Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap Is This Boring Anyone Else?

rhobhcastshotWe are back at another Real Housewives of Beverly Hills dinner party from hell. Brandi has made a dramatic exit and is crying in the driveway and Lisa has sent Kyle out to comfort her I expect so that she can deal with Faye Resnick. Meanwhile all I can see is the horrific full length curtains that seem to be behind everyone. They are rumbled, in dire need of steaming and well, they are just a nightmare. If the purpose of the dinner was to see the “new dining room” I would hope someone would mention it’s a drab claustrophobic mess.

Brandi is sobbing on the curb. I don’t understand why this is such a dramatic moment. Lisa is sitting on the curb with Kyle and Brandi now. Brandi, the poor one, has a car a driver for dinner at Kyles? I really don’t understand why Kyle is in a formal gown and everyone else is in varying states of attire from corporate wear to semi-dressy. Visually this scene is a mess.

RHOBHBrandiOjaiThe next day, Taylor is juicing in the kitchen of her lovely rented home. I am amazed she is not already evicted. Taylor has the weirdest um…not sure what she is…a spiritualist? I can’t really take my eyes off the screen. It’s pretty hysterical. Even Taylor is having problems getting through the scene. Dear god. I can’t believe this is actually on the TV. There are no words to recap what is happening. It’s like a bad remake of The Exorcist. The chicks head is very close to doing a 360. Um they are cleansing the house now. Normally this involves a sage smudge stick but with this whackadoodle it’s all about a bell and a spray bottle of ???? Rose scented air freshener??? I dunno. The scene ends with the crazy lady promising to tell Taylor the truth about what happened with Princess Diana because Lady Di apparently shared that information with her.  Um, was this on everyone else’s TV because I’m starting to worry that I am crazier than I even though. Did that actually happen?

Kyle has Marisa over to do yoga with an instructor. All during yoga the girls are bitching about the dinner party. What a kind of yoga is this? Waste of time.

Brandi and Lisa go shopping. The set up is to get Brandi do agree to do a scene on Vanderpump rules with one of Eddie’s jump-offs during their marriage. The girl’s name is Scheana and she works as Sur. Brandi says she’ll do anything to be on the spin-off! These women are not interested in anything for sale in this store. I saw Brandi tweet about her baby bump on this show. She said her trainer had a broken back or something for four months and this was the result. I expected it to look like Brandi finally ate a sandwich, but she really does look pregnant in that dress.

I had to double up on the anxiety meds today, so I don’t know if it is that, but I’m just not feeling this episode. I thought RHOA was boring last night. Is anyone else sort of burning out on this Bravo stuff?

rhobhtayloronphonelawyerTaylor is packing up a lunch for her daughter and there is an open cake place of canapes or little desserts sitting out uncovered on the counter. I found that odd. I also hate how the lawyer calls while the cameras just happen to be rolling on this scene. It’s all so staged. What what? Did Taylor just say she was supposed to be left with a trust from Russel for $14 million?  In what universe does that make sense? I’ve read all the litigation. I’ve heard nothing about an imaginary $14 million dollar trust existing. Taylor is on the hook for $1.5 million so they are taking her wedding ring (among other things). Taylor is crying like this is a big deal. Why would you want the ring of your dead husband that you claim abused you? They also want two of her Birkin bags. These turned out to be fake, by the way. I don’t know if Bravo will mention that. Also, they tried to sell the ring on Ebay and last I heard they had no buyer. It’s probably fake too.

Haven’t hear from Yolanda in a while. I generally like her scenes. She seems to know what she is doing when she is in the kitchen and it seems refreshing normal. Well, that is if you can overlook that she is wearing a ski vest over a sleeveless top in the house in California. Gigi, the model, likes to play volleyball. Yolanda thinks she needs to stop playing so she doesn’t develop an athletic body. Gigi reminds her that when she was younger she used to wear basketball jerseys to school everyday. Yolanda says she remembers and she thought Gigi was a lesbian. Gigi looks hurt. If she is a lesbian, her mother just made it very clear that would be a problem. Enter David Foster. Despite the fact that they have a house the size of the vatican, the family is gathered around the kitchen bar to chow down on some sketti. Deep down they are the Beverly Hills Honey Boo Boo family with healthier ingrediences.

We’re at Camille’s and Brandi is dropping by. Brandi says in her talking head that she and Camille are very close. I’m pretty sure Camille took Adrienne’s side in Surrogate 2012. They don’t seem close now. What is this scene all about? Makes no sense to me. Oh she is there for advice about dealing with a cheating spouse. She tells Camille she has an opportunity to confront one of the girls. I love that Camille asked,”which one?” because Eddie apparently cannot keep his dick in his pants. Countdown until Leann gets this. Wait. Brandi went to therapy with Leann and Eddie? Camille basically says if you are going to do this spin-off with Lisa you may as well deal with her.

Oh! An  Adrienne scene. Adrienne is acting like this is her baby. I’m going to go out on a limb here and think the physician with the education in the field probably had the most to do with the product. Adrienne is basically testing it.

