Mob Wives Season Three Premiere

The Realhouses of Vancouver Could Be Mobwives of Vancouver!Okay, y’all keep trying to get me to blog Mob Wives but I’m not sure I even remember their names or what is going on with these girls.  It seems that Drita is in a relatively calm state for a change and that Carla is accusing Renee of popping pills. Meanwhile, Renee’s house was robbed by some bible shredding thieves. I have to say this is a new one on me. I’ve never heard of thieves taking a break from robbing a house to read the Bible, get pissed off by the lack of storyline and shred the whole thing. I mean how do they know it didn’t get better later? Perhaps they should have started with the New Testament. They also apparently did not like Renee’s taste in pillows and shredded those as well. Renee doesn’t mention any actual valuables being stolen. Renee looks good though. I wonder whatever happened with this character and his lawsuit?

It’s Big Ang! I don’t think I have seen her in this house before it is HOT PINK. She has a mafia chick over named, Love. Big Ang has had surgery on her toes. AJ is in court required rehab. Apparently, Renee thinks that Love gave some love to her ex-husband Junior. In Love’s talking head she talks about how she has poisoned, stabbed and shot people. She stabbed her last boyfriend in front of his mother. She seems quite lovely.

MobWivesDritaRenee is meeting with Drita and tells her about her house being robbed. Still no mention of anything being taken but there was the inclusion of her family pictures also being ripped up, and other things that I wish I could unhear.  Drita says Lee will be home soon. Hasn’t she been saying that forever? Renee calls Carla a sewer whore. Renee says that Carla is trying to get rid of everyone’s man. Renee had a whole string of obscenities and threats. By the way, remember when I said Renee looks good? Yeah not so good in this scene.

Love walks into the Drunken Monkey and Renee looks like she might kill her. Apparently, Renee thinks Love slept with Junior. Then suddenly Renee decides she just doesn’t care who Junior slept with and that’s a wrap.

mobwivesreneeNext up, Big Ang and Drita have decided to have  Renee and Carla over to wrestle in pudding at Big Ang’s pretty, pink, house. I fear for the house. After a lengthy awkward silence, Carla says to Renee, “So what’s going on?” And it’s awn like popcawn. Renee says that Carla was following around some guy in club who was with her friend. Apparently, this is deserving of a death sentence. Carla says the dude was following her around and she was not interested. Those are not the exact words and it was said at a full out scream. Because this is serious business. Two people spoke in a club and apparently the conversation moved around from one part of the club to another. Carla wants to know why if Renee was so upset, why didn’t she address it then and there. Renee has no answer. She says that Carla is a go to girl who guys go to at the end of the night.  Now that we have gotten the most pressing issue out of the way, Renee confronts Carla for calling her a junkie. Carla says Renee is a junkie. I am trying to be on Renee’s side her but basically she is getting her ass handed to her. By Carla. Renee says she has no right to call her a junkie, because….wait for it….she’s an addict.

Renee senses she is losing ground and decides to call Carla out for fucking married men. Big Ang says why is this Renee’s business? Renee wants to know why Carla cares that she is a pill-popper? I want to know why the producers think any of us care about either situation. Drita says the brunch is turning into a brawl! Renee has something else she wants to confront Carla about. Apparently, Renee’s 18-year-old son said something to Drita on twitter and Carla went right back at him. Renee thinks this is almost as bad as talking to men in bars it would seem. Carla says that Renee went on twitter and asked out Carla’s ex-husband. The brunch ends with the two agreeing that they both still hate each other.

I was bored. I am interested in seeing the Sandy storm damage stuff. And the Bible ripping thieves have my attention if they return to terrorize Renee. But it really wasn’t interesting enough to recap. But I did it for yooooooou! :)


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18 responses to “Mob Wives Season Three Premiere

  1. I love this show, These ladies (and I use that term loosely) are much more real than the broads from The Real Housewives. Drita is my favorite. I don’t understand why Renee is mad at Carla, she should be mad at her plastic surgeon. She looks worse each season. Big Ang is a hoot, albeit a scary one. Can’t wait to see what trouble the new character, Love Mcjewsky, stirs up. I hope she goes after Ramona. Tamara I hope you keep blogging about this show.

    • Ms Urethra Franklin

      I love it too, and these “ladies” are the real deal when it comes to growing up around prison life, violence, death, & revenge. Though Carla has mob family ties, she used to be in stock broker or something until her husband was convicted of white collar crimes/fraud..but she still can be a tough as nails broad.

      Drita used to scare me the most because of her “black out rage”, but last season she began some anger counseling so we’ll see later this season how that goes.

