked good, she’s a woman of a certain age and rather large, she can’t wear the same style as a Jennifer Lawrence or Halle Berry. I did notice she was not interviewed on the Red Carpet, so apparently she has not really “arrived” as yet.
    As for Jodie Foster, why the heck are they giving her a Lifetime Achievement Award at the age of 50. Plus she has not done anything memorable in years. She came off as a typical Hollywood flake. Just rambling on and on. They should save this award for ppl who really contributed to an important body of work to the industry, i.e. Barbra Streisand.

  26. Just saw another pic of NeNe’s dress. I gotta say I loved it!

  27. Well to be rather honest with you here I believe that Nene looks glamorous. Nene has always been one of my favorite housewives on the show even before she blew up to be the larger than life celebrity that she is today. Nene has indeed come a long way from the days of dancing on the stripper pole to being one of the most sought after celebrities of our time. Congratulations Nene and May God continue to bless you and your family on your wonderful success.

  28. myinfo

    I think she looks very nice and the dress is tasteful.

    I really don’t like the platinum blond look anymore. Soon it will be pure white. I prefer her hair when it was light brown.

    Even thought Nene was a raving lunatic the previous 2 seasons, I am truly happy for her success. She was the one who hustled and interviewed for the RH show and suggested Kim and Sheeree. She has come a long way and I am sure it has not been easy.

    Instead of running from the challenge of appearing on the Apprentice, Glee and The New Normal she took on the challenge. You have to admire her for that!

  29. Cali

    Nene looked stunning.

  30. Belinda

    Those be some birthin’ hips, Miss Scarlett

  31. Vivi

    First time poster here. I’m not a fan of NeNe’s but I think she looks good in this dress and give her props for making it to the red carpet. She has done a remarkable job of marketing her outrageous behavior into substantial bucks but now seems to be attempting to tame the very outrageous behavior that got her where she is today. I don’t think she can have it both ways but since she has made enough money to live comfortably for the rest of her life it may not matter. She has done well for herself and like her or not, I do admire what she has achieved.

    Tamara – really like your kinder/nicer, no nicknaming site.

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