Lisa Vanderpump on WWHL

VPandgiggyOh now I know why Anderson Cooper was calling Vanderpump Rules the Hollywood Downton Abbey.  Andy Cohen and Bravo Andy are  SO doing each other. Anyway, Lisa Vanderpump had a solo interview with Andy after the Vanderpump Rules premiere. Well, Giggy was on and Ken was in the audience but still. Cesar Milan is regulated to the bar?  WTF?

I’m already bored with this episode.  They discuss Tom shaving his forehead. Zipping through. Lisa says she has not really spoken with Adrienne. Shocker. Lisa says she is seeing things on the show she didn’t know what happened. Lisa spoke a bit about the dinner saying she realized Brandi had said something wrong and she didn’t want to get into it with Faye.

Zipped through the dog stuff. Boring episode. You missed nothing.




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11 responses to “Lisa Vanderpump on WWHL

  1. soncee

    Tam,you’re right, this interview sounds like it would have been a good time to take a Nap.

  2. Barbara

    I think they blew it by having Cesar behind the bar. It would have been hilarious to see him psycho-analyze Giggy.

  3. Lisa

    I think is A LOT of pressure for this show to succeed. After the new shows that debuted last fall BOMBED, they really need a winner.

    The Silicon Valley show was so bad they aired the finale in the afternoon hours, out of prime time. The critics and tech sector insiders found it laughable, it was so bad. I guess they thought having a Zuckerburg on board as producer would lend some credibility, but that was not the case.

    Maybe the Cesar issue wasn’t totally Andy’s fault. Cesar is actually kind of a dick and may have objected to having to sit with Giggy. He is definitely not Mr. Nice Guy….

    • Lisa I heard that too. That Cesar was a bit of a dick I mean. I read a while back he divorced his wife of quite some time for some younger hotter babe. Sorry but that alone makes him a dick IMO. He has fairly young kids too. I think he is another one that let his new found *fame* go right to his head, both of them~!. Too bad. I watched part of the show because I really enjoy Lisa but then I fell fast asleep. That was the night the HW of Miami had out takes from the reunion. It was actually rather pleasant. No fighting, just showing some of the housewives doing the things they enjoy. I loved the fifteen minutes or so they spent on Elsa hawking her new coffee she is marketing from a newly painted but rusted out old milk truck! Really cute. For eighty five the old gal is pretty entertaining and has so much natural charisma.

  4. STOP!! I want to like Cesar…

    okay fine. tell me.

    • jakiesmom

      The word is his wife actually left him. Called him on the phone while he was abroad and said sayonara, she’s gone. I haven’t heard her reason why. He was so depressed he tried to commit suicide. Didn’t meet his now girlfriend until he was divorced for a while.

      From what I have heard, from a friend who Cesar actually helped with her dog sweveral years before he became famous is he is, just like the rest of us. Nice at times and not so nice at other times. His wife was a tough cookie. but in any case she had nothing but great things to say about her interactions with him and he helped her with her pooch who was awful before.

  5. Che

    how good did caesar look ? he has been working out and looks super healthy and ….cute. I wonder if his ex wife has started dating yet.

  6. ducklucky

    Let’s face it. The younger crowd is just not all that interesting. They think they’re beautiful, but they’re not all that. They just have hot bodies, and are using them up quickly. The drama amongst them is ho-hum, it’s just shallow sex. Don’t know what to do to spice this up, but if this is all there is, it won’t last long. This is more like a daytime soap opera, sloooooow. Love Lisa, but there’s got to be more to this. What’s going on in the kitchen, maybe there’s some stuff there? Think Villa Blanca is more interesting than Sur, should maybe go back and forth. We can’t judge Caesar too harshly, anyone who loves animals the way he does must have a heart. And they all get divorced once they achieve fame, he’s just a new member of that group.

  7. Katrina

    I just realized Vanderpump is Lisa’s maiden name or stage name. Ken is quite the business man!

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