Taylor is out on a date with her married lawyer boyfriend. She’s meeting with Lisa and Ken and Kyle and Mauricio. She tells them she settled her lawsuit for a ring and two fake Birkins. Oh Bravo editing how you amuse me.

And now for the grand finale. Scheana will face off with Brandi. Lisa is riding the fence between the two.  Scheana does not seem like Eddies type. He likes anorexic blondes. Scheana apologizes and starts to cry. Brandi tells her not to cry because she lost her entire family and if anyone is going to cry here it is not going to be you. Really Brandi? Wow Brandi found out about Scheana when she went on TV and was crying that Eddie left her (Scheana!) for Leann. Brandi apparently had no idea. Scheana says she fell for Eddie, found out he had a wife and kids and then the Leann Rimes thing happened. I’m sorry, but I feel a just as bad for Scheana as I do for Brandi. Perhaps because I’ve been in a long-term relationship with a guy who forgot to mention he was married. I get what Scheana is saying. I’ve been on the vacations and seen a guy everyday for months on end with no idea he was married. Brandi just said, look where I am and look where you are, I win. Really Brandi? Wow.  How great could your marriage have been if he was taking other women on vacation and spending huge amounts of time with them and you had no idea? Where did you think he was all that time? I am not buying this we had a happy marriage until Scheana came along story. Brandi says Scheana only got Tuesday nights. Scheana explains that was just not true, we went out all the time. He met Scheana’s mother. He moved her into an apartment. They went on vacations and he apparently told Eddie it was a “guys trip.”  He told her they were separated. She was friends with Eddie’s friends. The bottom line is that he lied to both of them. They both believed him. Meanwhile on the graphics #vanderpump rules is already showing up. They are totally blurring these two shows together. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Guess I’ll start a new blog for Vanderpump Rules tomorrow.


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112 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap Is This Boring Anyone Else?

  1. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Vanderpump Rules was boring by the way.
    Should be called “Vapid Pretty People Problems”

    For a change of scenery, consider watching MobWives. It was pure comedy last night, if you can handle the constant screaming and threats of violence.

    • I taped Mob wives. will get to it tomorrow hopefully.

    • DJ

      It was totally BORING! I won’t be watching it again.

    • socalsun

      It could be called Vanderpump Fools. Another scripted show from Bravo.

    • Barbara

      Or consider watching “Amish Mafia” or “American Gypsies”….

      They got arranged marriages and crime. On American Gypsies one of the 19 yearol sons takes a 15 year old girl on a vacation get away. His dad and uncle’s finds them and informs them “You are now married”. No marriage ceremony or anything.

      Its Ah-Sum. :)

      • Ms Urethra Franklin

        I was so fascinated & appalled with American Gypsies.
        It showed gypsy culture in a very real and dark light.
        I thought it was one of the better shows because I actually learned about a culture that existed in USA that I really knew little about. I hope it comes back for another season.

      • Barbara

        Me tooo!

        I want to find out what happens with Bobby!!!! He’s a sweetie and a really “cool” dad.

      • I got sucked into it last year too (last year my husband was deployed so I got sucked into alot of shows, especially the reality genre that I’d never watched before). Didn’t watch any of the previous but caught a few episodes of the British(original) show. Very interesting.

  2. Barbara

    I googled that Scheana girl, and apparently in addition to Eddie she also dated John Mayer and Jesse Metcalfe. When she was dating/seeing/whatever John Mayer, she ran to the press about it and he dumped her immediately.

    I was not impressed when Yolanda made the lesbian comment. Wonder how long it’ll take her to back peddle and claim she didn’t mean it ….

    • baytothea

      yep. i don’t really give two shits about Scheana’s excuses. Scheana has BEEN trying to get “in” and i find it unfathomable that she didn’t google Eddie. She knew he was married and like many, she only heard what she wanted to hear and lived in delusion as to not burst the bubble. i doubt he ever took her to his “home”.

  3. DJ

    Did anyone else notice that Yolanda climbed up on the kitchen island and was sitting with her feet in the sink while eating with her plate of spaghetti balanced on her knees? WTF???? And why the hell was she wearing that vest in the kitchen?


    Damn…FINALLY, somebody gets it!!! I felt sorry for Scheana and I have been in Brandi’s shoes with my ex husband so I know how Brandi felt as well. But at the end of the day, the man lied and if Brandi says she wins…Ummm your on tv crying about a marriage that is over. I don’t think any of them won. She can play like that marriage was happy until Scheana came along but she is not fooling anyone but themselves.

    On another not….I had to replay the DVR to look at the curtains…ROFLMAO…Good blog, love your blogs….

    • puravidacostarica

      Hate to say it but there are a LOT of women out there who think their marriage is a happy one and who are completely oblivious to what’s happening in their husbands’ world. I know of one woman whose husband cheated on her with one woman, and at the same time, started up an affair with a second. Wifey didn’t know about either one (and it went on for over a year). She claims they had regular, satisfying sex, but didn’t know her husband was getting it 3-4 times a week with the other two. Was Wifey delusional? Or are there just scummy-enough men out there able to fool more than one woman for a while (until caught)? And, believe me, eventually they are ALL caught.