      Renee is an emotionally stunted, tragic, and dramatic character. Her whole life was in a bubble of mob culture. It is innate to her. If she wants something handled, she is used to calling her “fawtha”, “Joonya”, or an “associate”. (trying to use her Statton Island voice)….. She will make sure that a bitch gets cut
      Renee’s house may have been just broken into & vandalized as to send a message after “Joonya” became a “rat”… I think she misused the phrase when she said her house “robbed” because she is all drama like that. Maybe it is mob code for something when you shred pillows and bibles. She also said the intruders took a dump in her toilet. LOL… Must be equivalent to putting a horse head in the bed like from the Godfather movie. LOL

      Karen, yikes I can’t stand that linebacker of biyatch….
      Big Ang….love love her quirkiness & Herman Munster laugh.
      Love is new to the show, but she sounds like a real “sweetie pie” NOT.
      Ramona is a non factor to me.

      Hope you update it again TT.

  2. Tamara Lynn

    I like Mob Wives. Even though I will never understand why these grown women are so into creating drama and acting like idiots! ( same is true for my housewives though) thanks for blogging for us

  3. Victoria

    More staged bullshit. I think shows have got 1 season…maybe 2 if they film consecutively to really be somewhat real. After the first season, they’ve watched themselves and are more aware of what they say and how they do it on camera.

    This Renee and Carla bullshit annoyed the fuck outta me. Fake, pointless drama. Not even believable. Ah oh well. I’ll prolly still watch. I am getting back on openly scripted shows now. Law and Order SVU has been excellent this season btw.

  4. Cynthia

    Thank you, Tamara, for blogging on this show!!! I know it was tough for you, but these gals are f@&$@g crazy, and funny as hell! I love Drita, too! They are just so much more spicy (although crazy) than the RH! I love their accents, their “style”, and their houses! It’s too extreme!!! I do believe most of them have hearts of gold, even though they act like hu-wars. I’m glad they are back, especially since I just don’t think I can stomach Vanderpumps Drools this season. At least when the mob wives are being mean, you know they mean business. Not like pussy Stassi… Oh well, you get what I mean.

  5. Vp

    Ugh. These ladies are the worst, not a one of them says anything worthwhile. But I love every minute of it.

  6. Never watched it or have heard of it. Ehrn id it on? It isn’t a BRAVO production or I would have heard of it. What day and time and what network is it on? Thanks.

  7. Barbara

    I actually love this show. My only critique is that a lot of the dialogue is mumbled and I have to rewind to figure out what the hell they’re saying. I watch this show whenever it’s on, because of the delightful train-wreck possibilities.

    Hee hee. Loved the recap tamaratattles!

  8. Marilyn

    I LOVE Big Ang, even though she sounds just like Dr. Girlfriend from the Venture Bros.

  9. Valerie

    I was wondering when you were going to post something about this show. How can this bore you? I heart these crazy women, well maybe not Ramona and not sure about Love yet, but the rest just entertain the heck out of me! I am so glad they are on Sundays and not Mondays because I would be hard pressed to decide whether to watch RHOBH or this, but since RHOA is so boring it’s an easy pick!

  10. michelle

    I have tried on several occasions to watch this train wreck of a show. Problem is it’s so over the top, and these women (if that’s what you want to call them) have no qualities that make me want to invest my time watching them.
    I’m actually with Tamara on this, especially having had to (and still) deal with Sandy, I just want to see how they are going to show the aftermath of Sandy.

    PS. I also believe that Renee’s sister should be ashamed of herself for putting her sister who obviously needs some serious help on TV to make a few bucks. It’s disgusting that someone would do that to a family memeber they are suppose to love so much.

  11. soncee

    From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for recapping this for us.I know you’re new to the show, and not at all familiar with the cast and their individual backgrounds, so it was a bit trying for you to say the least..But, please, please hang in there and give the show another try. ok?

    • I used to love the show back when it first started. Then it started competing with other things (timeslots) and I sort of lost interest. Renee’s husband snitching and her father going to jail was TV GOLD. But the premiere was rather boring. All about two people arguing over nothing. The whole episode.

  12. Knowing that Renee’s sister is creator and producer and that she cAn do whatever makes it uneven.

    That said, I adore Drita. Last year she had to put up with aLot of bullshit. She’s funny and tough and, I thought, loyal. But the way she carried stories from Renee to Ramona and back again? Not loving that. There is something to be said for honesty. And if Renee or Ramona said to her “and I don’t care if you tell her I said that” it would be different. Maybe that was edited out. But the show made it look like she betrayed both of their trusts and stood before each of them and said really hurtful things. I am surprised at that.

  13. Good GOD I missed you. Never leave us again.

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