Ask Tamara the Tea (Limited Edition)

TEA1Hello? Is it tea you’re looking for? Tell me how to win your heart, for I haven’t got a clue.. but for the next beer or two I will answer you questions about others (but NEVAH about me) till I start to see double and shuffle off to bed in a sad lonely heap. Ready, set, go! I’m going to add a page break because WordAds won”t give me ads on my front page …



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  1. What do you think is the future of the Smelter Zinc Industry in Belgium?

    • i think @dramary is my favorite knucklehead. THAT is what I think.

      • Marty

        Hell yes!!!!!!!!

      • Is Kim G going to throw shade at Kim D and Elvira the Party Planner at Posche Fashion show this season? Who will they be wearing? Will Melissa be offended by everything and turn her husband against Teresa, then write a deeply personal song about it? Will Danielle try to destroy Caroline’s life by hitting her over the head with a bidet? Will Lapband Lauren throw down with Asslee Laurita over who said what? Will Juicy Joe take a transexual roommate as his new lover after Teresa leaves him for Juicy Pete?

  2. Don’t you think Todd Rungren would make more sense than Lionel richie? Or if it has to be Lionel’ “Hello. Is it tea you’re looking for?”

  3. Oh and my cell phone carrier has been acting up. Can you recommend a better one?

  4. pffftt

    Do you think Kim will return to RHOA in season 6?

  5. Why did you start blogging RH? When did you start watching the shows? Who did you vote for? J/k on the last one. :)

    • Socalsun

      Why can’t the LA Lakera win a f-ing game? Why is it so cold in So. Cal?

    • I thought I would start a blog about all the celebs in ATL. Seemed like a good idea. So I just started a blog. It was really lame. Found out about Straight From the A which is a really GREAT blog about ATL. Got a really good source on Nene and started blogging about RHOA. Got more really good bravo sources and branched out. People liked me. People on Bravo shows who you would never suspect liked me. Found out lots of things… kept blogging…

      I don’t remember when I started watching Bravo. It was before RHOOC but after it was that opera station…

      I voted for Ron Paul. WAIT! ILLEGAL QUESTION!

      • Great backdrop, thanks for sharing with us. Curious how you found your sources? Did they come running because they heard of you? Was it folks posting comments who gave you tips? For a relatively new blogger you seem to have done an outstanding job of amassing reliable sources. Kudos for that as I can’t imagine it is that easy to build that much credibility so quickly.

  6. Marty

    Is kandi a fake bitch?

  7. Do you think the infighting in the Gorga / Guidice household is as bad as Bravo portray it or is this another reality TV script manipulation…..based on your sources of course.

  8. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Are you gonna watch/blog Big Rich Atlanta?

    • I would do anything for you Ms. Franklin. But I am not sure when it comes on so you will have to remind me and I may have to DVR it and do it late. But I love you!

      • Joan

        Big Rich Atlanta is on the Syle Network – Big Rich Texas was their first show to follow Bravo’s lead of RH. That show was trash, well, IMHO it was. The only thing different was the women each had a daughter, Niece or Step Daughter on as well. So you had various issues with the women & their kids – then there were the kids vs. kids. I’ve seen two trailers for it. Nothing to impress….in fact, if they had the RROA’s face it would be a rerun of that show.

  9. pretty in pink

    how do you get companies to advertise on your blog? I started a blog last month and i’m looking ahead…

    • Sign up for google ads. They fucked me over but I think they are the best way to go. I apparently made too much money so they said I cheated or something. Or go to WordPress… they have wordAds and you don’t have to worry about being accused of cheating because you get paid for “Impressions” rather than “views” ANyway, I make practically no money. If you want to make money you have to go off on your own and pay people to run your site and hire an ad agency. Which I may do at some point.

      I’m lazy. And so are you. Look into your options.

      • pretty in pink

        so I can’t afford to quit nursing anytime soon? that sucks. i’ll look into them though. thanks!

  10. Why isn’t Greg filming with RHONJ? Is Ahsleeigh (however she decided to stripperize it) filimg? Are the Kim’s back? Is Jennifer Dalton actually a HW or FOH?

    • Greg is a real person with a real job. He was not paid for his appearances on RHONJ no matter how much I loved him best. He has a great new job offer and decided to move to San Francisco. His appearances on RHONJ were incidental to his real life. The fact we all fell in love with him is our fault for loving the only guy with a real job.