    • @MAREHOOP, I think you may be taking Brandi’s comments out of context. She said she won BECAUSE she was in a better place now. Meaning living well is best revenge. I so admire Brandi’s courage.

      There are no winners here. And I do believe LeAnn is going to be a hot mess when he continues his shall we say “occupation?” :)

  5. Victoria

    I loved every moment of what Brandi told Scheana. I think she was nicer than most women would be. Maybe TamaraTattles is a little biased having been (admittedly) “the other woman” but I think 99% of viewers will agree. Scheana is not welcome on my television. I’m uninterested. Her only claim to fame is that she was a mistress.

    I am with you on this: I was BORED TO TEARS this whole episode. Yikes. RHOA yesterday was mundane as well. What’s happening Bravo?

    • vivaladiva831

      I was expecting way more excitement, especially after the 2 week break! What a disappointment and a letdown.

    • I agree Victoria-Brandi has more guts and je ne sais quoi than most women. No one could have handled the meeting better! But I am glad to see Brandi quite rightly blames Eddie not the other woman; he’s the one that cheated.

      I’m with TT and the rest of you. This espisode was B-O-R-I-N-G and the editing was so choppy.

      I was struck however, by the crocodile tears of Shana. She filed for divorce and if he was alive she’d be divorced, so why the boo-hoo over the wedding ring?
      And btw- Shana would NOT have been asked to sign the settlement agreement UNLESS she was intimately involved and/or an officer of Russell’s company. Being ‘the wife” is NEVER a reason. Nice try Shana, but only fools would believe that one!!

      • Katrina

        If it is part of his estate, she may have to. She may have filed for divorced, but they were still married. You don’t know how his will was set up or if he had one! All the life insurance policies are null and void.

      • No no. That is not the settlement agreement she if referring to. It is the one they settled a couple of years b4 and apparently they both lied and moved the monies offshore.

        Under NO circumstances would she be asked to sign a settlement agreement (when Russell was alive now) UNLESS she was an officer of his company OR intimately involved in the transaction. I can promise you that as I have done many a settlement contracts here in BH.

      • Katrina

        I understand! Thanks for the info.

      • Life insurance is only voided if the policy is less than 2 years old. There is a 2-year look back period. Once that 2 years has passed, the policy will be paid, as long as their was insurable interest at the time the policy was written. If Russel or Taylor owned the policy then there was insurable interest.

  6. lori

    Sooooooo boring! You’re right Tamara… it really seems like all of these shows are going down the drain. I mean come on Bravo… if you’re going to bring in new players, at least make them exciting. I’m sure Yolanda is a fine person and all, but I have one word to say about her, and it is my new name for her, at least so far… Yawwwnlanda. Total snoozefest. Oh wait, I lied, i do have something to else to say about her… I really didn’t find any issue with her saying that she used to think that her daughter was a lesbian (although she didn’t follow it up with Seinfeld’s classic line “Not that there’s anything wrong with that”). IDK, maybe I’m wrong, but she doesn’t strike me as someone who swould have an issue with that. I hope not at least. All I know is I have been doing a lot of fast forwarding through the housewives shows lately, and its very upsetting. Housewives is one of my guilty pleasures that I always look very forward to. Lately I’m not even excited at all. :(

  7. I’m so annoyed by the dinner party, still. If instead of Brandi bringing up the “issue”, all the girls would have jumped her ass at least in the talking heads for doing so, for not letting it go especially since Adrienne wasn’t there yet somehow it’s ok for Faye who isn’t even part of the damn show to do it. I hate hypocrisy!

    • * If Brandi had brought up the issue instead of Faye

    • LOL @ during the shopping scene with Lisa, Brandi’s front kept being blurred. Saw a side view where they didn’t blur and she was having a perky nipple type of day apparently. Funny though that many other shows, including scripted like Friends, over the years have had super perky nipple shots without the excessive blurring.

      • lori

        It was actually because her dress was almost completely see through and no bra. Saw an unblurred pic somewhere, and of course everyone was commenting about how she will do anything for attention.

      • Oh. Thanks for the info :) Not like she’s the first and people always love to say negative about her so that’s expected.

    • ITA. I also noticed that when Lisa and Adrienne were not speaking and Kyle was with Adrienne, she did not talk down to her or treat her like a child. Kyle did not tell Adrienne to go apologise to Lisa or send flowers. Kyle seems to think she is above Brandi when in fact she is so far behind her, she can’t even eat her dust!

      • lilmissdiva

        Maybe Kyle didn’t have to tell Adrienne anything because Adrienne sent Lisa a float made of flowers on the first episode.

      • after how many months???????? after how many months of having opportunity to sic her pitbull Faye to demand she to send flowers???????

