NBC TCA Winter Tour

Photos From Asa Soltan's Tumblr

Photos From Asa Soltan’s Tumblr

It’s time for the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour. A smaller version of the summer tour, that announces the much anticipated fall line-up, the winter tour… well the winter tour announces the new shows for the winter slots. This year the talk is about the return of Smash. Mostly because no one really liked it the first time but NBC is going to give it another go anyway. Apparently Smash viewers are educated and wealthy which explains why we didn’t like it. :)  Other shows debuting this winter include season 16 of American Idol (it actually may be season 61, I’ve lost count, Naomi Campbell’s new version of Americas Next Top Model which is called, The Face, and a new reality show for olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte that focuses on his preparation of the 2016 Olympics.

Best I can determine, the only Bravolebrites that we watch that attended were Asa, Reza and Lilly. Click through for photos.

Photo from Asa Soltan's Tumblr

Photo from Asa Soltan’s Tumblr







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12 responses to “NBC TCA Winter Tour

  1. Lilly is just the eeriest person on TV, she doesn’t look human. And will someone please introduce these “Persian” ppl to tweezers.

    • Ms Urethra Franklin

      She does look like a mannequin. Notice in her pictures she tilts her head & gives “dead in the eyes” pose. Bleh

  2. lori

    I think the face actually sounds good. Much better them concept than anymore. I’ll def be watching.

  3. Cynthia

    Lilly looks like a brunette Courtney Stoddard. What doctor would put that size implants on such a small framed( skinny) person? Asa is pretty, but always looks a little oily. Although I like them both, they all need makeovers. Actually the whole show needs a makeover.

  4. SJRedneck

    What is the bun thing with the necklace hanging on her forehead? Her hair is one of her best features she should have worn it down. Lilly looks good but I agree with the implants being to big for her frame. Reza sticking your tongue out while being photographed is just not a good look .

  5. victori0us

    Lilly could be so pretty if she didn’t look so damn artificial. She can’t honestly do all that everyday. Prolly takes her 3 hours to get dressed and 2 to take all that shit off at night. Poor girl prolly doesn’t leave the house if she doesn’t have her costume on. It’s obvious that Lilly has some complex/disorder with her appearance. Her look is excessive. Like she’s playing a joke on us lol

    She really seems like a ok girl I guess. Her appearance has distracted me from the human that’s underneath so I haven’t really developed an opinion.

  6. Katrina

    Has anyone watched The Best Funeral Ever on TLC ? OH My…Funerals by Phaedra X 10.

  7. puravidacostarica

    I can’t quite figure out why these Persian women go to such lengths to look like that…it doesn’t seem like the male Persians are appreciating the effort. Their eyes and attention seem more focused on certain other (think lower) assets. No offense to Persians out there, but this show needs a little more straight and less chaser.

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