      I am sure we will see ASHLEEEEE or however she wants to spell it unfortunately.

      Kim D is back. I think both Kims will make an appearance neither are officail HWs.

      I don’t know who Jennifer Dalton is. To be honest, my best source on RHONJ is a friend and I don’t ask them things unless it is impt. I try hard not to question them. I just happen to like them personally. I don’t want it to be about “the show” even thought they know stuff…I admit I do ask direct questions when I want to know.

      • pffftt

        Kim D and Kim G… Damn both stir the shit. Season 5 should be good. What about Danille? Will she make an appearance?

  11. Any updates on the truckloads of lawsuits that the RHONJ are dealing with? Why sin’t Dena talking to Jaq?

    • Yes that is a good one? And any definitive tea on the fight between Don Caro and Dina? Was it really because the Don and Jac didn’t back her “I can’t stay with Danielle, it’s not good for my aura”?

      • We don’t use nicknames or abusive names here. Also I have no idea what you are trying to say.

      • Admonishment noted and my use of Don Caro was not meant to be insulting but rather how I see her as the titular matriarch of the Laurita/Manzo family, you know the big sister who looks out for everybody.

        What I have read in blogs/comments/twitter etc is that when Dina quit the show (also read was fired so whichever), she wanted Carolyn and Jacquelyn to take a stand and all three would “walk” off together. The “feud” then began when Carolyn and Jacquelyn didn’t support her and stayed on. Have no recollection of where I read it so my question was is there any truth to that and if not that then do you know what caused the big rift between the sisters. Having sisters myself, I can’t even conceive of anything that would cause me to shut them out of my life, I might get annoyed/angry but would forgive, forget and move on.

    • I don’t ask. They don’t tell. seriously.

      • pffftt

        I doubt Dina was fired. Because Dina is the only FORMER housewive besides Bethenny, that Andy has on WWHL. He had her on WWHL for a New Year special in 2011, and once in 2012. She also makes appearances on the show. They most likely wish she was still a castmember since she and Caroline are in a feud.

  12. hawaiinchika

    What do you this of Melissa on #RHNJ think she’s really out to get Theresa?

    • Sorry I missed this. I am sort of torn about Melissa. I think she probably wants to be friends with Tre now that she is in the family. I have such a hard time wrapping my mind around how stupid these people are compared with the house they live in… It makes no sense to me.

      • Joan

        MY question – who was the first Presidential candidate you voted for? How did they convince you to vote for them?

        Second Question – Do you believe that any of the HWs are truthful about their lives?

        How did you get a “in” source” @ Bravo? Have you met Andy?

      • i’d love to answer your first question but i try to remain anonymous as much as possible. It’s because I dont want to take a side .perhaps i feel like i belong on all sides

        Yes I believe that some housewives try to be true. Most all are in season one. I think they all try to have products after that. Don’t drink the water. Blk, Diamond, Moscato. It’s all ridiculous.

        I got SO LUCKY with sources. Had you told me I would have gotten the NENE scoop I would never have believed you. I was a young snarly blog people liked. After I had the exclusive on Nene on Glee people began to take me very seriously and other people shared some pretty neat info with me.

        I still get lots of info about people I don’t post. I dont want to post horrible things about people I like If that makes me a bad blogger, oh well. I’m not saying I won’t post bad things about people or poke fun at their looks but … I do refuse to post many things.

  13. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Has Sheree or anybody from her team tried to give you a hard time about all the tea you spilled on her?

    • Um noe. Open records. I don’t dislike Sheree but her record of failing to care for her kids to show out on herself is very public.

      I’m not friends with Sheree at all but there are times I am friends with people on Bravo shows IRL and I avoid reporting negative stories. It happens after you get to know people. Sheree’s info is out there on public record.

      • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

        Right. Which is why I’m baffled people continue to say she gets a hard time. Um, hello, as you said, it’s out there, and it’s only the facts.

  14. Brooklyngirl28

    Did you see Reza’s tweet about friends with pill and drinking problems? I felt like he was setting up Sunday’s show.. After the few ep’s of Shahs and The Joy Behar interview .. between MJ’s mother and Reaza…she is just their punching bag no longer a fan of “mean girl Reza” he showed his true self sold his friendship for camera time

  15. If you are nesting your questions somewhere upstream…. I can’t be bothered to look.I was just about to log off and saw 32 comments.WHERE? Don’t fucking expect me to zoom around looking for questions.