  8. Oh, Tamara, you are so right. What a dull episode. My loathing for everyone grew twofold. First of all Kyle. I used to like her but gradually I’ve seen why she never made it as a child actress. She’s awful. Again she organized it so she could be in the center of the shit storm, running around like a little hobbit, tossing her hair here and there, pretending to give a damn about Brandi’s feelings (OMG is she kiidding) Faye (‘the chick with the dick’) batting her lashes mouthing the script they agreed upon beforehand – “I just had to say it, I can’t stand hypocrisy” (thunderbolt from God)

    At least Brandi appeared to be really crying. Unlike TAYLOR. She couldn’t force one tear, not one, out of those twirling eyes of hers. And that silliness with spring the lysol around the house and ringing the bell. Does Bravlo think we are all really that stupid? What am I saying? I watched the show – of course I’m that stupid! Is Hermes the same as Birkin? Haven’t a clue. Love that they were fake, along with her beloved ring. I’m getting angrier just thinking about this.

    And YOLANDA. Honestly, she poses about like she’s still attractive. Give it up Yolanda. You look like a Nordic Masseuse from one of those old movies. The ones where the seven foot woman grunts and pummels the men to death. And her husband! What an arrogant ass he is. Praising his woman for actually cooking a meal, being as rich as they are – just look around me and admire my possessions – and she had her feet in the sink. Trying to look young and with it. Uh huh.

    Adrienne and Paul were just pathetic. Creepy to watch, knowing what’s going to happen to their marriage. Adrienne’s talking head blames Brandi – I don’t think so. Not much of a marriage if a harmless comment can break you up. I find I like Paul and I like Adrienne. I miss them already.

    Brandi was even starting to annoy me last night. Hard to sympathize when baring her soul was just a lead in to the atrocious Vanderpimp rules.

    Horny, self centered teenagers serving food. My god what a nightmare. They all looked alike. Why would I want to watch ANOTHER show about spoiled babies having sex.

    I’ll give it one more episode but if it’s going to be 100% fake, AND BE SO OBVIOUS ABOUT IT, then I’ll have to pass on the rest.

    • Katrina

      The next phase of reality TV will be real time footage within weeks of actual taping. The problem is that most things were taped months ago and with the internet and blogging, we know the details and the ending before we see the actual footage. There are a lot of people that do not google the internet and just watch the show.

      • Katrina that would be me. I struggle so much on the computer and although I am not a dummy, I sadly admit, I don’t even know how to google.

      • Google-ing has become the catch-all phrase used for searching for anything online. Started out at though. And I read lots of stuff lots of places but don’t do twitter because I like my shows and don’t want to know everything in advance. It would ruin it for me.

    • I was buying that Brandi was really crying too. I’m thinking she was more freaked out by the threat of a lawsuit by Adrienne than Faye’s harassment. And perhaps she was upset that in nearly every group scene Brandi has been “the target.”

      • TT- Adrienne had no grounds for a lawsuit. A cease & desist letter is a ‘nothing’ in the scheme of things. Someone said last night, (maybe Adrienne or Paul, I’ll have to have another look) said Brandi accused Adrienne of being a ______. I can’t remember what it was!! But it leads me 2 believe the issue is NOT surrogacy even if that topic was the impetus for the remainder of the reveal. Did u catch it? I was doing other things while watching I need to watch a again. It was a real quick one-liner.

        Yeah Brandi HAS had a bulleye on her back in every group scene. SHe truly has strength of character which makes me lke her even more. I was about to vomit when Rancid was on again. Her role was so wrong and so out of place. I can’t believe the other gals didn’t tell her to STFU, it was NONE of her business. I had a lot of respect for Brandi for not trying to defend herself, rather saying it was btwn her and Adrienne and it was up to them to resolve. Since Rancid didn’t know the whole story only Kyle’s puffed up one, how can she even suggest flowers as the answer? And who gives a rats ass what she thinks? Her OWN actions in real life toward Nicole Simpson are far far worse than ANYTHING Brandi could have done. The lowlife whore still wanted OJ to get her tix to a sport event even after the murder!

        I had to do other things when they showed her scene. I can’t watch the black tranny and her voice makes me ill. (I only say black b/c she knocks herself out to be white!)

      • Barbara

        The levels of hypocrisy at the dinner party table were truly laughable.

        Faye’s the wackiest out of all the Housewives. All seasons. Wacked. Her attacking Brandi at the dinner was rehearsed (probably with Kyle) and mean. In other words, Faye you blew it, the fans like Brandi and could tell you were just repeating what Kyle told you to say.

        Go back and try again Faye, take-two.

  9. becky white

    I need to rewatch the show I thought Brandi meant she was in a better place now than then and now than Eddie – Bravo has awful editing. And I have read they always give you a car and driver to avoid you drinking and getting a DUI or worse and them getting sued!

    Yolanda – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    And I do think Schena may not have know Eddie was married at first but there is no way she did not know after a few months – he sold her a bill of goods but she was a willing buyer. I felt really bad for Brandi when she found out that one of the few mutual friends of hers and Eddies that she has remained very close to, that has denied any knowlege of Schean did know of the affair -Brandi looked crushed.

    • I think you are right about the car and driver thing Becky. It just seems weird to me that people who live relatively close to each other need a designated driver for dinner.

