Nene and Gregg on WWHL

WWHLI am not a member of the insomniac club, I love to sleep but unfortunately I have a bunch of nightmares so I am catching up in the wee hours before I try to snag me some more zzzzzs. It seems to me that Andy is a bit POed that Nene told Jimmy Fallon about her engagement rather than doing it on his show. So lets see what I missed there.

First of all I love that Nene is wearing sleeves. In the ATL it is SO HARD to find dresses with sleeves. Kidding not. At least off the rack. So props to Nene for the green dress. Oh Andy, why the fuck are you airing MJ in a swimsuit on your show? Don’t be a douchebag. She has the guts to be herself at the beach so shut your mouth about her.

Okay already Nene is sort of going in on Kenya. She does this all the time. The problem I have with that is that Nene keeps inviting Kenya into her home for parties. I am TELLING YOU GUYS, something is going on with Nene and Kenya. I will repeat until the cows come home that my sources tell me Nene got Kenya on the show. All is not what it seems with these two, I am just not sure what is what. If my Nene source is still reading here. GET BACK TO ME!

RHOAneneandgreggfallonAndy just called Nene the last one standing from a flashback to season one. Does that mean Kim is not coming back? Now Andy is asking for Nene to give each housewife a resolution…this should be good. Nene says ….
For Porsha, ” To not be a Ding-Dong”
For Phaedra  (Gregg says stick to Law, lol)  Nene says “To change her hair.”
For Kenya  “Not look for a man, let a man look for you.”
For Apollo ” Maybe he should get a tan”
For Kim ” To stop lying.”

Andy asks why Nene and Gregg decided to get back together. Nene said she has known Gregg since 1996 and she never wanted to divorce him. She says as a woman you have to stand for something or you will… okay fine. Basically she caught him cheating and she was too rich to put up with that shit so when his financial shit came down she plugged the plug. He got his shit together and now they are back. That was put through the TamaraTattles REAL FILTER but essentially that was what she said.

The episode is supposed to be a “bridal shower”  Andy gave Nene a bit of lingerie made of money. Coincidentally, Wendy Williams gave Nene the same thing only a larger version on her show the next day.

Have I ever mentioned that Andy’s beloved rug on his set that he has a total cow if someone spills on looks like a Georgia O’Keefesque vagina? I’m just saying. Don’t spill your seed drink on Andy’s vagina.

RHOAnenegreggep1A caller asks whose side Nene is on regarding Porsha and Kenya. Nene says at the time it was Porsha but “so much has happened since then.” Again, I am not buying this Nene and Kenya thing and think it was all a set up. Next caller wants to know if Dwight will be the wedding planner. Nene says absolutely not. I like Dwight but no mam! Karen wants to know why Nene was more likeable this season. Nene says she was always likeable but she is in a happy place.  Nene’s dress has holes in it on her right shoulder which is apparently bigger than the other. The dress is Jean Paul Gautier. It does look ripped though. I’m just saying. Also she crashed the Kitson site mentioning some $600 phone accessory so now she is asking for free shit.

Full disclosure… I think Gregg is pretty doable. There I said it.


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14 responses to “Nene and Gregg on WWHL

  1. Katrina

    I loved that green on Nene and it is made out of shreded material. Gregg looked very nice in his suit. Nene appears to be in a better place.

  2. FGF

    I think Andy blows smoke up NeNe’s behind and it really seemed that way when he said she was the last one standing. Also, NeNe announced her engagement via Twitter before going on both shows so Andy shouldn’t have been upset. I think they both looked nice and it looked like Gregg got his teeth done. lol

  3. IcedTea

    Nene is as fake as a $3 dollar bill and her ego is wayyyyyy inflated…She needs to take serveral seats with her hatin azz…good judge of character..right..that’s why she was hanging with WIG/Kim like wet clothes for a very long time until Kim thought she didn’t need Nene and now they are mortal enemies…whatever. I am bored with her My Big Pony azz and Geritol Greg

  4. TamTam

    Did Gregg get new teeth??

  5. Che

    Greg gives me the creep factor. big time !

  6. gunsmoke4life

    i noticed Gregg teeth too, And There is something strange about Nene and Kenya
    when Nene was keeping that shit going when they was on the island then for here to jump up and hold down a perfect stranger, why. kenya was going crazy i would have though this lady may hit me.

  7. Missy

    I am glad she did something DIFFERENT to her weave…the OTHER hairstyle was ATROCIOUS…to keep in the spirit of being nicer in 2013….this one looks MUCH better.

  8. Thanks Missy, for getting into the spirit. And I agree. See? We can be good people! lol.

  9. pffftt

    We all heard Nene got Kenya on the show. We all heard that Nene and Kenya didn’t get along. Nene makes fun of Kenya constantly. Calls her relationship fake. Makes fun of how she won her title in 93. Rolls her eyes when Kenya talks about her role in Hollywood. YET Kenya sends Nene furniture for her RENTED home in LA. Nene has Kenya over to her house FOR THANKSGIVING. She invites Kenya to parties and Kenya calls Nene her “friend.”

    Weird is right. Something is going on between them.

    • I TOLD Y’ALL MY SOURCE THAT TOLD ME NENE GOT KENYA ON THE SHOW WAS NEVER WRONG. None of y’all wanted to believe it. This was the same source who was out there with her in LA while she was filming GLEE and the source who gave me the EXCLUSIVE on Nene being on GLEE.

      I BELIEVE EVERYTHING this source told me and they told me that Nene was fighting to get two people on RHOA one was Kenya and the other they were more hesitant about but I think it was BowWow’s mother. She got one.

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