Um, What is Wrong With This Picture?

article-0-16D5C73D000005DC-832_634x910Um, I am trying to go for less hate and vitriol here in 2013, but I just have to say that if make-up makes that much of a difference, I suppose I should put effort into putting some on. Because…um… yeah.


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61 responses to “Um, What is Wrong With This Picture?

  1. Looks like she got a text from Brandi.

  2. Stacy

    Glad to not be seeing her in a bikini for once!

  3. This may be the first paparazzi photo she didn’t set up in advance…

    • becky white

      TT now THAT is FUNNY – REALLY FUNNY!!!!! She looks so old for her age- I think it is because she is so painfully thin. Eddie is using her for her $$$ once that is gone he will be too.

      Brandi said on RHW of BH that he has had numerous affairs on her she came to find out – I think once Eddie found the golden goose so to speak that is when he jumped ship – but since she is playing smaller and smaller venues and if her train wreck of an appearance on The X Factor is any indication of her current ability to perform – then she is not going to be rich for forever and Eddie will find someone else to pay his bills.

      • Bizzymammabee

        I agree, the minute she starts running out of money he will start looking for a new sugar mamma.

  4. She has a great voice anyway

  5. Barbara

    It’s a good thing Eddie is such a loser. If he had anything going for him at all, he would have snagged a woman who isn’t such a hot mess.

  6. victori0us

    She looks like she had some allergic reaction. Or maybe she’s been crying for a few days. That type of shit happens to some ppl when they cry for a long period of time. Poor girl, but damn it’s hard to feel sympathy for her. I feel like she doesn’t deserve any sympathy. Oh well. A nice pair of shades will do her some justice.

    • That’s what I was thinking too, allergic reaction or long bout of crying.

    • Ylanaty

      I think she might be bloated from drinking. Rumor has it that she’s a total drunk. I read on one of those emails that Eddie and Brandi exchanged that became public, that one of Eddie and Leann’s friend, calls her angelfish. Because she sings like an angel, but drinks like a fish!

  7. Bizzymammabee

    Makeup really takes a toll on your skin. Whenever you see someone that is constantly made up sans makeup their faces look horrible and haggard. Have you ever seen Kim Kardashian sans all of her war paint? Just ick.

    • I know what u are trying to say, but it it more the ‘shock’ of change to you. You (editorial ‘you’) are so you to a person looking a certain way, when they change to the real person, it is shock to system.

      It is like Kyle with Kim. Kim being sober has made her take control of her own life and make her own choices. Kyle can’t control her nor does Kim allow it. So it is not the sobriety that throws Kyle, it is the change in Kim that freaks her out b/c it is no longer the ‘norm’ as Kyle knows it.

    • Ash511

      I wear make up almost everyday & have great skin…

      • Bizzymammabee

        Notice you say almost every day. Do you wear as much as they do? Most women I know just wear a bit of lipstick and some mascara. I have yet to see a celebrity sans makeup that didn’t look horrible.

  8. Heartland

    Oh Leann, bless your little rat-faced homewrecking heart

    • Nicole

      I love that “bless your little rat-faced homewrecking heart”! Too funny! She looks like she just went to workout without makeup. She just SHOULDN’T. Imagine waking up that every morning…..

  9. natalie k

    Its probably the laxatives kicking in.

  10. sam

    big difference between this and her OBVIOUSLY staged pics.

  11. IN 2013 I am requiring you all to have compassion for EVERYONE. but. um… perhaps we should have started with a shorter bar..:)

    I don’t even like the handbag… so I’m struggling here. Let’s just go with Bless her heart like Heartland said….

  12. Gbell

    The cuntasaurus, in her natural habitat.

    • You are TOTALLY not helping in my quest to make us all nicer people in 2013. Were I not reformed, I would totally steal cuntasaurus.

    • @Gbell. LOLOLOLOL. Never heard that one before. For me, she is hard to have sympathy for b/c she keeps sticking the knfe in Brandi. If she would back off and give Brandi the space to grieve, I could maaaaaaaaybe have some respect for her. But at this point, not possible.

  13. Buttercream

    She looks like she’s had her eyebrows waxed and a deep facial + squinting makes her look less attractive …. me likes her new name but I’m a prude and can’t type it! Lol cun….tourous … ya know what I mean!