      • They don’t live next door TT and they are up in the canyon, so it really is best to have a driver if one is going to drink excessively. If they cross into BH zip (Kyle’s house is not) then BH are wicked.

  10. Nicole

    Faye look like a man. I can not stand Taylor and her big lips and why is she crying over a stupid ring and weird that they wanted the 2 Hermes bags too. I know, I know, they cost alot of money. I didn’t think people in BH wanted last seasons stuff. I’d like to go shopping at BH Goodwill. Is there such a thing? I actually fast forward through most of the stuff last night. I deleted HW of Atlanta too. Didn’t even watch it. Waste of my DVR space.
    Oh and I like Yolanda. I don’t think she meant anything by that lesbian comment. I can totally understand it because I have a daughter that dresses like that and the other one is a total girly girl. Whatever makes my daughter happy, even though I would like for her to dress nicer.

    • Timeflies

      I don’t like how Yoli made the comment about her daughter’s eyes looking “Chinese”. Something about that bothered me. She said it a couple of times, even indicating it wasn’t attractive. Something about Yoli strikes me as incredibly snobbish. And she isn’t all that.

      • I think you are misreading Yo. She is trying to look out for her daughter’s best interests. Maekup in modeling is key to ‘the look.’ She didn’t mean there was anything wrong with Chinese, only that her daughter was not. Thus no reason to paint her eyes as tho she were. When photogs r looking for models they want a certain ‘look.’ That pix will be in Gigi’s portfolio and Yo just wants her to have the best pix possible. I’m sure she was not trying to be snobby at all.

      • Debra

        I agree. She has been a successful model herself, so she knows the ropes. Also, I find it refreshing that she is instilling a strong work ethic in her daughter, so that Gigi will never have to worry about her future, in the event she gets married to a rich man and things don’t work out. Nothing wrong with that.

    • becky white

      I read the bags were great knock offs – that figures! I would love to go shopping at the BH Goodwill too!!!

      Faye – what a mess. And she looks soooooooo different than when she was friends with Nicole Brown Simpson – way different – I did not even know it was the same person unitl I read it somewhere recently.

      Kyle comforting Brandi – Bravo has to stop with all this scripting and editing it is ruining the fun of the shows. Remember when Chamille was all crazy and our of control – you knew that was real. And who could blame her being married to that azz.

      And Brandi does need to toughen up. I think she pretends to be way tougher than she is. She has a rough mouth and people think that makes her tough but she really isnt and I think that is why Lisa has taken her under her wing – also Lisa likes her sense of humor. I do like that Brandi does not pretend to be loaded with with cash and seems to love her boys. But she can’t be crying every show!

      • Faye gives the word skank all new meaning!

        I think Brandi would stop crying if people would stop knocking her up against the wall. Faye was so out of line, I could not have held back the way Brandi did. Then with Kyle jumping in and attacking (AS IF she has any class; a close second in the skank division) her, it is enough to push anyone off the deep end. Brandi has real guts b/c she knows she keep having to walk into the lion’s den all the time.
        Last season, it was real sad, how she tried to apologise to Kim (personally I don’t think she owed ANYONE an apology, as I agreed with her comment. Are these women so stupid to think if Brandi had not said anything, the audience wouldn’t know Kim was on drugs??????????) Brandi tried so hard to be kind and kept getting her hand slapped by people woith no class; yet she kept trying. Huge props to her for that.
        I think it shows Brandi’s true character as a kind and good person. She is not a BH phony.

      • Ditto. Brandi is what we see. You can easily read her face as she hasn’t mastered the art of putting on a mask. I knew she was ging to burst into tears the minute she got outside alone. Hell I would have too. That woman Faye was absolutely vicious. Kyle talked about pitbulls. She was insulting to pitbulls!! Faye was more like a rabid animal who wants to tear your throat out. I am sure she stood in front of a mirror practicing her lines for hours. She has had so much plastic surgery her face barely moves What a tired old hag. Oh wait I am her age! HAHAHAHAHA!!

      • jaymitch

        Brandi is not a good person. She just says whatever she wants about people, regardless of anyone else’s feelings and then she calls that “honesty”.

    • Barbara

      I hope that her daughter quits modeling and becomes a lesbian star volleyball player.

  11. Katrina

    I don’t know whay we blame the woman for a mans bad behavior. Eddie knew he was married and did not care. Brandi is not over Eddie!

    • I agree she’s not over him. She said on the episode he was the love of her life, her everything. That if not for the boys she doesn’t know where she’d be right now. I took that to partly mean she wouldn’t have any contact with him so would be even more lost. I get it though having been in similar shoes but keeping the guy.

