Shahs of Sunset Recrap: Trip to Cabo Part One

Shahs of Sunset - Season 2I am so behind on the blogging for this week. Sundays and Mondays are so full that I am not longer going to be able to blog them as they happen.  Actually, my posts will probably be better since I can take my time and not feel so pressed to get things done right away.

Reza and Asa driving down the street in Asa’s pretty white Mercedes and Reza’s talking head proclaims that nobody gets him like Asa and they are the King and Queen. This seems odd after Reza spent last season turning his Persian nose up at Asa’s unique fashion sense and talking about how she is an embarrassment. But, since Asa was so popular on the first season and Reza is the star of the show in his head, Reza now thinks she is fantastic. Asa is in a tank top sporting a ton of gold. If you have it, wear it I always say! Asa wants to do a live performance of her music. Spoiler alert! It’s this season’s season finale. I heard it went very well.

ShahsMJcallsGGMJ has set up a lunch meeting to mediate the situation with GG and Asa. I am already worried this will not go well for MJ based on the current lay of the land, MJ seems to still be on the shit list of several of the other cast members. Both MJ and GG look stunning. MJ is much more attractive in street clothes than when she tries to pile on all the fancy shoes and dresses. GG is being very calm and says she is going to call her therapist to work on her anger. Two hours later the girls are still drinking and Asa stands them up. Lovely. I honestly think this scene might have been staged with the intent of production telling Asa not to come. I don’t think Asa would have agreed to come and then not shown up or at least cancelled.

The next scene is Asa, Mike, MJ and Reza at Reza’s condo. They are having a family meeting at Reza’s request about GG going to Cabo. Asa and Reza are refusing to go. Puhlease, they have no choice but to go. It’s in the contract. They will all be there. Reza and Asa tell Mike they won’t go if GG goes. So Mike uninvited GG. I get that GG is out of control, but they need to stop inviting her to thinks in the first place if they don’t want to be around her. Inviting her, and then uninviting her is mean. Tamaratattles scooped the Shah’s trip to Cabo exclusively here. Mike says that the four of them will go with Lilly and Sammy and right away MJ doesn’t want Lilly there. How is this any different from Reza and Asa wanting to exclude GG?



GG meets with her sister and her father for lunch to discuss a launch party for the hair extension company. GG says she is going to handle the entire thing for herself. It seems that the hair extension company is something that her sister and another woman have been working on for a year. Last episode, GG admitted she didn’t even know the price of the product. GG’s sister is saying that it is a company launch party and everyone needs to be involved. GG’s eyes are going dark. GG is more of a spokesperson for the product rather than serious partner in the company. By the way, the Persian restaurant they are at looks fantastic.The cast arrives in Cabo and Lilly is a total downer. Meanwhile Reza is talking about white people again. What race does he think he is exactly? Mongoloid? Meanwhile everyone is laughing and having fun except for Lilly.  Lilly gives Asa a couple of swimsuits from her line. I don’t think that Asa has the body type for Lilly’s line which is made for toothpicks with wigs on. Lilly gives MJ a tunic from her line and is actually very kind to MJ who is in a bathing suit that does not flatter her. She gently suggests MJ try the other option she showed her.  I’m no Lilly fan but I thought she was very gracious in that scene.

GG takes Omid to help her work the launch party. I’m revising my opinion of Omid. I think the first episode scenes with him and drunk GG were probably not characteristic of the guy. I’m willing to give him a second chance.

Remember when Reza liked Sammy?

Remember when Reza liked Sammy?

At the pool Asa is toasting to brown people. Seriously, I don’t know what it is with Bravo shows and the need to constantly talk about race. I don’t even want to blog this nonsense and get you all started. Thankfully, discussions about race go straight to spam here now, so there is that. Mike people is calling white people nuts. Lilly is aghast that the people at the pool are not attractive. MJ is alone in her room in the better choice of swimwear curling her hair and guzzling wine, or possibly champagne. I would not want to go to the beach with any of these people. The beach is for relaxing, letting it all hang out. Drinking things out of pineapples or coconuts, reading and getting some sun. It’s not a meat market. They are not college students on spring break. They are all nearly forty years old. This is bizarre behavior to me. MJ arrives in the tunic which looks fabulous on her. Everyone is wasted except for Lilly.