  14. I like her bracelet…and, she has a great voice anyway

  15. michelle

    Let me start with a very Happy New Year to everyone.
    With that said I am no fan of Leanne’s but I did read that she had some kind of chemical peel done yesterday. If anybody has ever had a Peel done you know that for the next couple of days your skin is going to look horrible and that you can’t wear makeup to even try and cover it. Which probably explains why she looks so bad.
    But if we are all being 100% honest the only thing the Peel is doing for LeAnn at the moment is matching up the ugly she has inside with the ugly on the outside!

    • If she had a peel, she would NOT have been in the sun with her skin exposed like that.
      Her face doesn’t look like she had a peel, more that she has rosacea and ruddy blotchy complexion.

      • michelle

        Actually I’m 100% positive she had a chemical Peel. I happen to follow her on twitter and yesterday at about 1:26 she tweeted that she had the Peel and how bad it was peeling and how bad she looked (personally I don’t think she ever looks good) but if we are going to bag on her looks lets be sure thar we are bagging on her for the right reason. Not like she doesn’t make that easy enough without having the Peel.

      • I believe you, but she is a complete idiot allowing her skin to be exposed to sun that way. She is not only ruining the purpose of the peep but she also is risking scarring.
        The dumbest thing she could do.

  16. Shellbelle

    You can’t chemically peel away fugly.. Cause she is fugly. On the positive side- nice kicks.

  17. AMA

    It’s no wonder that she stages her photo ops…looks like she’s been on a bender. Still ringing in the new year, perhaps? Time for a rehab redo.

  18. cindyb

    What the hell is wrong with her eyes? Looks like she has major poison ivy or something.

  19. GurlBye

    Nothing’s wrong. Leann ALWAYS looks a mess! LMBO

  20. Alexa

    Her face looks JUST like Eddie’s in this pic! She is so fleeced!

  21. KrissyB

    Did a bee sting her in the eye… Twice??? I prefer her staged pap pics. 😉

  22. becky white

    It is hard to be nice when you know she had an affair with a married man – I do not think you can steel a man because if he is not willing he cannot be stolen – he is a dirt bag – a bigger one because he is the one who took vows –

    In the spirt of being kinder I really do think she sufferS from some from of anxiety or other mental issues – and I do have compassion for her for that – also she has an eating disorder – that is obvious – and low self esteem – why else would she copy Brandi’s every outfit and pose – and that is sad too – I think men like Eddie pick their ‘victims’ very carefully’ he is not going to go for a women who has it all together – first of all because one that did would not be his mistress! Second she would not be easily controlled!

    So there is my kinder, more compassionate side towards Leanne. However had that been MY husband – her face in the above pic would not have been from a ‘facial’ it would have been from some dermabrasion of me using the pavement to remove some layers of skin from her face. Sorry TT I relapsed.

  23. shirley

    her face lola like a baby who just came out the womb.!

  24. Critter

    The melting & misshapen face…

  25. Ericzku

    She really, really wants to poop.

    • And she is straining right now going in her pants!!! You guys I did NOT know who the fuck this was until someone said Eddie and the sentence above had Brandi! Shitfire!! Isn’t she only 29 or 30 years old??? Her eyes look like the morning after…. Wow. I don’t look this old and I am!! I am a grandma of four and am fifty=eight years old. I can’t get over her eyes. She does have smallish eyes set deep but this almost looks like the opposite of airbrushing it’s so hideous. Well, hopefully she is no longer constipated.

  26. Chrissyt44

    She needs to give her make-up artist a HUGE raise. Reminds of a girlfriend I had. When her boyfriend spent the night with her the first time he said the next morning, “Ummmm, you are really good with make-up…Ouch!!

  27. You know, I love to bash as much as the next woman but you ladies are hitting pretty low. I am a Brandi fan, I don’t admire Leanne and Eddie for what they did, but this is starting to sound like a competition of who can be the most cruel. Kind of a lynch mob mentality. There are none of us who would look good without make up. I myself, look like John Denver without make-up. This is just a orgy of nastiness.

  28. Belinda

    The only way Eddie is fucking that is if she is face down and ass up.

  29. no name maddox

    aww. some ole meanie made that little boy with the big purse cry. :(

  30. Gbell

    What rubs my orgy of nastiness the wrong way is the fact that she tries to play mother-of-the-year to another woman’s children, and then flaunts it. I don’t know about pitchforks, but how about a good ole fashioned hussy burnin’. Er…umm…I mean, bless her heart.

  31. JessOC

    Oh my word she looks terrible

  32. Missy

    To avoid ALL of this nastiness…including WTF is going on with her face…..I would have just stayed at home and worked out….real simple solution.

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