      • I agree too. I was married ten years with two young children when I caught my husband (now ex) with one of my dearest and longest known friends. I had a double betrayal. My husband was my world. I adored him and at the time I thought he was the love of my life. He married my former friend, it lasted a year and he came crawling back. Or tried to I did not take him back as similar to Eddie, all these other women came crawling out of the woodwork to either let me know he tried with them or they knew of someone else he cheated withl I was so young he was my first in everything. Msrried at 16 divorced at 26. The first year after I got the kids to bed, I sat up and drank a bottle or two of wine and cried alone. I thought of ending all the pain every single day but it was my two kids that kept me together so i totally get what Brandi meant. I ended up marrying a great guy seven years later and twenty some years later we still laugh and enjoy one anothers friendship and companionship. I hope if it’s what she wants Brandi gets to that point where she is just indifferent to her ex. Of course he wyill do the same thing to LeAnn. She sounds like she is a bit of a mess herself. Okay I have spilled my guts more than enough. Thanks for listening. just trying to say I understand exactly how Brandi feels. Being dumped and knowing no matter what you do you will never be enough for the love of your life is so painful you think it’ll kill you. But you come out stronger, smarter and so condfident it is awesome!

    • Katrina, Brandi will always have a connection with Eddie b/c of the boys. It was a terribly acrimonious breakup, yet they must co-parent. Add the nutcase LeAnn to the mix and I don’t think Brandi has had a chance to grieve the loss of her marriage and come up for air. As Brandi has said, she was young and stupid and had no idea she had no money or credit. IMO-she has done an oustanding job of pulling it together. She is indeed a great mother -so many scorned wives especially the way Brandi is taunted by LeAnn would involve the children; but Brandi has taken the high road and puts her children’s interests first. I’m soooooo proud of her and I must say if I was in her situation, I don’t think I could have handled it anywhere near as well as she has. She should really be proud of herself and let her being give her the self-esteem she feels she lost. Brandi, you rock, sista!!

  12. Victoria

    TT I think we’re thinking the same thing. Bravo is becoming stunt queen central. I guess NeNe going on Wendy saying her show isn’t scripted is supposed to quiet the whispers, but last time she was there she acted like she had no idea who Kenya was. I’m kinda over reality tv. I like a script performed by a professional.

    But, I digress, :-)
    I didn’t get the comment that Brandi made about her being better off than the scheena chick. They’re both in the same situation, reality shows. I guess.

    Kyle having to pretend to care that Brandi was crying. Barf!

    Brandi crying like a little bitch cuz of Faye. What kinda yellow belly is Brandi? Lol. U talk all that shit but retreats and runs when someone gets at you in a similar fashion. Brandi is that girl in high school that’s always in a fight and always loses. Brandi stop “running your mouth, writing checks your ass can’t cash.”

    • Katrina

      Are you watching the scripted shows?

      • They are beginning to all sound scripted.

      • Katrina

        A true scripted show has a manuscript with written lines for each character. These shows are staged and edited by producers.

      • I think the point is that instead of reality TV these are manufactured events, with already agreed upon direction and words. Don’t know if that is technically ‘scripted’ or just ad lib. My growing problem is that it is manipulative and fake. Taylor couldn’t even squeeze a tear out, her ring was offered on e-bay with no takers and her bags were fake. Kyle and the dinner party made no sense, there was no reason for the conversation, there was no reason for Faye to give a damn, there was no ‘reason’. Kick ass Brandi is suddenly weeping all over the place and all roads lead to Rome – I mean Sur – where it just so happens that Brandi’s husband’s girlfriend has a need to tell Brandi how horrible she felt when Eddie cheated on her. huh. She’s telling the wife that? Fade to black. Next we see plastic surgery enhanced bimbos and bimbettes who are admittedly acting wannabees doing the open air version of Girls Gone Wild. (as opposed to the back of that guys camper van)

        I liked it better when Lisa and Adrienne were washing chickens.

      • victori0us

        LoL ok we’ll call it the dramatic version of Who’s line is it anyway, but they set the scene up off camera. Gotcha! But I’m gonna need u to explain Porsha whom sounds like she’s reading off a telepromter.

      • Katrina

        Some people are not good at impromtu conversations! People act like there is a hidden camera in the room, when you know there are 2 to 4 big men with cameras standing in the room. They don’t tape them 24/7 for 6 weeks or 3 months straight, then make a show.

    • DJ

      When Nene “acts like” she doesn’t know who Kenya is, she’s doing it on purpose to say “I refuse to acknowledge her”.

    • Had she stayed and defended herself then people would be slamming her for that too. The girl simply is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. She can hold her ground but took the high road (and the road away from another threat of lawsuit) and left. Good for her.

    • That was harsh as hell.

    • Hold on there Sparky (Victoria). Brandi did not create the situation! Kyle set her up and Rancid ran her mouth over something that was NOT her business nor did she know ANY of the FACTS since she wasn’t present. Rancid LIED about how long she has known Adrienne and is NOT friends were her. Acquaintances at best.

      Brandi’s “retreat” was the most adult, mature, action of the evening!! Faye and Kyle were the mean elementary schoolgirls. And that is on their BEST day. They both were unforgiveably cruel to Brandi for NO EFFIN REASON!!