At dinner, Lilly is the only person at the table who is sober. She is being very kind to MJ. Asa apparently giggled at something MJ said and MJ took offense. MJ is very drunk. Things don’t seem to be that terrible at the moment but they are playing the music that means things are about to get out of hand. Asa is not  particularly helping the situation. Asa says that MJ called Lilly a chia pet. Lilly says she is not the one that looks like a chia pet right now. MJ says she never said that. I can’t believe I am typing this nonsense. They are in Cabo. Why can’t these bravo folks EVER enjoy a vacation? I sort of feel bad for them. They are all so superficial they can’t enjoy the beautiful surroundings they are in. Asa is sober and having a hard time dealing with drunk MJ. A bit of smiling and nodding would go a long way; however, Asa accuses MJ of popping pills. MJ calls Asa a bitch and leaves the table. MJ drunkenly stands in the and curses at Asa in Persian. Asa remains calm. MJ calls Reza to the bushes and he says if she puts down the wine she will come.

Oh MJ now you are doing the same high school shit that Reza did to you. Why would you tell Reza that if he stays at the table he is taking the side that is against her? Reza has come out into the bushes to try to talk some sense into you MJ!  When you sober up in the morning you are going to regret this behavior.

On the previews we see Reza go through MJ’s purse looking for pills. He finds a green pill bottle. Anyone who has a dog know that the green and blue pill bottles are from a vet.  To be continued…














































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15 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Recrap: Trip to Cabo Part One

  1. It’s gotten to the point that I am going to quit watching this show. It’s just become so boring. Though I cannot believe that MJ allowed herself to be seen in that bathing suit on TV.

  2. Sunny

    The medicine bottles I get my medical marijuana in are green. But, yeah, my dogs meds come in a green bottle also. I don’t know why she would have them in her purse unless she has a pet with her?

  3. Ms Urethra Franklin

    I think MJ is a very pretty, & I always have thought that curvy girls like MJ are sexier than the rail thin ones like Lilly G…..By the way my new reference for Lilly G is like Persian jerky: brown, slim, & all dried up since she doesn’t drink. And she was such an elitist snob about Cabo, and the people it attracted.

    I really liked Asa in season 1 for her quirky artistry, and now she is all about the drama in season 2.

  4. MaryC

    These people are becoming very annoying. I really liked Reza and Asa last season but it seems their popularity has gone to their heads.

  5. tleigh

    Watching Asa driving her Mercedes all I could think about was her mother–working her tail off for 30k a year
    Asa is a hypocrite times 10

    They are all way too old to play Spring Break. And way too unattractive. And boring.

  6. I use to like Asa until she started talking sh** about Omarosa on Instagram. She’s changed from the “humble” eclectic artist until the mess of a person like the rest of them. It’s hard to keep up with their continued antics.

  7. michelle

    So disappointed that Asa is believing her own hype. She’s become a Bravolebrity and it’s sad. I liked her so much more last season. Reza is Reza he is nasty, he knows it and that’s alright with him. Poor MJ. Sucks when people you thought were your friends turn on you and humiliate you on television. To add insult to injury they are amused by it. Just Gross.

  8. When I saw the previews for the first season of this show, my first thought was, WTF? especially when GG made the comment about not liking ugly people. But then I heard so many positive comments about the show, especially about Reza and how funny, and devoted he is to his friends, but also the Persian community. And now, it’s season 2, and all I can think is I should have gone with my first instinct!! Shahs has been permanently deleted from my DVR, never to be heard from Again …EVER!

  9. It’s typical Season 2 nonsense where basically we find out they don’t really like each other and start trying to make themselves look better by bringing everyone else down.

  10. Vette_Cee

    I used to love this show but all the eye rolling I do now when I watch gives me too much of a headache along with Lily’s voice. I do enjoy your recaps though so thanks for giving the gist. Is GG ever gonna be around them again or is this all building up to a showdown?

  11. CMoney

    Um you say unflattering first of all MJ look f****** horrible in that white swimsuit, And who would pay 15,000 dollars for doing a show she’s a no name

  12. jakiesmom

    I loved the show last year but this year I am unable to get through an entire episode. Between Lilly’s voice (and who ever called her the Persian Courtney Stoddard is spot on) and Asa and Reza’s thinking they are now the King and Queen of Persia, I have to shut it off. It is now downright painful to watch them for more than a few minutes at a time.

  13. IcedTea

    I just want to know how much more racist can they get? Everything is white people thhis and white people that…then they say holla to the brown follks…Quit that shit. Now if somebody started saying racist ish regarding turbans, etc. they would have a cow….

    Not liking them this season at all…except drunk azz GG. At least she isn’t racist, just a sad drunk.

  14. CMoney

    And who would pay Asa 15,000 dollars for a show and her untalented Persian gorilla looking ass and leave those Jackson’s alone everyone knows that they are crazy

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