  16. Devil in the Details

    Why wasn’t Penny signed to RHONJ?

  17. Devils in the details

    So I guess you’re not answering the Penny not getting a contract question

    • answered. above was busy reading emails but for the people who posed questions upline you are SOOL unless you post them down here. I am not going upstream to look for questions.

  18. pretty in pink

    I read a blind item on another blog before about someone on rhonj having a child that possibly wasn’t their husband’s. do you know who this person is? allegedly of course…

  19. Lynne

    Do you think Andy knows about the fake drama ahead of time? (Fake boyfriends, etc) and if so does he approve these “story lines”?

    • I think he knows about some of it.

      I do not think he knew about Marlo Hampton.

      I think he did know about Kenya. He was looking for Marlo without the criminal history.

      • pffftt

        Did you watch WWHL? Nene was asked who the perfect housewife is and she really sung the praises of Marlo. Went on and on about Marlo, and said Marlo will be on an episode of RHOA this season. Do you think she could convince Andy to let her on the show next season?

  20. Are there more HW bankruptcies on the horizon? Gorgas? Lauritas? Is Joe Gudice gonna plea or go to trial?

    • I’m consulting my magic eight ball it says it is likely. Gorgas not so likely, Laurita, it seems so. Joe is going to trial and jail. Too much publicity for anything else.

  21. Is Kim G going to throw shade at Kim D and Elvira the Party Planner at Posche Fashion show this season? Who will they be wearing? Will Melissa be offended by everything and turn her husband against Teresa, then write a deeply personal song about it? Will Danielle try to destroy Caroline’s life by hitting her over the head with a bidet? Will Lapband Lauren throw down with Asslee Laurita over who said what? Will Juicy Joe take a transexual roommate as his new lover after Teresa leaves him for Juicy Pete?

    • Kim G will not be present. or is that Kim D.I am too drunk to answer all these questions. Melissa and Tre are supposed to play nice this season so no song for Mel. Danielle is not the one trying to destroy Caroline’s life. But someone is.There is no bidet involved. I don’t disparage the children, even when they are “adults.” Juicy Joe will be in jail eventuall so who knows.

      you actually asked some questions that could have gone somewhere but it was all accidental to your need to be rude.

      Part of the reason I have a source is because I actually LIKE the RHONJ. Just sayin..

  22. Sunny

    Thanks for the tea! I love this thread. I also love how you have morals and stick to them. Except for when you let all these horrible people call that tennis player a young Mike Tyson in drag. That was low. When I scrolled up I spit tea all over my laptop. Not cool.

    Now I have to go back and look at that pic again because I’m still not sure it’s NOT Mike. Thankfully he has that tattoo now.

    • Sunny, I have respectfully asked my commenters to be nicer in 2013. Some of them are assholes. I can’t be held responsible. LEGAL DISCLAIMER. If I woke up tomorrow and looked like Serena Williams I would be THRILLED. I thought she looked beautiful.

  23. Lynne

    Oh, oh, oh!! More info please! Who is trying to ruin Caroline’s life??

  24. Brendyluv

    TT: what show do you like blogging/following the most? Oh and favorite “housewife”? :-)

    • I really enjoyed RHONY this season. I know lots of people didn’t but I did.

      I generally don’t have a favorite housewife but tonight I am really feeling Caroline. Okay fine she is my favorite. So sue me.

  25. Since Lynn asked… Tre is screaming on camera at every opportunity that Caroline’s husband is a cheater. Um, no offense to Caroline’s husband that at a certain age that is LOL funny. If Caroline’s husband is cheating well whatever. He is not. I think the people who start these rumors or write them into the script must be on drugs AND twelve years old. SERIOUSLY? This is going to be the storyline? The chick with the husband who may be in jail when the show starts, the chick whose husband is not interested on national TV when she tries to jump him is going to repeatedly say on camera that Caroline’s husband is the cheater?

    Yet I hear this is Tre’s one not arguement. It’s againt Caroline and it is so laughably ridiculous (they have been married how long?) it’s fucking ridiculous.

    Oh and um this is a drunken exclusive. Let’s see how far this one goes.

  26. Who is trying to ruin Caroline’s life? Will we get more Dina in the upcoming season?