      • victori0us

        While I do agree that Faye was outta line. Ms. Tell It Like it Is should’ve promptly put her back in her place. Thing is Brandi knows who to bump her gums to and who not to. I think I heard Faye’s biracial, so the sista might come up outta her when need be. Brandi saw that and retreated like a little girl. Also there’s ways to handle a bitch without getting outta character…Brandi “ain’t bout that life”. Clearly. Adrienne sat there and said “omg!” She told me to shut the fuck up!” ::faint::
        Let’s replace Adrienne with Faye and let Brandi tell Faye to shut the fuck up…I think the outcome might’ve been sumn basketball wives-esque lol wine bottles flying…idk but Brandi is a punk and she will pick on ppl she sees weaker than her. That’s not cool IMO

      • Not at all. Brandi could wipe the street with Faye. Brandi was trying to be mature and keep the matter out of dinner convo and between herself and Adrienne. Faye was knocking herself out to wind her up. I watched the episode last night and noted significant choppy editiing. But what really upset Brandi, was not so much Faye herself, she’s a nobody has been, Brandi was getting bombarded from all sides. Kyle, Faye and Camille. Brandi was trying her damndest to keep Adrienne out of it. She did great! Even Adrienne watching would have to give her props.

        On a side note, I had to laugh when Faye was lecturing Brandi, and all I could think was when Nicole was murdered Faye writes a libelous book based on her drug addict fueled fantasies in a hot minute. Faye does NOT help bring justice for her ‘best friend” (NOT) by speaking to detectives, rather holds up in a cabin with National Enquirer chief Mike Walker. Fucking for food again Faye? Then does a fugly playbloy cover all off her “bff’s” blood.

        So Faye should be telling Brandi how to handle an altercation which is NONE of Faye’s business nor does Faye have the facts? I think not. I say Brandi handled herself like a champ and walking out on Faye was a huge slap in the face to the biracial whore!

  13. I notice Yolanda doesn’t have much to do with the girls. She must have balked at the nonsense right away. Pretty soon there won’t be any interacting among the women at all – no one will be speaking with each other, We’ll just have one hour of commercials for all their projects. At least it would be more honest.

    Anyone else feel the need to bathe after Vanderpimp Rules?

    • LOL @ one hour commercials. Thankfully I don’t have to watch commercials though I pay for that privilege. I’m almost done with VR but I like it simply for the fact that the core group are really friends! Not hired to play friends, not hired to film together. It’s almost an incestuous group since they’ve all slept together and consider themselves like a family though.

    • I didn’t see it. But did you hear Kyle say about Kim “I thought as soon as Kim got sober everything would be fine?” Is she really that stupid and vacuous??? Kim finally staying away from toxic people and Kyle hasn’t a clue???

  14. Barbara

    I like Yolanda but it seems she’s playing a role, that of a doting, girly homemaker wife who caters to her man. She strikes me as a chameleon. She’ll be whatever the fat walleted man in her life wants her to be…

    And, what woman wears a fur vest to monitor steaming pots?

    • DJ

      It wasn’t fur. As Tamara said, it looked like a ski jacket – whatever they are made of. Maybe she was expecting it to snow in her kitchen.

    • Barbara

      Yolanda’s comments about (cooking, entertaining, flower arranging, decorating) sound more like the kind of things one would say when a howife is trying to introduce themselves (or push their lifestyle brand whose products will be in a William Sonoma or Target near you.)

      She’s the new “Martha Stewart” of Beverly Hills, I guess?

    • victori0us

      I think your right about her. She’ll be whatever her “daddy” needs her to be. She’s kept herself well kept with that attitude. Works!

      I like her too. She just seems like one of those ppl that’s surprisingly great company. Comes off cold but really not.

      • Debra

        I’ll be more than happy to follow in her foot steps, if a guy that has any money to speak of, ever comes calling for me!!!!!!!!

  15. Just watched a preview clip on Bravo’s site (their facebook page promo’d it) and it definitely looks like a better show than this week.

  16. I can see the logic in thinking Yolanda is setting us up for a Martha Stewart sort of line. I think she is very talented in the decorating and cooking arena. However, Yolanda is very ill with Lyme disease and I doubt she is able to hawk too much product.

  17. SJRedneck

    I think that if these women had real problems they would just lose it. Taylor having to give up her ring and 2 fake pocket books was to funny and I really doubt she has 14 million dollar anything coming from her late husband. Brandi the quality that makes me like you so much went to shit in front of that wretched Faye woman. Good grief was it a full moon that night?? You should have ripped her a new one without so much as blinking. I agree with Kim , Kyle opened that whole can o worms by asking Brandi about the Adrianne situation in the first place. I am really liking the sober Kim. Kyle you must be so tired out playing both sides of the fence , shit stirring and decorating I am exhausted watching you.. I must say my favorite scenes this week were with Ken and Lisa . Now do we know if Adrianne used a surrogate and are they her biological kids? Also was there a lawsuit against Brandi by the Maloofs? Tamara cant wait for you to recap Mob Wives !

  18. Dying laughing at the Honey Boo Boo and Sketti reference! I had to roll my eyes at the lunch in the kitchen, but for a different reason. That gathering in the kitchen is a totally European thing on Yolanda’s part. For me as an American over here it’s one of the hardest cultural differences I’ve had to adjust to while here; everybody just crowds in the kitchen while you cook, with the center of home activity taking place around the kitchen table. I know it’s the hearth of the European home where the family connects, but it makes me nuts and I HATE IT.

    I like to cook in peace with no sidekicks, talking, no interruption, just being in my own Zen little world and creating, but then some stumblebum always has to come staggering in, plopping themselves right on down at the table…and that is where people want to eat (even in large luxurious home)- unless they are having a more formal party or it’s a holiday celebration. I can’t stand it, (grrrr) but I’m slowly learning not to scream obscenities or threaten people with my Samurai knives when they start crowding around the kitchen table.

    I actually liked Kyle’s disco jumpsuit: looked like something my mama used to wear in the 70s. I’m mad at Brandi’s fur vest, though. Those need to stay in Winter 2011 where they belong and she needs to choose something else furry instead, or by this time, retire the fur trend entirely. Lisa’s show is too young for me: reminds me of the South Beach restaurant scene in the early 90’s, and that’s not so appealing to an old broad like me. Taylor: don’t know if that ring was real or not, but if it was real, I know why she was REALLY crying; Homegirl didn’t want to see the last form of nest egg she had left ride off into the sunset; there is a reason why the song says “Diamonds A Girl’s Best Friend”.

    Kim we didn’t see her this episode…it’s pretty clear why she’s not close with Kyle right now so I don’t know what Kyle was moaning about: Kim’s in recovery, Kyle is obviously a trigger, and they have a lifetime of role playing and toxic behaviors that set themselves in motion like a runaway freight train. So it’s best to stay away from crazy right now even if, sadly, crazy is your own family. I say good on Kim for recognizing sometimes you have to love people from AFAR.

    • DJ

      Is it also a European custom to sit on the countertop with your feet in the sink while you eat???

    • I think the kitchen is the hearth of American homes too. We always gathered there and ate there, and everyone I know who had or have children love to have them run in and out, plop down in a chair, work on homework, etc, and cath up on everyone’s day. I don’t think that’s a particularly European phenomenon.

      • It’s not a European thing. My sister has a big house and whenever she entertains everyone tries to cram into the kitchen because that is where the family members usually are. And thus the drama. :) The house that Yolanda designed with her own brain is not set up for the entire family to gather and eat at the bar unless sitting in the sink was part of her archetectural vision.

        Also, while I am posting, Bingo, could you do me a favor and use the actual names of the people you are talking about? It’s a pet peeve and distracts me from your point (s) :)

      • DJ

        There was an empty chair right next to her husband, or she could have eaten while standing up. Who the hell sits on their counter top like that?

    • DJ

      “Dying laughing at the Honey Boo Boo and Sketti reference.” Plus the added bonus of Teresa Guidice’s ingrediences!

  19. puravidacostarica

    Too bad the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Taylor didn’t have inside info on what they were filming for the show last Spring when they filed the conversation between Taylor and her lawyer. Can you say “motion to compel” that dickwad’s entire file based on her willing breach of any attorney-client privilege she otherwise had? Her lawyer-lover should be disbarred — not as much for porking his client, but for allowing her to broadcast their communications. Anyone else want to sue Taylor? If so, argue breach and get lawyer-lover’s and her law firm’s files. But don’t ask me why I would even think like that. :-)

    • DJ

      The attorney-client privilege only prevents the attorney from disclosing information received from the client. “At its most basic, the privilege ensures that one who seeks advice or aid from a lawyer should be completely free of any fear that his secrets will be uncovered. Thus, the underlying principle of the privilege is to provide for sound legal advice and advocacy. With the security of the privilege, the client may speak frankly and openly to legal counsel, disclosing all relevant information to the attorney and creating a zone of privacy. In other words, shielded by the privilege, the client may be more willing to communicate to counsel things that might otherwise be suppressed. In theory, such candor and honesty will assist the attorney in providing more accurate, well-reasoned professional advice, and the client can be secure in the knowledge that his statements to his lawyer will not be taken as an adverse admission or used against his interest.”

      • The priviledge lies with the client. If the client waives said priviledge, then it opens the door.

        But if I recall correctly, the lawyer Taylor was porking was not the lawyer repping her as he did not have priviledges in CA. I ‘think’ (could have this a bit foococked) the plaintiffs would not agree to waive the pro hac vice submitted by the porker.

  20. puravidacostarica

    filed — should be *filmed*. As for the rest of the episode….yaaaawwwwnnnn. Turned it off before the Yolanda clip came on. But enjoyed your recap, Tamara!

  21. please follow me on twitter!

  22. Jessica

    Did anyone else notice that it looked like Taylor was reading a script when she was talking on the phone to her lawyer? Her mouth moves to what he is saying when He brings up the Birkin bags.

  23. This has got to be the worst of all the housewives seasons……I use to love BH, but with this bore Yolanda on the show, Taylor the victim on and on…..can’t wait for the season to end….what a waste of footage!!

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